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The Absolute Truth Think it's all relative? Then let's talk!
The Bible Pod Class Hello and welcome to The Bible Pod class. The Bible Pod class is a weekly podclass to connect you with your Bible and help you apply it to your life. Each week In the Bible Pod Class we will have a time of information and inspiration. The first segment of this program is short lesson about the Bible. Make sure you download the companion guide for this lesson. After the lesson we will read and walk through the Scripture of the week. Occasionally we will have a short commentary or answer questions that you may have. All of this is wrapped around a wide variety of Christian music. So without waiting any longer let us open our Bibles and get into class.
Electron-X Electronic music to resonate some nerves you didn't know you had. Broadcasted from, discovering the best independent music! Supporting artists from around the globe in various genres like Ambient, Lounge, Electronica, House, Trance and Techno.
Ottawa - Theology On Tap audio sessions - 2006 The following Podcast is a compilation of all the Ottawa - Theology on Tap sessions held in 2006. Our Mission is to evangelize, educate, and strengthen friendships among participants. Come and join other young people (19 and up) in a relaxing atmosphere to hear a speaker on a spiritual theme.
Kingdom Commentaries Theological discussions, not sermons on various Bible based, Christian topics. Paradigm Podcast Universe, Religion, Atheist, Beliefs, Theories, Theology, Truth, Universists
Hillbill Theology (a Christian podcast) from Hillbilly Theology is the conversation between an Urban Hillbilly of Appalachian descent, and a Desert Rat (i.e. "desert hillbilly") made brothers in Christ. We hope you will listen and be encouraged.
Revealing Word A weekly MP3 recording of a live bible study with audience interaction. Studies center on deeper biblical truths that challenge the listeners tradition, theology and faith. You'll never be the same again! exclusive content from the some of the most profound authors, speakers, and thinkers in the church. we bring you coffeehouse conversations with the best and the brightest. visit us at for access to over 20 'casts a week for just pennies a day. tune in. turn on. get wired.
theology, philosophy, Christian, truthTheology Rocks - truths to stand on Simple, clear talk about theological truths for Christians. A conversation between two Christian brothers about all kinds of theological issues, daily issues with theological implications, and how Christianity should permeate every aspect of the Christian's life.
Theology Rocks - truths to stand on Simple, clear talk about theological truths for Christians. A conversation between two Christian brothers about all kinds of theological issues, daily issues with theological implications, and how Christianity should permeate every aspect of the Christian's life.
Catholic Classes Catechumenate This podcast is an accessible dialogue on sound theology for people who are interested in knowing more about Catholicism. Interested people join practicing Catholics for an exploration of our relationship with God, our language, and our community. This search is called the Catechumenate.
Catholic Classes Liturgy of the Hours “ From ancient times the Church has had the custom of celebrating each day the liturgy of the hours. In this way the Church fulfills the Lord’s precept to pray without ceasing, at once offering praise to God the Father and interceding for the salvation of the world. For this expressed purpose, the recordings of the Hours presented here are intended to expand awareness of this Liturgy, introduce and practice the structure of this prayer, and to assist in the recitation of the Liturgy in small groups, domestic prayer and where common celebration is not possible.
Catholic Classes PACE This podcast is an accessible dialogue of sound Catholic theologyfor adult Catholics who seek a vigorous faith life. Here, on-going conversion is nourished, challenged and matures. This podcast, and it’s series of podcasts, link to a virtual on-line parish program which parishioners register for and receive print materials focused on each module. Other listeners, may contact us and order the materials as well. The dialogue here intends to stimulate real world behavior towards the peace of the Lord (in Italian, the word is pace)–the peace of God’s will done on earth as it is in heaven. Please, won’t you join us in listening responsively to this good news of peace?!
Covenant Radio Covenant Radio examines issues of theological and practical areas facing the Church.
The Preterist Podcast A Christian podcast that discusses eschatology from an orthodox preterist point of view.
Curs-ed Net Breakthrough Radio The UFO & ALIEN ABDUCTION PHENOMENON is THE FAÇADE used by "THE BEAST" (symbolized as a poisonous scorpion,) reflected in the holy writings of both St. Jude & Enoch. The "wandering stars" ARE the Fallen Angels angling for their prey - US! Curs-ed Net Breakthrough Radio will be your source for truth within the UFO phenomenon glorifying Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God the Father.
Fire On Your Head A podcast show by FIRE International missionaries, updates on the ministry of our team throughout the nations, and the occasional buffoonery of some of our team members and guests. To view related linked articles and hear Summer School messages, visit our other iTunes feed or visit
The Illumined Heart Orthodox Christian Podcast Join Kevin Allen each week on the Illumined Heart Orthodox Christian podcast. Kevin conducts insightful interviews on subjects of faith, theology, history, comparative religion and personal faith journeys with Eastern Orthodox Christians you should know! Kevin would love to hear from you! Please be sure to leave a comment on the comment page, or him an email on the contact page. Visit the schedule page to see when the next Illumined Heart Orthodox Christian interview streams! Or, check the podcasts page for all archived programs! The Illumined Heart Orthodox Christian podcast is a joint production of Ancient Faith Radio and Saint Barnabas Antiochian Orthodox Church, Costa Mesa, California.
Icons in Sound Dr. Vladimir Morosan, a leading expert in Orthodox Christian sacred music, introduces listeners to the beauty and theological depth of Orthodox liturgical chant from around the world.
The Off The Map Podcast The mission of Off The Map is to help Christians see themselves through the eyes of outsiders. We present stories, ideas and interviews through live events, our websites, published multimedia and our monthly e-zine called Idealab. Off The Map promotes "Otherlyness", the spirituality of serving. We explore new ways of thinking and practicing what it means to follow Jesus. Finally we Edutain (educate and entertain) We package hard issues in surprisingly approachable ways. This is a weekly podcast of talks recorded at our live events around the country.
German Reichs Free Church A comedy humour podcast of the sermons of German Reichs Free Church for christians. A nonsens religion with a great philosophy of theology. A silly Prayer talks in their church service about bibel and religion, philosophy, spiritualism, the third reich, world war II and 3th reich. Almost nonsens. A religious podcast for your soul. Mass and mess of a denomination from Germany in America. Exhibition of protestantism and calvinism, but also catholicism. Listen the holy lord, the word of Jesus christ. Podcast for the true christian. God loves this sermonpodcast of Christianity and religiouspodcast of the american freechurch.
Truth Matters A weekly podcast featuring conversation in which biblical topics are investigated ly with rigor. The show seeks to demythologize Christianity of erroneous traditions in an ongoing quest to repeat the Berean exercise and seek truth fearlessly. Truth Matters is hosted by Sean Finnegan who has a different guest on each week.
WTFWJD? Christian Piatt author podcast Audio chapters from my books and interviews with other writers, theologians, church leaders, musicians and social justice seekers intent on recreating the identity the the mainline Christian faith.
The Gary DeMar Show Using the free public airwaves, it is The Gary DeMar Show; where you will hear current events, pop culture, politics, religion, and bunches of other stuff examined through the lense of a biblical worldview.
Englewood Radio Biblio News and conversation on missional reading for church communities. The Podcast of the Englewood Review of Books
Say hello to my Little Friend A podcast on philosophy, faith and culture. Be challenged to think
YUTOPIA Rabbi Josh Yuter discusses religion, politics, media, and culture with his amazingly talented friends, peers, and colleagues.
The Way Everlasting Podcast J.S. Park Welcome to The Way Everlasting Podcast. Messages from J.S. Park. Find my blog at or
Leaning Right While the Constitution is still the law of the land and the First Amendment is still intact I am here to serve up my perspective from a "leaning right" point of view.
Biblical Prophecy with Alan Kurschner This audio program hosted by Alan Kurschner is dedicated to Bible prophecy from a premillennial, prewrath eschatology.
NonTheology Theology, nontheology, and everything in between
The Rain Forecast The Rain Forecast, a weekly program with Rev Tony, tackles topics that often keep us drowning in situations we were meant to walk through. This broadcast helps the sick to get well, the blind to see, and the weak to become body builders. "Rain Walk" with Rev Tony as he teaches us all to strive in the rain, instead of survive. "Like" us on Facebook at: Follow Us On Twitter @RevTonyWAU
Did God Actually Say Here the subject matters are discussed and analyzed from a Christian perspective, but often very different from the traditional and safe orthodoxy. The topics might be theological, philosophical, apologetic, political or social. Please note that although the participants in this program are usually all mature followers of Christ, we have not come to the same conclusions on all the various issues that will be addressed. We are, however, in firm agreement that our highest obligation is to walk in love as we advance the reasoning for our positions. Because God does not demand uniformity, nor do we.
Youth Apologetics Training Podcast The goal of Youth Apologetics Training is to publish ten to fifteen minute podcasts and articles organized into classes five days a week. These courses will be posted at, and itunes, five days a week for download. The courses will be geared toward fourth to twelfth grade minds organized in various levels of Christian development from ners to the advanced. Each episode will be teaching a couple simple concepts with an emphasis on repetition. The point is not to dazzle them with tons of complicated material but to actually teach them one or two concepts a day. I want your young evangelists to know understand and remember everything I cover. I want this to be a daily family time activity. Talk to your kids about the lessons. Encourage repetition and test them. If you want to know how to teach apologetics to youth, let Youth Apologetics Training help.
Theology Thursday Weekly sermons and Bible studies of Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church.
The Bob Zima Show My podcast features a rapid and twisted roller coaster ride through my mind and soul and offer audiences a mayhem of stream of conscious lampooning. I ridicule, expose and denounce my human folly of vice-driven behaviors I leveraged in the name of "healing" from the "BS of my life." While spinning the tales of my travels to Hell and Back I emphatically provide reasons why I didn't set-up shop at Hell's front door and chose the tougher path of rebuilding my life over & over again.
The Gospel Friends In a world where heresy blankets the airwaves, religious stuffed-shirts suck the life out of Sunday morning, and prosperity teacher rob grandmothers of their pensions, three unassuming ministers endeavor to shine the light of Biblical theology and put the fun back in fundamentalism…