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Fred Independent music, poetry, humor, strange news, hobbie discussion, and always some surprises.
PsyKe Out - Psy-Trance Net Radio Show Check out recordings of select shows from the weekly Psychedelic Trance (Psy-Trance) 'Net Radio show PsyKe Out, which has been broadcasting around the globe via since 2001!
Pop Experiment International experimental pop music and video.
GaragePunk Podcast Garage, Punk, and Primitive Rock 'n' Roll Music Podcasts.
The Planet Jupiter This is a show that features psychedelic music and music of a psychedelic nature. Featuring all sorts of material and hard to find psychedelic music from the 60s, 70s, and beyond that too. Well known and obscure psychedelic material is played with everything from pop to ambient. Join us in space for an hour of psychedelic pleasures your mind won’t soon forget.
Preying Lizard Weekly Podcast updated every week by host Les Lewellyn from the popular rock band Dixie Lizard. Les handpicks all of the instrumental tunes played from hundreds of song submissions
:: DJ SETS :: on-line the best djs Listen on-line the best djs' mixes! House, Progressive, Techno, Tech-House, Electro, Deep, Tribal, Trance, Psychedelic, Drum&Bass, Electronica.Djs, Clubbing news, Events, Forum, Clubs.
SoLaRiS Crossover fusions and ambient / rock excursions to fill the space between your ears.
Howards Podcast Crossover fusions and ambient / rock excursions to fill the space between your ears.
Wadochicchan music, poetry and art all together by wadochicchan
T I M E L E S S M I X E S - Chillout, Progressive, House, Trance, Ambient and more! River Eden aka DJ River is a talented dj from Sweden, born in 1979. Foremost among the reasons DJ River has become so popular is his way of picking and blending the tracks he uses in his mixes - you will rarely see a dj who chooses his tracks as carefully as DJ River does. He is also known for his devotion to create a strong emotional experience for the listener in every mix he creates. So get ready and let your mind travel far away on this timeless journey through mind and soul, time and space. Enjoy life! More info at
magiccatradio show The best in spacerock and psychedelic sounds
Space 10/District 8 “Now all my worries are gone Now all my worries, are gone All my worries are gone at last Now all my worries are gone, at last Thank you Thank you Thank you everyone.”
Blank Crisis The best in classic indepedent music, with those Guilty Pleasures occasionally tossed in for good measure.
Somethin different my music is all across the board, hope you enjoy!
Fat City Recordings Fat City Recordings Podcast: Keep checking back regularly for more from our heads such as Kwinzola (No Fakin), Martin Brew, Jon K (Fat City/Eyes Down) and Broke'n'English. We'll also drop some new material from time to time from artists on FCR such as Broke'n'English, Eric Lau, John Robinson and all new material from forthcoming comps such as 'Producers No 1' . Currently ridin' high is Waajeed's long player The War L.P. featuring Tiombe Lockhart, Invincible and Ta'Raach. From the Detroit thumps of Tron to soul siren Tiombe laying it down on 'O Bloody Days, O'Starry Nights on the Bowery. Both releases have been receiving extensive DJ & radio support from Benji B (1xtra) to Gilles Peterson (Radio 1), Andrew Meza (BTS Radio / Ubiquity), Alex Robinson (Stones Throw UK), Jay Scarlett (Beat Dimensions / Spacek), Mad Mats (Raw Fusion), Joe90 (Kiss FM) and many more.....
Podcasts | Tekgnosis In this bi-monthly podcast, Tekgnosis takes you on various electronic journeys. Everything from experimental ambient soundscapes to blistering techno burners and much in between.
Kosmik Radiation KOSMIK RADIATION is a radio program dedicated to heavy, psychedelic, progressive and underground music from the second half of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st, from all genres and all over the globe. The podcast is a version of the radio program of the same name which airs weekly on WORT in Madison, Wisconsin.
BLOB: Psychedelic Experimental Jam Band BLOB is an improvisational trio from Woodstock, NY. These are podacsts of live sessions recorded ar Sertso Studio. Visit them at http:/
The Cosmos Musik Project #001 .the cosmos musik project podcast. .number zero zero one. .hosted by arkive/the sirius skolar. .produced march 2008. :: introduction (edgar varese/john cage) :: sun ra and his arkestra : outer spaceways inc. : space is the place the deep : color dreams : psychedelic moods flower travellin’ band : i’m dead : music composed mainly by humans bango : inferno no mundo : bango :: segue one (herbert eimert) :: magical power mako : flying : magical power chico magnetic band : explosion : chico magnetic band quiet jungle : everything : an overdose of hard psyche (comp.) aguaturbia : waterfall : psychedelic drugstore :: segue two (oskar sala) :: can : father cannot yell : monster movie magma : embryo : rock duo magma plastic people of the universe : magick ncoi : egon bondy’s happy hearts club banned os mundi : it’s all there : 43 minutes :: conclusion (edgar varese) ::
420 Podcast Marijuana sessions to the sound of good music. Smoke and listen.
Malty Media Podcasts of the Malty Media Radio Show on Active89FM - Ambient / Psychedelic / Retro / Electro / YouTubeo Musical Comedy from Wellington, New Zeland.
The Research Deluxe Podcast The Research Deluxe podcast consists of the latest releases, promotions, and live events from the Research Deluxe artist roster. With musical styles ranging from raw breaks and beats, to hip hop, funk, soul, blues, ambient, experimental, and various world fusions, it is sure to be what you're looking for.
Psychedelic Velveeta! Psychedelic Music and 2 cheesy Dj's! Check it out and have fun!
Trasher These short podcasts contain only free and legal music with download links. Each episode contains a few tracks from one or several releases. Preferred musical styles: electronic, idm, dubstep, ambient, psychedelic, drum and bass, post-rock. No talking, just music!
DOODcast K_I_L_L_E_R _ J_A_M_S To all you doods. this is my Podcast of DJ Fitz & His Dalston Whores bringing you the rarest and heaviest psychedelic Killer jams, lovingly hand picked from around the globe and clumsily caressed into your very own ears. You need to subscribe to this PODCAST in your itunes right now EPISODE 1 is UP...more will follow regularly for a bit at least, like forever maybe
Kicks from the boot Kicks from the boot is an italian spoken podcast into garage punk rock'n'roll,surf,beat and psychedelic not only from Italy. HAVE A LISTEN!
Touch The Spider! Podcast TOUCH THE SPIDER! mix elements of the 70th with Gothic, Doom and Psychedelic. They are inspired by Joy Division, Hawkwind, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Saint Vitus. An emotionally thick and entirely developed atmosphere evolves from the melancholic and at the same time catchy sound. Feels like Black Sabbath jamming with Joy Division.
The Captain SIB Podcasts The therapy s…. Welcome to the world of Captain SIB Our mission is to explore the world of independent music, featuring bands from our homeland of Scotland, as well as selecting the finest independent music from around the world.
Fresh Unsigned Radio Show Hi This is a bit about the Fresh Unsigned Radio Show. I started up the Fresh Unsigned radio show in the summer of 2005 to give new and up and coming bands and artists a platform for their music. I felt there was so much good talent around that did not have the opportunity of any air play so I set up Fresh Unsigned. I feel that there is a lot more to music than just the top 40 music chart. I play list indie, rock, goth, psychedelic, reggae, ska and acoustic on the show. The Fresh website has been very successful over the last year. However, I need more bands and artists/listeners from all over the world to take part in future programmes. I’m also looking for a Media Student to help with tracking down new bands for Fresh Unsigned and recording features. Feel free to check out the show and All The best. Dean James.
Complete Sentences with Ty and Rocky K Complete Sentences with Ty and Rocky K. is a humorous, informative and entertaining window into the minds of two regular dudes that have a passion for the obscure. They talk movies, music, art and life. they interview numerous independent musicians, authors, artists and comics. if you like to think, listen and giggle, then look no further! lets change the world.
Bill Holt Video art and politics mix it up in one minute movies by Bill Holt.
Enpsychedelia The collaborative world of sounds from visionary consciousness
FoundSounds Psychedelic soundscapes made from obscure cassette tapes.