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mathgrad podcast I discuss the mathematics behind everyday situations
Classic Mistake - Maths Podcasts and Posters Classic Mistake podcasts describe the common mistakes made by students who are learning Maths and accompany a series of posters of the same name.
Brains Matter Science, Curiosities and Knowledge
Math Mutation Welcome to Math Mutation, a podcast where we discuss fun, interesting, or just plain wierd corners of mathematics that you would not have heard in school.
PodCast Predictions PodCast Predictions made use the Psychic Theories explained in this Audio Broadcast from News Articles that surface on and News, Religion (Prediction 5), Sports (Lesson 3), TV Shows (Prediction 4), Celebrities (Prediction 5), Music (Prophecy 2), and Movies (Prediction 2). This PodCast is geared toward people who think they are Psychic, about to seek counsel from a Psychic, or would like to learn more about the Psychic and Spiritual Field (Lesson 1). The content covers the Fundamentals of Psychic Theory explaining how Psychic Abilities work from a Scientific Perspective and the basics for developing one’s abilities (Episode 1.2). It explains how Psychics are able to make Predictions (Prediction 6), Prophecies (Prophecy 1), and forecasts (Episode 1.2). This PodCast shows a scientific explanation for Psychic Phenomenon that is rarely explained clearly (Episode 1.2) regarding PSYCHIC RSS FEEDS (Lesson 1). This Psychic Training is especially geared toward Computer Programmers and Left-Brained or Logical Thinking people (Episode 2). It also shows how real Cryptanalysis is done by Robert Langdon in DA VINCI CODE (Episode 2). We will also cover TV Shows like CHUCK (Prediction 2), STAR TREK (Prophecy 2), SMALLVILLE (Prediction 1), and REAPER (Prediction 5). Advanced Level Training is offered to people who want a more thorough explanation of THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne (Lesson 3). Having a basic understanding of Algebra is helpful, but not necessary.
Travels in a Mathematical World A podcast from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA). Episodes include mathematicians talking about their work, maths history and maths news. For more info and show notes visit
History of Maths and x A mathematics podcast of talks given in the series History of Maths and x by Peter Rowlett. Giving mathematical histories of various topics, x. For more info visit
The Woodson Files The Woodson Files is a new, hour-long, radio program that focuses on developments in STEM and STEM education and the importance of those developments to people of African descent.