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Coverville A thrice-weekly voyage into the world of cover songs. Some good, some bad, but all-legally licensed through ASCAP and BMI. Requests and suggestions are always welcomed!
Bandana Blues Blueswax's Beardo invites you on a musical journey every week for over an hour of CD quality, 21st Century Blues with a nod to The Masters. Join him and Spinner, his co-host from The Hague, for your dose of all that is blue! Broadcasting on the net since 1999.
WHYME Worst Music You Regular Music Podcast that focuses on independent non-commercial musicians. All the music heard is created by Seth and Jessica or people they actually know (i.e. their friends). Does that scare you? Well...does it?
Viva Podcast Viva podcast: talk from the desert base in New Mexico, USA. We talk about movies, sports, music, and anything else that catches our fancy! Subscribe now!
Feast of Fools Listen in on the ridiculous world of Chicago's Gay iconoclasts! This is NOT Will and Grace, but an laid back, insane look at topical news, humor, satire, music and more. Hosted by Fausto Fernes with guests: boyfriend Marc Felion, shock jock Sukie DelaCroix, Yeast Radio's Madge Weinstein, and more savory nuts for you to enjoy.
Caribbean Free Radio Possibly the Caribbean's first podcast! Music, arts, a bit of everything.
Bibb and Yaz Take Over the World Could very well be the web's first cringe humor podcast. 40-60 minutes of talk and humor with some music. No holds barred podcasting at it's best. . .or worst depending how you look at it. Stop by and give it a listen. Don't forget to leave comments good or bad.
Beat Goblin Radio Rob and Dave bring you light hearted chat and some top music. Coming from England.
Dubber and Spoons Take The Bus Dubber and Spoons take the bus home from work each day. Often the same bus. They use the time wisely: they talk about stuff, they invent stuff and they notice things. More people should take the bus. This is a podcast of that journey.
marvin suicide A weekly programme playing 30 minutes of eclectic and electronic mp3s that are legally and freely available from the internet.
Vinyl Podcast Fair use of forgotten music. Each show features a song from Cody's collection of records (yes, vinyl records: lps and 45s), focusing on music that's currently out of print.
Zion B Indie and Alternative music from the Israeli underground. All English!
Raydome radio Light entertainment for darkened souls, the Raydome Radio Radar gives details of what events coming up in the goth, industrial and related genres for Londonand the Southeast of England. This is followed my music and game reviews (and some music) and then a look at gadgets, technology and science with some more music at the end.
The John and Wayne Show I have to enter another description? OK, um, we're a show that is a weekly show. We have talk and stuff....ah, we feature an indie rock artist every week...listen or something.
Big E Canadian flavoured music, with an independent feature on every show.
The Bob Narley Show The Bob Narley Show podcast was rated with 5 stars by FHM magazine for its unique blend of great music and bizaare content. Featuring excellent parody songs and comedy bits, The Bob Narley Show stands out as a top podcast.
The Nikki and Dave Show One boy. One girl. One show. Married, military couple goofing around, laughing at stupid people, insulting each other and just having fun.
t2 blender A blend of non-stop energetic New York City progressive house, driving tribal drums, and big-room vocal anthems make up this DJ's record bags. The goal: crowd motivation!
The Connected Traveler World culture, travel, commentary and music recorded on location around the world. Sometimes edgy and humorous. - Pod safe Jazz Great pod safe jazz brought to you each week in a 30 minute radio show.
Simian Syndicate The Simian Syndicate is a comedy and music Podcast from Sanity Check Musec, Inc. a small indie record label and filmmaking house in the boonies of Virginia (U.S.). All original content podsafe music that may be further shared by other podcasters.
Illumination Audio Protected under a Creative Commons license, the Illumination Audio Podcast is designed to bring as much good music to as many people as possible. Fans of indie, rock, pop, hip-hop and all spaces inbetween will rejoice! Illumination Audio. Turn It On.
House Of Gigs Radio/podcast show for House of Gigs. Dedicated to local and indie music. Includes interviews, live calls, and (of course) music.
7 Cats and a Dog Listen to Jim and Jan's wit and wisdom(?) as they take a break from caring for their pets. Humorous talk and satirical observations on life, liberty, and the pursuit of the perfect cocktail.
De-Fi Radio Turn off the cookie-cutter, same 40 songs over and over, crappy radio. We've got the best music you have yet to hear. And you can listen to them at your lesuire. Defy your radio. Listen to De-Fi Radio.
Kahvi Collective Latest release podcast direct from is the new home for spoken word poetry. BPiM currently features "In The Raw w/ Monte Smith". Each weekly program features cutting edge, no-holds barred spoken word poetry, music, social commentary and artist interviews. Go to to listen, get your own blog and join the Revolution!
Zero Distortion Playing the best underground Hip-Hop you've never heard.
Two Blind Squirrels Two Blind Squirrels is a G-rated family entertainment show that features independent music artisits, funny skits, and general commentary.
vocals101 listen to new artists, or come to our site and post your own songs for people to listen to.
Radio Flair Sexy, funky, rhythmic, old-school and latino bad-ass House mixes.
The Martini Shot A podcast for the novice Independent Moviemaker. Drawing on the experience of working professionals, host Chris Cavs takes the beginner's approach to making movies that you'll be proud to show to anyone.
WedVidTalk - Wedding Video Talk Al and Kathy Ritondo, Professional Wedding Videographers bring you conversations with video industry leaders, consumers and professional wedding videographers on all topics about Wedding Video
Basso Ridiculoso Everyday I make a little recording of me playing bass. Then I post it. Then you hear it.
Republic Of Avalon Radio Newfoundland's first podcast. A bit of everything, with your host, singer/songwriter, musician, record producer and ham radio operator, Jim Fidler.
The Cricket & Seagull Fireside Chat THE CRICKET & SEAGULL is a faithful-but-informal voice bringing music and interviews of interest to Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and their friends worldwide. Steven Kapp Perry features the unique voices of authors, artists, musicians, scholars, and fellow Saints. Pull up a chair and join us for The Cricket & Seagull Fireside Chat!
Sunspot Road Mania When you spend too much time in the van, you get the road mania and Madison, WI rock band, Sunspot, gives you a front seat to theirs as they travel around the Midwest in their POS Ford van bringing you stories from the road, their lives, and whatever they can think of. Also, new independent music from Sunspot the artists they perform with.
The Ungodly Hour Unique industrial radio show hosted by rE\dOx and LadyDev. The Ungodly Hour airs every other Friday for three full hours. Shows can be downloaded at midnight. Tune in for some of the best industrial, synthpop, futurepop, ebm, power noize, gothic and ambient music around!
PODMEGO Pop Music Sync your pods for new artists and music featuring exclusive interviews, album releases and podcasts you won't find anywhere else. Tune in as we showcase new talent from around the world, and submit your music if you wish to be included in our podcasts. Many channels to choose from at
Speechless:Exploring New Instrumental Music Bringing you the best in new instrumental music, each week this short-format show presents to you music unfettered by lyrics and built on tone, timbre and time. The genre-crossing program features a mix of styles, allowing the listener to experience new music and new artists as they're carried along on this unusual musical ride. Hear the artist's stories told without words, and visit a place where all the music is truly...Speechless.
Amplified: An Indie Music Podcast podcasting great indie bands from around the globe
Best Damn Tech Show, Period. The Best Damn Tech Show, Period infotechment podcast includes 3 techies talking about consumer technology, the internet and the blogosphere. Cast includes Drew Olanoff, Paul Fleming, and Adam Plante. For The Geek in Everyone Tech talk, sports, music, and various other subjects
The Starkcast A catch-all podcast that covers tech, entertainment, politics, dumb bits, ranting, raving,'s like the entire internet in one convenient place!
World of Sound DJ Chester Chomp and Russ the Weatherguesser webcast a weekly two hour live show featuring music and mayhem. Then they pack it up and serve it hot and fresh to your ipod. PodcasterWorld is a centralized directory of podcasts and links to podcast feeds around the world and in your region. You can post your Podcast or upload your sound or video file. The site has a large variety of Podcasts and tools to easily create Podcasts.
Launcing 15 Minutes of Fame Andy Warhol said everyone has 15 Minutes of fame and I thought well why not do a Podcast with that in mind. My name is Chaz Rough and I am the Host of the Rocket15 Podcast "15 Minutes of Fame." The main focus of the show is to give everyone an opportunity to tell a great story that is unique and entertaining. If you'd like to be on the 15 Minutes of Fame Podcast send an email or mp3 file to [email protected]
Media Artist Secrets Media Artist Secrets is a fast paced, info packed, semi daily and fun podcast that provides creative inspiration, tells how to market your talents, fine-tune your vision, advance your skills and share your creations with the world. We cover all media arts including directing, photography, web, design, desktop publishing, musician, music creation, artists, animation, broadcast, movie making, film and many other types of multimedia. The show is about getting to the top of your field and dramatically advancing your career. If you create, this show is a must listen. This podcast is your source for learning about Creative Business. For more info on making it big check out
Gospel Gathering USA The place for the best in Gospel Music and interviews choir groups, and solo artists it’s all good on gospelmusicpod
Insomnia Radio Leading the new revolution in internet radio, this weekly podcast consistently delivers indie rock's unsung heroes straight to your mp3 player, in a tightly produced one hour package. What makes Insomnia Radio different than anything you'll hear on your FM dial? Simple. We bring you new music that is new to us as well! If we don't fall in love with it, you won't hear it. So, Kill Your FM and tune in to the best music you've never heard.
A Brit Abroad A Brit living in the USA waxes on about life, music and tech
deeje studio songcast - music as I make it in my virtual studio. Hear versions of my songs (rock and roll meets trip hop)
1-800 Weirdos LIVE Based on our live Internet radio station, these podcasts are free form explorations of music and text, including original music and improvisational text, along with samples and loops. The result is utter madness and includes recordings left by callers to 1-800-Weirdos for a completely interactive experience! Podcasts A collection of Americana Music related podcast show produced by Americana radio insider Ray Randall. Listen in each week as Ray Randall gives you a preview of the newest releases as well as upcoming and coming Americana artists.
El Bloguipodio First Spanish language podcast in the USA made by Los Blogueros in Washington, DC. The Latino perspective on world, national and local news, including opinion, commentary, interviews, soundseeing tours, music and entertainment.
The Skinny White Boy KastPod NPR Meets Rock ''n'' Roll... SORT OF! Historical Audio Fragments, Pod Safe Audio and muchas More...
Nerdblurb Listen as we make fools of ourselves ranting on and on about life, tech, and more. Favorite topics include anime, Family Guy, The Simpsons, gadgets, new technology, and Star Wars. we suck less so give us a try.
Avatar Studios Presents This is a 30-minute music (mostly jazz) podcast presented by Avatar Studios, one of the industry's top recording studios, located in New York City. The program, hosted by Wade, features great music and interviews by the people who recorded the music. The aim of the show is to help introduce music that may not be widely known or heard, but of great quality. The intent was also to present a professionally produced show with superb audio quality.
The Group Collective Better music thru podcasting. The best in Rock, Hip Hop, and Electronic music.
Post Modern Rock Show - KPSU, Portland The best new indie along with classic alternative. Occasional interviews. Recorded in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Airs in Portland, Oregon on KPSU, 1450 AM, and worldwide at, podcast available at We're a group of experienced otaku and geeks who get together once a week to podcast news, reviews, gadgets / toys, and guests for otaku and the alike! Entertaining and informative. Coming at you every Wednesday. The Podcast is where otaku-fandom and geeks smash together like a tasty cookie sandwhich! Giving you a taste of our crazy otaku lives, check us out, every Wednesday.
La Isla de Encanta Además de una canción de Pixies, La Isla de Encanta es un programa de radio que lleva en antena desde el 6 enero del año 1999. Desde octubre de 2003 se escucha desde Radio Circulo en 100.4 FM para Madrid y para el resto del mundo atraves de su página web La música ha sido, desde el primer minuto de su existencia, el motor que impulsaba este programa.
Seattle and Beyond Seattle and Beyond Showcases Seattle and Pacific Northwest music Monday through Friday. Do you love hearing great music? Do you want to hear fresh new music of all genre's? Get over to Seattle and Beyond and you will have instant access to the newest and greatest music from one of the largest talent pools on the Planet!
The True Mix An MP3 blog turned podcast featuring songs and articles about *good* bands from the Midwest.
The Making The Making is a rock band from Maryland. In addition to being super-hilarious in their spare time, they are super-hilarious podcasters. Well, at least they're podcasters. Get some "behind-the-scenes" sounds and commentary, and find out what it's like to be in a super-hilarious, vaguely popular and soon-to-be famous rock band!
Pacific Songwriting Competition Podcasts Featuring New Music and New Artists from the 2005 Pacific Songwriting Competition - $ 40 000 Cash Prizes - All Categories - All Genres - All Nations
Pluri Media Group Contemporary coverage of news and the media with topical music.
Sofamecca Listen to selected tracks from Australian band Sofamecca. New album 'Commuters' out now.
Dubsession - Reggae Dub and Downtempo Grooves Dubsession is weekly music podcast featuring reggae dub and downtempo grooves. Dubsession is broad/podcast Wednesdays at 9pm EST. For archives and more ambient dub mixes, visit
Unsigned and Independent Artists The Newest Unsigned and Independent Label Artists in HipHop. Hosted by radio personality Nick Elliot.
Kani Cast This show is prettry much about anything and nothing, has english and frech content, news, tech, movies, books etc.....
Unsigned Podcast Supporting independant artists, Unsigned Podcast Has a different show every week showcasing different genres in music from independant artists on the web.
Podcast Shuffle Show Based on the web site, each episode I review clips and add commentary to the best podcasts in iTunes.
The Timely Beaver Rock out to the independent musicians (podsafe) and roll on the ground laughing to all the improv skits. Recorded, rolled and smoked in Portland, Oregon. Now go recycle.
9412 9412's Classic Rock Minute gives you a Classic Rock history lesson about various bands and artists. Your host is MJ and it's presented by 9412 - The Rock Station