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Nobody Likes Onions It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm!
The Frankie Starbuzz Show Frankie Starbuzz. The world's greatest ACE REPORTER gives you the latest entertainment news. And yes folks: Frankie ALWAYS gets the BIG NAME celebrities. IN THE FIRST PODCAST: Frankie battles Tom Cruise! It's a Comedy Show about ENTERTAINMENT! If you're a fan of The Daily Show/Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim"/South might like this!
The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling It's the podcast of The Best Show On WFMU! Join host Tom Scharpling (supervising producer and writer for the TV series, Monk) as he navigates through the world of open phones, hilarious fake callers--nearly all of whom are played by the drummer of Superchunk (and improvisational comedy savant), Jon Wurster--and also lots of scary real callers! Bigwigs like Conan O'Brien, Patton Oswalt, the staff of The Onion, David Cross and Todd Barry all love it - now it's your turn!
Left Of Center A hilarious and edgy internet radio show. Uncensored and politically incorrect. Radio Where Nothing Is Sacred
The Absolute Peach The Absolute Peach is a real, gimmick-free talk show, produced weekly in England. Relaxed, funny and without scripts, The Absolute Peach is for people looking for a show that doesn’t rely on wacky skits and annoying jingles. The Absolute Peach was created when hosts Ben and Joe became so sick of the cheesy, spoon-fed humour of so many podcasts loitering around the internet at the moment that they decided to start recording their own. The humour of the show is based on just the sort of things people laugh about with their friends, which, we reckon, tends to be the funniest kind anyway. We’ve just kicked things off here on The Absolute Peach. But with your help, maybe we can knock some of those clowns off the top spots.
Pinklatex Show on Collie & Rusty make you cackle until you pee your pants or your soul turns black, maybe a little bit of both. Come join the gang and their stupid antics and sarcastic commentary.
BreakingNews - Uncensored Millicent Chambers takes an outrageous and uncensored look at today’s news stories. She’ll poke a stick at arrogance, hypocrisy, dishonesty and stupidity wherever she finds it. And, what mouth on her! Great fun! ADULT LANGUAGE.
Many Minutes of News An EXPLICIT weekly podcast, bringing you the news in a exciting and revolutionary way. That is if by 'exciting and revolutionary' you mean taking the p*ss out of most of it, and making up the rest. Everything you need to know and a lot of stuff you really wish you didn't know, crammed into half an hour by two blokes. Every week. Until someone tells them to stop.
The Frankly Doria Show Former TV reporter Mike Doria hosts this weekly Las Vegas based podcast that offers listeners unique online empowerment methods, pro tips and tricks to make life easier. Approached from a humorous, sarcastic or sometimes serious standpoint, Doria frankly delivers a memorable and inspiring show filled with creative news, topics, music, segments and celebrity interviews. Summed up as modern-day motivational speaking done digitally, Doria writes, produces and hosts The Frankly Doria Show.