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Coverville A thrice-weekly voyage into the world of cover songs. Some good, some bad, but all-legally licensed through ASCAP and BMI. Requests and suggestions are always welcomed!
Bandana Blues Blueswax's Beardo invites you on a musical journey every week for over an hour of CD quality, 21st Century Blues with a nod to The Masters. Join him and Spinner, his co-host from The Hague, for your dose of all that is blue! Broadcasting on the net since 1999.
NextBigThing Music Tourism. We go around the world exploring different types of music from unsigned artist playing at venues from Houston to London and Berlin to Johannesburg and Melbourne looking for the Next Big Thing in music. Like any travel, it requires a sense of adventure and a willingness to try different things. The NextBigThing podcast takes tunes from the website. Come along with us as we dive into the worlds nightclubs and discover a vast mix of genres and talent. Conceived and maintained from South Africa and Germany, there is probably no more unique travel guide through both Mainstream and Exotic genres of music any where on the web.
Paul C Music Music in MP3 format written by English electronic artist Paul Cooper. Each item in the feed is a new track which can be downloaded and streamed for free.
The John and Wayne Show I have to enter another description? OK, um, we're a show that is a weekly show. We have talk and stuff....ah, we feature an indie rock artist every week...listen or something.
The Bob Narley Show The Bob Narley Show podcast was rated with 5 stars by FHM magazine for its unique blend of great music and bizaare content. Featuring excellent parody songs and comedy bits, The Bob Narley Show stands out as a top podcast.
iROK Radio iROK a weekly music Podcast featuring the best Independent music artists from Oklahoma. It’s a new breed of radio. Oklahoma's only Independent Internet Radio Podcast. It's radio to go, where and when YOU want it! Playing the best Oklahoma has to offer from the Independent music scene. You'll discover that Oklahoma has a soul that's not just country. Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Metal & more We're more than just country.
Illumination Audio Protected under a Creative Commons license, the Illumination Audio Podcast is designed to bring as much good music to as many people as possible. Fans of indie, rock, pop, hip-hop and all spaces inbetween will rejoice! Illumination Audio. Turn It On.
De-Fi Radio Turn off the cookie-cutter, same 40 songs over and over, crappy radio. We've got the best music you have yet to hear. And you can listen to them at your lesuire. Defy your radio. Listen to De-Fi Radio.
The Best of Mikey and Jimmy Highlights from the top-rated music/talk show formerly heard on Long Island's 1240 WGBB. - Rock/Pop/Alternative is a service that promotes music from independent artists and record labels using a combination of podcasting technology, syndication, webcasting and viral marketing.
The Used Podcasts Hear Karri's latest TOC report. Interviews with The Used, live music, surprise guest hosts, behind-the-scene chaos, and more.
HIM Podcasts Hear Karri's Weekly Report On HIM About The Making Of Their New Album And More.
Alien Theater Radio Give us 30mins and we'll give you the very best in Independent Progressive and Instrumental Rock music. All packaged in a work safe and family friendly enviroment. Trust us, your air guitar has never sounded better.
The Ungodly Hour Unique industrial radio show hosted by rE\dOx and LadyDev. The Ungodly Hour airs every other Friday for three full hours. Shows can be downloaded at midnight. Tune in for some of the best industrial, synthpop, futurepop, ebm, power noize, gothic and ambient music around!
PODMEGO Pop Music Sync your pods for new artists and music featuring exclusive interviews, album releases and podcasts you won't find anywhere else. Tune in as we showcase new talent from around the world, and submit your music if you wish to be included in our podcasts. Many channels to choose from at
Speechless:Exploring New Instrumental Music Bringing you the best in new instrumental music, each week this short-format show presents to you music unfettered by lyrics and built on tone, timbre and time. The genre-crossing program features a mix of styles, allowing the listener to experience new music and new artists as they're carried along on this unusual musical ride. Hear the artist's stories told without words, and visit a place where all the music is truly...Speechless.
Amplified: An Indie Music Podcast podcasting great indie bands from around the globe
Insomnia Radio Leading the new revolution in internet radio, this weekly podcast consistently delivers indie rock's unsung heroes straight to your mp3 player, in a tightly produced one hour package. What makes Insomnia Radio different than anything you'll hear on your FM dial? Simple. We bring you new music that is new to us as well! If we don't fall in love with it, you won't hear it. So, Kill Your FM and tune in to the best music you've never heard.
Post Modern Rock Show - KPSU, Portland The best new indie along with classic alternative. Occasional interviews. Recorded in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Airs in Portland, Oregon on KPSU, 1450 AM, and worldwide at, podcast available at
La Isla de Encanta Además de una canción de Pixies, La Isla de Encanta es un programa de radio que lleva en antena desde el 6 enero del año 1999. Desde octubre de 2003 se escucha desde Radio Circulo en 100.4 FM para Madrid y para el resto del mundo atraves de su página web La música ha sido, desde el primer minuto de su existencia, el motor que impulsaba este programa.
Radio Or Not Los Angeles Radio veteran Nicole Sandler resurrects the now-legendary KSCA Music Hall with this podcast featuring interviews and performances from World Class artists.
Wingcast Three great podsafe songs by the best indepenent bands - two to three times a week.
Pluri Media Group Contemporary coverage of news and the media with topical music.
Alexa Digital Radio Alexa Digital Radio transmits a weekly spotlight podcast covering five artists from our station's playlist. View details such as the artist's bio, photo and a website link in our Indie Artist Directory.
9412 9412's Classic Rock Minute gives you a Classic Rock history lesson about various bands and artists. Your host is MJ and it's presented by 9412 - The Rock Station
The Nexus: What Radio Should Be. The Nexus features music that is beyond eclectic: new, old, obscure and mainstream. Each week is a new experiment in sound. Striving to bring you varieties of music you will not find anywhere else. Combine a love of the weird with classic rock, hip-hop, drum & bass, experimental, standards, cartoon theme songs and bossa and you start to get an idea of what this is all about. Good music my friends, all good music.
pinkBeltRAGEcast Mostly alternative-indie rock, but I mix it up. With the folky stuff, dance, hip hop, and even easy listening.
News of the Cool Show hosts Travis and Todd banter about the latest entertainment news while playing tunes from indie bands and singer/songwriters. Artists interested in submitting original works can email the guys at [email protected]
Dario-V- songs, music, visions. Dario -V- podcasting of his 2nd CD LOVE. Soothing dark rock psychedelic songs.
Locals Only This podcast showcases musicians from Mount Airy, NC and the surrounding areas.
Rocky Mountain Pod Each week Rocky Mountain Pod brings you 30-minute episodes jam-packed with the talented artists who make up the Colorado music scene.
Quality Control Radio Offering you a high-quality mix of eclectic music for those people whom like variation and exploration. Now a permanent show on KYCY AM in San Francisco.
Accident Hash Boston based podcast playing the best mix in podsafe music.
Caught Between Stations Caught Between Stations plays the best in podsafe music from the midwest and beyond.
Women In Music with Laney Goodman Show Preview 15-minute preview of Women In Music with Laney Goodman - a nationally syndicated radio show featuring excellent women musicians of all genres. Heard on 88+ markets each week, Women In Music features music from amazing independent female musicians -- from folk to rock to world to progressive to electronica to alternative, Women In Music's got something for everyone. And now we're coming to podcasting at! Give our free preview a listen each week
The Last DJ Join The Last DJ as he plays what he wants to play. Great music from the last fifty years, from pop and indie to soul and funk, with everything in between.
Tripcast Radio Live(ish) from Edinburgh, Scotland - Tripcast Radio is a podcast show dedicated to independent and unsigned artists from around the world, and lots of other good music. I don't play any specific genre of music, just what I like and I hope you do to.
Great American Music Hour Indie rock, folk, singer songwriter and Americana music from Richmond, VA, and around the country, with host Jerry Jodice
Ritchie A musical podcast project of r.domain. One song created every 2 weeks utilising guitar, bass and drums. 60 seconds max for each song. Please subscribe and stay tuned esp for lovers of original music such as King Crimson, Fantomas, John Zorn, The Mars Volta, Bill Laswell, Scorn, etc. From ambient to industrial and everything in between.
Under The Radar Under the Radar is a weekly indie music show dedicated to bringing you new music suggested by listeners like you.
The Creepy Sleepy Show From the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota comes the Creepy Sleepy Show! Indie Rock, Politics and Payola! Doq and Dan have interviewed Senators, Musicians and even GOD! Fantabulous production! Rocking tunes! Semi-legal dissections of politicians! Neither “Liberal” nor “Conservative,” none are safe from the verbal barrage of the Creepy Sleepy Show. “The Daily Show of Podcasting” – Doq Stodden! “The best podcast I’ve ever heard!” – Dan Patterson “It’s better than crack!” – Crackhead Jim
The Outer Edges Podcasting sounds from the fringes of New York. A mix of eclectic songs from the worlds of rock, jam bands, jazz, electronica, and whatever else I damn well feel like playing.
Podmodernisme Avec Podmodernsime (quel délicieux jeu de mots avec post-modernisme, en effet!), j'espère balladodiffuser (ou "podcaster" pour les anglophiles) la musique qui me branche hebdomadairement: indie rock, hip hop, la scène locale montréalaise, electro, rock n' roll, patati, patata, petite patate, tant pis pour toi!
The Specialist and AKG Show Exploring the worlds of Red Sox baseball, poker, movies, music, tv, and workplace bowel movements, all while examining the finer points of ass-wiping techniques and the subtle nuances of stool consistency.
Next Big Hit An instant party with the hottest new Podsafe Music. Hear what is hot before it hits! Full tracks from a variety of independent and unsigned artists... mainstream and underground. Independent musicians and songs have never been easier to discover in all genres... R and B, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Singer Songwriters, Dance, Club, Rap, Soul, Alternative, Electronic, World and more from singers, divas, solo artists, bands and vocal groups! We mix it all up in every show for listeners with diverse musical tastes. Hosted by DJ Copperhead, listen and subscribe to get a regular dose of fresh, new, original and catchy indie sounds. Be sure to visit to find out more info on the hot hooks and indie talent... including links to their website, their CD from CD Baby, and to their songs! It's like a radio show where you can immediately find out the buzz about the acts you like, whether they are East Coast New York, West Coast Los Angeles, West End London UK and around the globe. Live the nightlife and groove on your mp3 player.
30 Million People An introduction to a selection of the best independent and unsigned music.
The DFW Localshow Up and Coming local bands in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Genres include but are not limited to Alternative, Rock, Punk, Pop-Punk, Indie, Emo
Land of Sand Audio podsafe rock and intellectual adventures
Soul Sanctuary Radio Soul Sanctuary Radio presents a potent blend of spoken word and soulful music...a cross-genre, multi-generational party of grooves, moods and moments. Presented uncensored - some songs may contain PG-13 lyrics, but never any gratuitous vulgarity. Updated weekly.
the new style Every episode, the new style profiles 4 unsigned artists and gives their music a spin.
abcdefg*record COreRADIO Japan Musical program by independent music label abcdefg*record of Japan. We will tell the latest Indierock/pop music of Japan.
IndieNYC IndieNYC is a podcast showcasing the best new music from unsigned and independent label artists in New York City.
Live from the Garage Amature hour for the masses! Live from the Garage is a weekly podcast showcasing professional and amateur performers from around the world. If you want an open forum to share your talent, then send us your MP3 to [email protected]!
Closet Geek Show Brent needs somewhere to share his knowledge of non-technology related geeky stuff, his friends don't care, but maybe you do. Plus heaps of indie dance, trance, techno, rock, metal, and mashups!
Indie Limelight Show The Indie Limelight Radio Show is a weekly program bringing you the best in new rock and alternative music. - strange music for strange people Strange music for strange people is an eclectic mix of just about every type of music. We seek out the best indie rock, the most ground breaking of the experimental and avant-garde and the weirdest outsider music. If people call it music and it has a purpose other than filling the pockets of the major labels we hope to share it with you.
Rockontop Podcast Rockontop posts the latest on music live from London, with a particular attention paid to obscure tunes, indie songs and music gossip.
Roocast - Australian Music Podcast Music podcasts from Australia. Featuring indie, rock, punk and hip hop and the odd mash up. Hear shows from RRRs Fast Fictions, 67 Special, David McCormack and Martin Cooke and many more to come Its a Roocast!
As Serious As Your Life! A Frenglish mixture made by a Eurotrash girl. Just come chill with me and my love for music, and why not have a glimpse of my daily life in the meantime... Pardon my English and my French as well!
Unsigned Podcast Network A podcast for musicians and podcasters alike. News, reviews, and music from the world of independant artists.
The Trickman Times Radio Show Trickman Terry and Spike are video game industry veterans with something to say about current and vintage games and systems. Throw a little odd music, '50s bands and strange opinions in there, and you've got one heck of a crazy show!
Uwe Hermann A music podcast playing freely available (Creative Commons / podsafe) music by various artists and from various music genres such as electronica, celtic, world music, classical, acoustic, pop, rock, and lots more.
Radio Free Cruze The Cream of the Crop of new and Indepenent alternative, rock, pop, and everything else! Plus games, crazy stories, and Cruze's incoherent ramblings about movies, tv, videogames, comics, pop culture, politics, cigars, and whatever else is on his mind!
Curt Shaw This podcast features music from the best unsigned bands!
Liz Phair Liz talks with her brother and also discusses rail travel with support act Cary Brothers. Also features two live performances: Table for One (unreleased) & Baby Got Going (whitechocolatespaceegg).
(((HEAVY ROTATION))) Different kinds of funky. Deep, dirty, underground dance music. Heavy disco dub and jackin funk house. Electric boogie and cosmic rhythm mixed and sliced by Brad Slyde for broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal Canada.
Texas Music Forge - An Audio Magazine Each month we publish sharply-written short stories with soundtracks containing songs that draw on all the music of Texas. The grit, the glory, the songs and the stories - we are the real deal from Austin, y'all...
Radio Free Brooklyn Two guys compile 10 songs from bands in Brooklyn and/or bands that Brooklyn's been listening to lately (at least the people we know). Every genre, every style, all Brooklyn.
VoLCast - The Volcom Entertainment Podcast Music and Interviews from Volcom Entertainment artists, this ISN'T some cleverly disguised commercial or half-assed radio show, this IS content.
Bunch of Betty A weekly hour-long NO TALK program featuring an eclectic mix of music by women...with an occasional male singer from time to time...Playlists can be found at!
Radio BSOTS freeform music program dedicated to diggin' in the crates and searching throughout cyberspace for independent and/or unsigned artists. sounds include hip-hop and electronic dance music as well as soul, funk, and rock. What Portland Sounds Like. Music from Portland, Oregon and beyond.
Three From Leith Three great podsafe tracks, chosen for you each week by your host in the heart of Leith in Edinburgh
Dave Howard - Monthly MusicTalk News, insights and music from San Diego artist Dave Howard. Get the latest scoop on upcoming shows, new and re-issued songs and Dave's unique perspectives on songwriting, life and the universe. Monthly muisc newsletter from San Diego artist Dave Howard
Filter MagCast Filter MagCast is what you get when a couple of Filter staffers find a mic and a mixer, barricade themselves inside the CD closet and banter about their favorite music of the moment. Tune in each week to hear rotating co-hosts throw together off-the-cuff pirate DJ sessions live from the humid confines of our office in Hollywood.
Whiplash This podcast is certified crap-less. If you're reading this, we've been praying for you. Thank God you're here. It's a new day for Christian music and you're a part of it. Really. Nashville based Whiplash records is on a mission to reclaim the heart of the artist and rekindle the faith of an industry. If you're a music fan and want to go deeper come walk the road less traveled with us. If you love Jesus, come check out what He's doing in the underground. If you're an artist wondering what comes next, this is for you. It's not about you on a magazine cover; it's about being the servant of all. You won't find hype here but you will find something refreshing: Authenticity. Got you interested? Come join us. We've been expecting you. Welcome to the revolution.
cleverLazy Indie Music Heaven on both sides of the 49th
The Detuned Revue Music, talk, soundbytes, effects and anonymous noises fed into an audio mixer and ritualistically distorted for discriminating ears!
NoisePod Video Le video podcast des musiques bruyantes et décadentes The Video podcast for noisy and decadent music
The DOYPC The best podcast ever! Group chats, satirical humour, and the best in indie rock music and other music too! Updated weekly, it's far better than the Chris Moyles Podcast! Check it out!
ktsp Every week Karin uses a different theme for the kts-podcast and picks songs according to the theme. This makes for a wide variety of music for you to enjoy! Please check for the playlists.
De ABBA a ZAPPA Comentarios sobre tudo de bom da Música Brasileira e Internacional. Das antigas as (quase) mais recentes. Aqui você conhece sons novos, relembra bons momentos e sempre aprende algo novo sobre seus artistas favoritos! By Daniel Wagner e Davi Degraf de Ponta Grossa, Brasil
Caleb Podcast Playing all original sets, Caleb are powerful and emotive, confident and tentative. Caleb has the conviction to be different in their song writing; with the use of droning open string guitar techniques and counterpoint vocal harmonies from the delicate to the occasionally more aggressive. Caleb's sound develops forms of grunge, rock and haunting balladry. Caleb come not to tantalise you but to challenge your thinking. Caleb don't play purely to perform; their depth proves that music is a state of being.
Neon Machine New songs from Danish indie-power pop band Neon Machine
PWI Radio: The Podcast Without Intercourse Live, from Montreal, and rebroadcast every Tuesday night on CKDU 97.5 Halifax, it's PWI Radio, the Podcast Without Intercourse. Each episode features rock and or roll (sometimes both) and opinions, and also interviews, and, oh, occasionally rants...yeah, that's it! Everyone loves a good rant, don't they? Concert reviews too. Tune in, turn on, rock out!
Set The Controls Space rock, progressive rock, and electronica. Only the best.
Binside TV Binside TV produces lifestyle television that matters. Our content is targeted at a youthful audience with in-depth features on everything from the worlds of fashion, music, movies and entertainment. Hosted by Shomari Harris. iPod Video compatible episodes are currently available for download.
The Home Made Hit Show The Home Made Hit Show is a show featuring songwritng discussion and home made pop, rock and acoustic music. Music made by home based musicians, in their home studios, using home recording equipment.
West 49 Battle Of The Bands This is the West 49 Battle Of The Bands. Each month 10 bands are selected to go head to head giving you the opportunity to vote on them to pick a winner on Ton's of prizes for not only the bands but for the voter's as well. Check it out!
Longtown Sound Uncleshag hosts the Longtown Sound, a radio style podcast from the shores of Lake Wateree. Featuring indie artists from MySpace, Ariel Publicity, Podsafe Music Network, GarageBand, CDs and mp3s from unc's email. Hear new ear picked independent music effortlessly. Only on WLSO.FM!
Guarro Super new filthy rock group Guarro from London are on the verge of taking over the world with their unique brand of flamenco led rock! Watch, listen, be amazed, love it then download to share amongst your friends! Don't be shy now!
Take Warning! Punk Rock, Ska, Psychobilly, Hardcore, Crybaby Music (Emo), Random Conversation, Puppies, Rainbows, and Candy - All Of These Things Make Up Take Warning.
Digital Experience Podcast Best tech news, information and commentary available in podcasting today. Plus some of the best independent music artists around. It's no wonder listeners call it "Cnet, only better!"
Bazoocast ! Du Talk, le meilleur de la musique Creative Commons, des rencontres avec pleins de gens intéressants dans ce podcast 100% french !
Fresh Dynamics Based in London, Fresh Dynamics plays new music from unsigned and independent artists.
West 49 West 49 Battle Of The Bands Monthly Podcasts. Get on to and go vote for your favourite band on the show! Remember to check back every month for a whole new set of bands.
Base20 Podsafe Music Podcast playing a mix of Alternative, Rock, Indie and Pop. Coming from the UK. 20 new tracks a month.
Almost Famous Texas Music The best Texas style blues and rock on the planet.
Rock Pod All the best new Indie music.
Music 4 Podcasters The purpose of this podcast is to provide podcasters and other media outlets with samples of music from independent musicians seeking additional exposure. Artists fall into the following genres: Rock, Pop, Alternative, Hip-Hop, R&B. All artists have been screened for quality. If interested in an artist, visit the artist directory at for details.
Cats Walking Backwards Cats Walking Backwards is an original progressive rock band from Cincinnati, OH. CWB is comprised of all veteran musicians from the area, and was formed in late 2004. They play regularly throughout the midwestern United States. A variety of musical formats are available on this podcast.
Long Island Podcast Music Network Long Island Podcast also offers the best in local unsigned bands based in Nassau and Suffolk county.
Cutie & The Catfish Cutie & The Catfish podcast from independent internet radio from nyc artists
Dirt Parking Lot The Dirt Parking Lot can promise only one thing: You will hear no dance or trance, and probably no electro-whatever, when listening to our show. Everything else might find a home here. East Village Radio was formed in June 2003 as a non-profit group in order to provide a forum for the inhabitants of the East Village of Manhattan, in New York City.
Viper Bite Radio A smorgasboard of stories, rants, & dumb jokes! Plus 2 songs by a featured underground indie rock artist every week! YEP, THAT'S THE ONE, VIPER BITE RADIO!!
The Doby Show The notorious underground icon Doby Daenger surfaces from the depths of the NYC's Rock n Roll crypt, returning to her homeland of Hollywood USA. Follow her on her adventures.
The ArtistLaunch Radio Show Featuring Independent artists and underground music from across the planet. With DJ's Remy Lambert, Paul Laginess, Gordon Bell. Produced By Neville Meredith for
Mark Hewer Tear wrenching melodies from Canada.
The Mongrel Continuously evolving, eclectic mix of music, news, and commentary emanating from Boston
The Yellow Show Four great Yellow Jumps Twice songs. Handmade Pop music at it's best!
Radio Free Tunes Radio Free Tunes - Catchy Tunes from Outstanding Independent Musicians. From - Your Gateway to Great New Music
Diego B _ Music singer/songwriter Diego B and his music
Diego B - Music singer/songwriter Diego B and his music
StrangeCloud Weekly music selections from StrangeCloud featuring psychedelic pop, rock, folk, country and electronica. StrangeCloud is known for their exquisite harmonies.
Indie Journal Radio Indie Journal Radio began broadcasting in 1996 using very early forms of Real Audio. The station later moved to mp3 streaming, but shut down in 2003. With renewed interest, Indie Journal Radio presents the best of independent music.
Tom McDonald Music Weekly song selections from Tom McDonald, singer, songwriter, guitarist. Folk, blues, alternative, pop, rock, country.
Rocket Sauce Rocket Sauce is a weekly podcast that offers you the best in kick-ass rock-n-roll and metal music. Your hosts, Julie and Joshua, serve up the best independent rock from all over the country (and sometimes the world) and inject their sick senses of humor and opinions of the bands they play along the way. A word of caution: Metal Underpants are recommended when listening to Rocket Sauce as your ass may be rocked off otherwise. You have been warned. The hosts of Rocket Sauce are not responsible for asses rocked off due to improperly fitted metal underpants.
Gustav Bertha Late Night Coffee Show Wecome to "Gustav Bertha Late Night Coffee Show"! We'll be featuring laidback gems from across the Artistlaunch catalogue especially selected for the nightowls among us. Your host is Gustav Bertha. Visit Gustav at
FC in the UK Hosted by the Rev, FC in the UK, features the best metal has to offer. With ingenious commentary by the Rev, FC in the UK will make your speakers bleed. Listen and see what all the hype is about.
UIA -United International Artists UIA - United International Artists. A coalitiion of independent musicians working together to promote indie music. Hear the music of members Soular, Fantastic 5, Atomic One, Sammi Morelli, the Granati Brothers, Haven, Laura, Evan Paul, 70x7, Kitto, Red Leigh Cooper, Joaquin Taboada, Carolyn Vargas, Cosmoz, and more. Modern Rock, Classic Rock, New Age, Pop and more.
matt gray music instrumental music in several styles
DFJ Radio Featuring the music of internet supergroup DFJ, with Don Semco, Fred Wheeler and Jimmy Stewart. Bluesy, psychedelic, and rocking tunes influenced by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys, B.B. King, John Lennon, Muddy Waters, Rick Wakeman, Willie Dixon, Memphis Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson, The Moody Blues, Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, T-Bone Walker, and many others.
SEDNA .::. Podcast Author's view on today world. Music, conversation and more
Radio Free Pittsburgh Radio Free Pittsburgh - great rock tunes from the town that Esquire Magazine calls "The Number 1 City that Rocks". Pittsburgh is home of Rusted Root, the Clarks, Punchline, Juliana Theory, Anti-Flag, Joe Grushecky, Good Brother Earl and many more talented artists. Tune in at - Your gateway to great new music
Blue Spot Terrific Indie Blues from
Onelouder Radio Rock Show 1st hour of Fridays live rock show.. Win stuff, listen to interviews, and sit back and listen to the mosh..
The Podcast Brewery Music shows featuring new and established artists from record labels as well as podcasts featuring concerts by UK bands.
Funkdawgs, world A virtual band comprised of talented musicians from planet Earth that have found a common groove and freedom to create in the jazz-funk/fusion scene. First internet jazz fusion band of the world! Listen, play, record and learn the new way to produce and perform music via internet. Funkdawgs are featured on more than 100 original compositions. On line band since 2000.
Classic Rock Hit Parade Classic rock style tunes from indie artists and musicians. Perfect for fans of music from the 1960's - 1970's such as Pink Floyd, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Cream, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep, Yes, King Crimson, Rolling Stones, Santana, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, Steely Dan, Van Halen, Queen, Springsteen, Creedence, Bowie, and all the greats of that era. Indie artists influenced by these giants produce some of the best music you'll ever hear.
Marks REMIX Podcasts This podcast ia all about remixes and will contain every week the newwest best remixes from many artist. Also we will let you here some home-made remixes from genres like dance trance hip-hop rap r&b rock punk en many more. So want to hear the nem podcast SUBSCRIBE for free my podcast. Hope you will enjoy.
Pure Brilliant Podcast All the new & best Celtic & Indie Rock music from both sides of the Atlantic.
Audio On Diverse mp3 music podcast featuring indie artists. Alternative, electronic, new age.
Nuphunk Radio Podcast Pete W host an alternative series of dj'd vinyl mixes. Recorded live in the heart of london U.K. the home of genre hopping freestyle music. Featuring electronica, soundtracks, folk, funk, independent hip-hop, guest mixes and interviews and reviews. All podcasts are enhanced with tracklistings and artwork
The Best Video Podcast The Best is Superlative Web Rock Theatre. The Best is the world's premiere pan-genre artistic, cultural and political phenomenon. This video podcast is god-like, but mixed with pop culture and then digitized. Not subscribing to The Best immediately is like having the opportunity to be there when the wheel is invented but deciding to gather tubors instead.
RADIO KIMO RADIO KIMO in affiliation with STJProductions and "The Think Band" is proud to showcase the talented independent artist on Artistlaunch
E-dog Enjoy these free Mp3 downloads of aggressive acoustic-rock music by Boston based singer-songwriter Ethan Joy. As he continues to finish new songs from his ongoing recording project, the latest tracks will be available here for download. If you like what you hear, help spread the word and share these songs with a friend.
Dont Listen to Me Casting rare and unreleased Australian music across the interweb for your aural pleasure.
The Sunday Morning Hangover Winner! Eugene Weekly's 2005 Reader Awards for "Best Radio Show" and "Best Radio Personality" “The Sunday Morning Hangover” has been entertaining Eugene since 2002 by playing obscure and forgotten popular music from the early 1900’s up to present day sounds. In the space of Two hours on Sunday mornings on KWVA 88.1 FM, I play musical genres like Exotica, Lounge, International, Found Music, Stupid Songs, Bizarre Children’s Music, Jazz, Rock, Country, Folk, Classical, Nostalgia, and Comedy while trying to maintain a palatable mix entertaining enough to listen to even with a Hangover. Past shows have featured Rare and Unreleased tracks not commercially available and unheard on other radio shows. I have produced and obtained Biographic Specials about artists such as Martin Denny, Ray Charles, The Bonzo Dog Band, Brian Eno, Peggy Lee, Henry Mancini, William Shatner, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, and Pink Floyd. Special segments include musical explorations of Bossa Nova, Stolen Melodies, Whistling Recordings, Song Poems, Doo Wop, Vintage 78’s and Bird Records. The Hangover is not just about music. Talk and Discussion segments have included info on the Arts, Hangover Cures, Entertainment News, Obits, Tributes, Horoscopes, Political Comment, Weird News, and Pet Parades. Topical Specials include themed shows for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Labor Day. All of this is accomplished free of charge on a strictly volunteer basis with benefits to me other than sharing my love for music and thoughts about life, with NO COMMERCIALS. The last reason to check out The Sunday Morning Hangover is to feed and stroke my massive ego, and everyone knows all radio DJ’s are egomaniacal assholes who need constant attention.
Alien Planet Radio An eclectic mix of Alternative, 70's style rock, modern rock, and smooth jazz by songwriter/ guitarist, Rick Hanson.
SkyPieces Radio Weekly independent music podcast. We all know the indie scene is full of bad tunes, broken links and old URLs. We filter through all the crap and bring you great music, straight up. Take a listen. If you like what we do, you've found yourself a place to stay. SkyPieces Radio. Go ahead. Rock and roll.
The Computer Company Podcast #1 This is a computer podcast by The Computer Company. This podcast #1- Your computer protection
loner radio a podcast featuring new music from solo musicians ALL HAIL THE ONE-MAN-BAND
The PhiLL(er) A weekly music podcast featuring independent artists with the occasional interview thrown in for good measure.
Psychobilly Deluxe A psychobilly/rockabilly explosion ! Playing the best in psycho.rockabilly, cow punk, alt country, surf punk and more. Absolutely the swinginest podcast there is.
Progressive Virtual Orchestra Music The Best Progressive Virtual Orchestra Music: a hybrid of contemporary classical music, filmmusic and progressive rock music like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes and Genesis. Only the best sounding and produced artists and most accomplished compositions.
The Finals - Plan Your Getaway Podcast This is the official podcast for the NJ band The Finals. This podcast includes two songs off of "Plan Your Getaway" due out in May.
Robert Schilling Music Podcast Singer Songwriter Robert Schilling delivers melodic rock songs with tight musicianship. South Brunswick Songs/Cherry River Music (BMI)
Jerald Wolf the acoustic/electric world of Jerald Wolf...songs from his first new solo CD "Winter's Emptiness"..."a journey into a man's soul through the eyes of winter..."
Music That Lasts Featuring the hottest in new music!
pacific noise video podcast This is a Video Podcast about events in San Francisco. Each week we will capture some element of the city's hidden art and music scene and broadcast it. We want to amplify the potential of the mythical local community in SF. Concerts, art shows, places unknown, bars and clubs, performance, points of interest etc. Are you involved in a band, a gallery, a performance space, or some other creative endeavor? Do you know of a great event that we should include in our calendar? Please let us know. We want to know.
Back into the Mainstream An eclectic mix of rock, smooth jazz, and alternative music from the CD, "Back into the Mainstream" by recording artist, Rick Hanson.
LSTL Music Podcast Chart topping heart felt soft rock pop rock and country rock and roll
The Best Music This podcast gives a weekly song of the week, a song of the month, artist alerts which consist of all the cool facts about a new artist that is coming out of the small town and hitting the big time. This podcast will also feature interviews with new bands, other people for opinions, etc. This podcast also has an audio version and a video version so it is compatible with all iPods. Enjoy The Best Music podcast!
bt IndieCast bt IndieCast is a weekly broadcast showcasing local and regional bands, songwriters, solo artists and more in and around Kentucky as well as bands touring the area. We have artist spotlights, interviews as well as the latest on what's going on in the industry locally.
small WORLD weekend MIX! The top music podcast in the world! Each weekend Bazooka Joe takes a break from interviewing people and kicks out the jams with podsafe music! Listen to the very best songs from all genres from all over the globe.
The Little Show A daily, fully produced podcast with music, news, entertainment and interviews. After 22 years in commercial radio I am free to do what I want and I do!
The Random Show Whenever we feel like it, host Jon takes you on a trip into the world of random. A completely pointless podcast, but oh so much fun. Not a waste of time! On the random show we talk about everything and ANYTHING! So sit down, grab a tiki glass full of your favorite drink, and listen in!


DBC The independant music show from DBC
Kusha Deep radio Kusha Deep Radio Show The sonic tonic that proves to build on the very successful KDL program which went out through Totally Radio for 18 months and created some fine moments in radio history. Not wanting to get caught in any one genre we’ve had guests from Visionary Underground, Gong, Banco Di Gaia, Richie Havens, Australian rock gods U AM I, French Iraqi Hip Hop crew Awai, to the mad acid tripper Arthur Brown whose career goes back to an age when Elvis was busting it. The KDR show will be playing some of the finest musical releases coming through the Kusha Deep label, the program will also feature independent artists, friends and family who are putting out tunes and would like to road test their gems with some airplay, All the tracks you hear will be available through Itunes or through Kusha Deep website, just pump in the artists name on the Itunes site and your away. The main idea is that you get the download vibe going so we can keep the ball rolling, its not rocket science. It is however vital to independent artists that we can get your support, so tell your friends and feel free to send us a message, if you want to send a request or have a tune played again that you dig. Tune in through And if you want to know more about the artists drop by Big love to all of you and huge that’s thanks to IE for giving us a home again! Darragh Jye Brady
a podcast odyssey A podcast featuring some of the best indie rock, jazz, and blues artist this side of Europa.
Uvulittle Records Podcast Broadcast Uvulittle Records Podcast Broadcast explores the wildly varied Uvulittle Records catalog. Listeners will hear everything from singer-songwriter to experimental composition and improvisation. We are based in Madison, WI. Our rooster includes Stephanie Rearick, Ritt Deitz, Milkbaby and Pascal.
BUCK69 Father and son join up for some rock hard blues rock
Strange Tides an eclectic mix of modern rock and smooth jazz.
Guitar, Guitar, Guitar Best of guitar tunes from, featuring the music of Jon Beedle and other independant guitarists.
child without an iPod an eccentric mix of folk, rock, electronica and other creations mashed up twisted around and sploshed into a rough and ready quick dry cement mix of noise - it is beautiful
Local514 Montreal underground podcast. Features eclectic mix of all kinds of music, especially local and Canadian talent.
Canal Musica PodBrasil Um espaço para divulgar a sua produção musical.
CottonRock Radio CottonRock is a Podcast created to highlight and expose some of the very best Rock/Hard Rock/Metal Indie bands from everywhere...Hott bands from all over the World....
Sawed-Off Soundtracks "My life is a series of little movies, and these are the soundtracks."
The Best Radio You Have Never Heard ~80 minute long music compilations which feature intriguingly mixed rock and rock-based songs from a variety of artists that in other contexts might be considered incompatible. Genres, rhythms, moods and artists are seamlessly blended together to produce listening experiences you can only dream about finding in traditional radio. BRYHNH includes favorites and new discoveries from both familiar artists and those you wish you’d heard before. Ranked #7 in The Digital Podcast Top 100 Podcasts for 2005 and the #2 Classic Rock Podcast from in 2007. Compiled and Mixed/Edited by Perry Bax/Chicago/USA
Michael Sky...California Acoustic Earth Friendly Acoustic Rock by singer songwriter Michael Sky: Michael is an epic songwriter with a distinct style. Clear, rich vocals, powerful lyrics and sweet acoustic guitar and mandolin.
Synthesis Radio Free online companion to the national Synthesis Magazine. Music, Art, Film, Fashion, Culture, Tech. Exclusive interviews, music, specialty audio and more.
indie-eye Indie-eye podcast e' il podcast di Speciali, approfondimenti e interviste esclusive dedicate alle bands, alla musica e ai suoni della musica internazionale, vista con occhio indipendente e apolide.
Magic Island Music and podcasts The main focus is melody with strong vocal performances and quality songwriting. Also some tasty guitar instrumentals. Leaning more towards the acoustic side of rock, alternative, folk, world and pop. Nice variety of artists. New episodes every other week. Enjoy.
Pasion por el Ruido Radio Weekly radio show featuring D.I.Y. hardcore punk. We support our D.I.Y. scene! Programa semanal dedicado al hardcore punk. Apoyando la escena no comercial. Do it yourself!
Face the Music Face the Music: sharing the best independent, unsigned and podsafe music I can find. It's time to face the music!
NavelCast NavelCast: An entertaining introspective podcast featuring story telling, music, musings and more...
A rhythm and blues,pop,soul,rock,singer songwriters,piano compilation. Rhythm and blues,pop,soul and rock compilation.Musilosophy,Italian singer songwriter and jazz pianist.Free pop music videos at
JJ Hendrix Rides We are playing you cutting edge music in the genres U like.Scott Hill will be a featured artist on this show.
Music Monday! on the small WORLD Each Monday Bazooka Joe interviews the very best bands and musicians from all genres featuring three songs of their choice!
Rewind Show Rewind Show. Listen to the stars you grew up with! The Rewind Show is a weekly interview with the stars who helped shape the world we live in (musically, at least). Jimmy Jay Hosts the one hour weekly show which can be heard on radio stations all over the world and on podcasts like this. Each week we interview another star who tells us their life story while we listen to the hits of their career.
John Boyd John's Songs are mainly Acoustic Blues and Folk Songs with some Country and Classic Rock thrown into the mix. Stay tuned, John has an extensive catalog of Songs written just for you!
Ten Pound Strike: Video Podcase Live performances and errata from Ten Pound Strike, alt/indie rock band from New York City. Every few weeks, we'll post footage, songs and some other behind-the-schenes stuff. See the shows, the afterparties, the topless groupies, the Jack Daniels pouring, the crashed after-afterparties, and the jail cells as you come inside our world.
Naverius Bienvenidos a mi reino. En él escucharán sonidos que hieden y acordes que harán sangrar sus oídos infantiles. Les contaré historias que los aterrarán, porque son protagonizadas por miembros de su raza que han decidido unirse a mi legión. Adelante, que yo, velaré por su eterno descanso.