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Paul C Music Music in MP3 format written by English electronic artist Paul Cooper. Each item in the feed is a new track which can be downloaded and streamed for free.
The Slam Idol Podcast The Slam Idol Podcast - the poetry slam on your iPod or other MP3 player.
Radio Flair Sexy, funky, rhythmic, old-school and latino bad-ass House mixes.
The Urban Sofa Beat Collective Two debonair English gentlemen face the future with aplomb
Mashup No big bold statements, just a short show about bootleg/mashups and anything else I want! If you don't recieve a show for a while it's not because I've stopped, it's simply cause I havn't had time to do one yet!
F1SH The Pocket Essential - 100% INDIE Music - UK podcast.
Tboy Welcome to the Tboy's Tea Time Podcast. The show is an outpouring for delvings into special promotional mixes with underground label partners, track productions as well as just a hint plain stupidity.
Glastonbury Podcasting A regularly produced show from the shadows of the Tor in the ancient Isle of Avalon. The Mystical capital of England. Investigate, question, inform and entertain.
Pocket Planet Radio A mix of news, science, arts and culture. Short on monologues long on interviews and atmosphere
Phantom Podcasts Listen to the Phantom Podcasts, In our first show we talk about all the latest tech news. My review on the PSP, aswell as the best tips for the PSP and the latest news for the PSP console We also talk about computer forensics and tracing crimes via computers.
30 Million People An introduction to a selection of the best independent and unsigned music.
DarkCompass The Chronicles or Rowland Cutler
Clever Little Pod Nonsense from Britain. Whoever heard of such a thing?
Rockontop Podcast Rockontop posts the latest on music live from London, with a particular attention paid to obscure tunes, indie songs and music gossip.
ItsTime4Games About Games and Gaming in the UK
:-) The Shinfield Christian Podcast (-: Short messages/sermons. Shinfield Baptist Church is a small lively family church nr. Reading, UK. See our website for regularly updated messages available with visual aids.
Mojo Crash Not as funny as they think they are.
Podcast A Moi Some mixes of words, images and music. In no particular order. Podcast Show A twice weekly, No nonsense news and reviews show covering the latest stories in the high tech world from
AycliffePodcast Join Chris and Alasdair for natter and great music from the North East of England.
A View From The Bridge Latest news, views and comment about the Belfast Giants ice hockey team.
Caleb Podcast Playing all original sets, Caleb are powerful and emotive, confident and tentative. Caleb has the conviction to be different in their song writing; with the use of droning open string guitar techniques and counterpoint vocal harmonies from the delicate to the occasionally more aggressive. Caleb's sound develops forms of grunge, rock and haunting balladry. Caleb come not to tantalise you but to challenge your thinking. Caleb don't play purely to perform; their depth proves that music is a state of being.
Fresh Dynamics Based in London, Fresh Dynamics plays new music from unsigned and independent artists.
Kaflooey Kaflooey is a podcast from Blackpool England, featuring great podsafe music, comedy sketches and general banter. The podcast to listen to to stop your day falling apart.
The Random Guide To The Galaxy This is the show where common sense doesn't matter. It is completely random. We aim to be as Random as possible but we do have some idea of what the show may entail: Monkey News, Loser of the Week and Random Top Tens. Unless we go completely, randomly off the point.
Northcape: Original Melodic Electronica Warm, refreshing and original melodic electronica from Northcape. If you enjoy the music, please visit the Northcape website at
The Podcast Brewery Music shows featuring new and established artists from record labels as well as podcasts featuring concerts by UK bands.
Toth and Cato Series, episode 1. Toth and Cato go to the Helson planet to steal nuclear rocks. Redemption is close, but can they get the fuel for the space craft to make it back to HQ? And do other creatures have ideas on their destiny? Toth and Cato, ostracised from space academy and disgraced by their peers, lurk from adventure to adventure in a darkened quadrant of the universe
Hammy House of Haw Haw Comedy Horror Sketch Show written and performed by stand up comedians and performers
Pure Brilliant Podcast All the new & best Celtic & Indie Rock music from both sides of the Atlantic.
Glideascope Chill out music and visuals from the downtempo artist/producer Glideascope.
3 Minute Gig Video Podcast We take one night of live music entertainment, two or more presenters and a whole lotta clever editing to bring you the 3 Minute Gig, the video podcast that delivers fresh, fantastic British independent music in 3 minutes flat. Want more? Check out
shallow SHORTS 100 bringing you outstanding original short films from all corners of the globe
The Divine Show Paul Divine, Trancey Alan and [email protected] are joined by guests. Lots of House, Hard House, Trance and features such as Ask Alan Anything, Classic Tune of the Past and more...!
Cherry Red Records Podcast for Cherry Red Records featuring an amazing UK archive of cutting edge independent music from the seventies onwards. Currently featuring Leo Sayer. Entertainmentcast bring you the best to UK film releases and news.
child without an iPod an eccentric mix of folk, rock, electronica and other creations mashed up twisted around and sploshed into a rough and ready quick dry cement mix of noise - it is beautiful
London Property Podcast London's first property podcast features selected parts of the full property video tours on the estate agents websites introduced by two presenters with additional information on the properties such as price and description. Whilst this episode covers property from £430,00 to over 2 million future podcast will be in price bands to make it more useful for the viewer.
Historic Radio UK Catering for all your hip hop needs! We select & mix only the tastiest beats so you dont have to... Historic Radio touches on every corner of the hip hop spectrum
ASSEcast Once upon a time, back in the 80's, someone invented something called Usenet. Then someone added a forum to Usenet called or ASSE for short. It was all about an English football team called Everton FC - a team with class, culture, history and dignity. Then there were thousands of posts. Then someone invented Podcasts and some tosser decided to dedicate one to the above.
The Uk Radioguy Normal, mad and not everyday, what more could you want?
Jaycast Podcasting every month from the cosmopolitan city of Lichfield UK Join Jay & Mr D for a british podcast featuring fun, chat and under the radar unsigned and new podsafe rock and pop music. The Jaycast Podcasting Just Got Better
Consumercast UK The ConsumerCast UK podcast aims to provide you with a brief update on some of the top consumer deals and offers available in the UK, including moneysavers, consumer news and our top tips.
FrequencyCast UK TV & Tech FrequencyCast takes a look at what's new in the world of TV, radio and technology in the UK. We cover digital TV, internet services, gadgets and future entertainment products.
Dancefever UK Dancefever UK Top Dance Music From The UK
Emma and Pete Show UK couple yapping away to their hearts' content. Delightfully entertaining, well spoken, down to earth.
BrightonWaves The best new and unsigned bands in Brighton, UK
Plastic Toys monthly rock vodcast Plastic Toys push the boundries of UK rock with their mix of synth backed power rock. This vodcast channel will on a monthly basis give you a chance to see them like never before. Got a question? Well email it to [email protected] and we will answer.
MusoConfuso A podcast for new music from around the world, featuring rock, punk, metal and every sub genre in between.
Weekly podcast of news, views, fun, art and comedy Comedy, news and art from the podcast team at . We aim to bring a weekly hit of satire and analysis to the net using the same sort of fun and games we have with out T shirts!
Conspiracy of the 8th Sea weird, stupid and largely improvised (thats our excuse) comedy. Dialogue based skits/sketches. Its a hoot, I swear.
Adamcast The Adamcast is a weekly podcast which adam talks about things that have occured to him throughtout the week weither it be the fact that when he eats gravy his noses then smells of gravy for a few hours or any other observations
Essential Fishing Skills with Matt Hayes If you've ever fancied a day's angling but never quite had the nerve to take the plunge, then our Essential Fishing Skills with Matt Hayes podcast series is for you. Matt will guide you through the five core skills you need to begin coarse fishing. In each free episode Matt is joined by experts who share their angling know-how across a range of topics including everything you need to know about buying the right kit and casting out, all the way to 'baiting the swim' and 'playing the fish'. Plus, don't miss your chance to get your hands on free fishing goodies by entering our competition. But you'll need to listen to the podcasts to discover the answers.
Dissident Vox News and views from the north of England. Dissident Vox cuts through the smokescreen, digs deep into the political and cultural underbelly of our times, and plays some shiny podsafe audio. This is a show designed to make you think!
Quiet! Panelologists At Work The Quiet! Panelologists At Work Podcast offers a unique view in to the minds of two UK based comic book collectors. The "Panelologists" attempt to give us a brief lowdown of the best comic books available over the last two weeks but usually move off the topic and discuss anything comic book related that may pop in to their heads instead. It's funny, witty, (mostly) bizarre and (always) unprepared. The true antidote to the comic book podcast that may contain any useful information, reviews, news and show format.
Shakecast The Shakes present a new series of regular radio shows titled 'Shakecast'! Contains recordings from recent live shows, new tracks, exclusives, Shakes chat, competitions and specials on the goings on, in The Shakes world.We will also be posting the occassional vidcast.
It The It's A Frog's Life Acoustic Podcast - hosted by Graham Holland - is broadcast live from his lily pad on Wavertree Pond and brings you some of the best, podsafe acoustic music from across the UK and from Liverpool.
In the kitchen with Fixo and Tweebs HEARTBREAK AND DRUGS SPECIAL 1. 24Hr Taco Shop - My Girlfriend Really Hates Ska 2. Accidental President - I Don't Need This 3. The Attic Project - How's My Driving? 4. Eudora - Ruining a Movie You've Never Seen For a Group of People You've Never Met 5. Silica - The Best For Both Of Us 6. God Or Julie - Say Your Last Goodbye 7. Atomic Blonde - Break Me Open 8. The Year For Lying Eyes - Lying Eyes 9. The Crooks - Violence in Everyone 10. The Suppositorz - Cum On 11. Strand - Don't Look Down 12. Underdogs - Why Are You Running Away 13. Turismo - Break The Law 14. Winston Paddy - High Grade : Voice-over track by Act Dead - Path
Totally Sweet Radio Each week the M'asstodon sound crew brings you totally sweet radio, featuring DJ's Gobstoppa, Scoots, Tyco and Virus. Featuring the newest sounds of UK Hardcore with fun segments, and a weekly special guest. TSR.
Dissident Vox News and views from the north of England. Dissident Vox cuts through the smokescreen, and digs deep into the political and cultural underbelly of our times. This is a show designed to make you think!
Saturday Night with The Who Boys The Who Boys Podcast - Live (ish) from London. Good music, great lager and dodgy conversation. With John Shed, Celebrity Chef Simon Collier & The Who Boys. Enjoy!
The first show - Something to Talk About A electic mixture of good music and misc chat verging on the stupid, but most certainly funny. Glenn and David are from Cambridge, UK and record this 2 hour show in David's Garage.
Sea Kayak Podcasts Sea kayak knowledge from local experts - best routes, hazards and practical information on different areas
THE POCKET ESSENTIAL CHILLOUT The pocket essential chillout podcast featuring the best in chillout and smooth beats.
The Lame Duck Pub Quiz A weekly general knowledge quiz set in an English pub, The Lame Duck hosted by quizmaster Jeremy Nicholas. It features Cliff on the piano, Jasmine at the bar and house band Pillow Talk. Play along at home and see if you can beat the locals. It's the perfect podcast for Brits abroad who are missing the motherland or for members of the international audience seeking a bit of British culture.
The Weekly Showcase A weekly selection of the best in new and independent music. Kieska UK takes you through a showcase of the best in new and independent music straight from the Podsafe Music Network. Maybe you get sick of listening to the same thing on the radio and want to hear something new. Or you may just be one of those people who appreciates new music or new up and coming artists. Well, Tim Pass feels the same, and rest assured, he plays the best new and independent music he can get his 'grubby' hands on. So have a listen and check out some great new music! If you're a musician yourself and you would like to featured on future showcases, email: [email protected]
FolkCast We are a UK-based podcast covering folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots-based music, featuring interviews and features. A new show every month.
BALTIC Video Podcast BALTIC Podcasts is a series of free audio and video downloads designed to enhance your visit to BALTIC. An ongoing series featuring artists and curators, it explores current and forthcoming exhibitions at BALTIC providing ideal audio and visual accompaniment useful prior, during or after any visit to BALTIC. BALTIC Video Podcasts visually explore BALTIC exhibitions and projects and include footage of artwork, curators, artists and gallery visitors.
Myloanchoices video service Visit Myloanchoices personal finance video web service. We aim to simplify the complex world of financial services and help you to choose the right loan for you. We provide an impartial information and search service and are not tied to any financial services company. We specialise in loans, secured loans and bad credit loans. Our website now uses video format extensively to explain the services available, provide an overview of loans and more detailed information on unsecured and secured loans. Videos are also available to explain the application process.
Super Family Radio Super Family Radio with easy listening music 24 hours a day. Listen on-line, anytime, wherever you are in the world
Firin Firin' Squad Unsigned Podcast beat off massive competition to win Gold at the 2007 Sony Radio Academy Awards in a brand spanking new category - The Internet Programme Award. With this series of monthly shows, we are shining the spotlight on the hottest unsigned and independent talent, and are bringing through the heaviest underground sounds from the UK's urban music scene. You can download the podcast for FREE and listen to it when ever you want on your Mac or PC. Alternatively you can transfer it to a portable device such as a PSP, mobile phone, iPod or any MP3 player, so that you can listen to it where ever you want! The series which was launched in August 2006 is fast becoming one of the biggest podcasts online, and on road! And now has received the highest accolade from the radio industry.
Saturn Return Podcast A series of mixes from DJs across the world, spinning the hottest and freshest dance music and electronica.
AC Podcast Hosted by Chris Hambly the AC Podcast is focussed on audio and music, sound engineering production, blended with a big dose of humour! Send in your promos and hook up.
Tripod Podcast (UK) Tripod is the new project from the Literature Network featuring the best new writing from the Three Cities of Leicester, Derby and Nottingham. The Tripod Podcast brings you the liveliest and best spoken-word work from the Three Cities of Derby, Leicester and Nottingham.
Ourobouros Podcast UK based indie/unsigned music podcast. Good Music Is Infinite.
Hit the North - The Northern Ireland Podcast a weekly podcast bringing the best of Comedy and Entertainment from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The site includes rss feed information, show notes, contact information and links.
The official DJ Cristo podcast A regular show full of the freshest dance tunes brought to you by international DJ Cristo (™)------------------- Expect to hear the coolest tracks form his record box. From fat funky house to his big room progressive sound through to tough & dirty Electro house and beyond, this show has it all! ® Gaining respect as one of the top DJ podcasts on i-tunes & all podcatchers, ‘casting in over 45+ different countries & counting with a phenomenal global fan-base & audience, you really should check it out! Spread the word!
The Lost Exploration Podcast - WLER The Lost Exploration Podcast (WLER Radio) is a Podcast about the hit TV show Lost, presented by Luke & Jordan - 2 friends obsessed about the show! Every 2 weeks when Lost is on air a new show is released exploring the mytholgoy and plot of the show. You can expect theories, spoilers, speculation, and anything and everything else related to Lost!
UKADI Driving School Podcast Tips, advice and Videos to pass the UK Driving test and an insight into the life of a UK driving instructor.
THE SWITCH CHART The Latest New Releases and Exclusives from the world of Electro, Discopunk, Indie and Left field House Music.
the Progressive Podcast Audio lectures from leading academics and thinkers
Ramdom Thoughts A weekly mashup & remix podcast from the UK - playing tracks ranging from dance, hip hop to pop.
Humdrumpunk weekly punk podcast from the UK
Total PodCastrophe Paul and Judy deliver a bi-weekly dose of family friendly humour with a slight edge. Intelligent, witty, fast paced and well produced. Playing on their Trans-Atlantic/Gender differences. Featuring: The Hobson's Choice Awards (listener submitted), Intensive-Care Bears, Pantsformers, Badvertisements, and sundry other items to keep things fresh and lively. Quality entertainment from a Stay-At-Home-Dad/Video Game Programmer and Anaesthesiologist. Running from 20-30 minutes.
I Believe in Forgiveness - Doug and Sue Barnett Part of our series on the Apostles Creed, Doug and Sue Barnett look at Forgiveness.
Motion Theory (exclusive mixes) Whats up everybody! DJ Motion Theory here. This show provides some of the sickest electronic music around. I will have new material on the show for you all the time with the freshest cutting edge tracks from premier producers worldwide, ranging from smooth sailing house to pissed off breaks and everything in between. Rock it baby! aw yeah.
Realpolitik Podcast Weekly commentary and analysis of the UK political scene from a liberal whiskey priest and a sceptical conservative.
The Afternoon Groove Radio Show Pres. The NuSoul Automation The Afternoon Groove ( is about quality soul music. Soul music is a universal thing. It’s music with emotion and feeling. It’s deep and sometimes political. It’s joy and pain. It’s anger, fear, and even confusion. Sometimes it can be just plain funny. It’s the total human experience. It’s life. Inside of the Afternoon Groove you will get a mixture of music from known and unknown artists covering different forms of modern soul music from around the world as well as a few classics thrown in for good measure. Enjoy the NuSoul Automation podcast as broadcast on Radio Laser 95.9 in Rennes, France & WEBR Radio in Fairfax, VA. Peace & good music!
The Loopy Popcast Podcasting's answer to The Monkees. But without the chart success. Nor the critical acclaim. Nor the public adoration.
Planet Parsons A daily-ish bite-sized glimpse into the world of popular UK broadcaster Lynn Parsons. Think rainbows, daffodils, chocolate and some great podsafe music.
The Red Light Zone with Lynn Parsons Join popular UK broadcaster Lynn Parsons every fortnight for great podsafe music with a late night vibe
Freelance Advisor is designed to help freelancers and contractors in every field with detailed setup advice and ongoing help that even the most experienced freelancers and contractors will find useful. Articles, blogs and advice from freelancers and contractors with years of work in the marketplace under their belt will be featured on this site, together with numerous pod cast interviews. This site will be by the community, for the community so if you’d like to contribute, provide articles or simply provide feedback, please send an email to [email protected]
Traveling to Scotland Get travel tips and suggestions for travel to Scotland.
House Mix 58 @ Mix1 Radio : Funky House This is House Mix 58, only one of numerous funky house and funky electro DJ mixes available now on Mix1 Radio. Mix1 Radio plays only the best house music, and listeners may choose to tune in by streaming audio or on-demand. Visit the website for more info.
My Living Room! Radio Show The Show...My Living Room! is a fresh, funny and funky look at indie and commercial pop-culture through the eyes of a self-confessed pop culture, music obsessed, myspace-living junkie! Join humorous guests and Cheryl Hoar , as she lounges around with the latest A-listers and B-listers and everything in-between for candid, frank, one-on-one chats about suffering for your art form, the art of publicity with no money, how to kiss butt and get what you want while talking about the industry and the various alternative and mainstream art forms within which we have chosen to make our beds! As a champion of homegrown Canadian talent, especially in the Toronto area, this will be mixed with music from upcoming and established artists from Canada, the UK and beyond who will also occasionally guest on the show. With all of the great topics and subjects that the media has been exposing our fragile souls too, there is no shortage of subjects for healthy, funny discussion and debate – just like you would do on your own couch back home in your own living room! About the host… Cheryl Hoar is a former television producer and radio guest booker who has over 8 years experience in media related arts and entertainment and who has spent over 5 years running her own media, arts and entertainment company, BritGirl Productions. She currently writes for the UK music webzine Noize Makes Enemies based in the UK and spends much of her time championing all things Canadian and British on the independent and commercial music scene.
The Masala Factory Laugh till you pee, poo or puke to the UK newest podcast show with Comedian and entertainer Shekeil Iqbal, Also bringing you the best of unsigned UK music,
BEN - Bristol Enterprise Network Question Time Podcast The Bristol Enterprise Network hosted an Entrepreneurs Question Time at the Watershed, Bristol. This featured 90 minutes of in-depth analysis, strategic pearls of wisdom and, hopefully, lots of amusing anecdotes from the business coal-face. Sponsored by the University of the West of England, the University of Bristol and Business West.
Weekly News Review A weekly interview about the news from a Christian perspective.
This Reality The UK's most listened-to *independent* music-based entertainment show
The Ascension Selection A monthly podcast with dj ru in the mix spinning a variety of dance music styles.
Classic Yak A monthly podcast aimed at discussing real-world issues from a Christian perspective.
Coastal Walk Podcast Inspired by the OU/BBC television series Coast, we act as a guide for your walk along one of the UK’s most stunning coastlines. The walk takes place at Slapton Sands in Devon. It’s about 6 miles and includes eighteen stops. Along the way, we’ll tell you about the history, geography and natural history of the area in a friendly, approachable style. The Coastal Walk ( is currently a pilot project and we hope to be able to produce a series of walks around the country.
Noizecast NOIZECAST's are comprised of some of the great music that is reviewed for Noize Makes Enemies, the online UK-based music magazine. Produced by BritGirl Productions, in association with the My Living Room! Radio Show, NOIZECAST features new Indie music primarily from Canada and the UK. All of the artists featured can be found in the mag's review, feature or live review sections of the publication!
This Reality Podcast The UK's most listened-to *independent* music-based entertainment show
The UKTI Briefing The UKTI Briefing is an information service from UK Trade and Investment Canada. It is a monthly audio guide for Canadian companies with international expansion strategies.
Business Link podcast Expert advice from Business Link, the free Government funded multi-channel support service for UK businesses of all sizes, from start-up to succession.
DJ Rakim Got Ss DJ Rakim hosts a radio show of lively, entertaining Hip Hop and R'n'B. Special themes include a funky house special show (native week), the real 90's show amongst others - take a listen, comment, download or subscribe.
The Sanctuary4gamers podcast Two British hosts, one in Japan, the other in England. We bring you the news, reviews and other gaming information in a more interesting way than the usual podcasts. We have prank calls to games retailers, dirty jokes and some really things for you to laugh at - even though you shouldn't! Why not take a listen and see if you like it.
Angry & Cliff - The Podcast The Internet in your ears! The amusing ramblings of Britain's 17th* most popular blogger blogging duo. As featured in .net Magazine, PC Answers and at least two central London toilets. Listen as they tell stories, make jokes, and poke fun of things that don't poke back.
The Hell in a handcart podcast The world is going to hell in a handcart, and we know why. We are three Londoners, who are trying to put on a brave face about it and have a laugh, but may be a little curmudgeonly as well (just a tad). Our regular podcast conversation shares our insights into all the world's problems.
Recharged Radio Podcast The Friday Forum Podcast is the hottest place for unsigned music and live sessions. We take all the best bits from the Friday edition of the Recharged Radio show and squeeze into a downloadable podcast. Every week we bring you the hottest unsigned music tracks, music news, gig listings, interviews and live session tracks from our guests. If you love unsigned music, you will love this!
HouseNation Uk HouseNation UK is legal - PRS for music registered under licence LE-0004522 Mixed live by Lee Harris, with big room house/tech/electro tracks with special themed episodes featuring tracks and mixes you won't hear anywhere else. More info at For bookings [email protected]
The Nick & Gareth Podcast A smattering of classic indie, some alt-country, some loud punk and whatever else takes our fancy really. There's insight and analysis, drunken dewy-eyed nostaligia, swearing and some funny stories.
DigitalOutbox DigitalOutbox is a weekly podcast on computing, gadgets and gaming with a distinctly UK voice. Join us each week as we wander through the week's news and discuss topic's relevant to the everyday user.
LateDecember LateDecember Christian Podcasts from the UK
The Ricoshay Mixtape / The Barbershop Project A collection of audio and video from UK label, The Ricoshay Redemption. A talent roster featuring Hip-Hop's "C4" charged and ready to detonate; Eneeks, Ryan Hope and more to come. Be a part of the growing league of followers of the new audio treasure!
Goreboy Radio The UK's bloodiest one-man podcast, celebrating the glory of gory! Features plenty of film-related content, including news, reviews, interviews and exclusive features, plus competitions! Explores a wide range of film content, focusing on horror but covering many other genres too; all presented in a witty British style!
The Sound Mind Systems Podcast A podcast about Hypnosis, NLP and personal development. Podcasts will feature information, hypnosis sessions, and interviews with a variety of trainers, coaches and therapists to give insights into the ways they work.
Kraftyradio Hardcore Top 10 The Kraftyradio hardcore top 10 is a monthly mix of the 10 hottest tunes in hardcore that month. Mixed by a new DJ every time, we try and bring you the broadest range of hardcore around!
DJ Velso Mixes with all the freshest tracks from DJ Velso
Marsh But True An irregular comedy podcast by a regular British guy. Observational comedy in the style of stand up along with some satirical jokes and a funny look at what's going on in the world.
Beat the Bookie The very best podcast preview of both horse racing and the English Premier League with news, views, interviews and expert betting tips as we help you ‘Beat the Bookie’ each and every week.
The Mind Set Podcast A meeting of the minds and a conspiracy ladened discussion of the past weeks news stories, all with heavy emphasis on the Parapolitical. The show is hosted by myself and Political Ranter extraordinaire Peter Glynn Our first episode consisted of our initial meet and greet, followed promptly by a discussion of news stories from both sides of the pond. These consisted of: 2012 - The movie and the date. The 40 year war in Afghanistan The Swine Flu - Hording the vaccine, and the "real" amount of deaths attributed to the virus. Gordan Brown's ill Health, and his letter writing ss. Plus a ton more topics were discussed and ridiculed, all with a healthy dose of Paranoia!
The Bugcast The Bugcast... a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live most Fridays at 21:00 UK time. We play some great podsafe music, and your hosts - Dave and Caroline - chew the fat over stuff that crops up. Listener interaction, competitions, artist interviews, your feedback and comments, and lots of Umm's and Err's complete the ensemble.
KCC In Da House A 2hr weekly mix into all that is house music, from London uk. With one of London's original House Music Dj's
Hits of the Near Future Hits of the Near Future presents the best new independent music from UK bands and artists. A mix of tracks, interviews and news Hits... is brought to you by Andy quirk.
The Chris Harrington Podcast Tech House, Prog House, Techno, & Electro House is what you can expect to hear every month on the Chris Harrington Podcast. Check back each month to hear some of Chris's favorite tracks!
Digital Noise DJ Electro & Breaks Podcast. Bang up-to-date mixes of the latest tracks. Fresh Electro & Breaks mixes from Digital Noise DJ. Regular updates to keep you entertained. The only Electro & Breaks Podcast you need for your electronic house music fix.
The Late Show with Jason McCrossan News, Views & Interviews: Featuring all the highlights from The Late Show FM broadcast on 92.2 Link FM, across the London Borough of Havering.
Real Raw Radio Visit WWW.REALRAWRADIO.COM now! From the UK every Friday! Talk/rambling comedy show hosted by Dempsey with co-hosts Richie & Clifton and occasional guests too! General crazy banter, Pranks and we talk about our real life storys and hot weird news every week. Games / Movie reviews / Video game / Porn talk / Competitions / E-mails! Chill 4 an hour...
Video Podcasts of Dover Videos and slideshows of Dover, Kent, UK, with an emphasis on History, Nature, and Culture. A monthly audio podcast featuring Album, Single and Media reviews from across the native music world. We also include a news section covering live dates, upcoming releases and general information.
Middle Youth Online women's lifestyle magazine with cooking, beauty, fashion and other lifestyle features.
Stand Up Underground Linus Lee interviews comedians in and around London, as well as guest comics from around the UK circuit and beyond.
Scenes Of House An hour-long podcast, covering the latest and hottest house tunes from around the globe, including exclusive bootlegs mixed by Pete Fab.
London Underground House Music Show A distinctive and unique DJ appealing to a wide audience, taking the listener on a journey of emotions, sounds and beats, with the best in Deep, Soulful, Minimal, Tech and Funky House music. DJ C Sharp has risen among the ranks within the London Underground House Music scene through consistent high quality, crowd pleasing and original club sets and mix cd's. Listen to C Sharp live playing the best in Deep, Afrosoul, Vocal, Minimal, Tech and Tribal, House every Thursday 6 till 8pm (GMT) Subscribe to my feed to receive an automatic notification of new Mixes, Podcasts and Events Music Makes The World Go Round and House Is Not At Home..... DJ C Sharp
twowls podcast twowls oddbodpodcasts are recorded on an ad-hoc basis and loosely distributed in a sort of way
ENJOY CLUBBING - PODCAST (House Deep Soul Electro Minimal Techno Dance Disco Fidget Dutch Dubstep Trance Electro rock..) Enjoy Clubbing podcast House Deep Soul Electro Minimal Techno Dance Disco Fidget Dutch Dubstep Trance Electro rock music blog myspace Roma Brussel Berlin party Marrakech girl Maroc night club London going out report France UK España string Barcelona Amsterdam enjoyclubbing dj set djette playlist electronic mix guest vip sexy summer 2011 wmc ibiza sex flyer miami radio webradio label sound french touch Pioneer cdj 2000 korg Canada Switzerland Belgium the a el of in es sortir luxe
Halfway Around the World Colin of the Ourobouros podcast and Jen of the Inside my Head podcast bring you a podcast highlighting Independent music from around the world.
THE OFFICIAL DISTANT SOUNDZ UK GARAGE SHOW Distant Soundz present their weekly UK Garage Podcast playing the latest in UK Garage 2 step Vocal Garage and 44 garage, as well as some UK garage classics all in the mix. Exclusive dubplates and remixes are featured and new tracks from Distant Soundz themselves.
Dj Fed Conti - Mahjong Connection Podcast Welcome to the Mahjong Connection's free podcast, where both brand new and less recent electro, house, club hits, rare tracks, remixes and bootlegs will be selected and mixed by FED CONTI (Music Producer, Remixer and Dj) also known as Mahjong and owner of the british label and publishing company Mahjong Music Ltd.
Game Club UK Game related rambling in crisp British accents
BadTimeBabble Two English guys Tom & Chris discuss the latest weird news, film news, facebook status' and other crap that may or may not interest or entertain you. You may hate it, you may want to make love to it. Either way, keep your distance freaks!
Kate Join Kate as she brings you 2 hours of the best unsigned music from the UK and around the world. Each hour has it's own theme bringing a very unique show every week. Airs Tuesdays and Saturdays 1-3pm Philadelphia (5-7pm London, UK) on Gashouse Radio
Sunday Scotch Sessions Coxy and DJ Pete Curtis take you on a chilled out journey while sipping the Scotches in the Sun of Sydney. Expect electronica and indie melded together in perfect union. Feel free to send us your underrated tunes (or Scotches) to chill out on a Sunday arv. Listen Up!
UK Scriptwriters Podcast Tim Clague & Danny Stack discuss the UK scriptwriting scene - film, TV and new media. Monthly podcasts.
Dillan Rankin Comedy Comedy d by Dillan Rankin. Adult in nature, sometimes grotesque, dark, political, funny.
MGCTv Movies,Games,Comics & Tv Welcome to MGCTv, a series of podcasts dedicated to discussion on all subjects relating to (as the name implies) Movies, Games, Comics and Tv!! The Premise: 3 of the finest armchair critics London has ever produced. Why listen to us?: Why not? Our Motto:Taking the bullet so you don’t have’re welcome. Please visit for our official webpage.
beardownuk podcast Beardown UK is the home for all UK and European based Chicago Bears fans. This is our podcast where the passionate and knowledgable members of the site discuss the main talking points affected the storied franchise.
Jacking on my electro Jacking on my electro is a free weekly podcast mixed by Birminghams best underground DJ SOFTY B bringing you the very best in jacking house and electro music with the odd bassline & speed garage special so please subcribe and enjoy and feel free to leave a comment . thanks for viewing my podcast.
Europe Calling Vince discusses the news in both the UK and Spain with special guest Neil Colbourne
Springfield Church Springfield Church, is a growing vibrant community of people committed to following Jesus Christ. We want to be known as a church where everyone is valued, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. We are on a journey to discover what it really means to be followers of Jesus.
Don Woods Don gives us a look at items in the UK News which are making him laugh....
The Dog News Show TV's Debbie Connolly and Radio's Julie Hill discuss the world dog news weekly in a candid and humorous style. Be prepared for some hilarious discussions, intelligent debate and opinionated ideas. Product testing, explanations of the law and dissecting of the sad tragedies involving dogs worldwide.
Family Tree England and Scotland Podcast A ancestry and family tree researching podcast with tips and ideas on how to go about digging into your families past for the UK including England and Scotland.
Tupcast UK based geeks talk semi regularly about geeky stuff. We cover technology, video games, science and anything that comes up that we find interesting. Check us out, and read the home page for our latest articles and posts.
Jamie Sutherland Comedy Show Jamie Sutherland is joined by his friends Kenny Mills and Brian Blackburn to chew over the news, and things that have happened in their lives over the last few weeks. A comedian, a singer and karaoke Dj, all meet on a boat, and them result is always hilarious
the Ben Swift podcast A weekly slice of Ben The Ben Swift podcast - silly features, fun stuff & loads of Ben! ________________________________________________ Download from iTunes -
The Off Beat Show Off Show Chris Gates and Joseph Kenny are capable of speaking and they prove it repeatedly in this ongoing series of noises.
The Big Comicast The team from the Big Comic Page (based in Glasgow) bring you a regular catch up of the recent news and rumors of just about anything comic book.
Celluloid Heroes Radio Film podcast hosted by Ed Prior and Jack Pelling. Reviews of the week's cinema releases, a weekly competition and all the latest movie news. For more info, visit
Overtime Ireland Football Podcast Overtime Ireland (@overtimeireland) is Donegal, Ireland based NFL podcast with a distinct Irish twist presented by two Irish brothers, D.J. Kelly (@djkellyfrosses) and Colm Kelly (@thecolmkelly). They had 2 reasons for ning to podcast, They love to try to expand they're knowledge of the game and to give Ireland a voice in the NFL podcasting world. Both are huge enthusiasts of Fantasy Football. Some other topics they like to discuss/debate include the latest NFL news, important points of and
4amcab series 2 4amcab returns for a second bite of the disgusting mouldy cherry that is sketch comedy (with a cool late night twist). All new stories, all new characters, all new made up adverts. Oh and there's a decent helping of Derek the Bi Polar Bear too, everyone's favourite split personality childrens character (not suitable for children). Follow us on twitter @4amcab and at
Warwick Knowledge Access the latest research, ideas and thinking from academics at the University of Warwick through the Knowledge Centre – an entertaining and educational website that asks the big questions: How does technology influence the way we look at history? How do we make the dream of sustainable cities happen? And what is it like to eat a chocolate hob nob? And so much more...
Distinctly Average The team from try to discuss the latest news in the video games world but usually wander off-topic into films, TV and more. Often explicit, always good fun.
Outside The Ropes Pro wrestling chat show Pro Wrestling Chat show hosted by Matthew Moore and Tony Moore. Broadcasted every Wednesday. Talking all pro wrestling in the last seven days. With guests and much more.
Perfect Pint Podcast Two guys from seperate worlds sitting down and talking everything Beer, UK pubs, UK breweries and drinking in general. For the most part we stay on topic, but not always...
Join Up Dots Join Up Dots is a podcast d for you the listener. If you are unsure of your path in life, and the direction you need to take for complete happiness, then David Ralph delivers direct to your eardrums a daily burst of motivation, inspiration and free flowing conversation seven days per week. Each episode gets the guest to look back over their life, and in the words of the late Steve Jobs...join the dots that has led them to their own area of success.
NFL20 One of the Top 4 NFL podcasts in the Greater Whestone area!
Jazz Up your life I talk about music especially chart in the UK.
Sumo Survival Bushcraft Podcast The Sumo Survival Bushcraft Podcast is the brainchild of brothers Sean and Sy Makin. After decades of outdoor adventures and buying and using more kit than a small Scandinavian army, they decided it was time to make use of the knowledge they had gained and share it with other bushcrafters.