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IronDove A unique community where strong compassionate people gather to use creative problem solving to heal ourselves and our world. Dialog is the key to reform - Access is the key to Dialog IronDove provides both to creative minds world-wide. Powerful thinking for a Peaceful WorldTM
Grassroots Films Grassroots Films is an independent film company located in Brooklyn, NY
The Man Show Classic clips from the Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. Catch back to back full length episodes every night at 10pm on G4 TV. Clips include classic segments such as Man-O-Vations, The Wheel of Destiny, Father and Son with Jimmy and Kevin Kimmel, the Antics of the Man Show Boy, Movies Men Don't Want to See, and of course Girls Jumping on Trampolines. For a healthy dose of beer, midgets, and juggies tune in to The Man Show.
We Make Tha Call We Make Tha Call is Off tha wall chat about a variety of topics over phat hip-hop tracks with a new Single from THC at the end of every show
A Guy My commentary on what's caught, tweaked, angered, tickled or made me curious yellow with a Canadian point of view!
BREAKING THE da-MAN-ci CODE We are unlocking the secrets and mysteries of men in relationships...EVERYWHERE!!! Based on the critically acclaimed one man show, "The Female's Guide to Every Man," William Hale & Big Harb take a humorous exploration through relationships
Supernatural Living Lydia's Legacy is an international internet woman's ministry focused on empowering the heart of the Christian women. But men, check it out to!
GET REAL! It’s about men, but not just for men. GETREAL! is a place to find out. Find out what are you stuck in. Find out what your story is. Find out how you’re showing up in life. Share, connect, grow and act in a safe, healthy way.
TRD Video Podcast The Revolving Door is an online community featuring debate and support forums. Come find out what we're about. Spotlight
The Pulpit Series Teachings taught from the pulpit by Dr. John A. King of the Christian Leadership Center Keller, TX and the International Men's Network. These life-changing teachings will challenge you to become more than you are. For more information on the International Men's Network, visit
The King The Mission of The King’s Men Under Christ the King’s universal call to serve, we as men, pledge to unite and build up other men in the mold of leader, protector, and provider through education, formation and action
A New Conversation With Men ANCWM is a radio show that empowers men to become better husbands, fathers, lovers and friends. It is hosted by entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Michael Taylor
Harvest Church Assembly of God Harvest Church Assembly of God in Glendale Arizona Podcast
Ride the Lifetrain with Chuckie Join Chuckie Daniel as he teaches us how to laugh, cry, learn, heal and share the good life with others!
SomaCow You want news? We’ll get to it. You want music? We will pelt you with the best artists, the freshest grooves, and the juiciest jams. You’ll hear a slew of opinion, information, and comedy, interspersed with ridiculousness and tomfoolery. You’ll hear two guys seek to define what it is to be a man today, as they bring their triumphs and defeats and cast them before you like some sort of pearls. Not that you are swine - And even if you were, some of our best friends are pigs.
JJ Discusion of current events and topics that affect men's lives. Discussed strictly from the male point of view with no apologies.
JJ Discussion of current events from the male perspective. Discussions center around the often ignored biases towards men and fathers.
Failed Love Affair Coping with married life with a new husband and new surroundings.
Sunday Morning Meditations Rebecca Withey, administrative and inspirational media professional, shares her thoughts from prior episodes and her inspirational yet musical podcast called Sunday Morning Meditations.
Me Geek, You Geek Podcast A podcast on comic books and their related movies, video games and television shows. Listen to our conversations with comic book fans, as well as interviews with artists and writers.
Shooting From the Hip If you want hot pro wrestling news, well, we'll see what we can do. If you want an interesting, no holds barred look at the buisness, then we are your show!
My Brothers Keeper This podcast is to encourage men in the Christian faith.
The Pendulum Effect From Bias to Balance. The Pendulum Effect is the first podcast to deal with equalism issues - in particular gender issues - from a new and often opposing perspective. We bring you interviews with leading professionals in the broad domain of men`s issues and men's rights, including journalists, authors, scientists, lawyers, doctors, activists and others, as we explore health, violence, safety, crime and punishment, the workplace, the media, legal biases, fathers' rights and family issues, boys' rights and abuse issues, academic misandry, and lots more. Starting with gender issues, our long-term aim is to add a new perspective to areas of broad societal concern, like multiculturalism and diversity, group vs. individual rights, and the current culture of victimization and entitlement, by exploring how society deals with a diverse selection of groups.
The Chris and Frankie Show Four guys with a lot of ideas, and not enough common sense...It's the Chris and Frankie Show! New shows every Saturday, so check us out, maaaaan.
Paul The Internet Great Gathering of Men!
Real Raw Radio Visit WWW.REALRAWRADIO.COM now! From the UK every Friday! Talk/rambling comedy show hosted by Dempsey with co-hosts Richie & Clifton and occasional guests too! General crazy banter, Pranks and we talk about our real life storys and hot weird news every week. Games / Movie reviews / Video game / Porn talk / Competitions / E-mails! Chill 4 an hour... Podcast The Podcast is a talk program where we discuss the issues of today ranging from politics, music, social issues plus a whole lot more. If you need a good laugh, need to feel inspired, or just need to hear another angle on the issues of today, this is your spot.
Medscape Critical Care Latest medical news and features from Medscape Critical Care
Hollywood Unwrapped Live Hollywood Unwrapped with Jeremy Meyer is 100 proof radio for men who love women, and the women who put up with their crap.Join former sports and entertainment columnist Jeremy Meyer. Crack a beer, bring an opinion, and hang with him every thursday afternoon as he fights, laughs, jokes, and talk from the gut about sex, relationships, pop-culture, and the weirdest, most disturbing news of the day. Men today crave a radio show that can keep up with their increasingly demanding, exciting lives. They want a radio show with an irreverent voice that will make them laugh, and maybe even teach them something new. In a crowded field, Hollywood Unwrapped stands out because it’s funny, sexy, useful, and bold. Hollywood Unwrapped is a guy’s go-to guide for everything from the coolest new gadgets to the most beautiful women on the planet; from sports to the best music, movies, and TV shows. Hollywood Unwrapped arms guys with the tools to live a better life, and have more fun doing it. Hollywood Unwrapped is a Hot Talk show pertaining to topics normally found in men’s magazines like Playboy, MAXIM and FHM. Common themes of the show include celebrity interviews, sexuality, technology, entertainment, Hollywood gossip, and relationships. The target audience for the show, is men – ages 18 to 49. The show will be taped (Thursday) between 7:00 and 9:00 PM PDT at 610 Hollywood Blvd and celebrity hot spot, with Jeremy talking to all the stars and interacting with fans. This has never been done on radio before except for special events.
Hard As A Rock History Podcast Hard As A Rock Podcast is a History podcast that tells the amazing stories of the hardest men and women that have ever lived, sprinkled with a dash of humor. Each month narrator Shawn Kent tells the story that made these men and women legends for all time. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store!
Gee And Jay Radio Show The Gee And Jay Radio Show. Number One Podcast in Belfast. A weekly comedic look into the world of two men from Belfast. News, music, celebs, films, games, general pop-culture, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, usually confusing. New show every week, don't miss out, subscribe today!
Mandependence Podcast This is a show dedicated to bringing manliness back from the grave. Hosts Big Al and Taters talk about how to avoid being led astray by skinny jeans, lack of beer, and teenage vampire movies. We are a society of men hell-bent on being proud to be men. Enjoy.
The XY Files Hilarious comedy musings from two blokes locked in a bedroom for an hour. We discuss topics that you never knew people cared about, from Swedish toilet habits to critiquing which is the best down and out street beer... Special Brew or Kestrel. We give advice to a guy having an inappropriate relationship with his Auntie,and we have a rant wars. Plus we give away free stuff to our Twitter follows. XQS - The UK's foremost comedy publication called this Podcast "Side-splitting, hilarious, unmissable
The Overstand Podcast Welcome to The Overstand Podcast! This podcast will serve as an open forum where husband and wife duo Jackie and Ali, will be able to discuss various topics with no hesitation, no boundaries, and no censorship. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
The Brew: A Podcast for Bros Did you hear the one about two guys who walked into a bar........and then recorded a podcast? The Brew is a weekly podcast for bros. Hosted by Aiden Magnus and Mr. Fatman Swag. These two drinking buddies claim their place in pop culture with engaging conversation about the world through beer goggle glasses. The glass is always more than half full on The Brew.