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Late Night with Mr. X & Just Julie A slice-of-life husband and wife comedy show broadcast out of Studio X1 in the Podcastgalaxy Super Center in Upstate New York.
PMSlove TV What has PMS 365 days a year and breathes fire?....Vic's wife. 1 minute videos.
KidsWifeWorkLife A podcast about kids, marriage, work, and balancing it all to have time to enjoy life. The podcast will include stories, music, tips and tricks to keep you and your family happy, or at least entertained for 15-30 minutes.
I Beg To Differ A Canadian husband and wife discuss a random range of topics some of which they beg to differ on.
the wife-aggro.com podcast A group of long time gaming friends get together to talk about online gaming news, games that are coming out, and our current adiction, the World of Warcraft.
We Got the Love! Where A podcast about a middle aged, married couple with kids who don't want to join the divorce statistic and keep the friendship alive before we find ourselves in an empty nest with nothing in common.
The Paul Sampson Show It's about seeing the world through a different lens, understanding each other a little more, and challenging ourselves to be better. It's about dropping the mask, being honest, and getting real. The Paul Sampson Show. 5-10 minutes, 3 times a week. Politics, Social Issues, Relationships, Ethics. Designed to make you think. A show about life. Paul Sampson is a former radio and television reporter, aide to a member of Congress, and surrogate parent to a house full of Korean teenagers. He lives in Keystone, Colorado.
Tuckertales TuckerTales is a podcast hosted by Jason and Jennifer Tucker. Jen's stay-at-home mom (SAHM); Jason's an IT professional. This is their story of living in Southern California -- dealing with 3 kids, softball and football games, and a crying baby.
The HusBand Married men helping married men stay married men.
Caffeinated Ponderings Whether you have a slight addiction to caffeine, an irrational hatred of supermodels, or enough training in domestic peacekeeping to secure federal employment, Shana knows the antidote to your pain. She’s sure you’ll find it at the bottom of a hot cup of coffee, savored while taking a few minutes out of your selfless day to indulge in some of her caffeinated ponderings. Her musings about life, laughter and lattes will leave you feeling tickled, validated and ready for a second cup…especially since the first one might just have escaped through your nose! Be sure to sign up for your free subscription to her Fresh Brew so you’ll be guaranteed to smile during your next coffee break!
GenderBiased News, Tech, Politics, and Critiques from a zany husband and wife team! Give us an hour, and we'll waste it.
How To Get Your Sexy Back I Want To Be A Diva Mom! Tired of being a soccer mom? Are you a desperate housewife? Then it is time to get your sexy back! In this podcast, we discuss the challenges of returning to that fun, sexy diva that you were before kids while providing a practical view of sexiness and giving you tips to get your man to notice you again.
Popcorn and Podcasting We are a husband and wife podcasting team. We share quotes and talks by Prophets and Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With this podcast, we are planning on talking about a variety of subjects. Right now, we are in the middle of a series on Dating - Chas and Jenni
Life Lessons of a Military Wife Join me in learning life lessons from a veteran military life! I love to talk about being a military wife and living overseas in Europe. Watch, listen and read as I bumble my way through life....learning life lessons along the way!
love//love a podcast that believes marriage can work. Matt and Charity share their stories and encouragement in a weekly podcast on marriage, family and life.
The Rutledges He’s a stand up comic. She’s a stay at home mom. They have 3 kids. They talk about stuff. They’re the Rutledge’s
Fathers Over Forty with Wade Wingler A podcast where dads discuss everything from diapers to drama queens and divorce to date night! Hosted by Wade Wingler.