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Far Beyond Ordinary Far Beyond Ordinary is a LIVE talk show that airs every Sunday Night at 6 EST on Blogtalk Radio. The topics vary but one thing you can be sure of is that our guests, their stories and topics will be Far Beyond Ordinary. Far Beyond Ordinary invites you to open your mind and not just hear the show but listen to the content. Far Beyond Ordinary is anything but ordinary.
Angel Radio Angel Radio - Bridging the higher dimensions to Earth. Communicating with angels can bring comfort, wisdom, and answers to life's most significant questions. Dr. Kelli, - The Angel Whisperer® - Visionary, Author, Psychic Medium, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Inter-dimensional Channel. Dr. Kelli has been communicating with the spirit realm her whole life, but it wasn't until a near death experience when she finally embraced her ss. Since that experience she has dedicated her life to spiritual growth and development. Dr. Kelli works with the angelic realms, the ascended masters, council of light and many other Divine beings of light working in the spirit of love and oneness. She uses her Divine connections to the angelic and spiritual realms to channel information for healing and guidance as needed. The show will focus on angels, archangels, spirit guides, totem animals, lighworkers, metaphysics, spirituality, mediumship, vibrations, indigo children and adults, crystal children and adults, dreams, sensitives, empaths, empath care, angel stories, angel healing, angel therapy, sound healing, body, mind, soul, spirit, energy, karma, orbs, near death experiences, consciousness, awakening, reincarnation and much more. All souls welcome on this journey! Raising our light and heart frequency together makes the world shine brighter! Listen live or download an episode from the archive.
Dennis James Radio Devoted to sharing the message of Jesus Christ through positive, inspirational content that will encourage, equip and edify you.