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Vinyl Podcast Fair use of forgotten music. Each show features a song from Cody's collection of records (yes, vinyl records: lps and 45s), focusing on music that's currently out of print.
Digital Detroit Radio Digital Detroit Radio is a mixture of great music and storytelling hosted by a dj from Detroit. We strive to bring you nothing but the highest quality music and entertaining stories. Consider it a tasty treat for your ears. Oh, who are we kidding? It's really a half an hour of your life that you'll never get back. Enjoy!
The John and Wayne Show I have to enter another description? OK, um, we're a show that is a weekly show. We have talk and stuff....ah, we feature an indie rock artist every week...listen or something.
Dumpster Bust Radio Dumpster Bust Radio is Miracles From Mind Trash: you get everything from music to media, culture to television. Plus indie music, featured songs, comedy bits, interviews and more!
Avalanche A themed based radio show style podcast with music in english, spanish, french and some portuguese. Dealing with themes such as the old west, religion, death and children.
Simian Syndicate The Simian Syndicate is a comedy and music Podcast from Sanity Check Musec, Inc. a small indie record label and filmmaking house in the boonies of Virginia (U.S.). All original content podsafe music that may be further shared by other podcasters.
Cush:Things I Say Cush:Things I Say offers music, interviews, and commentary on a wide range of subjects - indie music, pop and other culture, world events, and literature.
De-Fi Radio Turn off the cookie-cutter, same 40 songs over and over, crappy radio. We've got the best music you have yet to hear. And you can listen to them at your lesuire. Defy your radio. Listen to De-Fi Radio.
Two Blind Squirrels Two Blind Squirrels is a G-rated family entertainment show that features independent music artisits, funny skits, and general commentary.
ManicLab Discord Radio All the shows from ManicLab Discord Radio. We specialize in Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Emo, Indie, Ska, & Rockabilly. A great station for fans of the underground rock scene. We have tons of shows to satisfy all your rock snob needs.
The Martini Shot A podcast for the novice Independent Moviemaker. Drawing on the experience of working professionals, host Chris Cavs takes the beginner's approach to making movies that you'll be proud to show to anyone.
The Podcast! The podcast. We play some NICE INDIE MUSIC for your widdle earsies. You listen AND DANCE. We would love some feedback. We would devour it like hungry tigers. Tracks in the first week included Wolf Parade, Maximo Park, French Kicks, The Decemberists, The Hold Steady....THAT SORT OF THING. CHECK THESE ORGANS!
Sunspot Road Mania When you spend too much time in the van, you get the road mania and Madison, WI rock band, Sunspot, gives you a front seat to theirs as they travel around the Midwest in their POS Ford van bringing you stories from the road, their lives, and whatever they can think of. Also, new independent music from Sunspot the artists they perform with.
Amplified: An Indie Music Podcast podcasting great indie bands from around the globe
Insomnia Radio Leading the new revolution in internet radio, this weekly podcast consistently delivers indie rock's unsung heroes straight to your mp3 player, in a tightly produced one hour package. What makes Insomnia Radio different than anything you'll hear on your FM dial? Simple. We bring you new music that is new to us as well! If we don't fall in love with it, you won't hear it. So, Kill Your FM and tune in to the best music you've never heard.
Seattle and Beyond Seattle and Beyond Showcases Seattle and Pacific Northwest music Monday through Friday. Do you love hearing great music? Do you want to hear fresh new music of all genre's? Get over to Seattle and Beyond and you will have instant access to the newest and greatest music from one of the largest talent pools on the Planet!
TINKOFF RADIO Host Adam Tinkoff brings you an ecelectic mix of music and talk from around the world to your ears. Also featuring the 'Montse Minute' and on-the-road' reports from 'Major Tom'. You can listen via the internet or on KYOU RADIO, 1550 AM @ Saturday, 12 Noon.
Accordion Crimes Radio with Mike Danner In each episode accordion-playing Mike Danner jams and chats with a guest musician/songwriter.
Bakersfield The Buck City Podcast is the only podcast out of Bakersfield California, where strong rock and country roots come from a past that includes the likes of Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and Korn. Come and listen!
pinkBeltRAGEcast Mostly alternative-indie rock, but I mix it up. With the folky stuff, dance, hip hop, and even easy listening.
News of the Cool Show hosts Travis and Todd banter about the latest entertainment news while playing tunes from indie bands and singer/songwriters. Artists interested in submitting original works can email the guys at [email protected]
Caught Between Stations Caught Between Stations plays the best in podsafe music from the midwest and beyond.
Women In Music with Laney Goodman Show Preview 15-minute preview of Women In Music with Laney Goodman - a nationally syndicated radio show featuring excellent women musicians of all genres. Heard on 88+ markets each week, Women In Music features music from amazing independent female musicians -- from folk to rock to world to progressive to electronica to alternative, Women In Music's got something for everyone. And now we're coming to podcasting at! Give our free preview a listen each week
noizypod A selection of shows featuring the best in new New Zealand music and interviews.
The Last DJ Join The Last DJ as he plays what he wants to play. Great music from the last fifty years, from pop and indie to soul and funk, with everything in between.
Musicians Cooler - Where Musicians Trade Advice For musicians by musicians, this podcast features advice on getting more gigs, fans, CD Sales, internet resources and tools to help manage your band
Pocketful Radio Indie rock, power pop, music news, sarcasm, and random dork goodness crammed into one convenient podcast.
F1SH The Pocket Essential - 100% INDIE Music - UK podcast.
Jason Sturges Chapman Stick Works, Works Repositor Experimental fusion Chapman Stick works by Jason Sturges, Works Repository - an independent music publisher.
The Creepy Sleepy Show From the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota comes the Creepy Sleepy Show! Indie Rock, Politics and Payola! Doq and Dan have interviewed Senators, Musicians and even GOD! Fantabulous production! Rocking tunes! Semi-legal dissections of politicians! Neither “Liberal” nor “Conservative,” none are safe from the verbal barrage of the Creepy Sleepy Show. “The Daily Show of Podcasting” – Doq Stodden! “The best podcast I’ve ever heard!” – Dan Patterson “It’s better than crack!” – Crackhead Jim
ShutterMIX Radio hosted by Ty Jennings ShutterMIX Radio, hosted by Ty Jennings, features indie-pop, gossip, rock, and more in a "morning-show" style format with special co-hosts, including New York's own Aisha T.
Riding with the window down... A show about life, a show about fun, a show about good times! A mix of podsafe music, soundseeing tours, and a great time.
A Good Day For Airplay A podcast mainly devoted to power pop but also a mix of indie, post rock, britpop, electronica, triphop, polka, space rock, shoegaze and many more genres to be enjoyed by the musically challenged masses. A weekly podcast, available every Saturdays. Montreal, QC reprezent!
The Specialist and AKG Show Exploring the worlds of Red Sox baseball, poker, movies, music, tv, and workplace bowel movements, all while examining the finer points of ass-wiping techniques and the subtle nuances of stool consistency.
Bravo! Well Done! Show A Richmond, VA based couple discusses music, movies, and other things
The DFW Localshow Up and Coming local bands in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Genres include but are not limited to Alternative, Rock, Punk, Pop-Punk, Indie, Emo Give us 30 minutes, and you'll get 30 minutes of quality independent music with almost no additives. - strange music for strange people Strange music for strange people is an eclectic mix of just about every type of music. We seek out the best indie rock, the most ground breaking of the experimental and avant-garde and the weirdest outsider music. If people call it music and it has a purpose other than filling the pockets of the major labels we hope to share it with you.
Podhead Radio Tune in and join renown DJ, composer and devout Podhead Sir Charlie London as he wields you down a lesser traveled road to sonic perfection and tingled senses. His unique internationally packed playlist consists of unreleased and unsigned Demos to balloon budgeted and 'Denied by the Majors' masterworks and everything in-die-tween. welcomes you to your new home of rad indie radio at it's best and most obscure. Podhead Radio is certainly not just for stoners anymore.
Audio Popcorn Ever finish the show you were listening to, and still have 10-15 minutes left to go on the train? Enter AUDIO POPCORN.... Short shows featuring one or two songs from a single artist. Tasty Tidbits To Fill Your Ears!
QsHouse Q s House Internet Talk show is fast paced, no punches pulled talk radio without the hassle of FCC censors. Its smart comedy intellectual smut set to the tunes of the best music you ve never heard. Q s House allows artists and musicians a place to showcase their efforts as they envisioned - without corporate pressure and free from the dreaded radio edit. Each show closes with a live interview. Listeners l hear new music get to know the real people behind it.
Heart of the Night Show New music from Independent Musicians in the Rock, Pop, and Folk genres from IndieHeart Radio To Go. This podcast brings you great independent music from all around the planet. Visit for full playlists for each show.
iPod Nirvana Each week, the iPod Nirvana podcast highlights some of the best free and legal indie, alternative, punk, and electronic downloads from around the internet.
The Locals Only Show On this podcast we spotlight local musicians from Mount Airy, NC and the surrounding areas.
Aural Icebergs Aural Icebergs is the musical companion podcast to Intellectual Icebergs ( On this music cast, Tiffany plays the music from IntIce, without the interference of interview or spoken word tracks. She also plays some other music she has found while searching for IntIce music, in this case songs that are inappropriate for IntIce because of vocals or non-derivative licensing.
Rockontop Podcast Rockontop posts the latest on music live from London, with a particular attention paid to obscure tunes, indie songs and music gossip.
The Image Chaos Show The greatest mind in Washington shares with you his view on the world.
Roocast - Australian Music Podcast Music podcasts from Australia. Featuring indie, rock, punk and hip hop and the odd mash up. Hear shows from RRRs Fast Fictions, 67 Special, David McCormack and Martin Cooke and many more to come Its a Roocast! is the first independent digital feature in the Film Sleepy genre, movies that put people to sleep. One of 5,412,903 unfinished digital features, this one will change the face of film forever, if it gets finished and if anyone who sees it stays awake all the way through. Plus the latest news that rhymes in tap dancing podcasts
IndependentCast A weekly half-hour show featuring the best independent artist from around the globe.
The Unharshed Mellow Seuss hosts and produces this hour long show featuring the best in podsafe and indie music that won't harsh up your mellow.
Liz Phair Liz talks with her brother and also discusses rail travel with support act Cary Brothers. Also features two live performances: Table for One (unreleased) & Baby Got Going (whitechocolatespaceegg).
Radio Free Brooklyn Two guys compile 10 songs from bands in Brooklyn and/or bands that Brooklyn's been listening to lately (at least the people we know). Every genre, every style, all Brooklyn.
VoLCast - The Volcom Entertainment Podcast Music and Interviews from Volcom Entertainment artists, this ISN'T some cleverly disguised commercial or half-assed radio show, this IS content.
Radio Orpahns Podcast A podcast from the Minneapolis based band Radio Orphans. This podcast features the best music of the Radio Orphans, along with select music from other independent artists. Hosted by Finneaus and Jaw Knee of the Radio Orphans. All Music used by permission of the artists.
Why Fidelity Eclectic sounds from old 78's to 21st century indie pop. Groovy soundtracks and library tracks a specialty with heavy doses of exotica and oddio.
Radio BSOTS freeform music program dedicated to diggin' in the crates and searching throughout cyberspace for independent and/or unsigned artists. sounds include hip-hop and electronic dance music as well as soul, funk, and rock.
Three From Leith Three great podsafe tracks, chosen for you each week by your host in the heart of Leith in Edinburgh
Dave Howard - Monthly MusicTalk News, insights and music from San Diego artist Dave Howard. Get the latest scoop on upcoming shows, new and re-issued songs and Dave's unique perspectives on songwriting, life and the universe. Monthly muisc newsletter from San Diego artist Dave Howard
For What It Two lost village idiots, one sci-fi computer geek and the other is a certified Doula and birth educator, as well as a good cook. Podcasting from the top of the Sierra Nevada’s, we bring you a great mix of personal interest, music, weird news and fun.
TRAEXS.COM Music Podcast music podcast from the music and video directory playing independant and creative commons licensed free music. free download areas with music to listen and use.
Filter MagCast Filter MagCast is what you get when a couple of Filter staffers find a mic and a mixer, barricade themselves inside the CD closet and banter about their favorite music of the moment. Tune in each week to hear rotating co-hosts throw together off-the-cuff pirate DJ sessions live from the humid confines of our office in Hollywood.
The Bobby Miller Video Channel Free Comedy Short Films and Animations for your Ipod Video and Computer from Columbia University Graduate Student Filmmaker/Cartoonist, Bobby Miller. Owner of
cleverLazy Indie Music Heaven on both sides of the 49th
The Detuned Revue Music, talk, soundbytes, effects and anonymous noises fed into an audio mixer and ritualistically distorted for discriminating ears!
grooveTEK Electronica Music We welcome you to our grooveTEK Electronica Music podcast show where we're going to play thirty minutes of electronica groove music. If you're a big fan of electronica music you'll LOVE grooveTEK podcast show. We're promoting the podcast show because we've LOVE electronica music and we want to support the independent artists who are composing sensational groove music for us to enjoy. So, please support the artists any possible way. Please be part of grooveTEK and support our podcast show. Please pass the word around to your circle of friends. Enjoy the show..... Morpheus & BuddhaBoy
GroupieChick Radio GroupieChick brings you the very best in new music.
The DOYPC The best podcast ever! Group chats, satirical humour, and the best in indie rock music and other music too! Updated weekly, it's far better than the Chris Moyles Podcast! Check it out!
PUNKCAST.COM PODCAST Video of NYC underground music scene in ipod compatible m4v
Unsigned Underground Unsigned Underground is all about the independent performing songwriter. We have CD spotlight shows and indepth interview shows.
Neon Machine New songs from Danish indie-power pop band Neon Machine
The Nashville Music Podcast Hosted by Johnny Brickhouse, the Delicate Genius, this podcast features unsigned bands from Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee. For more info check out
PWI Radio: The Podcast Without Intercourse Live, from Montreal, and rebroadcast every Tuesday night on CKDU 97.5 Halifax, it's PWI Radio, the Podcast Without Intercourse. Each episode features rock and or roll (sometimes both) and opinions, and also interviews, and, oh, occasionally rants...yeah, that's it! Everyone loves a good rant, don't they? Concert reviews too. Tune in, turn on, rock out!
Binside TV Binside TV produces lifestyle television that matters. Our content is targeted at a youthful audience with in-depth features on everything from the worlds of fashion, music, movies and entertainment. Hosted by Shomari Harris. iPod Video compatible episodes are currently available for download.
David Elias: Morning Light - Western Town Acoustic track from award winning SACD *Crossing* online at
Monster Weekly music show featuring the best in Florida Underground.
West 49 Battle Of The Bands This is the West 49 Battle Of The Bands. Each month 10 bands are selected to go head to head giving you the opportunity to vote on them to pick a winner on Ton's of prizes for not only the bands but for the voter's as well. Check it out!
Longtown Sound Uncleshag hosts the Longtown Sound, a radio style podcast from the shores of Lake Wateree. Featuring indie artists from MySpace, Ariel Publicity, Podsafe Music Network, GarageBand, CDs and mp3s from unc's email. Hear new ear picked independent music effortlessly. Only on WLSO.FM!
Unsigned Music Mag Every month UNSIGNED brings you new music reviews, feature articles, commentaries and much more. UNSIGNED is published monthly by Urban Playground Media located in the beautiful city of Atlanta, GA. the music capital of the south, maybe the world! Unsigned Podcast is brought to you by SomaR Productions as an audio accompaniment to the magazine.
Fresh Dynamics Based in London, Fresh Dynamics plays new music from unsigned and independent artists.
Base20 Podsafe Music Podcast playing a mix of Alternative, Rock, Indie and Pop. Coming from the UK. 20 new tracks a month.
SoundRide A weekly soundtrack from the Killington Ski Resort in Killington, VT. Hot, new indie music put together by Ted Leibowitz from Bagel Radio for your enjoyment on your way to, down and around the mountain.
In the Q indie film podcast An indie podcast about indie films. In the Q the indie film podcast is a weekly show bringing you all the latest independent film gossip, film festival news and interviews with indie filmmakers from around the world. It's informative and entertaining look into the indie film world.
Cutie & The Catfish Cutie & The Catfish podcast from independent internet radio from nyc artists
Dirt Parking Lot The Dirt Parking Lot can promise only one thing: You will hear no dance or trance, and probably no electro-whatever, when listening to our show. Everything else might find a home here. East Village Radio was formed in June 2003 as a non-profit group in order to provide a forum for the inhabitants of the East Village of Manhattan, in New York City.
Qs House Logging on and listening to "Q's House" is like joining an eclectic house party. Every listener and fan is know as a "Resident" of Q's House. Listeners might hear debate in one room or a group therapy session in another. They may be exposed to new ideas or hear about another resident that exposed themselves. They'll be introduced to interesting individuals and as with any great house party always hear great music. Quinton features emerging artists in varied genres of music each week as he interacts with listeners from all over the globe. It's strange, risqué, and at times unbelievable but anything's possible when you walk thru the doors of "Q's House."
Viper Bite Radio A smorgasboard of stories, rants, & dumb jokes! Plus 2 songs by a featured underground indie rock artist every week! YEP, THAT'S THE ONE, VIPER BITE RADIO!!
BinaryStarCAST StarCAST is a free-format show embracing all the different genres that reflect the musical tastes of BinaryStar Artists. This show promises to be as eclectic and incredibly varied, as the cast of characters bringing their Podsafe Music to listeners direct from Miami, FL - USA.
StrangeCloud Weekly music selections from StrangeCloud featuring psychedelic pop, rock, folk, country and electronica. StrangeCloud is known for their exquisite harmonies.
Great Cover Tunes Licensed cover tunes of rock, pop, blues, country, folk, jazz, classical of Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane and more from top indie artists.
Rock n Roll TV Crawl under the radar with us! Bands filmed live in Hollywood, interviews, indie music videos and loads of pop culture from live tattoos to sex toy warehouse tours.
DFJ Radio Featuring the music of internet supergroup DFJ, with Don Semco, Fred Wheeler and Jimmy Stewart. Bluesy, psychedelic, and rocking tunes influenced by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys, B.B. King, John Lennon, Muddy Waters, Rick Wakeman, Willie Dixon, Memphis Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson, The Moody Blues, Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, T-Bone Walker, and many others.
Blue Spot Terrific Indie Blues from
The Podcast Brewery Music shows featuring new and established artists from record labels as well as podcasts featuring concerts by UK bands.
Headbangers Lab The Saturday night show with balls!
Music Forte Radio Music Forte Radio provides the best in Indie Music with live interviews, music selections, advise on furthering music careers, and a whole lot of laughs!
Lawngnomedeathmarch Seattle based podcast/blog covering local news, music, and what ever else we come across. Plus commentary and more than a few jokes.
Inid You Should Know Finding the best indie and unsigned artists in the world is not an easy job. So we let other's do it, and we'll just tell you what they find.
Classic Rock Hit Parade Classic rock style tunes from indie artists and musicians. Perfect for fans of music from the 1960's - 1970's such as Pink Floyd, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Cream, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep, Yes, King Crimson, Rolling Stones, Santana, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, Steely Dan, Van Halen, Queen, Springsteen, Creedence, Bowie, and all the greats of that era. Indie artists influenced by these giants produce some of the best music you'll ever hear.
Pure Brilliant Podcast All the new & best Celtic & Indie Rock music from both sides of the Atlantic.
Dismay Dismay is a podcast story/musical about a man chosen by a mysterious Council to be a superhero and save the world. The problem is, Dismay fears the world, especially since he watched his girlfriend, Karen, killed by a gang of thugs. The first ten episode deal with Dismay's self-discovering journey. Currently, we are at episode six. During this journey, Dismay discovers a host of characters. Some good. Some are out to kill him. Listeners will learn a little bit about the Council and what Dismay needs to do and why he has been chosen.
SkyPieces Radio Weekly independent music podcast. We all know the indie scene is full of bad tunes, broken links and old URLs. We filter through all the crap and bring you great music, straight up. Take a listen. If you like what we do, you've found yourself a place to stay. SkyPieces Radio. Go ahead. Rock and roll.
Songboys Bobby Caputo plays his favorites from in 2-song sets, then exposes one of his own, under construction, for review.
oneironaut radio oneironaut radio is a weekly college radio show dealing with the eclectic, eccentric side of electronic music. We play mainly independent music, leaning towards the unusual. The show is meant to promote the art of electronics on the airwaves and foster individual growth by exploring intangible sounds. Listen in to experience the music of your dreams.
The Finals - Plan Your Getaway Podcast This is the official podcast for the NJ band The Finals. This podcast includes two songs off of "Plan Your Getaway" due out in May.
pacific noise video podcast This is a Video Podcast about events in San Francisco. Each week we will capture some element of the city's hidden art and music scene and broadcast it. We want to amplify the potential of the mythical local community in SF. Concerts, art shows, places unknown, bars and clubs, performance, points of interest etc. Are you involved in a band, a gallery, a performance space, or some other creative endeavor? Do you know of a great event that we should include in our calendar? Please let us know. We want to know.
bt IndieCast bt IndieCast is a weekly broadcast showcasing local and regional bands, songwriters, solo artists and more in and around Kentucky as well as bands touring the area. We have artist spotlights, interviews as well as the latest on what's going on in the industry locally.
Cloak & Dagger Radio A two-hour weekly radio show curated by the unappreciated scholars responsible for Cloak & Dagger Media. Listen in as they fight the good fight against awkward dead-air, fumbled punch-lines, and general incompetence - all while spinning records by the best songwriters in indie rock.
Five Gallon Podcast As two Canadians living in Costa Rica, Corey and Amy bring you a weekly, hour-long indie music show featuring artists from around the globe!
Brentwood BOA is an indie music show featuring new releases, interviews with local and national bands, live sessions, local and unsigned bands and the occasional golden oldie. And we've made a problem to keep the inane ramblings to a minimum.
Buffalo Live! Music Podcast Buffalo and Western New York's best musicians captured live in concert. Live recorded music, interviews and information about the Buffalo music scene.
Best of the WOrst This weekly podcast plays the best music from the worst musicians at the Podsafe Music Network. By the end of this short show you'll wish you were deaf. Come help us choose the best of the worst.
The Oddcast A monthly, odd podcast filled with interviews, music, monolgues, stories and other odd bits. It's as if Rolling Stone, MAD magazine and the New Yorker got together, banished their popularity but kept their style, moved to Canada, and tried their hands at the newest form of media...the podcast.
Bjarne O. Virtual Orchestra Podcast THE BIRTH OF A BRAND-NEW GENRE - BJARNE O. - bridges the musical gap between Modern and Classical, West and East, Earth and Heaven: "This is so good that I don't know what to say...Actually the mixture of western and oriental instruments and musical styles is so convincing." Frankie Ho, Hong Kong****** "...If only others could stretch themselves to this degree we would really see a renaissance in music composition. Excellent work." David Conley, Australia****** Bjarne O.'s music has remained at the top of several charts and is described as: "Cinematic and Sweeping in scope, with an eclectic orchestral and electronic instrumentation abounding with that THX-compatible aura." Artist History: Composer/Multi-Produced Professional Screenwriter: Produced for over 100.000.000; wrote Box Office Hit and Hit TV-series; internationally-awarded. Studied Psychology at the University of Copenhagen. Professional composer who's released 5 CD's since 2004 all digitally distributed to over 50 Music download sites, among others: iTunes, Mp3Tunes, Sony Connect. Also sold at Tower Records, BestBuy and many others. He's an in-house composer at AMG's new SoundS2Picture and signed non-exclusively with production music libraries around the world. "CONNECTING" (2004), "JESUS, AGAIN?" (2004), "MARSHA" (2005), "FACE ON" (2005) and "GLOW" (2006). Welcome to BRAND-NEW UNIQUE MUSIC; MADE EXCLUSIVELY WITH PROPELLERHEAD'S REASON - THE WORLD'S FAVORITE SOFTWARE STUDIO: YOU WON'T BELIEVE THAT WHEN YOU HEAR IT!
child without an iPod an eccentric mix of folk, rock, electronica and other creations mashed up twisted around and sploshed into a rough and ready quick dry cement mix of noise - it is beautiful
Sawed-Off Soundtracks "My life is a series of little movies, and these are the soundtracks."
Phonic Rapture The latest in dream pop, trip hop, ambient and electronica.
Braggin Braggin' Rites Radio is a spinoff of the popular live battles by the same name. The focus is mainly, but not limited to indie Hip Hop music and the culture as a whole. The hottest music you never new existed.
Michael Sky...California Acoustic Earth Friendly Acoustic Rock by singer songwriter Michael Sky: Michael is an epic songwriter with a distinct style. Clear, rich vocals, powerful lyrics and sweet acoustic guitar and mandolin.
indie-eye Indie-eye podcast e' il podcast di Speciali, approfondimenti e interviste esclusive dedicate alle bands, alla musica e ai suoni della musica internazionale, vista con occhio indipendente e apolide.
Magic Island Music and podcasts The main focus is melody with strong vocal performances and quality songwriting. Also some tasty guitar instrumentals. Leaning more towards the acoustic side of rock, alternative, folk, world and pop. Nice variety of artists. New episodes every other week. Enjoy.
Rock `n` roll pod Around 20 minutes of pure rock and roll. À volta de 20 minutos de puro rock and roll. MOONSTER RADIO
"Go Deep" Bruce Rave "goes deep" with songs you may not know by rock artists you've probably heard of. Check out Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Art Brut, and even some cool people whose names don't begin with AR. Thinking about buying their music or seeing them live when they come to town? Here's your chance to get to know them better.
Face the Music Face the Music: sharing the best independent, unsigned and podsafe music I can find. It's time to face the music!
Tsp Country Music Radio Show Country Music Radio Show offering podsafe original music from quality Independant Country artists, Hosted by Dixie Vornbrock of Triplestrand Productions Minnesota USA
Ten Pound Strike: Video Podcase Live performances and errata from Ten Pound Strike, alt/indie rock band from New York City. Every few weeks, we'll post footage, songs and some other behind-the-schenes stuff. See the shows, the afterparties, the topless groupies, the Jack Daniels pouring, the crashed after-afterparties, and the jail cells as you come inside our world.
Northwest Noise An Excellent Independent Music Podcast Featuring Northwest Bands and Musicians! (Portland, Oregon)
PIEinEAR PIEcast PIEinEAR lends itself to all things independent and privately developed. We understand that the new media frontier has been laid bare before the common explorer. It is once again time to step in front of weighty kings and stake claim to these new wilds. Be brave rugged sons of the new revolution - the future believes in PIEinEARs.
Twenty One Podcast We're 3 guys who love to talk movies, TV shows, comics and of course Star Wars. Oh, and we talk about our own projects too, like our new web series '21 Days of Seaton'. Watch it at
PodPudding PodPudding® is a Podcast devoted to finding and promoting new and unsigned rock acts. So, send us names and contact information of unsigned acts that you either know of, or are a part of to: "[email protected]", or, got to "" for complete info. We're always looking for new talent to put on the show!
backalleyblues Podcast Tribute to the classic Blues and the modern day heros of music. Lets step into time and relive the the era that set the nation and time to what it is today. Join me as we bring th
Tsp Christian Music Radio Show Tsp Christian Music Radio Show showcases talented Independent Christian Artists in a ll forms of modern Christian music.
indirRock Radio Featuring some of the best independent rock artist from
Amp Amp''d radio from Oklahoma State University - KXZY
The Pinky Show Hi there. The Pinky Show is the original super low-tech mini-program by cats. We tend to focus on information and ideas that have, for various reasons, been misrepresented, distorted, suppressed, ignored, or otherwise excluded from mainstream discussion. Or sometimes we just have meandering fluff. Featuring the vaguely titillating combination of poorly hand(paw)-drawn illustrations, no-motion animation, and amateurish narration, we have been called 'the new Mr. Rogers for the postmodern thinking animal' - that's probably a pretty accurate description. Take care, Pinky
Indie Podcast Podcast used to express myself, and expose my listeners to some new music by Independant Artists. Listener comment line: 206-350-7765 *Warning: Music formats my fluctuate all over the map! *Warning: NOT WORK SAFE!!!
Indie Music and Stuff Indie Music and Stuff, features independent music mostly rock. CD giveaways almost every show.
The Zore Show Less talk, more punk rock.. The Zore Show plays old, new, weird, and straight forward punk rock and many other music genres.
Music Calgary Podcast We produce a high quality weekly podcast dedicated to promoting musicians and music industry people from the Calgary area. Our show features music, interviews, giveaways, industry news, song reviews, and much more. And each week we take a guest into the listening room to review a few new songs. The audio quality of our podcast is very good.
WFU2 WFU2 is your underground music source. We bring you hiphop music and conversations with the artists that make the music. We allow you to get to know the artists as they become the next big thing. We'll get inside the creative process behind the sound, find out why they do what they do, and what's next. We top it off with some of the hottest new music available on the underground hip hop scene.
The Best of Rick Hanson Newly discovered tracks from the archives of Living on an Alien Planet. Rock, jazz, blues, alternative. Dedicated solely to the music of Columbus, Ohio. Submitted music from every style is played every week. Want to know what is out there? We can help.
Knobtweakers: Free Mp3 Blog Free and legal electronic music mp3 downloads. Primarily underground artists.
Razing Giants Podcast Music podcast featuring the best music and the best bands you’ve never heard…but should.
the hamlipjoe show homemade remixes of punk, ska, rockabilly and other stuff, stuff nobody has ever heard, ramblings and internet junk-- all produced straight from hlj's computer and onto your www dot plate.
The North Dakota Indie Music Podcast Independent North Dakota Bands and Musicians iTunes URL:
Confessions Of A DJ An ex-mobile DJ living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a weekly 30 minute show, crankin' mostly independent Canadian Music with yours truly - DJ Jeff - playing the part of the "beloved host". Because there is more to Canadian music then Celine, Bryan & Shania
Music Off The Back Burner Music Off The Back Burner is A Celebration Of All Things Indie including music, arts, and film. Each week we seek to introduce you to great indie music and talk about upcoming indie art events and film premieres. Music Off The Back Burner is about more than just the music, its about the indie culture.
BrightonWaves The best new and unsigned bands in Brighton, UK
kill rock stars music video podcast music videos from the kill rock stars record label. featuring The Gossip, Mecca Normal, Starter Set and many more..
Looking out the Window There is a story behind every song. Looking out the Window highlights the inspiration behind the music. Peak inside the musician's studio... and you just may be inspired yourself!
Ultimate Rockstar The official podcast of the Ultimate Rockstar cross-Canada indie band competition, showcasing the hottest entrants in this battle of the bands at
The Tripwire Podcast new releases, imports, unsigned, + live in-studio performances
Preying Lizard Weekly show hosted by Les Lewellyn from the rock band Dixie Lizard. Les picks from hundreds of songs submitted to him from Indie Artists. The show is about hard rock and only the best artists are featured. It runs about two hours in length. If cool new music turns you on then you'll want to subscribe to this show!
SnB Show Singles Showcasing Seattle and Pacific Northwest bands and artists of almost all genre's. Featuring the absolute best unsigned and under the radar bands from the Pacific Northwest in Single Song Format.
Toronto Chris CaugheyMachine and Erin (and whoever else) discuss local goings-on, people, music, film, comic books, etc. in Toronto, Canada.
THE ASCENDENTS (Ultimate Punk Rock Music) Free mp3 downloads and music video from The Ascendents, We are continually updating our site with new material. We record our practice sessions and throw songs on the website, often... And we kick ass too! So comon, check us out!
Gutter-Cast the motherload of indie content! HORROR, DOCUMENTARY, COMEDY, ETC. check it out and ENJOY!
The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling It's the podcast of The Best Show On WFMU! Join host Tom Scharpling (supervising producer and writer for the TV series, Monk) as he navigates through the world of open phones, hilarious fake callers--nearly all of whom are played by the drummer of Superchunk (and improvisational comedy savant), Jon Wurster--and also lots of scary real callers! Bigwigs like Conan O'Brien, Patton Oswalt, the staff of The Onion, David Cross and Todd Barry all love it - now it's your turn!
MusoConfuso A podcast for new music from around the world, featuring rock, punk, metal and every sub genre in between.
Melafesto almost each week a melafesto comes out. melafesto's deal with naive sounding questions and terms. from happiness to ugliness.. and usually there is a song.. in it.. to.. there are not enough manifestos out there...
Polaroids of Androids Polaroids of Androids is a podcast / radio show created by two people who live in Sydney, Australia. They like music and like listening to it even more. Each week (they aim) to play some of their favourite songs to the masses, with super special international, locale guests and distant relatives occasionally dropping by for cookies and, on some occasions, even milk.
Smalltown Underground Big city music with a small town feeling. Straight from Yellowknife, NWT Canada. Politics and tech too.
Acoustic Cafe Podcast This Podcast will give a glimpse of Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
GaragePunk Podcast Garage, Punk, and Primitive Rock 'n' Roll Music Podcasts.
Suffolk Astonishingly cool music, technology and people from this allegedly "sleepy" corner of eastern England. Plus, the very best of new music from around the world.
XLR8R Electronic, hip-hop, and indie rock available for free download at, brought to you weekly by XLR8R Magazine.
Lumacast: Sound Check We take you to live gigs around Sydney to hear bands and listen to them talk about their stuff. Experience a range of genres from emerging to established artists. Forget reading gig reviews. See and hear the next big thing for yourself on Sound Check!
AudioSurgeon AudioSurgeon is the official poscast of Pixelsurgeon: Get all your movie, music, games and tech chat right here with the Surgeon crew.
Strange Tides EP Four of the best tracks off the Living on an Alien Planet CD.
Skylark Pictures; free short films with a little something for everyone Free Short Films, SNLish comedy, political satire, quirky flicks and dark drama for your Ipod Video and Computer from
"Making of an Album" Ever wonder what goes into creating an album? Sit back and watch the journey of recording artist Katrina Carlson as she creates her third CD. Follow Kat through all the various stages of making a record: song writing, selecting material, choosing a producer, rehearsing, recording in the studio, photo shoots, interviews, meetings and much more! We will explore the entire process through the eyes of Katrina and her independent record label, Kataphonic Records.
The Sam And Me Show The best in new bands and the worst in presenting skills... Brought to you by Sam and Me.
No, THIS is what I call music: The Podcast The "No, THIS is what I call music" podcast brings you live footage of indie rock performances a couple times a week. It's the super-awesomest!
never sleep NEVER SLEEP: podcasting indie rock, underground hip-hop, vinyl obscurities & music news weekly. hour-long, not more than 5 minutes of speech.
Expand Your Musical Horizons An eclectic mix of downtempo, ambient, dub, and chilled grooves from around the world.
radioeinszueins - free cultural radio from Berlin unique recorded djsets and concerts of newest talents from Berlin from multiple genres (Grime, Hiphop, Electronic Music, Indie-Rock) mixed with original recordings of lectures and discussions from various cultural places.
Guitar Instrumentals by Kevin Adams Guitar Instrumentals by Independent musician, Kevin Adams. Blues Groove to New Age Flamenco instrumentals.
mindcaster video podcast a vlog with bits & pieces of what's happening in the vlogosphere, online and in real life...and covering how hard we're working at :)
The Nightfighters Exclusive live tracks, interviews and acoustic sets from The Nightfighters.
The Corner Church We musical representation of the Church on your corner, with a varied collection of locally based independent Christian Artists. No big names here!! Just great music!