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For Your Ears Only (On Air) In addition to guests from across the right-left spectrum on critical policy and political issues, FOR YOUR EARS ONLY presents news and views on a broad range of other important and engaging topics: health, science, technology, the economy, food, arts and entertainment.
Yeast Radio Join Chicago''s legendary outrageous drag queen Madge Weinstein as she tells tales of her lesbian love affairs, goes on political rants, and makes phony phone calls.
AirFerg Oh, death, where is thy sting?! When your wife starts writing love letters to Dick Cheney, what would you do? Put it on a podcast! Also, we share our thoughts on a variety of topics from week to week. Anything goes.
Mark Levine The Inside Scoop with Former Congressional Attorney Mark Levine brings you "all the news from the nation's capital that the Government does not want you to know" from political players inside the Washington DC Beltway. Mark discusses political news that the mainstream media almost never reports and that some in government do not want you to know about. Mark welcomes callers during his LIVE talk radio hour, and he particularly values calls from folks who disagree with him.
Croncast - Kris and Betsy Smith Once cool, Kris and Betsy are now living on a cul de sac and breeding. This is not your typical husband and wife show, Betsy really should be on the road making mad cash but that would interfere with breastfeeding. Podcasting for Download every Mon - Wed - Fri by 3:00 P.M. CST. The show title changes for every show depending on the guest. The formula is as follows, Croncast � [guest name here] and [relationship to Kris] Kris; i.e. Croncast � Betsy and her husband Kris. Topics include current events, media, politics, technology and anything else the show guests want to talk about.
The Bear Cave Rants, raves and ramling on all things social/political, current, in-the-news, blogs and podcasting and personal.
A World of Possibilities A World of Possibilities is an award-winning one hour weekly radio program that penetrates behind the headlines to uncover the deeper meanings of events. It offers in-depth analysis, informed commentary and an exploration of new approaches to our most challenging problems. Our aim is to open minds and inspire new possibilities.
AwareTek AwareTek is about the future in the light of the evolution of science and technology, and the impact on our society, culture, and spirit, as presented by a technologist in an artistic and poetic fashion.
Israelisms Podcast Charley & Carol's irreverent weekly podcast on life and politics in the wacky country we like to call...Israel
Dumpster Bust Radio Dumpster Bust Radio is Miracles From Mind Trash: you get everything from music to media, culture to television. Plus indie music, featured songs, comedy bits, interviews and more!
The BlueRepper Show Looking for in-your-face views on Atheism, Politics, and Humor? You have found the right show! I spare no one as I slash and burn my way through the illogical and dangerous aspects of superstitious beliefs and their very real manifestations in society and politics. Throw in a healthy dose of light hearted humor and you have The BlueRepper Show.
Hannity Sucks a series of observations, rants, truths, etc... About the state of the nation and the view of the republican party and how much Sean Hannity sucks.
Brock Cast It's your typical Cast about a boy, a Tablet PC, the City of Jacksonville, NC and surrounding areas and a community of friends from around the world brought together by the InterNet.
Know Your Bias Each week "Know Your Bias" from Ey3News.com presents a 30 minute audio show about news, it's publishers and media related bias along with useful Interent related news resources.
THIS IS HELL This is Hell is four hours of completely uninterrupted unedited blah blah blah which airs every Saturday morning in Chicago. Troublemakers, muckrakers, whistleblowers, host Chuck Mertz does in-depth interviews with rabble of all sorts. Noam Chomsky has called This is Hell "a voice of sanity on talk radio." After you listen, you'll know why we think Noam's gone insane.
This And That (w/ Jeff and Pat) Jeff and Pat's weekly compendium of conversational snacks, offered up in a buffet of varied topics ranging from personal observations to ruthless rants and gratuitous raves of anything and everything. Often well-crafted produced bits are offered for dessert. From Dallas, Texas.
Rational Thought Rational Thought is dedicated to looking at issues like religion, ethics, politics with a logical and rational mind. We plan to use use interviews, college lectures, and debate as formats
PodcasterWorld.com PodcasterWorld is a centralized directory of podcasts and links to podcast feeds around the world and in your region. You can post your Podcast or upload your sound or video file. The site has a large variety of Podcasts and tools to easily create Podcasts.
The Skinny White Boy KastPod NPR Meets Rock ''n'' Roll... SORT OF! Historical Audio Fragments, Pod Safe Audio and muchas More...
Take Back The Media Radio Politics and media analysis with a comedic edge - a loud-mouthed New Yorker and an opinionated Hawaiian take on politicians, the media, and anyone else who deserves it! TBTM Radio is the home of two bare-knuckled liberals armed with a microphone and the truth.
Shelley the Republican Shelley the Republican is one of a kind. She's a conservative in Texas with a lot on her mind regarding the national political scene. Professionally produced by Pod Shack. Sit back and enjoy the highlight of your day.
John Daly John Daly talks current events, politics and how to survive in a media biased world
overclocked::podcast Notes on overclocking the human being.
Pluri Media Group Contemporary coverage of news and the media with topical music.
Wicked Podcast Wicked is a Wiccan/Pagan podcast created by Storm & Sorcha, a husband and wife team. It was made with the goal of helping Pagan religions grow into the mainstream, but also focuses on news and political topics confronting members of the faith today. The show is often catty, sometimes funny and certainly very, very Wicked!
Team Fremont Live Team Fremont Live is a Podcast from the folks at Teamfremont.com. Broadcast from the Team Fremont Bar and hosted by the Drunken Gamers, TFL covers everything from videogame news and reviews to movies and culture. A one stop shop for all your gaming culture listening needs.
You Are The Guest "You Are The Guest", is a weekly show where everyday people can "be the guest" and tell people what their friends and neighbors think about news events and issues of the day. It’s part talk show, part opinion poll, part reality show. It is completely dependent upon the listeners participation as a guest. To be a guest is easy. Listeners just need to go to www.youaretheguest.com and submit their first name, the town where they live, and a short description on why they would make a good guest. There is no charge for being a guest, and listeners will have the opportunity to share their opinions on current events and issues of the day and how it effects their everyday life. And we have some fun too, with "Celebrity Square Root" and "Ask Bill 3", where we turn the tables and let the guest ask the host any 3 questions they want.
Caruso Chronicles Serving up the "Big Headlines Of The Day" with a sarcastic, humorous style. This is a Podcast that will make you want to take some action and make a difference in this crazy world of ours.
Addicted to Race The first and only podcast dedicated to exploring mixed race identity and interracial relationships
Mark In The Morning with Mark Larsen The Morning Magazine has been replaced by Mark In The Morning, "America's Morning Podcast." http://www.markinthemorning.com The show is ready weekdays after 7:30AM
The Creepy Sleepy Show From the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota comes the Creepy Sleepy Show! Indie Rock, Politics and Payola! Doq and Dan have interviewed Senators, Musicians and even GOD! Fantabulous production! Rocking tunes! Semi-legal dissections of politicians! Neither “Liberal” nor “Conservative,” none are safe from the verbal barrage of the Creepy Sleepy Show. “The Daily Show of Podcasting” – Doq Stodden! “The best podcast I’ve ever heard!” – Dan Patterson “It’s better than crack!” – Crackhead Jim
Technolitcs Technolotics is an irreverent look at technology, politics and the media; from two crazed Irish lefties. We're a humorous show which discusses the latest technology and political developments reported online and in the mainstream media, endeavouring to frame them in greater depth (and with less effort at political 'neutrality') than other podcasts.
MacStansburys Fifteen Minutes of Fame The Comedy Stylings of MacStansbury.com A weekly comedic romp into the multiple personalities of a computer geek just wanting to have his voice heard.
The Young Turks Young Turks is a daily, progressive radio talk show.
Let "Let's Talk", sponsored by UC Riverside Extension, is a series of compelling interviews of individuals who have had fascinating personal experiences or who can offer interesting and educational insights about current and sometimes controversial issues. Featured guests include University of California, Riverside faculty and other local experts. "Let's Talk" is broadcast on NPR station KVCR (91.9 FM) and on KUCR (88.3 FM).
The Gay Agenda Show Join us each week as we discuss issues pertinent to the Queer community and our allies. We'll also discuss current events and how they affect our community
Get It Straight Why get diluted versions of stories when you can get it straight with me? Whether it's the news of the week, or something that just irks the living daylights out of me, we'll get it straight, right here, right now.
Elemental Symphony An audio blog/talk show by two women out of the Detroit area. Conversation, Interviews, on everything from politics, news, nutrition, enviroment
The Angry Panda Show The Angry Panda Show, with your hosts Fred and Jay, explores the world of US politics and news on a weekly basis. Listen in for their unique take on the issues of the day, what will affect you tomorrow, and fart jokes.
Huck News, Commentary, Rants, Sports, and Politics
QsHouse Q s House Internet Talk show is fast paced, no punches pulled talk radio without the hassle of FCC censors. Its smart comedy intellectual smut set to the tunes of the best music you ve never heard. Q s House allows artists and musicians a place to showcase their efforts as they envisioned - without corporate pressure and free from the dreaded radio edit. Each show closes with a live interview. Listeners l hear new music get to know the real people behind it.
The Poddog Show Daryl and Kuma attempt to entertain you with stories rants and talk about podcasts. Sometimes funny, sometimes political sometimes opinionated and always under medicated.
THE ENTIRE WORLD DOT NET PODCAST News and Entertainment Podcast. Focuses on Xbox and US News as well as some World News and other entertainment forms. Also includes worlds bests sites.
IronDove A unique community where strong compassionate people gather to use creative problem solving to heal ourselves and our world. Dialog is the key to reform - Access is the key to Dialog IronDove provides both to creative minds world-wide. Powerful thinking for a Peaceful WorldTM
Beer and Cigars Rant on Politics, News, Conservative vs. Liberal, News and current events: To inform the uninformed, educate the uneducated, rationalize the irrational through logic, facts, honesty, and common sense.
Blast the Right Kick right-wing butt! Listen to this podcast for a month and you will be able to kick the butt of any right-winger in a debate. I guarantee it! Subjects will include: wimpy liberals, pro-Iraq war conservative draft dodgers, progressives and other left-wing good guys, right-wing Christians doing the opposite of what Jesus said in Matthew 25, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, George Bush, Ann Coulter, Alan Colmes, Rush Limbaugh, wealth distribution, Al Franken, Republicans, Democrats, Bill Maher. Upcoming will be interviews and, if technology permits (!), listener phone calls. I'm Jack Clark. If you like what you hear, check out my website http://www.therationalradical.com Let me know what you think at [email protected]
Republican Factor Republican Factor: Defending my freedom! Defending my views! Conservative talk about the latest national and international news.
babelcast Sounds of U.S. and World leaders and commentators fragmented and distorted into something more sensible and digestible. Generated with athenaCL, babelcast is an experimental, algorithmic, computer-generated podcast. Juxtaposed and mixed with dynamic noise textures, the resulting ambient soundscape offers a unique musical perspective on mass media, language, and current events. New editions, built from sounds harvested within a period of days or weeks, will be provided on a regular basis.
Kerry Fox Live! A futile attempt to promote truth and common sense in a world gone mad.
Squadcast While overlooking New York City, a couple guys get together and podcast once a week to goof on sports, politics, dating and life in general. All while slightly pissing each other off. (Oh, and they play the occasional mashup).
The Al Uh Looyah Show Hi! I do a weekly show on radioactiveradio.org . i’m interested in positive social and political change as well as understanding the serious problems we as a species face on this planet. This doesn’t mean we cant cut loose and have fun. i’m looking to strike an enjoyable balance ‘tween frivolity and seriousness, facing our problems and keeping an eye on the solutions. or at least the efforts toward solutions! even if its just listening to some music! ‘cuz while everything is perfect on a cosmic level, things are highly messed up on a societal level. This is my effort to dance down the darkness with music, news, friends, activists, researchers and neighbors.
RadioGuy.com Podcast Host Rey Anthony takes a weekly look at current events, pop culture, current movies, music and other entertainment. He also talks politics and delves into conspiracy theory.
Cafofo Podcast Podcast sobre tecnologia, internet, software livre e um pouco sobre politica, tudo com um tom descompromissado buscando divulgar noticias com independência.
Return to Happiness Podcast The Good Husband is now divorced, after eight months of gut wrenching limbo. I am the father of a five year-old son trying to figure out a new life for myself as a single man in his thirties with the most awesome son in the world. This is the podcast supplement to my blog, return to happiness (returnhappy.blogspot.com) where I ll share stories about my life and other such content. You can be sure that this podcast will be a mixed bag of content, but I ll try to keep things interesting.
Columns Every day news and opinion in Dutch
US Senator Debbie Stabenow This is the official podcast by Michigan's United States Senator Debbie Stabenow, receive all your local and national legislative updates directly from Senator Stabenow!
Sunday Go To Meetin It's a 1 hour podcast with C7 & Garland T. Two poets find time on sundays for a rolling conversation about culture, society, and everything in between. We love to laugh, and we have opinions. Podsafe music, audio art, live guests, interviews, and good conversation is what we're looking to find here. Join us in the search, and let's see where it takes us...
The DOYPC The best podcast ever! Group chats, satirical humour, and the best in indie rock music and other music too! Updated weekly, it's far better than the Chris Moyles Podcast! Check it out! www.DanOwnsYou.co.nr
Independent Thinkers The Show Were Average People Could Speak There Mind About Politics , Important issues, Current Events.The Show For Poeple By The Poeple
Inside Singapore Inside Singapore is a show that will bring you the flavors of living in Singapore – the food, the culture, the sights, people and the way we speak. If you’re not Singaporean, hopefully, the sounds of Singapore will have you visit, study or work with us one day… or if you’re a Singaporean, we hope you’ll experience this tropical island in a way you never had before.
The Scott Fuller Show Daily news and views of a conservative mind.
Jefferson Davis Opinionated Irish-American I'll be discussing politics in the United States and the latest news. Also, I'll be bringing friends on to my podcast to talk about the latest news in politics and how they feel about the current conditions.
Technolotics Video Technolotics is an irreverent look at technology, politics and the media; from a ragtag bunch of Irish students. We're a humorous show which discusses the latest technology and political developments reported online and in the mainstream media, endeavouring to frame them in greater depth (and with less effort at political 'neutrality') than other podcasts.
The Kyle Waren Show Join Kyle Warren for the fastest hour in talk radio as he comments on the War On Terror, politics and global events!
Talk Show America Your country... Your talk show! Join host Jay Are for the latest in political news and commentary as he takes a stand with Conservative America against the liberal left and the ObamaNation.
Freedomain Radio - The Logic of Personal and Political Liberty Powerful ideas for all lovers of personal and political freedom — Freedomain Radio is one of the highest-rated podcasts on PodFeed. Topics range from philosophy to psychology to economics to art to how to achieve real freedom in the modern world. Passionate, articulate, funny and irreverent, Freedomain Radio shines a bold light on old topics—and invents a few new ones to boot!
Fourth Estate Radio Jon Fox of Sydney, Australia together with Bruce Burch of Greensboro, North Carolina, USA pull the pants off the MainStream Media and present a fresh look at what is going on weekly worldwide in a number of different segments such as: We The People: This segment includes an everyday person in a political roundtable discussion with Jon and Bruce. In our first episode, we discussed the Separation of Church and State, and also the political toxicity of George Bush with Mary, a mother of 4 from Pittsburgh, PA. Corporation Watch: This segment dresses down the corporations that choose to use their corporate personhood by being the bullies of the unequal protection racket! Occupation Watch: This segment highlights the abuses of military occupation and war in general, through discussion of a timely story. Axis Of Iniquity: This segment ties together the political fortunes of the 'Coalition of the Willing': United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Interesting parallels have developed. We invite you to join us for each and every high-energy episode at http://fourthestateradio.com
Trucker Tom Think you know what truck drivers are like? Think again. Come along and ride shotgun with me as I travel the highways and byways of North America and call it exactly the way I see it. I discuss everything from my views on politics to the latest trends in technology and their impact on society and government.
Wake Up AM Content to wake up your brain. Stay tuned for lively commentary and debate about the state of our nation and world. Keep the government off our backs, out of our homes, away from our bodies and bring our troops home NOW! What are you waiting for?Content to wake up your brain. Stay tuned for lively commentary and debate about the state of our nation and world. Keep the government off our backs, out of our homes, away from our bodies and bring our troops home NOW! What are you waiting for?
ImaginAsian Radio Check out what’s sizzling on the Asian American music scene with our pan-Asian variety entertainment show featuring music from Asian American bands, interviews with landmark personalities, and live performances... The Sound of Asian America.
Boulevard East Three NYC comics with nothing better to do than try to make internet nerds laugh.
SquareTalk Three conservative teen bloggers discuss today's important issues in this weekly program.
Kens Travels "Ken's Travels" documents my ongoing journey through life. Currently I am in Prague, the Czech Republic. I am trying get a "slice of life" of the people here. I love to cook. I usually live in a communal setting. I am a big Macintosh geek. I often work as a computer consultant. As a result my video podcasts will likely cover those subjects and anything else that inspires my creativity. I will try to keep this one "PG-13" or less.
Parrott Talks Parrott Talks is a talk show featuring straight talk from the heart. No topic is off limits as your host Michael Parrott presents a Christian perspective on the modern world. Seeking audience participation, Mike is ready to talk about anything. Send him your emails or MP3 comments and he'll give you an entertaining look at your topic from his unique perspective.
Futurism Now Radio Futurism Now Radio is a climate change and environmental podcast.
Like a Podcast Produced by the Like a Fox Players, Like a Podcast includes a variety of segments, in which we discuss current events, art, and philosophy; conduct interviews and have conversations with guests; perform original radio serials and read creative pieces by ourselves and our listeners; get up-to-the-minute reporting on Mitch Mattson; and in a section we call Q&A we'll answer questions posed by our listeners about any given topic. Send us your suggestions for show ideas, comments, or questions to [email protected]
"---The Rude Guy---" “Everyone who is calm and sensible is insane.” – Rumi. Hilarious, outrageous, The Rude Guy connects a microphone to his brain and investigates the Idea of the Week.
The Pounding The Pounding is a legal and political podcast where Jeremy Richey pounds the law, the facts, and the table.
Grassroots Channel Grassroots is a channel which tells the stories of ordinary people who decided to change the world around them. We think that it will provide food for thought for anyone who ever looks around them and thinks things could be better. It is inspired and sponsored by b:cen - the Birmingham Community Empowerment Network. 8,000 organisations and individuals in England’s second largest city belong to b:cen. Through it they share experiences and resources and support each other as active citizens.
Capitol Update, the Podcast from Congressman John N. Hostettler (IN-08) Capitol Update is the official Podcast of Congressman John Hostettler-- who represents the 8th District of Indiana. It's purpose is to keep you informed on the important issues facing Congress today.
Audible Justice A Refreshing and Enlightening View of Current News and Policy. We don't report the news, we pick the stories you want to hear, take them apart and present a unique point of view.
The Rude Guy “Everyone who is calm and sensible is insane.” – Rumi Funny, outrageous, a waterfall of audio imagery. The original braincast. The Rude Guy, the Leo Tolstoy of podcasting, the unreconstructed beatnik, the mosquito in the ear of institutional posers, the oral essayist, the global wanderer, the Buddhist-Jewish-Christian communalist, welcomes you to the Reality Cult, where he connects a microphone to his brain and investigates the Idea of the Week, saying things that no one in pop media could say on the air, and still have their job the next day. Scathing, original idea-forging that only a widely traveled, well-informed OUTsider could come up with. Is Condoleezza Rice a Neocon Aunt Jemima? Why is Dick Cheney so mean? Are global corporations the real cause behind 911? Why is Karl Rove’s head so big? Do Democrats understand the difference between white men and RICH white men? Is George W. Bush really Charlton Heston in a monkey suit? Are corporations vampires? Are men the oppressors of women? Or are women the oppressors of men? Should we tax stock market transactions? Was feminism the biggest scab labor movement in history? Should we nationalize our oil companies? Should men feel pity for the fragile FEMALE ego? Something to offend everybody. If corporate media makes you puke check this out. No more bullshit…that’s our motto…No more bullshit.
Left of Friday :: A liberal podcast from the left coast of America Left of Friday is a weekly, liberal podcast focusing on a range of topics. Included in the program will be straight politics, social and cultural issues affecting politics, a little bit of technology news, and other, miscellaneous things.
Michael Madana Common Rajan A Tamil talk show about everything: How often have you heard "naalu peru enna solvaanga" ? and wondered why ! We dont ! .. yenna naanga thaan ANDHA naalu peru. We have three valuable assets which we would like to offer: OPINIONS .. OPINIONS .. AND OPINIONS !! Do you like stories about everything under the sun, above and beyond ...... then, come and "kadha kelu with michael madan common & rajan "
The K-Man Show The K-Man Show is all about getting you in the know in an entertaining way. The K-Man tackles the week's news with avengence! And, K-Man's "News with a 'Tude" will get you scratching your head (and let's face it, stupid people are funny!) So tune into the K-Man Show! A half hour a week is all he asks!
Holistic Health Nation The “Holistic Health Nation” podcast is all about the holistic healthcare movement in the United States and Canada. We proudly feature interviews with holistic experts, citizen health reports, book reviews, and a variety of news, politics and trends in the holistic health realm.
the Schwagcast Two guys with mics and a dedication to bringing listeners the best in new, independent, and podsafe music. Come for the music, stay for the stories about monkies and burning automobiles! Don't wait, become a Listenervillian today.
Ratbag Radio Politics, satire and blather with a bit of music sometimes.
The Daily Dig The Daily Dig: unearthing the world's best news in under five minutes. Our host is best selling author and radio personality, Kathleen Keating
Lib in the UK A British podcast dealing with British political issues from a libertarian perspective.
The Old Coach Podcast The Old Coach Thomas Mitchell is known all over America as the "King Of Clean Comedy". Well known for his witty brand of conservative country humor and philosophy. You may have seen him in your area as a speaker and now you can hear The Old Coach on his own Podcast.
Ground Zero Quicktakes Ground Zero Quicktakes is a shortened themed news program hosted by the syndicated talk show host of Ground Zero Radio, Clyde Lewis, which can be heard on the Omnisound Radio One Network. Covering some of the most important issues of the times which are generally glossed-over by mainstream media, topics range from politics to the parnanormal and are presented in a media -rich, entertaining format. Ground Zero Quicktakes is News for the 21st Century.
The Best Video Podcast The Best is Superlative Web Rock Theatre. The Best is the world's premiere pan-genre artistic, cultural and political phenomenon. This video podcast is god-like, but mixed with pop culture and then digitized. Not subscribing to The Best immediately is like having the opportunity to be there when the wheel is invented but deciding to gather tubors instead.
Healing the Earth Ecological and political news and interviews with scientists, authors and activists. Healing the Earth explores the scientific, social, and spiritual issues behind western culture's relationship with the natural world, inspiring healthy action, healing, and change.
First Amendment Minute The First Amendment Minute is a topical, fast paced, entertaining, and informative 60-second look at freedom of speech, religion and other liberties protected by the First Amendment. Every week join Derek Newman for his solidly legal, sometimes laughable, seldom lame, up-to-the-minute take on these Constitutional freedoms we enjoy.
Pritzker Military Library Podcasts The Pritzker Military Library, located in Chicago, Illinois, has extensive collections in military history and military fiction, especially those works that illustrate the role of the citizen-soldier. The mission of the library is to build awareness of the importance of the military in our society by facilitating public debate and discussion on the impact of military issues. The Library has an extensive programming schedule. Unless otherwise noted, all events are free and open to the public. All programs are available as a live webcast and are also archived for later viewing at www.pritzkermilitarylibrary.org. This master feed will provide all available PML programs including Medal of Honor, Front & Center, and Tonight At series.
Front & Center with John Callaway The Pritzker Military Library, located in Chicago, Illinois, has extensive collections in military history and military fiction, especially those works that illustrate the role of the citizen-soldier. Part of the mission of the library is to develop appropriate programs focusing on the concept of the Citizen Soldier as an essential element for the preservation of democracy. The Library has an extensive programming schedule. Unless otherwise noted, all events are free and open to the public. All programs are available as a live webcast and are also archived for later viewing at www.pritzkermilitarylibrary.org. Join Front & Center host John Callaway and his guests as they discuss important issues concerning the military and how it affects our lives.
FURY PODCASTING Fury Podcasting is a comedy talk-show involving music, politics and absolutely nothing!
America The America's Debate Radio Podcast is recorded live weekly at 9:00 PM Eastern. Listeners to the streamed broadcast are encouraged to call our toll-free number and be part of the show. We cover whatever is in the news, or whatever else you want to talk about. This podcast is an archive of the live streamed broadcast.
BlueBlogsRadio BlueBlogsRadio features audio podcasts from popular political blogs. It is an original radio show with audio blogging from liberal and progressive blogs and news sites. Available in podcast and download form.
Urban Kook Podcast ravings on art, music and pop culture by a slightly paranoid urban hipster. Taking on the establishment and sticking it to the man. Join me as I deflate a pompous ego or two (including my own). Family and workplace safe.
Catholic Answers LIVE Catholic Answers LIVE is a two-hour-long, daily, call-in radio program that is carried on over 100 radio station across the country, plus EWTN, Sirius Satellite, and shortwave radio. It features some of the most prominent men and women in the Catholic Church answering caller questions on topics that touch on every aspect of our lives as Christians, including shows that deal with doctrinal controversies, family concerns, political and social issues, evangelization, ethics --you name it! Catholic Answers LIVE has been on the air since 1998 and www.catholic.com hosts the entire catolog of shows.
chrisanddave.info radio Your world, the way we see it! Pointing out the obvious to those who refuse to see. Discussing technology, Mac, OS X, Apple, Linux, Windows, Microsoft, American culture, isolationism, human ignorance, blind patriotism. chrisanddave.info radio is all about discussing how to wake up the sheep in our country, to get them to see things for what they really are. we discuss technology, culture, religion, politics, whatever we think people need to be better informed about. think you want to take "the red pill"? come listen to our podcast!
The Random Show Whenever we feel like it, host Jon takes you on a trip into the world of random. A completely pointless podcast, but oh so much fun. Not a waste of time! On the random show we talk about everything and ANYTHING! So sit down, grab a tiki glass full of your favorite drink, and listen in!
TV Warren TV Warren will produced two video podcasts, TV Warren News, stories and information from Michigan's third largest city, and Case Closed, real small claims court cases and real people from Warren's District Court
Behind Closed Doors Those who are easily offended or who don't share my mostly conservative / old fashioned / unsympathetic / capitalistic / often twisted / narrow minded / yet hysterically funny views on everything should avoid looking at my Blog. After all it's my BLOG.
Mainstream Democrat Mainstream Democrat is for the average person, you will not hear left wing ideas that can not be achieved. Or right wing ideology that should not be achieved. However you will hear progressive centrist ideas that pertains to the rest of us.
Otis and Earl The Otis and Earl Show is a new kind of News/Comedy podcast, covering topics ranging from Current Events, Entertainment, Pop Culture to Technology and Politics; but from a distinctively unique point of view . Each episode your hosts Otis Green and Earl Spanner bring their commentary and perspective on everything from the big stories to small obscure facts in this unlikely setting for an internet show.
The Front Porch Podcast Boston-based comedian, author and vigilante pundit Baratunde (www.baratunde.com) shares his comedic thoughts on everything and insightful interviews with cool people across the world from farmers to writers to political activists.
ScrappleFace Network news News fairly unbalanced. We report. You decipher. The family-friendly daily news satire site that's become a favorite of Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, James Taranto, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Mike Gallagher and thousands of other bloggers, talkshow hosts and reporters...not to mention the unwashed masses.
Governor Tim Pawlenty Governor Tim Pawlenty podcasting from the great state of Minnesota, sharing his thoughts on important topics for the state and its residents. For more information, visit www.governor.state.mn.us or e-mail the Governor at [email protected]
Chautauqua Radio Chautauqua Radio is a one-hour program rooted in the Chautauqua tradition of open discussion of cultural, social and political issues. We feature a variety of content including studio interviews, field reports, personal essays and local music.
Sundry Muse Café The Sundry Muse Cafe is a news and music program that airs weekly. It explores two opposing sides to a topic that is of current relevance and finishes up the show with ways to be involved with the day's topic. Between segments, we play music that relates in some way to the topic. The Sundry Muse Cafe is composed of 3 college students, each hosting a segment of the three part program. Combined we have nearly 7 years of radio experience. The SMC is Kimberly Miller, Kia Anderson, and Rob Harman. News with a Soundtrack.
Sundry Muse Café The Sundry Muse Cafe is a news and music program that airs weekly. It explores two opposing sides to a topic that is of current relevance and finishes up the show with ways to be involved with the day's topic. Between segments, we play music that relates in some way to the topic. The Sundry Muse Cafe is composed of 3 college students, each hosting a segment of the three part program. Combined we have nearly 7 years of radio experience. The SMC is Kimberly Miller, Kia Anderson, and Rob Harman. News with a Soundtrack.
Sam and Deidre Show Biting (and sometimes humorous) commentary on political and current events in the United States and around the world.
World Alive A weekly look at world events, culture and music from a West Coast perspective.
Imposible estar de acuerdo El internacionalista, René Palacios, nos pone a pensar con sus controversiales opiniones sobre política y vida cotidiana. Opiniones a contracorriente pero con argumentos sólidos. Un programa donde te decimos… lo que no quieres oír.
The Gag Reflex Show This podcast is a weekly magazine of news, currents events and rants on shit that matters to you... or me at least. It's like taking bong hits off your headphones. Do you have a Gag Reflex?
A Bit Of Virtually Everything Adam Court, Hannah Lewis and Paul Saunders weekly British comedy podcast talking about virtually everything.
Elephant Stampede Shows from the Featured Essayists at ElephantStampede.org. CAUTION: Conservative gloatfests and Republican belly-rubbing.
A-Bomb City Podcast Two intelligent Brits living in Hiroshima look none too seriously at history, politics, literature and much more, as well as drawing back the curtain on life in Japan, with plenty of comic digressions. Also featuring the original music of alternative rock band STAVKA.
Youth Radio-TV For more than a decade, Youth Radio has been highlighting young people's stories, passions, and struggles through broadcasts on local, national, and international outlets. Now, with the advent of technology, Youth Radio-TV productions can be downloaded directly to your desktops and iPods via vodcasts. From documentary storytelling, to first person narratives, to youth reporting on politics and culture, Youth Radio-TV explores the lives of young people through a fresh new lens. Visit our website, www.youthradio.org, for more features, stories, podcasts, video podcasts-- and to listen to our web radio station. You can also find our web radio station on iTunes Radio under the Eclectic, Public and Urban categories.
The Best of Youth Radio Youth Radio is an award-winning journalism program and outlet for youth voices! Our mission is to promote young people''s intellectual, creative, and professional growth through training and access to all media. Youth Radio is based in the Bay Area, with bureaus in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Atlanta, and reporters everywhere in between and around the globe. ''The Best of Youth Radio'' podcast series features our audience favorites, stories ranging from a journey of identity and culture in Ghana, Africa to the diary of a shoplifter in urban America. Diverse groups of young people give us a fresh look into the future--and the present. Visit our website, www.youthradio.org, for more features, stories, podcasts, video podcasts-- and to listen to our web radio station. You can also find our web radio station on iTunes Radio under the Eclectic, Public and Urban categories.
Youth Radio on KQED-FM Youth Radio produces a monthly public affairs show for KQED-FM in the Bay Area. The topics range from odd occupations and dating, to more serious issues, such as AIDS and smoking. The goal of our show is to inform and educate youth about issues that affect us. Listen in on the last Sunday of every month at 4:30 p.m. and again at midnight on KQED-88.5 FM in the Bay Area; or subscribe to the 'Youth Radio on KQED-FM' podcast series to receive our latest shows as they become available. Visit our website, www.youthradio.org, for more features, stories, podcasts, video podcasts-- and to listen to our web radio station. You can also find our web radio station on iTunes Radio under the Eclectic, Public and Urban categories.
NEWShaft From Ghana to the Gorbals, Malawi to Maryhill - with all the latest news, sport and commentary - join Titus Tichter & Totty Mackay in our Glasgow studio for NEWShaft. (Spoof News)
Ronald-san Ronald-san’s newscast is a 30 minutes current affairs podcast discussing Normal News, Funny News, Rumours and even a quote of the day. Ronald-san’s newscast because without me you might actually have to read the paper.
Más allá de las fronteras A pesar de la globalización y de la revolución tecnológica, los pueblos del mundo siguen ignorando casi todo los unos de los otros. Ante esta circunstancia FrecuenciaCero busca contribuir a una mejor comprensión de los problemas políticos, sociales, culturales y económicos humanos que suceden Más alla de las Fronteras.
Amp Amp''d radio from Oklahoma State University - KXZY
The Pinky Show Hi there. The Pinky Show is the original super low-tech mini-program by cats. We tend to focus on information and ideas that have, for various reasons, been misrepresented, distorted, suppressed, ignored, or otherwise excluded from mainstream discussion. Or sometimes we just have meandering fluff. Featuring the vaguely titillating combination of poorly hand(paw)-drawn illustrations, no-motion animation, and amateurish narration, we have been called 'the new Mr. Rogers for the postmodern thinking animal' - that's probably a pretty accurate description. Take care, Pinky
The Onramp Dual commentary on important current events, political news, society's qualms and general good humor.
Greenpeace Podcasts english version The 'Defending our Oceans' voyage is the single largest expedition that Greenpeace has ever undertaken. This incredible year-long journey will tell the story of the crisis facing our oceans from the Azores to Antarctica, take you to places few humans have been, confront the villains and promote solutions – and you can join us. While many of us love the ocean, it’s hard to imagine what is happening just beyond our beaches, and hard to picture the scale of destruction and the impact that it’s having. By travelling to most of the oceans in the world, this voyage aims to change this - we will make the unseen, seen. Every second breath you take comes from the oceans. The oceans give life to our planet. In return we are suffocating them; dredging up too many fish, stealing food from needy mouths, carelessly killing countless creatures including whales, turtles, sea birds and thousand year old corals, we fill the oceans with pollution and warm them with climate change.
BradCast The Bradcast is your audio source for the Big E Institute of Higher Learning. I will bring sensibility to current events and sift truth through where others relay only the intent of the liberal base and its agenda. I will explain current news and why the were reported in their form
Politics On The Wild Side Show Political satire, comedy skits, song parodies (like Ballad of Dick Cheney on Podcast 1). Not for children under 2, the squeamish, or politicians.
Hood News Broadcasting Network Hood News Broadcasting Network - Bringing you the real to real on hot topics in the news and from around the world straight from the hood. Smash the world yall!
To The Point Each Sunday at 10 a.m., 24 Hour News 8's Rick Albin gets To The Point with Michigan's political movers and shakers.
tomwickens.com podcast Opinions and a general mishmash of stuff. From London and Luxembourg come John Scornish and Mick Weston discussing music, life and bicycles.
Words on My Tongue The news correspondents have it all wrong. Real news is not in Iraq, Iran, or South Africa. News is here: in the everyday, in the mundane, in the personal. I am Newsworthy. So are You. My name is Kyle Kratky. These are the Words on My Tongue
I Love the Company David Ippolito, also known as "That Guitar Man from Central Park" since 1992, has played to hundreds of thousands around the world, but is most at home on sunny weekends on a little patch of grass in NYC's Central Park with a guitar on his shoulder.
Mostly ITP Mostly ITP on the Georgia Podcast Network. Amber and Rusty podcast about whatever strikes their fancy, which generally are things and issues inside Atlanta's perimeter.
GeeKER Two teens talking about innovation in tech/games and new music.
NOW with David Brancaccio The PBS newsmagazine NOW uncovers truth and investigates the state of our democracy from coast to coast with probing interviews, dedicated reporting, and meticulous research. Hosted by award-winning veteran journalist David Brancaccio and providing unique insight into the issues that matter most to everyday Americans, NOW has been called "one of the last bastions of serious journalism on TV" by the Austin American-Statesman
The THINKfuture Radio Show Why Listen To The Past, When You Can Listen To The Future? Like Limbaugh, Savage or Franken? You'll LOVE Chris Future. Join our host, political commentator and rantmaster as he tackles current events, politics, work, life and play, all without the noose of the FCC around his neck. No topic is spared!
West Wingers on SHOUTBOY With President Bush's approval rating approaching single digits, the question on most Americans' minds is: What on earth are those guys thinking? Good question. We don't know either, but we ventured a guess. Check out our unflinching look behind the scenes of the White House.
Rose Tinted Glasses The Rose Tinted Glasses Podcast is basically a humourous audio blog political podcast from a young member of the Labour Party. It is NOT linked with the party in any way but as the name suggests it is skewed to the Labour direction. You can email the podcast: [email protected] and visit the blog/website at: rtglasses.blogspot.com. Enjoy!
Canadian Conservatism Political commentary and satire from a Canadian conservative Moved to 'The Neil Whiteside Show' www.neilwhiteside.com
The New Capital Show hosted by Leo Gold The New Capital ShowTM is talk radio hosted by Leo Gold and airs/webstreams Thursdays at 10am CST on KPFT 90.1 Houston, a Pacifica radio station. NCS covers progressive ideas in politics, environment, economics, commerce, science, religion, and philosophy.
Will and Iris 40-something Midwestern husband and wife, parents of three young boys, discuss current events, politics, parenting, secularism, indie rock music, and other random and unpredictable topics.
Charlie Page Weekly Charlie Page Weekly is a brand new podcast/audio blog features such segments as politics, technology, videogames and an opinion segment, tune in now!
Radio Free Liberty There is more to politics than left and right! Listen to a political perspective that is 90 degrees out of phase from the conservatives and liberals! Radio Free Liberty is a Libertarian perspective on all the pressing issues of the day.
Hangar Dogs Broadcasting from an aircraft hangar, the Hangar Dogs podcast talks about current issues from a Conservative/Libertarian free market prospective. Nothing is sacred or off limits on Hangar Dogs so by and give us a listen.
The Supernova Earth Show Called "the Hardest Working Man in Internet Broadcasting" veteran Podcaster W. Doc Stodden now brings you the Supernova Earth Show, a weekly blast of propaganda guarenteed to get your head correct.
This Is Your Computer Speaking A Podcast Providing Objective Analysis In A World Of Human Beings
Diggers Story For the young at heart. Digger is a hyper driven sock monkey who has not yet discovered his true identity. Pootz is a kitten who wears so many masks its hard to know who Pootz is. A wild ride for anyone to experience and maybe *gasp* learn a thing or two. Each episode reveals a little more of the absurdity lying within each of us. Come join the fun
Imagine Podcast Join with top-selling LDS author, Candace E. Salima, on an exciting journey into the world of podcasts. Candace has launched a new podcast, IMAGINE, accessible through this website as well as i-Tunes! Produced by her husband, Alvin E. Salima, they have created a world where it is safe to listen, shop and enjoy interviews with LDS authors, artists, musicians, actors, actresses, filmmakers, screenwriters, playwrights, theologians, publishers, sports-figures, agents, businessmen, businesswomen, broadcasters, politicians and much, much more . . . step through the gateway and join the LDS community. Learn all about what's new, exciting and upcoming in the LDS culture. A community created specifically to cater to the morals, values and interests of Latter-day Saints across the globe.
World Picture Network WPN presents powerful, thought-provoking video documentaries from top photojournalists on WPN assignments throughout the world. World Picture Network collects and provides iconic, memorable images daily to more than 5000 media outlets around the world.
The Wrong Bros. Radio Show LIVE (featuring Mr Akbad) YOU THINK IT. THEY TALK ABOUT IT! We're the new informative and entertaining urban talk radio show touching on subjects and situations relevant to us black folks. GET READY TO LAUGH!
The Liberators A weekly show discussing current political events in a frank yet humorous paleo-libertarian vein.
Cato Daily Podcast The Cato Institute seeks to engage people in questions of public policy and the proper role of government. Every day the Cato Institute will release a short podcast that allows Cato experts and scholars to respond quickly to the most relevant and interesting news stories. Whether in your home, on the road, or at work, now you can hear the debates, proposals, and ideas that are available only from the Cato Institute.
Smalltown Underground Big city music with a small town feeling. Straight from Yellowknife, NWT Canada. Politics and tech too.
WynnCast Tyson & Jeane Wynn podcasting from Claremore, Oklahoma.
WILDSOUNDERPODCAST Wildsounder is a podcast that covers multiple topic issues on various disability related concerns in each post .
Pissed Off Duck I discuss politics, religion, government and anything else that is pissing me off!
The Support Trolls The Support Trolls, three IT professionals with a bit to much time on our hands and an opinion on everything from politics to religion to technology. Join us weekly, direct from the support cave.
Radio Wammo A dose of interviews and opinions taken from the Radio Wammo show on Kiwi FM, New Zealand. Host Wammo presents an intelligent take on media and world events through dialogue with a range of contributors and key correspondents covering the arts, music and popular culture. This is the podcast to stay in tune with News, Views and Interviews about the world around us.
News From The Passionate Center PassionateCenter.blogspot.com Talkin' 'bout stuff that's going on from the perspective of the Passionate Center (leaning Left) of the Political Spectrum. National, international and stupid news. An' it's fun, too! Listen to it, Sucka!
The View From Planet Desmond Political and social commentary by political maverick Desmond Ortega. No political party is immune and no issue is too hot to handle.
180 The Razor What is it? It’s a daily podcast unlike any other in the ether. I know, “Unlike any other?” sounds like hype for “Exactly the same.” Only this aint hype.
A Guy My commentary on what's caught, tweaked, angered, tickled or made me curious yellow with a Canadian point of view!