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The No-Lye Mixshow The latest rants and raves from your head hostess Ms. Shenida Weave combined with the latest tunes you'll be shakin' your bon-bon to! Recorded live in the middle of the freak show of all freak shows: San Francisco, CA!
ExGay Talk It has become quite fashionable to dis people who don't think homosexuality is cool and natural and God-given. There is no convincing you if you fall into that category, most likely. But if you are looking for an answer to your questions about change, I will try and help. I've got a whole closet full of T-shirts, and none of them says "How dare you presume I'm heterosexual" or "SUPERQUEER"!!!
Andy and Bob I am a gay male living with my partner Andy since 2000. We live Portsmouth in th UK, I work in Mental Health as a support working in the community. I talk about whats going on in my life and all stuff like that.
GIRLS LIKE ME Check out this ten part series of original comedy sketches made exclusively for the web. Experience ten eccentric characters borne from the mind of writer/performer Morgan Brayton, including nervous neophyte exotic dancer Cherry Lipsmacker as she takes to the stage for the first time, middle-aged mom Button Bradley reflecting on her first Women’s Studies class, outrageous traffic cop Sgt. Tibble, and prepubescent Lizzie, who relays what she learned at school in her first sex education class
Catching Up With the Bandwagon Commentary, poetry, rants, raves on subjects ranging from carnatic music to ecology to gender/sexuality issues. From an intermittent blogger in Chennai.
The RadicalGuy Addressing social and political issues that affect the transgender, transsexual and gender variant communities.
The Lesbian Podcast The Lesbian Podcast is an internet radio show, similar to an audio lesbian magazine, that explores lesbian life news and gossip.
In The Sprawl Queer, radical, vegan, feminist podcast about leftist issues and media analysis! If you're an outcast, this is probably where you fit in.
The Make Believe Podcast The Make Believe Podcast is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Baltimore's creative community, through conversations with people who are making this town fun, weird, and all around awesome.