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A Coupla Guys (from the Tri-State Area) Madcap talk and comedy from a coupla back East transplants to La-La Land who still can't get a decent pizza over here. What's up widdat? Ludicrous lampoons and preposterous premises, rants, raves and ridicule ramped up to absurdity.
The Basement Internet Show Eclectic internet talk show featuring interviews with interesting and unusual guests.
Neural Caffeine Neural Caffeine is a weekly podcast hosted by two brothers. Neural Caffeine is like a friendly morning wake-up, a midafternoon How do ya' do, or a cheerful evening brain rape. We'll talk about anything, as long as it's interesting to us. This is kind of pretty much what it's about in glorious SOUND! We're a couple of guys that talk about anything and everything under the sun. It's funny, poignant, infuriating, and all sorts of fucked up.
The Gregory Mantell Show (Video) Gregory Mantell has been called one of America's best interviewers. "The Gregory Mantell Show" is a weekly half-hour TV talk show that focuses on experts, the entertainment industry, and health & fitness. The program airs on cable TV in New York and LA. It can be also be seen worldwide on Google Video and in the Apple iTunes Store under podcasts / Movies and Television Shows / Gregory Mantell Show. "What makes Gregory Mantell so distinctive is his ability to connect with his guest. He doesn't just interview, he converses. He can talk to anybody about anything and it amazes me how he asks the questions a viewer is thinking at the moment they are thinking it. He is one of the very best interviewers I have ever seen." --Jodi F. Gottlieb, a network promotions Writer/Producer who has successfully launched hundreds of TV shows.
Talk Show America Your country... Your talk show! Join host Jay Are for the latest in political news and commentary as he takes a stand with Conservative America against the liberal left and the ObamaNation.
Send2Press Newswire Entertainment talk show hosted by author, musician and PR pro Christopher Laird Simmons. Guests include book authors, TV actors, and recording artists, and other people of interest talking about pop culture.
P.O.V. with David Torrence P.O.V., IMHO is one SOB of a show. Mixing opinion, rare music, odd commercials, robot reporters and more! Will someday be known as the greatest talk show ever!...umm..if you ask the host.
Grindersbox YaP News Technology show that teaches you how to use technology
Mikey Speaks This short comedy podcast will inform you, entertain you and most likely offend you. An amusing look into current events and Mikey's personal stories of the past.
The Press Box Everyone has an opinion, especially when it comes to sports. Just like the media once were, we are aspiring broadcasters who have created our own show to do what we love most, talk sports. After turning down a couple radio deals with major Vancouver stations due to stalled contract negotiations, we remained free agents in the off-season. We do not claim to be experts, but we do have opinions and try and make educated conclusions from them. The Press Box, where we just talk sports.
The Infested Sound A podcast dedicated to a love of all things scary. Your hosts Jeff and Phil take you on a wild ride through the minds of a couple of mildly retarded people. Their ideas about what is a good and bad horror movie, vary greatly. With differing opinions, and a dedication to horror films, The Infested Sound has set out to change the perception of what a podcast can give to the suscriber. Fan e-mail submissions are a must. If you need to e-mail the show, send it to [email protected] Listener e-mails are a very important part of the show. So, if you have any balls at all, check out The Infested Sound horror podcast!
SPiN Podcast Talk Show On March 27 2006, SPiN publicly launches its first podcast talk show and in the process, breaks new ground for business networking organizations. SPiN - Super Powerful Networking is the first business networking organization, which brings it’s members together in weekly chapter meetings, to host a podcast talk show based around interviewing small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals for the benefit of it’s listener audience.
Magic Milkshake Machine Wiggly, Joe, Trap Door Charmed and Stan bring you fun, songs, guests and crap. Step into the world of the Saturday Morning Fun-Time Bonanza, the Magic Milkshake Machine. Do the shake, do the shake, do the Milkshake Machine. Milk, foot, sing with your bau bau. Double your pleasure, double your fun with fuzzy nut gum. Plus the occasional Rock Superstar interview.
The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling It's the podcast of The Best Show On WFMU! Join host Tom Scharpling (supervising producer and writer for the TV series, Monk) as he navigates through the world of open phones, hilarious fake callers--nearly all of whom are played by the drummer of Superchunk (and improvisational comedy savant), Jon Wurster--and also lots of scary real callers! Bigwigs like Conan O'Brien, Patton Oswalt, the staff of The Onion, David Cross and Todd Barry all love it - now it's your turn!
Podcast Salad The video podcast about video podcasting. A weekly look at the best video podcasts.
The Triangle Judy Gow ,Charles McPherson and Robbie Broatch from 3 corners of North America Colaborate in their first Podcast on the Internet from their view.
It It's The Khan Show! Hello! I'm Mister Khan from TV's King of the Hill! The Laotian Jerry Lewis has made it to our shores. The Khan Show is Rated PG 13 for some mild cursing and innuendo. This is the pod cast for anyone, anywhere that has ever said, "You just can't do a variety show based on a cartoon!" Listen for fun, foolish froliks, and maybe much mayhem!
Where Thoughtful, intelligent, progressive political discussion. We ask experts the questions that you want answered. We serve up take home lessons that you can use to improve your community. News can sometimes be a bitter pill to swallow. We mix music and humor so that the news goes down good. Broadcasting from beautiful Asheville every Saturday.
AuthorViews Video Podcast AuthorViews is a program for presenting books and authors to the media and the public. All AuthorViews videos are copyright free and may be downloaded, stored, transferred and displayed without permission as long as the contents are not altered. AuthorViews -- because authors deserve to be heard. Serving fresh video every day.
The Joe Finan Show The podcast of Akron talk radio legend Joe Finan.
MAXIMUM THRESHOLD SHOW Maximum Threshold is an internet radio show dedicated to presenting up and coming hard rock bands and current successful bands. This is a weekly show that has grown globally. Give this show a listen and pass us around to your friends. We are addictive and so is the music that we present for your listening pleasure. MT is a hard rock/metal and sometimes comedy show.
The Stuart Bedasso Show Independent Talk, Independent Music & More!
Two Guys and a Girl Two Guys and a Girl is a comedy talk show broadcast live from Hollywood California. Hosted by Kyle Sherman, Hunter Parrish, and Allison Tyler, Two Guys and a Girl is here to supply you with bizarre news, local celeb news, and ridiculous commentary.
Brother Sue Bothers You GO ON! ASK THEM ANY QUESTION/PROBLEM AND THEY GIVE THE WORLD'S BEST ANSWER/SOLUTION! Two enlightened indian souls who will answer any questions you might have. Their previous credits include time travel, levitation, out-of-body experiences, alien intelligence contact (they even abducted aliens for their experiments), telepathy, kaleidoscopy, mind-reading, mysteries solving and lazing about in the indian paddy fields! Grass never grows beneath their feet! And yet they gather no moss!
BACK TO BASIC BACK TO BASIC is a 3 hour Christian/political talk show that airs 10am-1pm est. M-F, I will rebroadcast the third hour of the show the next broadcast day from 9am-10am on We discuss national and world news and culture. We focus on political news and events. One of our underlying themes on the show is the lack of freedom in the United States. I�m a conservative and a member of the Constitution party.
Beyond 50 Radio Show Beyond 50 Radio is America's Talk Show for Baby Boomers. It can be heard as a weekly and educational program to help those in mid-life. Hosted by Daniel Davis, he has interviewed hundreds of best-selling authors, celebrities and experts from all over the world. Visit us at and sign up for our free e-newsletter
The Steve and Kathy Show Finally! Christian TV that connects the un-churched, the un-saved, and the un-interested to Hope and a Future! The very people who need to experience the power of the Gospel are not walking through most church doors. This show is a unique, God-inspired way to reach those people with a medium they can relate to. "This is the show you can watch with your unsaved friends and relatives and laugh together, love together and get them connected to the Kingdom of God." What the Steve & Kathy show effectively accomplishes through 30 minutes of inspiration and fun is nothing short of brilliant. They are building a bridge to the un-saved, the un-churched, and the un-interested by connecting them with truth they can grab hold of. It helps them cross over from the "everybody''s a hypocrite" perception to a new idea that maybe "not everybody wants to be." Viewers see real people just like themselves who are un-religious, un-pious, and un-pretentious. Bold! Risky! Yet the Steve & Kathy show is exactly what it will take to reach this generation with the television medium they can relate to.
TWH! with Elon James White Elon James White and his crew of merry makers kick back and discuss politics, sex, religion and interview some of NYC's funniest comics while trying not to murder each other. Watch as the departments of Hate, Knowing $H!T, Sassy Whiteness and Loose Cannon-ry collide over controversial topics creating a great show. Welcome to The White House. Featuring Hassan Madry, Jess Wood, Aaron Freeman, Fahnon Bennett, Neil Charles, Emily Epstein and Desiree Burch
Synchronicity: Talk Radio for your mind, body and soul Tune In, Tap In and get Turned On to good vibrations that help you remember why you're here: to have fun! This is not your average spirituality show. It's Synchronicity : Talk radio for your mind, body and soul!
Innovations In Business Show Strategies for to launch a product, start a company, build teams, sales tips, interactive marketing, and more with the Innovations In Business Show!
Conversations with Coach Ian Scott Conversations with Coach Ian Scott provides a glimpse into the lives and careers of professionals from around the world. It is a talk show which features interviews with New York Times Best-Selling authors, Entrepreneurs, Millionaires, Business Reality TV Show personalities from such shows as The Apprentice USA (NBC), The Last Millionaire (BBC TV), Broadcast Media Professionals, Talk Show Hosts, experts from a variety of fields and disciplines, professional speakers and trainers.
Limited Edition Podcast #1 Real talk about whats new whats hot whats not ..we talk about everything in the fashion/music world tune in....
Tomorrow Will Be Televised An audio series covering the world of television and the people making that world happen. Besides TV news items and commentary, Tomorrow features interviews with network TV utives, show producers/creators, entrepreneurs launching new TV programming and technology, TV critics and pundits. The program runs Monday afternoons from 3-4 p.m. Eastern time/noon-1 p.m. Pacific time over
The DeepScope Show - Unfiltered News Unfiltered Truth Warning: The DeepScope Show is not bipartisan. It is not moderate. The DeepScope Show is all out biased to what is right in America. Joey Ricciardo is a full blown, all out capitalist and knows he has nothing to hide. Catch the very latest, most current episodes of The DeepScope Show. Visit
The Sideliners Show Hosted by Chris LeBrun and Matt Orian, The Sideliner Show is a weekly show, giving you a front row seat for news, sports, politics, & current events! Listen as Chris and Matt use their special blend of humor and insight to break down the stories people are talking about. Whether you listen live each Tuesday night at 10 pm (eastern) or download the podcast, The Sideliners Show will make you look at the world differently.
Just Between Us1 William and Lorrie Hull Smithers interview their area's most interesting people.
Nobody Dances Here Nobody Dances Here is an internet radio talkshow based on the delicious blog of Quintin Xavier Roper. Hilarious co-hosts, influential and inspiring guests, and live DJs have made this show popular. Topics include fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and culture. Visit for more info.
Rendal A show where I talk about various topics. I try to update Tuesday, but sometimes don't always make it. Topics vary and while I do go off I try to keep it light. Shows are live Mondat 2-4pm PST on
The More Me Show Hosts Downtown and Eddie are DC insiders who take a hilariously scathing and decidedly progressive look at each week's political developments and try to make some order out of the chaos and destruction that is everything the Republican Party and its wingnut followers touch. With a cast of regular guests drawn from their friends and colleagues in and out of government they bring you insights from so deep inside the Beltway everyone uses silly fake names so they won't risk their day jobs!
LOSTlogue LOSTlogue is a podcast discussing the hit television show Lost on ABC. We review, analyze and just have fun talking about on of our favorite shows.
Serial Nonsense Three guys in a room with microphones. What could go wrong? Serial Nonsense features Paul Blake, Philip Dodge, Tim Renken, and special guests discussing relevant entertainment, world, and technology related news with our own comedic twist.
BrickMelon A podcast, of sorts, brought to you every Thursday featuring sketches, monologues, interviews, and other fun and interesting things.
Stimulated Boredom 2 Stimulated Boredom is a weekly hosted internet talk show and podcast that discusses politics, news, history, science, social issues, music, movies, gaming, technology, current events and many other general interest topics.
Garden Guys Talk Radio Green Revolution Radio! The Garden Guys talk about the latest products, tools, methods and topics, for "green" living along with great music and lots of laughs.
The Rod Eccles Show Rod is the Coolest, Most Politically Incorrect, Conservative Black Man on the Planet. His show is one that is unlike anything you probably have heard before. Telling the truth from a Constitutional perspective, Rod takes aim at both sides of the Political Isle without being on the fringe. Sane, logical and honest to a fault, you will know its the truth when Rod says it.
CIO TALK RADIO CIO Talk Radio ( is an internet-based talk radio show aired live, globally since 2003, every Wednesday at 9 a.m. Central US Time over Voice America Business Radio, World Talk Radio. The show features panel discussions among top IT utives from a wide range of industries, covering topics that run the gamut of today’s most pressing IT issues. Listeners get to hear view points on IT issues and challenges directly from the mouths of some of the sharpest IT minds today.
The FauxPod Joanna and Eric pour themselves a drink and hang out, it sounds like a blast for them, but a bore-fest for you, but trust me it's not. They have this unique relationship where they can beat each other up and still be friends. They complain, they gripe, they laugh, they pour themselves another, they interject, they contemplate, they reflect, they joke ... and they are a good listen.
The Pet Engineer Radio Show The Pet Engineer is a radio talk show about pets and people helping each other, including news, advice, tips and the latest in the pet industry.
The Nardcast Podcast designed for local and underground music. Talk show format! You Gotta Love It! Want to be on the show or submit music? email me at: [email protected] feel free to tell me what you think about the show. comments and advice greatly appreciated.
The Chris Gethard Show Chris Gethard, veteran improviser and comedian from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC, moves his successful talk show from the world of underground comedy to the world of underground television. Join Chris and friends, plus the mysterious Human Fish and Random Jean, as they navigate the weird waters of public access television and welcome heavy hitter guests and musical acts along the way.
Art Howard at Night "America's Favorite Talk Show Host," Art Howard, talks to actors, authors and musicians on the rise as well as the stars of New Media a.k.a. the Internet in this exciting podcast that has been called "exciting" as well as "mildly amusing."
When We Speak (Best of Indie Music) When We Speak is an internet talk show that showcases indie artist.
Temple of Nerd Temple of Nerd is a podcast from Catalyst Media Internet Radio promoting nerd culture to the masses!
Psychic Access Talk Radio Listen to the ‘Psychic Viewpoint’ and call in for a free psychic reading on air. This popular internet radio podcast features some of the internet’s best live psychic advisors, intuitive consultants and clairvoyant mediums, as well as top experts and celebrity guests. Tune in right now, it’s out of this world.
The Rob Velivis Show The Rob Velivis Show is the highest rated web radio show in the city of Philadelphia broadcasting live every Sunday night from the Toil Inc Studios in northeast Philly.
SlamTalk Welcome to Slam Talk. "SlamTalk" is a party of a conversation. The newest,most outrageous podcast on the internet. Featuring the next big things in the podcast world. The self-proclaimed Tag Team Champions of Podcasting Jeremy and "The Loose Cannon" Chad. The two sit down and share stories,harass each other,talk with guests and laugh at life. This free flowing discussion can lead anywhere and usually does. It's a laugh for all.
Airspeaker Podcast Traveling through the online radio airwaves. Join Ed Gomez and Will Rendon on the Airspeaker Podcast at
Roads To Liberty Podcast Roads To Liberty Podcast explores the issues and theory behind finding and accepting the libertarian point of view. Using real world stories and examples as well as ideas of the host, RJ Parker, and any guests, the conversation is preserved and exposed in a slightly new light. Please join the conversation. Send any ideas, comments, collaboration ideas or critique to [email protected] or just leave a comment on the blog.
FullCourtPressRadio FullCourtPressRadio, hosted by Ryan Scott and Daniel Taylor. A weekly sports talk show bring you everything sports with a twist. Ryan and Daniel are lovers of all things sports, they take the exciting scores and highlights of the past week and feature the happenings to come while entertaining you along the way. No slight of hand. No bias. Clean, straight up, sports. Sports talk the way its meant to happen. A new show every week and even live via UStream. Tuesdays.
The TVFR Podcast Our recently launched podcast delivers some of this content straight to you with a bit of a lighter twist. Join editors Stew, David and Liam along with our other regular writers in a bit of casual banter about the world of TV, movies and pop culture. Here at we pride ourselves in offering our readers a blogazine containing a varied selection of fun and interesting content covering everything from the latest cinema releases, your favourite TV series and awesome features.
Pillcast Pillcast is a podcast talk show hosted by me, Dan and I will be talking about topics that are trending, interesting or just some random fun stuff. My goal with Pillcast is not only to entertain you with some interesting topics, but to also and perhaps unknowingly have you learn something.
Dale Radio The most successful basement talk show hosted by a fictitious person in New York, the Dale Radio podcast welcomes rising cultural figures, comedians, and artists to sit down, have a drink and talk about the creative process. Hailed as a “warped Johnny Carson” and “brilliant” with a “voice like a shoulder squeeze,” Dale has been delighting crowds with his never-give-up-pursuit of modest stardom for more than a decade.
The 1 Year Anniversary Episode The 1 Year Anniversary Episode features Lisa Lampanelli, Kevin Nealon, George Lopez, Margaret Cho, Richard Lewis, Gilbert Gottfried, Adam Carolla, Steve-O, David Koechner and many more. The musical guest will be The Hollers. And hey, don't forget to hang around for the recap on The Post Show Report with Ivy Quinn... It's TV On The Radio!
Life Sucks Radio Life Sucks Radio is a weekly talk show podcast featuring angry rants and insulting humor. If you're easily offended, tune in.
Broken Filter Live Hilarious view into the twisted minds of Joe rockstar and jonesy. The BFL team discusses news, current events, and has scripted comedy segments for your listening pleasure. Sometimes inappropriate, sometimes unfiltered, and ALWAYS funny.
The Beers Up! Podcast The Beers Up! Podcast is hosted by a couple of good buddies who love to drink, laugh and talk about the outrageous times they've experienced together. So grab a beer, relax and have a laugh with us. Enjoy!