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Peachtree Presbyterian Church Sermons A weekly sermon from Peachtree Presbyterian Church, located in Atlanta, Georgia.
The Chris Vaughn Show The web presence of Chris Vaughn's Comedy. Each 30 to 120 second show is here for your enjoyment. Chris draws upon the "life lessons" he has encountered as a speaker, writer, camp director, comedian, and talk-radio host, to impart principles that are easily remembered, and applied.
Indieheaven Radio The best Christian Indie Music you've never heard from artists from Founder, Keith Mohr DJs the show.
Vid-Ricco Presents... See what can be done with iMovie and a bit of an imagination. This is a collection of fun videos. Many are from Japan (and other places) as captured by Rich Dupuis, a Canadian English teacher living in Japan. Some of the videos are comedic, some are cultural, while others touch on the spiritual, all are entertaining.
Kevin & Melinda Berg from Living the Purpose Speaking Ministries Weekly 10-15 minute inspirational message from Kevin & Melinda Berg. As Melinda translates Kevin's words, they share messages of joy and purpose through Kevin's experiences as a man with a severe physical disability, Cerebral Palsy. People in churches, camps, retreats, conferences, schools, and many other places have had their lives forever changed by this couple.
Breaktime with Earl and LuAnn Breaktime with Earl and LuAnn Gardner is a daily 15 minute break from your normal routine. Learn to think outside the box with principles geared at increasing your quality of life.
8quotes - Motivational Quote Podcast produces a regular audio podcast which features 8 motivational or famous quotes.
Soul Fish - Your Time Has Come Our audio and videocast are designed to meet people where they are in life. We deliver simple to understand, yet powerful messages that have the potential to change you life today. Be encouraged and experience unprecedented growth and freedom in all areas of your life as you move forward with the basic principles given in each message.
myGodPod myGodPod offers daily “Devotions on the Go.” A unique subscription-based service, it allows Christians to download original devotional content to enrich the practice of their faith. Each day, subscribers receive up to 40 minutes of Bible and other readings, contemplative prayer and Christian music, allowing them to “dock and walk.” They also enjoy full access to the myGodPod archives. For more information:
Life Lessons From The Bible Inspirational, devotional, faith building, and encouraging sermons by Kenneth Morvant Minister
In His Presence In His Presence is an inspirational, scriptural based weekly devotional program from None Like Him Anywhere
Happy Wednesday Podcast A weekly midweek boost of inspirational quotes and tips to inspire you, make you laugh or be just the right thing you need to hear at this time in your life. features a collection of motivational and inspirational quotes accomapnied by unique and enlightening meanings.
Fighting Back Podcast Inspirational stories of people and families fighting a serious or incurable disease.
Energy Of The Spirit A podcast channel designed to rejuvenate, refresh and renew the spirit with focus on getting connected, and having interest and encouragement in the lives of others and ourselves.
Entrepreneur In The Making This podcast is meant to be a source of motivation, inspiration, and education for the average person that wants to venture into the world of Entrepreneurship. Jerry and Joey are on your side and are applying the changes in their lives right along with you. The main focus is the study of books that help define the most effective attitudes and habits for entrepreneurs. This podcast is one of a kind and should not be passed up by anyone looking for personal development.
The Steve and Kathy Show Finally! Christian TV that connects the un-churched, the un-saved, and the un-interested to Hope and a Future! The very people who need to experience the power of the Gospel are not walking through most church doors. This show is a unique, God-inspired way to reach those people with a medium they can relate to. "This is the show you can watch with your unsaved friends and relatives and laugh together, love together and get them connected to the Kingdom of God." What the Steve & Kathy show effectively accomplishes through 30 minutes of inspiration and fun is nothing short of brilliant. They are building a bridge to the un-saved, the un-churched, and the un-interested by connecting them with truth they can grab hold of. It helps them cross over from the "everybody''s a hypocrite" perception to a new idea that maybe "not everybody wants to be." Viewers see real people just like themselves who are un-religious, un-pious, and un-pretentious. Bold! Risky! Yet the Steve & Kathy show is exactly what it will take to reach this generation with the television medium they can relate to.
St. Benedict “E-cast,” or “Episcopal Cast.” is a web-based ministry of St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Atlanta. Each week, we will bring you a short meditative moment to hopefully give you a space to re-center, renew, and re-ground yourself within God and within the Community. It can be so difficult to find quiet times, time for ideas and questions, for faith and wondering. It is our prayer that this weekly “E-cast” meets you where you are and offers you nourishing nuggets of faith.
ISIS Paranormal Radio ISIS Paranormal Investigations has now established the all new ISIS Paranormal Radio Show! Dayna Winters and Patricia Gardner are now your co-hosts as we journey into the world of magick, into the realm of the unexplained, into paranormal dimensions!
AWOL Authors WithOut Limits Barbara Bauer, a literary agent, presents a podcast from the Barbara Bauer Literary Agency featuring the agency's authors and their works, stories, interviews, readings and discussions of a variety of literary work and topics related to the publishing industry and the business of literary agents. A premiere podcast of the newest and best living literary talent from all over the world..
Nubia Goddess Rising Imakhu hosts/produces NUBIA GODDESS RISING, which honors African traditions (incuding Kemetic) , global metaphysical principles, and the return of the Mother Goddess energy to the planet. You'll never meet a Nubian Renaissance Wise Woman like this one! Imakhu, known worldwide as "Water Woman" and "Renegade Wise Woman", refuses to fit into boxes. She is a veteran performer, visual artist, and Kemetic Elder High Priestess. Her popular acoustic music CD, "Water Woman: Organic Flow, " includes Imakhu's African drumming, folk guitar, singing, and storytelling. Imakhu's newest mp3 is her version of the traditional pagan chant, EARTH MY BODY (available at . As an ordained minister and Elder High Priestess, Imakhu has provided acclaimed Kemetic spiritual and metaphysical info to the community through her lecture mp3 downloads and her ebook, "The Cowrie Blessings Book: Nu Afrakan Words of Wisdom." A proud African Goth Witch, Imakhu is doing much to dispel the myths and prejudices about pagan/earth spirituality, and teaches about their African origins. As a nganga (healer) of the Shona/Ndebele tradition, Imakhu is faithful to her commission to build bridges of understanding between people. She uses the Internet radio station she founded in 2005, AKERU Global Radio (now RENEGADE WISE WOMAN RADIO) , as a vehicle for grassroots activists, eclectic artists, cultural discussions, green living, holistic health, vegan/vegetarianism, metaphysics, and entertainment. Imakhu is co-founder of Sacred Shrine of Mwt Ast/True Living Waters Ministries.
Life Champion Motivational Interviews With Clint Cora Motivational inspirational interviews about achieving success and overcoming life challenges with self help author and Karate World Champion Clint Cora
Dose of Motivation By Clint Cora Monthly motivation success tips by motivational speaker, author and Karate World Champion Clint Cora
GreenPlexus Radio A consistent spirited mix of eclectic hip hop, jazz, instrumentals, old school funk with new electronic underground hip hop sounds. Listen to enjoy the pure energy of these sounds and experience the whole mix.
Voice of Hope Voice of hope and encouragement in this turbulent world. In this world, there are lots of circumstances, events, and things that can make us lose hope, courage, and focus in life. Voice of Hope is meant to help us keep hope alive, and to stay focused and committed to our God given vision. Listen to this podcast with an mind and heart, and with great expectancy. And it will surprise you what God will do in your life. Nothing is beyond God! God richly bless you.
A Fine Time for Healing A sanctuary for your emotional wellbeing. Show host and author Randi G. Fine discusses life-s topics that heal and enhance our life experience.
Fresh Meat. Cold Beer Milestones and lessons from my life "A small town girl evolution into womanhood". The good the bad and the ugly of getting married young, and being a single successful corporate career woman raising a young boy. It is never a dull moment.
Stories of the Journey Home storytelling podcast Join English Storyteller Leo Sofer on a journey that may change the way you see the world around you. Intricately woven, these stories address such themes as personal growth, spirituality, and mindfulness. Leo tells stories which invite his listeners into a realm of infinite potential where life''s inner treasures can be found. Here, the keys to greater peace, happiness, love, and fulfillment lie waiting in store. Download free monthly podcasts, buy stories individually, or subscribe for access t
John Maxwell: A Minute With Maxwell Words are an essential part of communication and leadership. Subscribe to John Maxwell's "A Minute With Maxwell" video podcast to gain insight on a different word every single day, add value and make a difference in your life. John Maxwell is an author, coach, speaker, teacher and leadership communication expert. To learn more, subscribe via email, tell a friend or to suggest your very own word visit:
Inspirational Podcast l Kris Gilbertson Show Inspirational Podcast: Experts agree that the Best and Fastest way to success is to emulate what already successful people do. This is exactly what we unveil on this inspirational podcast through Expert and Millionaire interviews and Key business topics to help set you miles apart from the competitiong. Go now to to learn more about how to explode your brand and business through the power of podcasting!
Psychic Spin Let Psychic Spin show you how to follow your intuition and discover a deeper connection within yourself, your relationships, and your world.
Daily Meditations Positive and inspirational affirmations and meditations designed to help you overcome depression, stress, anxiety and over-eating. Narrated by Sonya Triggs-Wharton, Life Coach, and set to relaxing music, these meditations will help you find your balance, increase your self-esteem and accept yourself exactly the way you are. Find peace, contentment and increase the positive energy with these meditations.
The Daily Drink A Daily Audio Podcast by Malik Edwards to inspire and comfort.
The Rain Forecast The Rain Forecast, a weekly program with Rev Tony, tackles topics that often keep us drowning in situations we were meant to walk through. This broadcast helps the sick to get well, the blind to see, and the weak to become body builders. "Rain Walk" with Rev Tony as he teaches us all to strive in the rain, instead of survive. "Like" us on Facebook at: Follow Us On Twitter @RevTonyWAU
The Duane Jackson Theory Covering UFC, Lifestyle, Rap, Theory and Current Events Original modeled after the Joe Rogan Experience
Crossing Over with the Angels Crossing Over with the Angels is a weekly internet radio show that strives to bring a variety of spiritual topics to our listeners. Each week we feature different guests from around the Country to enlighten, inspire and uplift our audience. We are proud of the diversity in guests that we bring to the show; from psychic mediums, animal tarot card readers, and paranormal experts to beautiful messages of God's unconditional love and psychic chord cutting sessions.
Be Grateful Anyway Be Grateful Anyway is a short bi weekly motivational podcast, set to upbeat jazz music, to help encourage and inspire you to persevere each and every day.
Big Wig Nation Find your purpose and unleash the awesomeness within you! Join Entrepreneur and Musician, Darrin Bentley, as he speaks with some of the most inspiring, creative, and successful people on the planet. Each episode delivers a wealth of knowledge and insight on the subject of success and how to achieve it in YOUR life! No more excuses! Are you up to the challenge?
OWN Church Pur Inspiration PUR Inspiration Reach you full potential. Enjoy our daily motivational power packed insights to help you achieve unprecedented SUCCESS! Our manuscript has been put together by ultra wealth, world leader and monarchies of old. These ancient insights will have a profound impact on your daily success.
Extraordinary On Purpose Rachel Renata is the true face of inspiration. As a speaker, writer, empowerment coach, and professional consultant, Rachel Renata has devoted her life to inspiring others to live out their purpose and their dreams with courage and faith. In 2005, at just age 25, Rachel Renata became the founder and CEO of Project Compassion, NFP (PC-NFP), Belleville, Illinois.
Your Life Now radio show with Coach Rea Your Life now Radio show brings you powerful resources and effective tips to help you live your best life ever. Your host Coach Rea is a Certified Business/Life Coach with passion to help make the difference in the world.
Can-Do Radio Can-Do Radio showcases music from artists living with a disability from all over the world.