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Patents and Inventing Short podcasts covering patents and inventing. A must for all inventors, small business owners and software developers.
Nolo Presents the Law in Plain English Nolo ( has been providing books and software that explain the law and business for over 30 years. Nolo Presents The Law in Plain English offers interviews and lectures with authors and other legal experts.
History of Animation in Court History of Animation in Court is a video podcast series that features some of the most interesting and innovative applications of computer animation for use in the courtroom. Z-Axis Corporation pioneered in the creation of animated trial exhibits in the late 1980s and has continued to develop new ways to present visual information to judges and juries. This collection will include some of the landmark cases to use computer animation over the years as well as other less famous, but still innovative and interesting applications of computer graphics. The animations illustrate a wide range of subjects including airplane crashes, mechanical devices, explosions, drug and chemical reactions and terrorist attacks. podcast Welcome to the podcast. Each month we will discuss issues related to intellectual property law. We will discuss topics related to patents, trademarks, and the more general topic of the process of obtaining a patent for inventions and licensing them to companies. If you are an inventor or a intellectual property lawyer how practises patent law, then you will find this podcast interesting.