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Animals Aloud Host Deirdre Kennedy explores the complex human-animal relationship through interviews with scientists, authors, musicians and artists. Podcast - Horse News and Safety Horse Podcast - Health, News & Safety for the equestrian
Danielle Danielle is a seven-year-old Texas cowgirl who LOVES horses! On her show she shares all her horsie adventures with you. Come make friends with Danielle and write her at "[email protected]". You can also visit her on the Web at "". Thank you for supporting podcasting for kids by kids...something there should be much more of!
The CritterCast: Pet Care Info and Advice The CritterCast features behavioral and medical advice for pet owners and pet lovers. Dogs, cats, pocket pets, reptiles, birds, fish, horses, cows, pigs, even wildlife--all are fair game for the CritterCast!
Veterinary Advice, Animal News & Views Animal and pet talk radio, toll free call-in to ask the vet, host Dr. Roger Welton.
Animal Geeks Podcast A weekly wildlife podcast with Dr Duncan Smith, veterinarian, sailor and adventurer, with his animal mad nine year old daughter Harri. Harri is a mini Steve Backshall who loves all things weird and dangerous. Tune in for weekly episodes with a focus on marine wildlife, Australasia and adventure.