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RevTim Podcast Bringing hope through real-life discussion and experiences. Inspiration, absolutely real, fun, interesting, and ... positive. This is a Podcast that will make you think and you will enjoy it's content.
Hermit in the City A reflection on Scripture given by the Lectionary of the Catholic Church for the upcomng Sunday. The reflections are set upon a rich sound palette.
Your Voice, by Encouraging Audiobooks Variety podcast, covering Business, Inspiration, Faith and Entertainment
Praystation Portable-Catholic Liturgy of the Hours With this podcast, you can turn any portable mediaplayer into a 'Praystation Portable '. When you subscribe to the feed, you'll be able to download a daily morning and evening prayer that you can take with you on the road. The prayers are taken from the catholic Liturgy of the Hours. - Online Events Audio Podcast Insightful online events about practical spirituality.
Songs from the Word Original Scripture songs and Bible-based commentary by singer/songwriter Cheryl Rogers of Tampa, Florida.
Fundamental Shift Bringing our awareness to some small things can bring a fundamental shift. A fundamental shift allows for a new way of being.
Yes You Can! Your 5 minutes of daily encouragement for a change. Tune in for motivation inspiration and support for success in making an important change, to improve your work and life...or just to remember how wonderful you really are. Joseph Liberti, EQ Coach and master teacher shares tips, stories, quotes and wisdom. For more information about liberating your authentic power through emotional intelligence visit the author at
LifePoint Community Church Audio Sermons Listen to solid Bible teaching from LifePoint Community Church in Greenville, SC. These weekly sermons will encourage you and challenge you to deepen your walk with the Lord. Thanks for stopping by!
Daily Reflections A daily lectionary based Bible teaching.
Soul Fish - Your Time Has Come Our audio and videocast are designed to meet people where they are in life. We deliver simple to understand, yet powerful messages that have the potential to change you life today. Be encouraged and experience unprecedented growth and freedom in all areas of your life as you move forward with the basic principles given in each message.
BizIII BizIII is a three minute daily podcast filled with ideas, information and inspiration to help you make more money.
Wayne Geiger The preaching ministry of Wayne Geiger
Everyday Giving Radio Provides interviews that inspire you to give back in new ways and make the world a better place
Time to think Insightful daily radio programs by Dr. D. Paul Reilly designed to Educate, Inspire and Motivate people to discover their unique talents, inborn greatness and ultimate potential.
Beauty for Ashes women Ladies, this free, weekly email devotional will encourage you with insights from the Bible especially for women. Let "Beauty for Ashes" help you discover the treasure that God sees in you! " bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." (Isaiah 61:3) If you would rather receive this weekly devotional via email, simply go to and sign up. It only takes a minute and is free!
Daily Devotions by Delivered Monday through Friday, our devotions are the perfect companion to your time in the Word. Biblical, consistent, and with over three years of back content, is a great resource for everyone. Check us out on the web at
Winning at Working Your work results will change when you transform a win philosophy into a winning one. Nan Russell shares her winning philosophies and lessons learned the hard way with you every other week. From minimum wage employee to Vice President of a $4.4 billion dollar company, Nan offers real-world career insights and insider tips that you can use to live your life’s potential. Currently working on her first book, Winning at Working: 10 Lessons Shared, today Nan is a columnist, writer and speaker.
Meditations from Carmel The short meditations in this podcast come directly from the treasury of writings of the great Carmelite Saints including St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Therese of Lisieux, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, St. Teresa of the Andes, Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection, St. Teresa Benedicta and many more. We are hopeful that these reflections will inspire you to take up the practice or prayer in your life!
Mustard Seed Podcast Short, daily devotional read by author
Religion, Politics & Other Stuff Judaism, Israel, Inspiration, Kabbalah and the trials and tribulations of life.
joyrise one song and one quote to lift your spirits in 5 minutes!
Elsie This podcast is inspiring, fun, joyfull and uplifting live and unplugged yoga classes taught by yoga teacher Elsie Escobar. Classes range from strong beginners to advanced, 1 hr to 1 hr and 15 min. You never know what's coming but it always proves to be a blast! Strap on your seatbelts and go for the ride!
Inspiration-Sounds Dramatised spiritual stories. In each episode we will offer you a new episode, wonderfully simple and often on a topic common to us all, to make you laugh or even cry, but to ultimately offer through words and sounds new insights into the fabric of our everyday reality: at times striking moments of unparalled truth.
Conscious Creating Conscious Creating™ is a one-hour talk show celebrating the art of inspired living by exploring the lives of highly creative individuals. Each week host Sara Robinson engages in lively, substantive conversation with a diverse group of distinguished guests from the arts, sciences, and humanities to explore the creative life. Ms. Robinson''s career as a professional actor, director, teacher, and writer and many years of independent scholarship in the fields of art, history, philosophy, psychology, religion, contemporary spirituality, and women''s studies provide her with skills and knowledge for making meaningful connections to her guests.
Success Live with Donald Gordon Carty Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "it is time that we had uncommon schools, that we did not leave off our education when we begin to be men and women." Through the words of this collection of lectures you are about to enter an "uncommon school," one designed to provide you with valuable information that will fill a large gap in your life and your instructors are, without question, the greatest faculty ever assembled to teach the subject of success and how to achieve it. Napoleon Hill, Dorothea Brande, Charles F. Haanel, Wallace D. Wattles, Genevieve Behrend, Thomas Troward, James Allen, Russell H. Conwell, William W. Atkinson, Theron Q. Dumont, Ernest Holmes, Mildred Mann, Kahlil Gibran, Marcus Aurelius, -these are only some of the brilliant minds who have been gathered together for the first time in history in the fulfillment of the dream I have had for many years-to publish the ultimate audio success library were only the acknowledged masters of that subject were made available to counsel and teach and guide you. Over the weeks and months to follow you will be presented with a myriad of success ideas, suggestions and concepts. History is filled with stories of individuals who dated a new era in their lives from a single idea. May your name, youthful listener, eventually be added to that already impressive and glorious list. But-it's all up to you. No one else can live your life for you. No one else can succeed for you!
SoUL Ministries Podcast We seek to promote understanding, harmony and love among people by emphasizing what is universal in the teachings of the many paths and faith traditions. We have chosen to learn about, respect and appreciate the diversity paths to Oneness, and to look for the universal truth contained in each one. We are dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of all those who seek our guidance, counsel, and assistance, without regard to race, religion, socio economic status, sexual orientation, ethnic background, gender or age. We are committed to personal, professional, spiritual, and ethical integrity and growth of all people, and in holding ourselves and each other accountable for "walking the talk" as ministers, guides, and teachers. "People say that what they are seeking is a Meaning for Life. I believe that what we are seeking is an Experience for Being Alive"
High Holy Days Inspiration, Motivation and Kabbalah of the High Holy Days: Elul to Simchat Torah.
Inspirational Success Tips About my bi-weekly ezine "Inspirational Success Tips" which applies Gods principles for success in business and in life
Happy Wednesday Podcast A weekly midweek boost of inspirational quotes and tips to inspire you, make you laugh or be just the right thing you need to hear at this time in your life.
Asialakay Music Exotic Hip Hop Beats produced by Asialakay Web Media.
The Startup Studio Spotlighting extraordinary entrepreneurs who open our minds to the possibilities in life
Xtraordinary Living Interviews, articles, insights and resources to help you lead an extraordinary life!
Question of the Week-inspiration and indie labels Life's most meaningful question answered on the streets of New York. Join Nick and Kathryn as they scour New York City in search of the most provocative, truthful, funny, meaningful, funny, surprising and honest anwers to's Question of the Week...all to the tune of the funky, fantastic musical stylings of a score of independent musicians....
A New Conversation With Men ANCWM is a radio show that empowers men to become better husbands, fathers, lovers and friends. It is hosted by entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Michael Taylor features a collection of motivational and inspirational quotes accomapnied by unique and enlightening meanings.
Ride the Lifetrain with Chuckie Join Chuckie Daniel as he teaches us how to laugh, cry, learn, heal and share the good life with others!
International Artist Debut Radio This podcast channel will debut entertainers from every artistic venue who will help to inspire, uplift and motivate you to want to make a positive change in your community.
Your Story : How We Play the Game of Life There are amazing stories and something interesting in the lives of everyone as we journey through and play the game of life. In Your Story we travel through the personal lives of people with words of inspiration, interesting facts and dreams which combined are the lesson plans for the stories of our lives. Sometimes it’s just a good yarn.
Entrepreneur In The Making This podcast is meant to be a source of motivation, inspiration, and education for the average person that wants to venture into the world of Entrepreneurship. Jerry and Joey are on your side and are applying the changes in their lives right along with you. The main focus is the study of books that help define the most effective attitudes and habits for entrepreneurs. This podcast is one of a kind and should not be passed up by anyone looking for personal development.
Motivating Articles has several authors who have posted articles on a variety of topics. Many of them are by well known authors and are very helpful.
Girlfriendology - inspiration, appreciation & celebration of girlfriends Girlfriendology is a place for inspiration, appreciation and celebration of girlfriends. Girlfriend authors and experts are interviewed in our podcasts, as well as inspirational female friendship stories and reminders.
Conversations to Change The World Interviewing people to spread greater awareness of all the fantastic people and organizations which are doing meaningful work
Podcast Potpourri A Potpourri is a mixture of flowers, herbs and spices. Podcast Potpourri is a mixture of topics that will inspire, excite and educate you. We share topics that are varied and unique from alternative health and green topics, to topics that are metaphysical and Spiritual in nature. Become part of our Potpourri!
Find Your True Purpose The most important step you will take in your quest for an extraordinary life; including greater wealth, greater contribution, greater happiness and the freedom to live life on your terms is finding your true purpose. Learn more and get involved. Visit
A Perfect Opportunity for Bold People Here is the perfect opportunity for bold people who wants to abundance in the world. Enroll in James Ray’s Science of Success program on ConsciousOne and get a free copy of James’ New York Times Best selling book “Harmonic Wealth”. Learn more at
Daily Devotional Moments Daily Christian based inspirations - sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always with a message of hope!
John Assaraf A podcast dedicated to helping people reach their goals and dreams through the power of visualization and intention, using vision boards, self affirmations, and mediation. Johnn Assaraf is a mega successful entrepreneur and featured teacher from The Secret, who has built mutli-million dollar companies in real estate, internet software, and business growth services. Listen to get tips of how to develop your mindset and personal ss to achieve your dreams and live an extraordinary life. Go to to download a free chapter from John's new book, The Complete Vision Board Kit.
Rev Hope Live! Christian Inspiration Motivation
Paradigms Paradigms is a radio show which explores the question "What visions do you have of a viable future for life on Earth, including humans?" combining interviews and music.
BetterListen! Wisdom & Wellness Podcast The Better Listen! Wisdom and Wellness Podcast features ideas and inspiration from some of the world's outstanding thinkers, teachers, authors, and healers. Download podcasts here and visit to connect with your self and our online community.
Second Half Christians With Greg and Margaret Fisher With the Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement, Greg and Margaret Fisher are challenging the Boomers to the pretense of self absorption do something significant to help those in need. They believe that you can re-connect with your God given purpose for life.
Voice of Hope Voice of hope and encouragement in this turbulent world. In this world, there are lots of circumstances, events, and things that can make us lose hope, courage, and focus in life. Voice of Hope is meant to help us keep hope alive, and to stay focused and committed to our God given vision. Listen to this podcast with an mind and heart, and with great expectancy. And it will surprise you what God will do in your life. Nothing is beyond God! God richly bless you.
This Little Parent Stayed Home Moms and Dads looking to bring one parent home to stay with their children in an age when 2 incomes are vital for a family's survival are finding their inspiration through activist and motivator, Ally Loprete, your radio host of This Little Parent Stayed Home. Together we are rebuilding a new economy that will support us rather than enslave us. Never again, will we have to choose between raising our children and earning to provide for them. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Being able to afford the luxury of keeping one parent home has become one of the most widely common goals in families across America today, yet most families don’t believe its possible to survive on only one income. “This Little Parent” speaks to BOTH parents in a way that encourages coming together as a family unit- so that you are able to provide for your children in the best way possible for your family. Join host, Ally Loprete as she leads us in a new revolution by helping us to realize the reality of our potential, and the potential for a better reality! Weekly on Friday's at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST
Miracles Talks - ACIM and Current Topics by Rev. Larry Bendini Spiritual and Inspirational Miracles talks by Rev. Larry Bedini from San Francisco.
Making Mountains Move! Chuck Morrison from delivers content-driven motivational and inspirational podcasts helping people live to their highest potential.
The Real Time Possibilities Podcast Twitter is a wonderful tool to find out what people are saying. This podcast will simply use the search term “possibilities” and talk about what people are saying. What are the real time possibilities? This show will explore just that.
Living Life on Purpose with Todd Oswald Todd Oswald has helped and motivated people just like you to stop letting life happen and start Living Life on Purpose. Additional information available at
Every Day Is Saturday If you want to learn the inner secrets of monetizing your passion, Sam Crowley's message is a must. Sam Crowley is a former fortune 100 utive who launched the global brand Every Day Is Saturday to empower entrepreneurs to eliminate Mondays from their life. Sam wit, humor and no nonsense approach will inspire you to leave Averageville and making every day Saturday!
Master Your Mountains Master Your Mountains is a podcast designed to offer motivation, inspiration, encouragement, self-help and personal development topics to its listeners.
World Footprints Travel & Lifestyle Radio Award-winning WORLD FOOTPRINTS celebrates responsible travel, culture and heritage. Leaders in socially-conscious travel, hosts Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick bring a unique voice to the world of travel. World Footprints Travel Radio and the World Footprints network provides programming with a mission to inspire purposeful travel. From raising awareness on issues like cultural heritage preservation, diplomacy, global citizenship and authentic travel experiences, to sustainable tourism practices, human rights issues, fair trade principles and peace through tourism initiatives, World Footprints is much more than a general travel show; it’s an educational experience. Join us for fascinating interviews with celebrities, authors and newsmakers about their transformative travel experiences. Explore unique destinations and travel niches and receive the latest information about legislation impacting your travel. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter and connect with us on twitter @WorldFootprints, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Wishing you blue skies and purposeful travel!
TEworks-This Is Your Motivating Moment To all visionaries who refuse to follow the status quo, this podcast is designed specifically for you. Listen while you work, drive, exercise etc. Stay religiously motivated. This is YOUR motivating moment... In service, Otishia "Ms. Tish" Emmens Founder and CEO of TEworks "Find your talent and work it until something is produced" Otishia Emmens
Einfacher Trick um mehr zu behalten vom Lesestoff Einfacher Trick um mehr zu behalten vom Lesestoff Nach 5 Minuten Pause beim Lesen Tom Freudenthal Gründer von „Centered Learning“ hat praxiserprobte Lösungen entwickelt für schnelleres Lernen und Lesen. In diesem Video bekommen Sie eine erste Probe zum Verbessern Ihrer Lerntechnik. Warum vergisst man so viel von dem, was man gelesen hat? Direkt nach dem Lesen behält man meistens 50%, wenn überhaupt. Nach weiteren zwei Tagen bleiben vielleicht noch 10% übrig oder vielleicht auch gar nichts mehr. Die Lösung ist, dass Sie sich während des Lesens von wichtigem Stoff einfach ab und zu eine Pause gönnen und zwar sinnvollerweise zwischen drei und fünf Minuten.
Die größte Falle beim Lesen und Lernen Die größte Falle, die es gibt beim Thema Lernen, wenn man jetzt selbstbestimmt lernt, ist, dass man liest und liest und liest und liest und lernt und lernt und nie aufhört und nie was damit macht. Die Lösung ist natürlich als Erstes mal den Zyklus zwischen Wissensaufnahme und Anwendung zu verkürzen, das heißt, an irgendeinem Punkt mal Stopp zu sagen und zu sagen, so jetzt reicht‘s, jetzt fange ich mal an, was damit zu machen.
The CreativeLife podcast with Jenny Yang The CreativeLife podcast with Jenny Yang is a free, weekly audio file download about the art, business, & soul of living the creative life. Founded in May, 2011, each hour-long podcast features real conversations with established and up-and-coming creatives, and real advice for creative entrepreneurs charting unexpected paths. Think of it as your very own Do-It-Yourself joint Masters degree in Fine Arts and Business Administration or a DYI MFA/MBA…if you will.
TalkJogRun offers training tips, interviews, inspirational stories and general gossip for walkers, joggers, runners and anyone else trying to keep fit. WalkJogRun also has an app in the app store, be sure to check it out! Get a free account and visit us at
BrightLounge BrightLounge is a relaxed video podcast about design, startups and technology. Each episode we travel to a new country to interview inspiring creative people around the world. We learn the stories of passionate designers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. As designers we share our experience and opinions on UX design, technology companies, new applications and more. BrightLounge was d by Velora Studios, a multimedia design studio based in Philadelphia.
Rise Beyond It’s the same tem that gives us a choice everyday to either rise beyond our limits or live within them but it is our capability to rise beyond these limits that gives us the ability to become great and achieve our highest potential as human beings.
Learn how to interpret your dreams with dream expert Kari Hohne Dreams reveal an understanding of who you are and where you are going, as if some part of your mind knows you better than you know yourself. Join author and dream analyst Kari Hohne in this inspirational podcast series that will teach you how to interpret your dreams to discover your life path.
Inspirational Podcast l Kris Gilbertson Show Inspirational Podcast: Experts agree that the Best and Fastest way to success is to emulate what already successful people do. This is exactly what we unveil on this inspirational podcast through Expert and Millionaire interviews and Key business topics to help set you miles apart from the competitiong. Go now to to learn more about how to explode your brand and business through the power of podcasting!
Tim and Simon: Mentor! Tim and Simon provide you with a mentoring service, helping you achieve goals, realise dreams, and overcome problems. Should you require Tim and Simon: Mentor!, email [email protected] Caution: all advice is purely for purposes of mirth, and is not to be taken literally.
Psychic Spin Let Psychic Spin show you how to follow your intuition and discover a deeper connection within yourself, your relationships, and your world.
Messgage to the World Sometimes we get lost in the everyday business of living but actually forget to live. The Message to the World Podcast provides timely reminders of the important things in life, inspiration and motivation to live our lives fully as we were born to do.
Divine Living Today Discover the art of divine living with psychic medium and destiny coach Anthon St Maarten. Tune in today to find your true destiny, awaken your soul purpose and manifest a truly awakened and abundant life.
Scrapbooking Inspiration Podcast Join Melissa Shanhun as she shares inspiration and interviews from scrapbookers, crafters, photographers and other creative fields.
Deborah Barron Inspiration and advice for women on living a full and happy life!
RCM Live Restoration Christian Ministries present RCM Live with Pastor John Bazemmore, Jr. and Co-Pastor Darlene Bazemore. Every Sunday is a fresh word from the Lord to encourage us throughout the week, including our Fourth Sermon with First Lady series.
The Rain Forecast The Rain Forecast, a weekly program with Rev Tony, tackles topics that often keep us drowning in situations we were meant to walk through. This broadcast helps the sick to get well, the blind to see, and the weak to become body builders. "Rain Walk" with Rev Tony as he teaches us all to strive in the rain, instead of survive. "Like" us on Facebook at: Follow Us On Twitter @RevTonyWAU
The 7 Big Questions A number of years ago, I had made a hash of my life & ended up where I didn't want to be. I then sat down & did an introspective retrospective & looked at the choices that got me to where I was. I then developed The 7 Big Questions that I answered & applied to my life. My life changed dramatically & I now have control over my life & the direction it's heading in & that is a great feeling. See what The 7 Big Questions can do for you. It's your choice! Always has been, always will be.
Defy The Odds with Johnny Arreola Become who you were born to be & Live The Life You Deserve.
Dose of Leadership The Dose of Leadership Podcast is the ultimate resource of inspiring & educational interviews with relevant and motivating leaders; real-life leadership & influence experts who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of the truth, common sense, & courageous leadership. The podcast will include leaders from all aspects of life; business leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, military heroes, faith based leaders - all will be highlighted on the Dose of Leadership Podcast.
Transforming Monday Transforming Monday is all about transforming your Mondays through improving your communication, increasing your self confidence, and assisting you in being more decisive. Whether you want to be a better communicator, learn how to deal with difficult people, get along better with your coworkers, finally figure out how to ask for that raise, be a better parent, a better spouse, or even change your life completely, there’s something for you here at Transforming Monday.
Sherry Shone Show I’m Sherry Shone. The Shiny Shot to Your Ambition!!! If you need some laughter for the day, a kick in the pants or to learn something new - I have the Shot to Ambition. Do you need to rise? Are you tired of being told what to do and now want to do it. Then come on board and let's give you the tools. Each week my guests will discuss spirituality, politics, metaphysics, religions, controversy and sex. We will discuss it all freely, unashamed. I welcome you to be Shone the way. I give you weekly Sh
Studium mit Rückenwind Sie wollen bessere Noten im Studium? Oder, wollen Sie entspannter studieren UND zugleich erfolgreich? Dann sind Sie hier richtig! Dieser Podcast für Studierende inspiriert und motiviert. Er gibt neuen Mut und bringt Schwung in Ihr Studium. Er hilft Ihnen effizienter und müheloser zu lernen und dabei, das Studium, Prüfungen, Ihre eigenen Fähigkeiten und Ihr Entwicklungs-Potenzial mit neuen Augen zu betrachten.
The One You Feed It takes Conscious, Constant and Creative effort to make a life worth living. Interviews with thought leaders, authors, musicians and artists on how they feed their good wolf. Based on the parable of the Two Wolves. Get more happiness, kindness, wisdom, optimism, insight and inspiration in your life.
Spiritual Insights with Charlotte Spicer - Spirituality & Metaphysics Talk Radio Each week, tens of thousands of listeners tune in for inspiration and ways to cultivate peace in their lives through discussions on Spirituality & Metaphysics. Featured topics are A Course in Miracles, Dream Interpretation, The Psychic & Metaphysics Free-For-All, Inspiring Authors, Spiritual Teachers, and discussions on a variety of Metaphysical topics. Whatever your interests, we have something to offer. Want to Change Your Life? You must first Change Your Mind! Tune in Today! ~Charlotte.
The Marianna Show Real people, real problems. We discuss real topics that affect everyone. And we discuss them honestly and openly. There are no limits, no filter.
Yoga Weisheit Videos bezüglich Yoga,Ayurveda,Meditation,Ernährung und Entspannung von Ram Pakki,Indischer Yogi. Mehr Infos unter:
The Alecia Lawrence Show Alecia Lawrence is a speaker, trainer, seminar leader and Super Awesome Magic Creator from Alecia Understands It’s Not Just Your Running Shoes That are Worn Out From Running the Rat Race! Many episodes focus on easy to implement techniques, Words of motivation and insights which share with you the power of decisions. Subscribe below for instant motivation to keep you living inspired to have your best life. Send your questions and feedback to Contact(at)
Entrepreneur By Faith Inspiring and encouraging interviews with successful Christian Entrepreneurs.
Young Fly Sanctified Radio We are on a mission to empower, encourage and equip the people of God. Stay tuned for biblical teachings, interviews and testimonies.
MTNmeister MTNmeister, a five day-a-week podcast hosted by Russell Wilcox and Ben Schenck, presents interviews with today’s most extreme, successful, and inspiring people in the outdoors. In a half hour, you’ll explore the training, mental stamina, physical ability, and psychological strength that it takes to become a MTNmeister.
Talks with startup founders sharing their real startup stories Through these startup stories podcast we hope to inspire you and shape your thinking on various entrepreneurial topics such as choosing startup ideas and starting own business, market and product validation, startup growth and growth-hacking, and getting funding, venture capital, angel investors and pitching; but also wider topics such startup incubators and accelerators, startup events and startup communities around the world. We hope you will get inspired from the talks wi
Confessions of a Lifestyle Preneur Confessions of a LifestylePreneur is the show that helps YOU, the eventual Lifestyle Entrepreneur, turn the information inside of what you KNOW, DO or LOVE into a lifestyle business that allows you to live a fulfilled live and inspire others. If you’re ready to turn your passion into profit and earn extra income by creating a lifestyle business that allows you to live an inspired and purpose-filled life; then Confessions of a LifestylePreneur is the show for you.
ZEN commuter Are you getting ready to start your day? Heading into the car for the daily commute? Why not sit back and use your drive time for introspection time. Host Thom Ws makes your trip to work or errands peaceful and motivational. Each day Monday through Friday Thom will talk about a topic geared to moving your forward in your life. Balance, stress relief and self confidence are just a few of the 260 topics that will be covered this year. Start moving yourself and your happiness forward with
The Changing Minds Online Show Join us on Thursdays at 9PM EST for The Empowering Women Series and Sundays at (949) 203-4763 or!
Power Up Living with Kelly Galea Power Up Living is here to help you tap into your power and use it to enjoy better living. Our radio show features original content from the host, Kelly Galea, plus interviews with guest experts in a variety of areas including business, personal growth, design & decor, spirituality & mindset, relationships, money & finance, health & nutrition, and more. Kelly is a crusader for creative expression, helping seekers and doers find more freedom, flexibility and fun in life and business.
Raised to Walk Podcast Raised to Walk is a reference to Romans 6:4, "" . . . as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life." Christ died for our reconciliation with the Father, not only in regards to eternal salvation, but so that we could live a life transformed: free from the bondage of fear and oppression. The podcast episodes, as well as the articles on the site, cover different aspects of what that actually means.
I Like Giving A collection of stories from around the world about people who have done the unexpected without expecting anything in return.
The Bucket List Life with Kenyon Salo We are on a mission to help you a successful life from your passion. You will gain immediate tools, tips, and life insights from these powerful stories, introspective conversations and 'life-tested' trainings that are shared through The Bucket List Life. As we constantly learn from others, help those in need and experience the world around us, we are then able to link arms with each other and become a greater community.
This Damn World This Damn World with Dom & Jenn Is a long form conversational podcast with topics ranging from news, life, and all things creative. TDW aims to be the entertaining outlet for your dose of humor, education, and inspiration.