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Mark Levine The Inside Scoop with Former Congressional Attorney Mark Levine brings you "all the news from the nation's capital that the Government does not want you to know" from political players inside the Washington DC Beltway. Mark discusses political news that the mainstream media almost never reports and that some in government do not want you to know about. Mark welcomes callers during his LIVE talk radio hour, and he particularly values calls from folks who disagree with him.
bitjobs for the masses! bitjobs for the masses! brings you the best of independent music from both the UK and around the world, in the hopes of broadening the musical horizons of podcasting fans. Mixing interviews, acoustic sets, soundseeing tours and great independent music, bitjobs is delivered weekly with expert precision Brummie and all round niceguy Phil Coyne.
Dubber and Spoons Take The Bus Dubber and Spoons take the bus home from work each day. Often the same bus. They use the time wisely: they talk about stuff, they invent stuff and they notice things. More people should take the bus. This is a podcast of that journey.
Jump Cut Radio Rants and raves on the wide world of moviemaking with hyperactive film students Devin DiMattia and Nathan Sloan!
The Bob Narley Show The Bob Narley Show podcast was rated with 5 stars by FHM magazine for its unique blend of great music and bizaare content. Featuring excellent parody songs and comedy bits, The Bob Narley Show stands out as a top podcast.
iROK Radio iROK a weekly music Podcast featuring the best Independent music artists from Oklahoma. It’s a new breed of radio. Oklahoma's only Independent Internet Radio Podcast. It's radio to go, where and when YOU want it! Playing the best Oklahoma has to offer from the Independent music scene. You'll discover that Oklahoma has a soul that's not just country. Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Metal & more We're more than just country.
Barefoot Radio Barefoot Radio is an unusual and sometimes vulgar daily talk radio show. Opinionated topics include music, celebrities, politics, comedy, prank phone calls and philosophy in general.
Dumpster Bust Radio Dumpster Bust Radio is Miracles From Mind Trash: you get everything from music to media, culture to television. Plus indie music, featured songs, comedy bits, interviews and more!
6:Dirty Radio 6:Dirty Radio Tomorrows hits today. New music from Detroit and around the world. [podsafe]. Hip Hop, broken beats, jazz, funk, soul and techno. Mixed weekly*bpt by super producer E.Spleece
Damage Control Comedy Crew In the tradition of The National Lampoon Radio Hour, Kids in the Hall and Saturday Night Live comes the award winning Damage Control Comedy Crew.
Illumination Audio Protected under a Creative Commons license, the Illumination Audio Podcast is designed to bring as much good music to as many people as possible. Fans of indie, rock, pop, hip-hop and all spaces inbetween will rejoice! Illumination Audio. Turn It On.
De-Fi Radio Turn off the cookie-cutter, same 40 songs over and over, crappy radio. We've got the best music you have yet to hear. And you can listen to them at your lesuire. Defy your radio. Listen to De-Fi Radio.
OTR-TNT OTR-TNT's Weekly OTR Podcast will broadcast a different and obscure old time radio program (otr) each week. Check by the site for more free otr series and programs.
vocals101 listen to new artists, or come to our site and post your own songs for people to listen to.
Amplified: An Indie Music Podcast podcasting great indie bands from around the globe
Strange But True Radio Strange But True Radio bringing you the latest "strange news from around the world" with a feature on subjects like UFO's Ghosts and other paranomal subjects!
Insomnia Radio Leading the new revolution in internet radio, this weekly podcast consistently delivers indie rock's unsung heroes straight to your mp3 player, in a tightly produced one hour package. What makes Insomnia Radio different than anything you'll hear on your FM dial? Simple. We bring you new music that is new to us as well! If we don't fall in love with it, you won't hear it. So, Kill Your FM and tune in to the best music you've never heard.
The Show The Show is a professionally packaged talk radio program based out of Long Island, NY. Updated Weekly, the show brings hours of pointless humor and "wacky hi-jinx". Join the madness by calling our DRUNK CALL HOTLINE! Get hammered and give us a ring... 206-202-LOON(5666). This is the podcast you wanted to hear! We bring you interviews with comedians, actors and porn stars, exsists because of the listeners and with that, LR has the most dedicated listener following for a podcast that is growing everyday. In between all of this Kieran, Ronnie Beans and Rockit try to supply decent talk radio which usually turns into a train wreck . One listen and you will be hooked! Listen live every Monday night at 9pm EST.
Eskadron Bizarre An eclectic and idiosyncratic podcast full with a broad range of music programs in regular html and rss format. Consult the archive pages to see our list of past broadcasts." content="An eclectic and idiosyncratic podcast full with a broad range of music programs in regular html and rss format. Consult the archive pages to see our list of past broadcasts.
Thought Press A podcast where it's news, plus more. You'll love our interesting and informative sound with news and stories of interest from around the world. Culture, sounds, entertainment, technology, our world today...things you never knew you cared about.
Maerchen Radio Narrative Maerchen is a radio narrative, produced at Central Michigan University. It is broadcast and podcast every Friday at 7pm EST. These are the stories of the Brothers Grimm, presented in a format that is a cross between radio drama and storytelling. Come and learn what these household and folk tales were really about!
This Week in Amateur Radio This Week in Amateur Radio is an audio news magazine dedicated to Amateur (ham) radio and isses related to the art. News on FCC issues, BPL (Broadband over Power Line) science, space, and technology all go into the bulletin service. Programs air for 60 minutes and are distributed weekly. Program airs live Saturday nights at 9PM ET on the W0KIE Satellite Radio Network (AMC-7, Tr. 5, 7.5 Mhz W Audio) and on amateur radio repeaters and LP-FM Radio throughout the world.
This Week in Amateur Radio International This Week in Amateur Radio International is an audio news magazine dedicated to Amateur (ham) radio and isses related to the art. News on FCC issues, BPL (Broadband over Power Line) science, space, and technology all go into the bulletin service. Programs air for 60 minutes and are distributed weekly. The program also airs on WBCQ Shortwave radio ( and the file is not intended for re-transmission on amateur radio frequencies (bumper music).
Post Modern Rock Show - KPSU, Portland The best new indie along with classic alternative. Occasional interviews. Recorded in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Airs in Portland, Oregon on KPSU, 1450 AM, and worldwide at, podcast available at
Radio Or Not Los Angeles Radio veteran Nicole Sandler resurrects the now-legendary KSCA Music Hall with this podcast featuring interviews and performances from World Class artists.
The Basement Internet Show Eclectic internet talk show featuring interviews with interesting and unusual guests.
E-Auction-Air E-Auction-Air is the world's leading independent talk radio program covering online auctions and online commerce.
TINKOFF RADIO Host Adam Tinkoff brings you an ecelectic mix of music and talk from around the world to your ears. Also featuring the 'Montse Minute' and on-the-road' reports from 'Major Tom'. You can listen via the internet or on KYOU RADIO, 1550 AM @ Saturday, 12 Noon.
Pluri Media Group Contemporary coverage of news and the media with topical music.
The Joe and Dylan Show The Joe and Dylan Show is a comedy/talk radio Hosted by Brothers Joe and Dylan Conner. The show is in the Tradition of Howard Stern and Opie & Anthony.
Shortwave Radio Blog par F8ABX Reception sur ondes courtes - DX - Shortwave radio listening
The Entropy League The Entropy League is a metal radio podcast brought to you by We do our best to bring you songs from the best new metal releases.
noizypod A selection of shows featuring the best in new New Zealand music and interviews.
Rhyme Or Reason Rhyme Or Reason Is A Monthly Online Poetry Show Hosted By the poets PoeTic SunShyne & EyeQ. We Feature Some Of The Hottest Artist The Net/Offline Has To Offer!!..Each Month A Selected Artist Is Introduced
You Are The Guest "You Are The Guest", is a weekly show where everyday people can "be the guest" and tell people what their friends and neighbors think about news events and issues of the day. It’s part talk show, part opinion poll, part reality show. It is completely dependent upon the listeners participation as a guest. To be a guest is easy. Listeners just need to go to and submit their first name, the town where they live, and a short description on why they would make a good guest. There is no charge for being a guest, and listeners will have the opportunity to share their opinions on current events and issues of the day and how it effects their everyday life. And we have some fun too, with "Celebrity Square Root" and "Ask Bill 3", where we turn the tables and let the guest ask the host any 3 questions they want.
Indie Eye Indie Eye demystifies the music business for independent recording artists, songwriters, musicians, managers, booking agents and venue managers. Whether you are new to the music business or a seasoned audio professional, you need to constantly keep your musical career moving forward. Indie Eye will guide you through the music business by shedding light on it's many aspects including planning your career, songwriting, digital audio, recording, mixing, audio mastering, cd duplication and replication, graphic design, cd artwork, mailing lists, record stores, radio, online promotion and sales, web sites, release parties, touring, and much, much more. Whatever your musical style, from Hip-Hop to Rock and Pop to Bluegrass, you can improve your career in music by listening to Indie Eye with it's easy-to-apply professional tips, insights, research, and artist interviews and success stories.
The Night Air The Night Air – listening for pleasure: an audio adventure in which ideas, sounds and music are remixed around a new theme each week. TNA is a listening experience animated by dub versions of ABC Radio National’s distinctive programming. Obliquely connected material is re-assembled with sonic glue - letting the listener’s imagination build a new story. It’s a space to find the music in speech and the poetry in ideas, a show that invites you to take time to unravel the usual media tangle.
The Dave Ramsey Show Dave Ramsey offers life-changing financial advice as host of the nationally syndicated radio program, “The Dave Ramsey Show,” which is broadcast on more than 240 radio stations throughout the United States to over 2 million listeners each week . The three-hour live radio talk show focuses on life, love, and relationships, and how they happen to revolve around money. Dave says, "It's where life happens...caller after caller."
Mark In The Morning with Mark Larsen The Morning Magazine has been replaced by Mark In The Morning, "America's Morning Podcast." The show is ready weekdays after 7:30AM
Under The Radar Under the Radar is a weekly indie music show dedicated to bringing you new music suggested by listeners like you.
WatchMen Radio Watchmen Radio, Preaching the Truth of Jesus Christ to the Last Generation.
La Linterna – Podcast de La Linterna de la COPE, presentado por César Vidal. de Lunes a Viernes en la COPE de 20:00 a 24:00. A Weekly Podcast with Indie Artists.
- The Inoculated Mind - Mindcast Get your weekly inoculation of science news, discussion and debate with The Inoculated Mind, which takes an in-depth look at the latest in science news and the greatest in scientific issues. Popular topics include Genetic Engineering, Evolution, Stem Cells and Cloning, Space Exploration, and the Future of Humanity, all wrapped up in music from the best of science fiction. Join host Karl J. Mogel as he talks about the ideas that have, and will continue to shape our world... and separates the science fact from fiction. Have you been inoculated?
ShutterMIX Radio hosted by Ty Jennings ShutterMIX Radio, hosted by Ty Jennings, features indie-pop, gossip, rock, and more in a "morning-show" style format with special co-hosts, including New York's own Aisha T.
Max and Mike On the Movies Max and Mike on the Movies is a two hour weekend talk radio show about movies and the film industry. Max and Mike talk about new theatrical releases as well as old favorites, and they find out what their listeners think. Guests, celebrity smackdowns, trivia contests, sound clips, and Top 10 lists spice up the mix.
Hydrogen Economy with MKB Hydrogen Economy is part of Rhode Island's best electronic music radio lineup. Regular guest appearances and new releases keep things fresh.
Soul Sanctuary Radio Soul Sanctuary Radio presents a potent blend of spoken word and soulful music...a cross-genre, multi-generational party of grooves, moods and moments. Presented uncensored - some songs may contain PG-13 lyrics, but never any gratuitous vulgarity. Updated weekly.
the new style Every episode, the new style profiles 4 unsigned artists and gives their music a spin.
Indie Limelight Show The Indie Limelight Radio Show is a weekly program bringing you the best in new rock and alternative music.
Scouting Radio Scouting Radio is the Worlds first internet radio station for the Scouting Movement.
High Game Radio Minimum specifications: An ear. Recommended specifications: Erm, two ears? A podcast about Gaming, Gadgets, Movies & Anime from the UK.
TechnoPodcast La nueva era de la radio. Escucha y Descarga las ultimas sesiones de DJS automaticamente suscribiendote a nuestra emisora de PODCAST. Y si quieres, tu tambien podras emitir tus sesiones desde aqui facilmente. TechnoPodcast esta con los DJS AMATEUR. Colabora con nosotros a hacer la mejor emisora de Techno en Podcast del mundo en internet.
Imagine That!-Science Discoveries on College Radio New science in 90 seconds daily! The show highlights the scientific research and discoveries occurring on college campuses. Produced by Finger Lakes Productions for the National Science Foundation, the show can also be heard on college radio. stations nationwide.
Heart of the Night Show New music from Independent Musicians in the Rock, Pop, and Folk genres from IndieHeart Radio To Go. This podcast brings you great independent music from all around the planet. Visit for full playlists for each show.
Here on Earth Produced by Wisconsin Public Radio and hosted by Jean Feraca, "Here on Earth" is a live cultural affairs call-in talk show that introduces extraordinary people from across the world whose stories instill passion and connect deeply with listeners each weekend. Join us live from 3PM to 5PM Eastern time every Saturday and Sunday. The show is streamed live at
Off-Beat Off-Beat the podcast stars 6 A-holes that relentlessly rag on each other, talk crap about Hollywood, music, video games and douche bag people. Add beer into the mix and you have a show you won't want to miss.
Hate the Radio What do you Hate? Al talks to guests about life, the universe, and everything. Not the same old, same old. Hate something, change something, make something better. Hate the Radio.
808Talk : Hawaii 808Talk : Hawaii's Premier Podcast, is two guys talking about events, happenings, and pretty much everything that is going on in Hawaii or as they like to call it, The 808 State.
Life of Riley Blog Dave Riley' mordant view of the political process. A sometimes satirical podcast
Radio Free Cruze The Cream of the Crop of new and Indepenent alternative, rock, pop, and everything else! Plus games, crazy stories, and Cruze's incoherent ramblings about movies, tv, videogames, comics, pop culture, politics, cigars, and whatever else is on his mind!
Republican Women Talk Radio RWTR is your internet source for the republican woman in the new millenium! Podcast Host Rey Anthony takes a weekly look at current events, pop culture, current movies, music and other entertainment. He also talks politics and delves into conspiracy theory.
The States Project Every week The States Project highlights a different state's local bands. Published once a week it has just begun and has 49 states left.
The Advertising Show The Advertising Show is America's only weekly national radio program focusing on advertising, marketing and media.
EWTN - Global Catholic Network EWTN is the largest religious media network in the world. This podcast is a sample of it's Catholic programs including the daily Mass, live programs, and Catholic prayers and devotions.
Tango City Tour La música de Buenos Aires, Argentina y comentarios de Intérpretes, lugares para visitar, temas de interés. Cada semana le ofrecemos un nuevo programa. Mabel Pramparo y Juan Espósito los esperan. The music of Buenos Aires, Argentina and commentaries of Interpreters, places to visit, subjects of interest in our City. Every week we offer a new program to you. Mabel Pramparo and Juan Espósito.
Art of Beatz Art of Beatz is the premiere electronic music show on CFRO 102.7 FM in Vancouver, BC. Featuring local and international DJ's, the program features all forms of electronic music, from house and techno, to drum 'n' bass and trance, to downtempo and ambient, and everything in between! You can catch the live feed Fridays at 0800 GMT at
botar old time radio delivered fresh to you your door daily
Ministry of Sound Radio Podcast This is the Ministry of Sound Radio Podcast. Launching a showcase series of new talent and the coolest tracks around. Representing the ethos of Ministry of Sound Radio, this is a taster of the sounds you can hear live on the internet. Log on to and navigate to the Radio page. A goldmine for the discerning listener and pure pleasure for your eardrums.
Electronation Radio's podcast about techno, electro, minimal and other alternative dance music. Filled with the Electronation Radio show, partycasts and more!
The Kurt Copeland Show Call the toll free line and leave a message or send an email. It may be used on the show. Let me know what's goin' on out there!
P-Radio Straight from Epping, Victoria this is P-Radio. Presented by Humphrey "Bum-Fluff" P-Bear and Julius "Coke Can" Hibbert.
PodSqod Everything Audio and Broadcast. Equipment reviews for Podcasters.
Mike Hass Song A must listen for Oregon State Alumni or College Football fans. Sports Radio 1080 the fan creates a Rap/Hip Hop song about College Football WR Mike Hass. A must listen!!!
cleverLazy Indie Music Heaven on both sides of the 49th
Upstart Radios Mindwalk Anti-War, Resistance Radio. News, Music & Poetry. Global Community, Independent Media. Art & Artists In A Time Of War. New content added all the time. Tune in often for the latest Anti-War, News and Music.
iSportscaster sports talk radio nfl nba mlb baseball basketball football hockey nhl sportscast sportscaster sportscasting boxing ncaa college
WYSH Ask Your Neighbor Email or call in during the Live radio show and Ask Your neighbor any question you need answered, or any problem you have. Then sit back and listen as the listeners from all over East TN and the world help you find answers.
Journeys with Rebecca Talk Radio uncovering the Paranormal, UFO’s, Metaphysical, Unsolved Mysteries, Complementary Medicine, Psychic Phenomena, and more...
Caribbean World Radio Connecting Caribbean nations with Caribbean people around the world. Featuring news headlines, 24/7 music streams, audio podcasts, live chat, ticket giveaways, free mp3 downloads and more!
PWI Radio: The Podcast Without Intercourse Live, from Montreal, and rebroadcast every Tuesday night on CKDU 97.5 Halifax, it's PWI Radio, the Podcast Without Intercourse. Each episode features rock and or roll (sometimes both) and opinions, and also interviews, and, oh, occasionally rants...yeah, that's it! Everyone loves a good rant, don't they? Concert reviews too. Tune in, turn on, rock out!
GEEK CORPS RADIO GEEK CORPS RADIO is a podcast about geeks and the geek way of life. We will be discussing Movies, RPG's, Video Games, Tech, Computers, Table-Top Games, Mini's, Comics and so much MORE.
La Tribu 88.7 FM (versión podcast) La Tribu 88.7 FM es una radio alternativa de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Este es su podcast, el primero que hace una radio argentina. Escuchalo, apagá La Tribu y hacé tu podcast.
The Snare The Snare is a hiphop show hosted by VIKRUM on KSDT at UC San Deigo. The show's title pays homage to The Drum, out of KZSU at Stanford. Like The Drum, The Snare mixes politics and boom bap into one show.
Minnesota Sports Radio The number one Minnesota Sports connection for fans of all Minnesota teams. A forum for fans to speak their minds on Minnesota Teams and Minnesota Media.
Shoztocast de Desde Mexico, grabado en vivo, en español, con muchas estupideces, pero sin guiones ni ediciones 100% natural, tecnología, musica, chismes, noticias, escuchalo!
Radio Envoy Media and arts magazine as seen through the lens of the Christian worldview
Talk Show America Your country... Your talk show! Join host Jay Are for the latest in political news and commentary as he takes a stand with Conservative America against the liberal left and the ObamaNation.
Longtown Sound Uncleshag hosts the Longtown Sound, a radio style podcast from the shores of Lake Wateree. Featuring indie artists from MySpace, Ariel Publicity, Podsafe Music Network, GarageBand, CDs and mp3s from unc's email. Hear new ear picked independent music effortlessly. Only on WLSO.FM!
Fourth Estate Radio Jon Fox of Sydney, Australia together with Bruce Burch of Greensboro, North Carolina, USA pull the pants off the MainStream Media and present a fresh look at what is going on weekly worldwide in a number of different segments such as: We The People: This segment includes an everyday person in a political roundtable discussion with Jon and Bruce. In our first episode, we discussed the Separation of Church and State, and also the political toxicity of George Bush with Mary, a mother of 4 from Pittsburgh, PA. Corporation Watch: This segment dresses down the corporations that choose to use their corporate personhood by being the bullies of the unequal protection racket! Occupation Watch: This segment highlights the abuses of military occupation and war in general, through discussion of a timely story. Axis Of Iniquity: This segment ties together the political fortunes of the 'Coalition of the Willing': United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Interesting parallels have developed. We invite you to join us for each and every high-energy episode at
Trucker Tom Think you know what truck drivers are like? Think again. Come along and ride shotgun with me as I travel the highways and byways of North America and call it exactly the way I see it. I discuss everything from my views on politics to the latest trends in technology and their impact on society and government.
Bazoocast ! Du Talk, le meilleur de la musique Creative Commons, des rencontres avec pleins de gens intéressants dans ce podcast 100% french !
Fresh Dynamics Based in London, Fresh Dynamics plays new music from unsigned and independent artists.
The Laura Moon Show From Stanton Friedman to Marvin Meyer, these guests are very knowledgeable and superbly interesting. This show has incorporated many topics ranging from health to ancient mysteries. It has a strong following, with nearly 10,000 downloads every month.
Uptowns Finest blazin' Hip Hop and R&B radioshow playin only the freshest tunes.
Nws Radio New Work Studios provides you with some of the best urban music artist there is. Ranging from Hip-Hop to Drum&Bass. We promise good music. If you dont think so, then come and hear for your self.
ImaginAsian Radio Check out what’s sizzling on the Asian American music scene with our pan-Asian variety entertainment show featuring music from Asian American bands, interviews with landmark personalities, and live performances... The Sound of Asian America.
Finlay Morton & Friends Singer/songwriter Finlay Morton introduces his music and some of his friends music too. Wide spectrum of music styles, and updated approx twice a month.
Radio Free Satan Here is some of what you can expect from our recently-added DJ roster: Amy Bugbee, the Whore Of Horror herself, spins a mix of tunes embedded with dangerous subliminal messages. Heavenly Devil will brings you psychobilly, gothabilly and spook-surf, all on the dark and demented side. DJ Darvulia's program, Black Bedtime Stories, weaves odd stories into black/death/thrash metal tracks to properly induce bad dreams. Also, Doug Mesner shows you how one man and a tape recorder can provide vastly entertaining prank moments for RFS listeners. Tom Schulte's Outsight Radio Hours delivers new CD releases from rock, jazz, pop, blues and beyond with a live phone interview and LP vinyl showcase each week, while DJ Dirty Boob covers punk and metal via many unsigned and underground acts, and with one intoxicated attitude. Plus, stay tuned as always for our usual dose of high weirdness, vintage metal, Satanic talk radio, comedy and novelty, classical, gothic, and more.
Chilepodcast First Educational Podcast from Chile is in San Fernando – Sexta Región Dear friends: As and old time dxer or short wave listener, that I have changed the SWL hobby Of International Radios on Short wave, (Dxing) by the Internet, I have the pleasure to let you know that as May 17, 2005, International Day of Communication, you can download and listen the First Podcasting produced and poscasted from San Fernando Chile, to all Internet surfers of the world. If you have time and are interested in listening these programs from San Fernando, you can visit my website, where you can download the MP3 file for a later listening on your PC or MP3 player. This is my site: This is my blog: I remain for your questions, comments and suggestions about these programs. At the same time, I’ll be very thankful if you could send this mail to your Contacts, and distribute this news on your web site, in order to promote this new technology of communication. Also I would like to receive some mp3 files with your greetings so that I could publish it on my podcast. If you want to know more about me, search on for: Carlos Toledo Verdugo or chilepodcast Program contents: Both my wife and I are Christian Teachers and we would like to podcast poetry, Chilean music, the history of Dxing in Chile, Bible reading and greetings from listener. My podcast are in Special Spanish because I want reach all the people on the internet that are interested in learning my mother tongue Spanish. Also we would like to be in touch through this technology with fellow Spanish Teachers as a Second Language and their students of Spanish language. Sincerely, and God Bless you all. [email protected] Carlos Toledo Verdugo Primary School Teacher Profesor de Educación General Básica San Fernando - Sexta Región Chile
The Jeff and Steve Show The Jeff & Steve Show is a masterpiece of the filmmaker’s art. The show is now expanding into the new generation of podcast radio media.
Mysterious Universe A weekly program dedicated to bringing you the latest news from beyond the mainstream.
Prometheus Radio Theatre Includes broadcasts of live and studio-recorded SF and horror radio drama, featuring the original SF series "The Arbiter Chronicles." This is, the testimony of the Messiah. I am Immanuel, the Messiah and have been sent by God to Earth to herald warning of Satan’s plans to destroy our souls and to gospel that the Lord has come through me so all can have salvation. God and Satan are at war and this entire dimension of the Universe has been created by their two powers colliding. Everything that has manifest has been planned between the influences of God and Satan, towards Armageddon and the final battle. The Earth was created amongst the stars to host the final battle and now in the midst of Armageddon our eternal fates are being decided. The Christ and the Antichrist are now upon the Earth in flesh, the Antichrist must be destroyed to defeat Satan and if I the Messiah am destroyed in Armageddon, Satan will be victorious, all souls will be condemned and none will have salvation. Now humanity has the choice to either submit to the commandments of God and have eternal salvation or submit to the reign of Satan on Earth and be damned eternally. Mankind must unite to save the Earth, to protect the Messiah and must destroy the Antichrist before Armageddon, when it is too late to triumph over Satan. This is the one true witness of God to the Earth and a testimony of what I have observed and experienced in journey with God. Visit, please read the gospel very carefully and understand the truth in your heart. In order, read through the entire message and subscribe to the podcast, download and listen to the MP3 audio lectures in the Downloads section and listen to the streaming radio broadcasts to grasp the true meaning of our universe and our existences and then take the message and spread it to all the World.
Asia Cast World News Top News headlines from around the world focusing on Asia. These short news bulletins give you the "need to know" news, on the pulse of Asia. Updated Daily.
Dirt Parking Lot The Dirt Parking Lot can promise only one thing: You will hear no dance or trance, and probably no electro-whatever, when listening to our show. Everything else might find a home here. East Village Radio was formed in June 2003 as a non-profit group in order to provide a forum for the inhabitants of the East Village of Manhattan, in New York City.
BinaryStarCAST StarCAST is a free-format show embracing all the different genres that reflect the musical tastes of BinaryStar Artists. This show promises to be as eclectic and incredibly varied, as the cast of characters bringing their Podsafe Music to listeners direct from Miami, FL - USA.
Doctor Who-TERROR OF THE ARCTIC Doctor Who solves the mystery of the 1848 lost Franklin Arctic expedition.
TheatreRadio The UK's Only Internet Radio Station For Musical Theatre
The Half Show with Me-saj & Jason You Don't Know The Half !? Ever heard the old expression "a star is born every minute"? Well, in this case, it's every half an hour. The Half with Mesaj and Jason is a half hour podcast, variety entertainment talk show, broadcast through the Internet. Each show will feature an undiscovered star on the rise in genres such as music, comedy, acting, and literature. These individuals will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the world, while building up a fan base by demonstrating their talent to potential fans. So enough talk, for now. If you want a half hour of high-quality entertainment, you've come to the right place. Now you know The Half. And knowing is half the battle!
Pirates Pirates is a half hour Radio Sitcom set in the 17th Century Caribbean. Sinclair C Fyfe is a young man from England washed ashore the tiny backwater of Port Appotty where he is taken in by Anton Decke a Farmer/Pirate. Sinclair has to deal with the rather strange people and events he comes across including Agoraphobic Governors and Lions. Yes Lions. In the Caribbean.
TNT 100 TNT 100 is an Uncensored Podcast about everything cool. Hosted by Tim and Tosha which work great together. What one can think up the other will top it. The show ill vary some each week with different segments. Some of which include: Odd News, Weird State laws, Adult news, plus Podsafe music and titalating interviews with a stripper and adult movie actor. This will be a huge hit and a great laugh for you each week. Subscribe now so you won’t miss anything!!!
Darker Projects: The Falcon Banner Science fiction audio series: Two hundred years after the fall of the Terran Empire, humans find themselves the subject race, Stagnating on their own world unable to evolve either technologically or otherwise. It is into this oppressive world, that the most unlikely of men are thrust into the roles of heros. Based on a novel by Christopher Patrick Lydon. Scripted by Chris Snyder.
Ham Radio Podclass A how-to podcast about ham radio. Including license test prep.
TruckerLlew Trucker Llew in his truck someplace in the USA
YipCast - PodCast Your Yip YipCast is a means for anyone to be able to express their yip to the world. Each episode will feature clips from you the yippers. All you have to do is call the Yip Line (206) 984-2YIP and leave your yip, contact us via our username yipcast on Skype or send an audio file via email to [email protected]
VSBrown - PodCast The personal Audio Blog of VSBrown. Focus is a variety of news and information related to web, tech, world or home issues.
WMMR - Preston and Steve Podcast “Finally, a reason to turn the radio back on in the mornings!‿ That’s how one fan put it when WMMR announced Preston & Steve was returning to the Philly airwaves on May 16. After eight years at the now-defunct Alt Rock WPLY - Y100 (followed by a three-month “recess‿), Preston & Steve have moved their top rated Morning Show to WMMR. Featuring live listener phone calls, spontaneous comedy, discussions on topical issues, and revealing glimpses into their personal lives, the Preston & Steve Morning Show is radio’s answer to reality TV. With Preston & Steve back on the air, mornings are funny again.
Chuck Harder - For The People Chuck Harder began his radio career during high-school as a teen-age disc-jockey at WRMN, Elgin, Illinois and other local stations. Later he moved to Chicago at Gorden McLendon's famous WYNR 1390 AM top-40 outlet, then moved into national radio and TV production. Later in 1979 Chuck started in talk-radio at WPLP and WNSI in Tampa Bay, Florida and then moved to WFLA, Tampa then WMCA, New York and NBC Talknet
AFN-The Lutheran Hour The Lutheran Hour® which began in 1930, is the world's longest-running, Christian outreach radio program. Now heard on more than 800 radio stations, The Lutheran Hour proclaims the message of Jesus Christ to more than 1.2 million people each week across North America.
The Directors Cut Radio Program The Directors Cut is a weekly 2 hour movie radio show broadcasted all across the country! The Directors Cut can be found on several online and broadcast radio stations. This show is for those who like movies! With news, reviews, interviews, games and beautiful women. We've been referred to as a cross between Howard Stern and Ebert and Roeper. You can be a part of the show by calling in at (505) 565-5476 or 1 (800) 893-9682 toll free at any time. If we are not live on the air Leave A Message! Go
Work at Home Moms Talk Radio Weekly program for work at home Moms. We talk about scam free ways to work at home on the internet. Internet and affiliate marketing, ways to earn extra money, managing a home based business and more. We interview Moms who are succeeding at staying home with the kids and earning an income.
Orbital Grooves Radio Podcasts Trance, House, Breakbeat, Drum n Bass, and Jungle sets from our global pool of talented djs.
Mouthpiece Podcast The Mouthpiece is to podcasting what op-ed pages are to daily newspapers. Features listener submitted opinions, emails, editorials and commentary on news headlines. Politcal rants from both democrats and republicans, plus topical talk radio goodness. SHAKE DAT DONKEY Dancehall Mixtape Show proudly presents an all new weekly dancehall mixtape show SHAKE dat DONKEY hosted by DJ Trasha da Bootyshaker from the U.K. DJ Trasha has a worldwide following and is well known to make the ladies dance and keep the crowd hyped with energy. Only the top of the top dancehall reggae makes it into the Bootyshaker studio. Ladies shake dat donkey and check out your favorite Toppa Toppa London selecta! Join us the last Saturday of every month as DJ Trasha interviews artists Damian Marley, TOK, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Lil Jon and many more in 2006. ONE LOVE
BareStage: New Stages Original Radio Drama drawn from the best work of exciting new playwrights of the stage, and directed and produced by California's BareStage Theatre, dedicated to bringing the work of new authors to public attention and providing playwrights new ways to reach broader audiences. The BareStage Theatre can be found online at and reached by email at [email protected]
Best of XIAM Radio #38 BEst of bits from XIAM Radio: Kenny the Intern, Porn Word of the day; JJ, Goes crazy with TELEMARKETERS!; Daby-n-Dazed discuss Daby's Hair in her CPU; Tanner, Trying to be cool but not successful
Classic Radio Drama | PirateTV Theater Classic Radio Drama For those times when you want to lie back, close your eyes and enter the time when radio shaped your world. Each week, PirateTV Theater features a program selected from our library of classic radio plays. The classics and some modern radio-inspired art will all be featured as we travel into the era of the imagination. Listen to characters who never were, but became real through the marvels of radio.
Advertising and Marketing Podcasts from RADIOLOUNGE Download RADIOLOUNGE podcasts with the brightest minds in advertising and marketing discussing current topics, creativity, cool ads and the Wacky World of Marketing
Girl and Guy Girl and Guy is the place for advice, music and relationships! Listen now its all free! : JaJaClub and JaJaPhonic We are both a WebRadio and a Netlabel. JaJaClub is a mensually webradio which offers eclectic mixs (funk, jazz, hip-hop, electro...), reports, interviews, radiophonic dramas. JaJaPhonic is our netlabel which offers some sounds between jazz, electro, funk and hip-hop.
Schnauzer Logic A weekly comedy/news talk/entertainment program hosted by a straight, white, buddhist, vegetarian, lesbian fraternity boy trapped in the body of a recovering transsexual woman patent attorney with a bizarre sense of humor, and a masters degree in city planning, and a few of my stand-up comedian friends. Previously heard along the central coast of California on KSCO-AM1080, now reborn as a Podcast in an attempt to convince my mom that I'm not simply sitting in my bedroom talking to myself!
EarthNews Radio 90-second science and environmental Podcast reports produced by Media Interchange and broadcast nationally on Sirius Satellite Radio and CBS Radio and on the Environmental News Network ( and
5 OnLine - Rock & Pop More music less talk - from europe's extreme west coast - Alternative Mainstream
The Mike Pachelli Show Music and Interview Featuring World Class Guitarist
Sweaty Robot Sweaty Robot is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in the Jokes and Joking Industry. Formed by a group of friends in Philadelphia, Sweaty Robot is an exercise in egomaniacal world domination. Our goals include shooting a short a week and recording one podcast per week. Enjoy.
The Press Box Everyone has an opinion, especially when it comes to sports. Just like the media once were, we are aspiring broadcasters who have created our own show to do what we love most, talk sports. After turning down a couple radio deals with major Vancouver stations due to stalled contract negotiations, we remained free agents in the off-season. We do not claim to be experts, but we do have opinions and try and make educated conclusions from them. The Press Box, where we just talk sports.
Camera Ready Comedy Eclectic mix of original radio sketches from the folks at Camera Ready Comedy
Progressive Soul Progressive Soul is a unique two-hour radio/new media program showcasing dance music. Unlike current dance “mix-shows”, this program includes an on-air personality, vocal-centric music programming, and listener interaction via telephone and the web. Progressive Soul is similar to traditional radio music programs, as it can support traditional advertising and sponsors. It introduces audience to music that is commercially viable, yet has underground appeal, thus opening new avenues for marketing to diverse audiences. The show will be further enhanced by artist, club promoter, and sponsor-related interviews.
Back into the Mainstream An eclectic mix of rock, smooth jazz, and alternative music from the CD, "Back into the Mainstream" by recording artist, Rick Hanson.
WBZ Garden Guru provides tips on all your gardening projects.
WBZ 1030 Headlines Up to date headlines from WBZ NewsRadio 1030. Updated twice daily.
WBZ Certified financial planner Dee Lee helps you with your money matters.
WBZ A little more info brought to you by WBZ NewsRadio 1030.
WBZ The people and events that are making news, brought to you by WBZ NewsRadio 1030.
The Little Show A daily, fully produced podcast with music, news, entertainment and interviews. After 22 years in commercial radio I am free to do what I want and I do!


DBC The independant music show from DBC
a podcast odyssey A podcast featuring some of the best indie rock, jazz, and blues artist this side of Europa.
Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt Alan Watt cuts through the veil of disinformation and bent truths to uncover the reality of the world in which we live. The world has been controlled for thousands of years a by global elite and their many systems of money, religion, economy, etc. The masses are driven like cattle through clever methods of mind control and hypnosis, which will eventually lead to lobotomy if and when they are microchipped. To be an individual, or be swallowed in the mass socialized consciousness?
Strange Tides an eclectic mix of modern rock and smooth jazz.
Heylisten Radio WHLR-Heylisten Radio presents the best talk radio programming through free podcasts. Listen to commercial free celebrity interviews, comedy, sports, news and entertainment talk radio commercial free. Based in the New York/New Jersey metro area, the podcasts are created by media professionals.
Catalogue of Ships Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always offbeat and refreshing in this quirky, thought provoking weekly podcast. Stories told by David Terry, remixed and scored by composer/sound designer Michael Kraskin, and listened to by you.
Urban Hip Hop Radio Urban Hip Hop Radio is your new official home for the hottest Hip Hop & R&B Jamz LIVE 24/7 from New York City. New York's Official #1 Hip Hop & RnB Station.
RetroVision Theater Vintage Horror Si-Fi Mystery And Suspense With Daily Podcasting Of News Humor Commentary And NYC Black Box Theater Reviews
Probe Radio! Probe Radio is an hour long weekly show. Each week we feature 10 unsigned bands, and the listeners vote for their favorite. The favorites are then placed together on a compilation cd.
AmiciAmici MAGAZINE - from Valtaro Parma to Web Amici e amicizie da te per i tuoi amici. I nostri e i vostri pensieri online. Community di ragazzi e ragazze che dalla Valtaro raggiunge il web per scambiarsi foto ed impressioni sul mondo che li circonda.
Sundry Muse Café The Sundry Muse Cafe is a news and music program that airs weekly. It explores two opposing sides to a topic that is of current relevance and finishes up the show with ways to be involved with the day's topic. Between segments, we play music that relates in some way to the topic. The Sundry Muse Cafe is composed of 3 college students, each hosting a segment of the three part program. Combined we have nearly 7 years of radio experience. The SMC is Kimberly Miller, Kia Anderson, and Rob Harman. News with a Soundtrack.
Wordplay WordPlay is a weekly program by, and about poets and writers, their craft, and their ideas. The program features interviews, conversations, and readings from local, regional, and national poets and writers. Podcasts are available from the station archive for a week after the initial broadcast, and then are uploaded to the show's permanent archive. Visit for more information; there's a link to the archive in the right sidebar.
Sundry Muse Café The Sundry Muse Cafe is a news and music program that airs weekly. It explores two opposing sides to a topic that is of current relevance and finishes up the show with ways to be involved with the day's topic. Between segments, we play music that relates in some way to the topic. The Sundry Muse Cafe is composed of 3 college students, each hosting a segment of the three part program. Combined we have nearly 7 years of radio experience. The SMC is Kimberly Miller, Kia Anderson, and Rob Harman. News with a Soundtrack.
Synthesis Radio Free online companion to the national Synthesis Magazine. Music, Art, Film, Fashion, Culture, Tech. Exclusive interviews, music, specialty audio and more.
Rock `n` roll pod Around 20 minutes of pure rock and roll. À volta de 20 minutos de puro rock and roll. MOONSTER RADIO
Pasion por el Ruido Radio Weekly radio show featuring D.I.Y. hardcore punk. We support our D.I.Y. scene! Programa semanal dedicado al hardcore punk. Apoyando la escena no comercial. Do it yourself!
Radio Prambors Berikut adalah kumpulan podcast dari radio populer di Jakarta, Radio Prambors. Just listen to this podcast!
Le Podcast de Laurent Marechal Animateur radio sur Nostalgie Le meilleur de Distr'Action, retrouvez y les aventures d'Henri, Analyste financier, ecoutez et ...savourez
Radio Raza Radio Raza es un remanso humorístico rural para el citadino, es un programa musical-historico-cultural-humoristico-popular que resulta de la explosion de ideas registradas y sin censura de Don Bonfilio Cruz y Don Guadalupe Chaigrez, quienes lo llevarán por las veredas del humor desde los campos de Cuauchichinona.
AutoScoop - The Podcast Podcast of the AutoScoop radio program, broadcast every Saturday morning on selected CBS Radio stations. AutoScoop empowers people with the knowledge they need to make good car-buying decisions. Check for complete program listings and details.
A Bit Of Virtually Everything Adam Court, Hannah Lewis and Paul Saunders weekly British comedy podcast talking about virtually everything.
The Richard Syrett Show Friday nights, 10p-1a on AM 640 Toronto Radio, hosted by Richard Syrett. From conspiracy theories to the paranormal, Richard seeks to uncover the often-elusive truths of our world utilizing experts from around the globe.
BareStage: On The Air Retellings of timeless short stories, the best of classic old time radio and original audio dramas in a new form for the 21st century. The BareStage Theatre can be found online at and by email at [email protected]