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Set The Controls Space rock, progressive rock, and electronica. Only the best.
Great Cover Tunes Licensed cover tunes of rock, pop, blues, country, folk, jazz, classical of Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane and more from top indie artists.
DFJ Radio Featuring the music of internet supergroup DFJ, with Don Semco, Fred Wheeler and Jimmy Stewart. Bluesy, psychedelic, and rocking tunes influenced by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys, B.B. King, John Lennon, Muddy Waters, Rick Wakeman, Willie Dixon, Memphis Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson, The Moody Blues, Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, T-Bone Walker, and many others.
Classic Rock Hit Parade Classic rock style tunes from indie artists and musicians. Perfect for fans of music from the 1960's - 1970's such as Pink Floyd, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Cream, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep, Yes, King Crimson, Rolling Stones, Santana, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, Steely Dan, Van Halen, Queen, Springsteen, Creedence, Bowie, and all the greats of that era. Indie artists influenced by these giants produce some of the best music you'll ever hear.
Italian singer songwriter, rhythm and blues artist, jazz pianist. Italian singer songwriter. Pop soul, dance, rhythm and blues, piano music. Grand piano, hammond organ and rhodes improvisation. A blend of pop, jazz and dance.
Brain Damage The definitive Pink Floyd radio show! Anything and everything that is Pink Floyd. Studio albums, demos, outtakes, soundtracks, bootlegs, unreleased and solo material.
12 media Music podcasts Music interviews with both well known bands and some of the hottest new rising artists on the planet! Produced and presented by Swedish broadcaster Angelina.
Pink Floyd Pulse podcasts Pulse DVD, out on 11th July 2006, captures Pink Floyd's live performance originally recorded at London's Earls Court Arena in 1994. 12 media brings you three Pink Floyd podcasts, in which you can enjoy some amazing music and through the band member's own words experience a time of great joy and great togetherness. Pulse is a lasting record of Pink Floyd in their prime!
Oracles Music Network So who are The Oracles? Well, the Oracles are just four average American guys. We have jobs, wives, families, and most of all we have a love for music. In short, we are just like you! Part music commentary, part soap opera, the Oracles are not afraid to let you know exactly how they feel about their favorite style of music. So come on in and find out what real music is all about. Inside you will meet: Bubba South - Expert of and insider to the Southern Rock scene Little E - Obsessed with Led Zeppelin and the Classic Rock era Rooster - His love of Psychedelic music knows no bounds Sir Hodge - Yes, he loves Frank Zappa...but his love of music only begins there
Live Music Podcast Live podcasts of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Beck, Faith No More, Pink Floyd...
Rock Tale Hour The Rock Tale Hour Dudes tell the stories behind the greatest rock & roll songs of all time. It's an hour's worth of rockin' good time in about 15 minutes.
Mike And Jim This is Mike And Jim''''s Music Muse..In this podcast we discuss our recent concert showing of Roger Water''''s "The Wall"...Mike plays and sings a bar or two of "Wish You Were Here"...The guys also talk about the relationship of Roger Waters and David Gilmore...