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MediPodcast Health podcast in spanish from Lima - Peru
Ritmo Latino Ritmo Latino is an hour of eclectic Latin music that will leave you shaking your booty and speaking in tongues. It's produced in Warsaw, Poland but airs weekly on KRNM FM in Saipan and KPRG FM in Guam on public radio in Micronesia. Holy cow. It comes to you weekly from the small island of Saipan in Micronesia and is hosted by some white guy named Neil. His Spanish is lousy but his taste is outstanding!
Andean School Huancayo Peru Andean School is a charitable organisation based in Huancayo, Peru. We work with European and North American volunteers to provide free education for the poor of the area, to provide work training for young people leaving orphanages and various other projects in the local community.
Tourcaster - Getting To Know Lima Before visiting this treasure situated between the Andes and Amazon, learn the pertinent information to help you get around Lima like a seasoned traveler. Let Tourcaster turn your mp3 player into a tour guide! For more free audio tours, visit Tourcaster at the following link:
El Cafe Digital Cada semana tres amigos y sobre todo geeks, acompañados ocasionalmente por invitados especiales, estarán comentando las noticias más relevantes de la semana en el mundo de la tecnología, haciendo análisis profundos y serios o todo lo contrario. Los temas son amplios porque nuestros gustos lo son: internet, programación, páginas web, teléfonos celulares, juegos de video, Macs, PCs, Apple Vs. Windows, reviews de productos, nuevos lanzamientos. Te invitamos a escucharnos. Toma una taza de café y prepárate.
Earthoria travelcasts Travel podcasts produced by a Danish/English couple living and working abroad - covering Thailand, Central America, South America, and Europe