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It It's The Khan Show! Hello! I'm Mister Khan from TV's King of the Hill! The Laotian Jerry Lewis has made it to our shores. The Khan Show is Rated PG 13 for some mild cursing and innuendo. This is the pod cast for anyone, anywhere that has ever said, "You just can't do a variety show based on a cartoon!" Listen for fun, foolish froliks, and maybe much mayhem!
BASIC ROCK RADIO BASIC ROCK RADIO is more than just a podcast that plays a variety of great music from independent and upcoming artists found around the world. It's a fun and entertaining variety show produced and hosted by singer-songwriter Doug Cowen. For more information on Doug Cowen visit his website at
Inside the Barrel - Comedy Variety Show Wood Sugars is an independent comedy and filmmaking group from Chicago. Inside the Barrel is a high-quality overproduced variety show comedy podcast. NEW TO OUR SHOW? We suggest you listen to Episode 7, 8 or 3 first. This is a podcast like no other, guaranteed. Season 1 features discussions on comedy with sketches and satirical "radio bit" segments throughout. At the end of the season all of the fictional story lines formed in the early episodes are tied together and the show becomes a radio drama for your iPod (See Episode 9). ITB is hosted by Wood Sugars Eliaz Rodriguez, Donny Rodriguez, and Jeff Phillips along side the series producer Jeremiah Watkins of
Wood Sugars Variety Show podcast - Inside the Barrel Inside the Barrel is a variety show audio podcast hosted and written by Wood Sugars (Eliaz Rodriguez, Donny Rodriguez, and Jeff Phillips) along side the series producer Jeremiah Watkins of In each episode of Season 2 a comedic guest joins us for an interview and appears on our sketches. It’s like an audio version of a Conan O’Brien talk show mixed with SNL of the 90s. It’s the most over-produced podcast in the world!