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DDt Radio Comedy Podcast NEVER Penetrate a hampster, don't try to sexually molest a pineapple. Its not a good idea to spoon a Rottweiler. This and more lifesaving advice can be found on the ever so educational DDT. Warning: Most subjects on this podcast make no sense and are not for the sane of heart. If you are easily offended by foul language then this show is probably not for you. If however you get your kicks by swimming naked in a pool of jelly whilst topless nuns serve you lager around the poolside then we like you and will most probably have sex with you sometime in the near future.
Fringeworthy Fringeworthy, the top games of interdimensional exploration and adventure. Each week 3 of the designers share their best tips to make your game experience awesome.
The Abraham Lincoln Show The Abraham Lincoln Show is absurd sketch comedy at its finest! Listen as former President Abraham Lincoln hosts his very own radio talk show alongside Hannibal Hamlin, Mary Todd Lincoln, and John Wilkes Booth. Also features rail-splitting parodies of TV, film, commercials, and more. Season One premieres on October 24th!
Primitive Intelligence Podcast Welcome to the Primitive Intelligence Podcast! Join hosts Kurt and Rocco as they bring you their unique perspective of the world, life and the universe. Now in the second season, the guys continue to grow and learn as both podcasters and people, while they refine the show and themselves.
The Off Beat Show Off Show Chris Gates and Joseph Kenny are capable of speaking and they prove it repeatedly in this ongoing series of noises.
The Quantum Leap Podcast The Quantum Leap Podcast is a Barren Space Production with the purpose of exploring the Quantum Leap Universe episode by episode. This podcast will cover all five seasons of one of the best television shows of all time ranked #15 and #19 on TV Guide’s “Top Cult Shows Ever” in In 2004 and 2007[1], by delving into all 96 episodes one by one and not spoiling upcoming plot points so first timers can follow along. We will be doing approximately one show per week taking about two years. We will dissec
Nerds Who Get Laid... Sometimes... A crew of men who will talk about everything from comic books to time travel
It Two bumbling idiots, traveling through time - a Cardinal James Show serial comedy.