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Dragon Page Cover to Cover Great interviews and conversations about the newest books in science fiction and fantasy.
The Podcast of the Red Death The Podcast of the Red Death is a blend of Storytelling, commentary on Life & Writing, and occasionally an offbeat rant or two designed to set your ire on fire...
The Pulsing Cinema From John Ford to John Waters, from the arthouse to the grindhouse, it's all covered in the weird and untamed audio excursion into madness known as The Pulsing Cinema.
arthurslade Writing for YA A podcast featuring tips on writing for young adults.
Mondo Movie Movie discussion and reviews taking in Cult Movies, World Cinema, Exploitation, Horror and other genre treats on DVD and in Theatres.
The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy On an average, 170,000 books are published in one year...and you want the world to read yours. This is a podcast of strategies, insights, and ideas for getting books from the publisher to the public.
They Shoot Werewolves, Don I plan this, at least, weekly podcast to share my progress in my second attempt at winning the NaNoWriMo. I won�t go into too much detail about what NaNoWriMo is, because if you have found this podcast it is a sure bet that you already know what NaNoWriMo is. If not, make sure to check my web site (http://theyshootwerewolvesdontthey.blogspot.com) for links pertinent to each week�s podcast.
Nervous Teeth A weekly internet radio show, which hopes to shed some light and in some cases humor, on some of the best Paranormal and Para-political news stories that hit the main stream media every week.
podpeople.tv the changing channel, intructions, aphorisms, and other food for your pod
Ancestor by Scott Sigler On a remote island in Lake Superior, scientists struggle to solve the problem of xenotransplantation -- using animal tissue to replace failing human organs. Funded by the biotech firm Genada, Dr. Claus Rhumkorrf seeks to recreate the ancestor of all mammals. By getting back to the root of our creation, Rhumkorrf hopes to create an animal with human internal organs. Rhumkorrf discovers the ancestor, but it is not the small, harmless creature he envisions. His genius gives birth to a fast-growing evil that nature eradicated 250 million years ago -- an evil now on the loose, and very, very hungry.
THe Gideon Chronicles A Podcast Novel for 11-14-year olds. Gideon, a 12 year-old meets Satan. His life is turned upside down. Keep the light ON!
Domain of the Infinite Domain of the Infinite Video Podcast is a movie channel that includes short films divided into episodes. Current films include sci-fi and horror. Visit domainoftheinfinite.com for more information about this video podcast channel.
crypt-of-horrors podcasts horror movies and make up special effects rants and raves
Hammy House of Haw Haw Comedy Horror Sketch Show written and performed by stand up comedians and performers
UEN SciFi Friday UEN SciFi Friday offers a weekly science fiction feature film from the heyday of SciFi – the 1920’s to 1970’s. Join other Utah science fiction movie fans after the film for an accompanying podcast where Utah scientists discuss topics from the movie. Watch the movie, Fridays at 9pm on UEN-TV. For more information: www.uen.org/tv.
Heretic: The Templar Chronicles HERETIC - Book One of the Templar Chronicles is the first in a new dark fantasy series by Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild Award nominee, Joe Nassise, in which the Knights Templar have been resurrected as a secret combat arm of the Vatican and charged with defending mankind from the supernatural. The podcast contains the complete text of the novel as published by Pocket Books and will be presented in 30 weekly episodes.
One Act Audio Theatre The One Act Players: Something New in Old Time Radio! Producing the best in full cast audio drama, comedy, horror and science fiction since 1998.
Variant Frequencies Month to month our podcast brings you original fiction stories from a different channel - sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and some odd bands in-between.
The Diabolic Mind of Dr Freaks The Diabolical Mind of Dr Freaks brings you the latest in full on Heavy Metal videos linked by comedy madness from the genre worlds of Horror, Science Fiction and B-Movies. Podcast from Hell on 15th of every month.
Toad Welcome to Toad's Hollow, a place of wickedness where the air is prickly and bittersweet. Evil things come here to rest while bad dreams come here to die. It's said some things don't happen if they can't be explained. Some people want to believe there's a reason for everything. Maybe that's because some people don't live in Toad's Hollow. But if you're some of the people who do live here, you know it's best to sometimes keep your mouth shut. After all, if you can't explain it, maybe it didn't really happen… Even if you did lie in bed at night thinking about it, biting the edge of your pillow to keep from screaming, shutting your eyes so tight you see stars, maybe the thing crawling after you never existed. …maybe.
Hatchet News The Hatchet News Podcast provides stupid humor and underground music. We cover random topics and review cds. Inbetween this we play music from artists that we like.
Reel Horror Podcast Two guys, a mic, and a lot to say about horror.
Gutter-Cast the motherload of indie content! HORROR, DOCUMENTARY, COMEDY, ETC. check it out and ENJOY!
Cold Fusion Video Reviews Movie reviews from the popular review site: Sci-fi, horror, and general whoopass.
Reading The Gothic READING THE GOTHIC previews forthcoming titles from Zittaw Press, spotlights authors and editors, discusses Gothic novels in the classroom, looks at contemporary Gothic trends and everything and anything Gothic
Clash TV Feature length cult and classic B movies hosted by Zoe Cosmo, the Clash Girl. New selections monthly.
StarShipSofa Take a voyage on the StarShipSofa if you dare? Travel into the far realms of the Sci-fi world. Calling at destinations such as Philip K Dick, Alfred Bester, John Brunner and all the other great writers. All wrapped up and inspired by the great Ronnie Corbertt. Intrigued? Want to find out more...
OTR-Board.com Now Playing Classic old time radio shows from the Golden Age of Radio.
The Electric Soup Kitchen A monthly Podcast that aims to cook up the worst in entertainment from around the world. Over the coming months youÕll be able to hear episodes packed with inane chat and nervous drivel from Richard Leddy in Albany, New York and Marcus Daley in London. Irregular contributions will come from YorkshireÕs premier outdoors man, Martin McNaught along with computer game reviews from Mini Ingy. Plus, news stories you probably should have missed, questions answered in ÒAsk MumÓ and Old Time Radio from ÒRipleyÕs Believe It Or NotÓ and ÒOne Minute MysteriesÓ All this and more, wrapped up in a soupy bundle for your listening pleasure.
Monster Squad Terrorcast An hilarious weekly round-up of all things Horror, brought to you by the ghouls at MonsterSquad NYC.
Monster Squad Terrorcast An hilarious weekly round-up of the world of Horror.
Darker Side of the Moon Now Full Moon Radio, along with Cinema Nocturna, introduces “The Darker Side of the Moon”, a listener’s guide to the creepy, the spooky and the unexplained. Launched on August 17th, 2006, Full Moon listeners now have the opportunity to delve deep into the shadowy secrets of the occult, science fiction, and dark comedy. From ghosts to horror films, this show proves to be a hit with fans of the paranormal.
Pseudopod Pseudopod is the world's first audio horror magazine. We deliver bone-chillng stories from today's best authors straight to your computer or MP3 player. It's original. It's disturbing. It's free. To listen or subscribe, visit our Web site at: http://pseudopod.org
Midnight Podcast The Midnight Podcast which is dedicated to the subgenera of horror: The Living Dead....... On my podcast I will discuss zombies in horror movies, comics books, games, novels, toys, and other general news about zombies.......There will be a new show every Friday.......
Mystery Play Internet Radio Old Time Radio plays, horror, sci-fi, mystery, crime, adventure, drama from the 30's, 40's and 50's.
Sideshow Radio What happens when you combine special FX artists & classically trained sculptors with web savvy peeps? Not only lots of trouble, but you get the best Film and TV collectibles on the planet! Get the latest info on Star Wars, LOTR, Marvel, James Bond, and Sci-fi items as well as prop replica products from Sideshow Collectibles! Also, find out more about our artists and web heads, behind the scenes antics, product-film-dvd reviews, embarrassing moments, giveaways and more!
Sideshow Radio What happens when you combine special FX artists and classically trained sculptors with web savvy peeps? Not only lots of trouble, but you get the best Film and TV collectibles on the planet! Get the latest info on Star Wars, LOTR, Marvel, James Bond, and Sci-fi items as well as prop replica products from Sideshow Collectibles! Also, find out more about our artists and web heads, interviews, product-film-dvd reviews, embarrassing moments, discounts, giveaways and more!
Clyde Paranormal talk radio, pop culture, nostalgia, music, adult humor, old time radio. Anything that Clyde finds weird. Well maybe not so weird, give it a listen and you decide!
Punk Horror Podcasts The podcast arm of Punk Horror Press, featuring The Punk and the Pastor movie review and music show, and author read short fiction.
SciFi Seen It's all about a bunch of friends chatting about the latest SciFi we've seen, new and old. A lot about weekly television shows, and movies in the theaters or on DVD. We will be bringing you our reviews and opinions as well as news and gossip we might have heard. Some fantasy and horror will slip in to the mix, toys and games too, and maybe even talk about some books occasionally. We're fans, we're collectors, and we enjoy talking about SciFi. We hope you enjoy being a part of it too! So sit back, relax, and tune in to SciFi Seen. This is the Enhanced AAC Version of the podcast. Check our site for additional formats!
Into The Dark A Discussion of various Science Fiction topics, with a Darker Viewpoint.
Be Scary Presents Be Scary Presents features artist profiles, short films, documentaries made by independent artists.
Soup Radio The companion podcast to The Electric Soup Kitchen The Electric Soup Kitchen is a discussion based podcast that covers film, television, weird news, computer games, anything and everything, including old time radio. But what if you just want the OTR without the blabber? Then this is the podcast for you. Soup Radio will only feature horror and science fiction old time radio. It will be served between kitchen episodes especially for those greedy diners who canÕt get enough
The Destructor Bros. The crew that brought you "The Dave Movies" on youtube.com, discuss EVERYTHING!
Horror Junk At Horror Junk, we watch crappy horror movies so you don't have to. Our audio and video podcasts cover horror movie reviews, news, and anything related to horror.
Intriguing Realms Welcome to intriguing realms where you can go back to an age of romance and mystery with old time radio programming. Each week a different show will be featured.
Crescent Some places are far darker thank deep space. Places where the shadows smile. Where men go mad and lovers go missing. These stygian corners of existence are where reality is stretched thin and something hungry is waiting just outside the corner of your eye. Turn out the lights, take a deep breath, and dare to visit one of these places. Crescent is dark science fiction at it's most visceral. Phil Rossi weaves a tale that is reminiscent of old school Stephen King but with a shiny, new set of tricks and an appetite to terrify. There's sex. There's corruption. There's horror. And after you sweat your way through the first chapter, there's plenty more to keep you awake a night.
Autumn Zombie Audio Theater: David Moody's vision of apocalyptic horror
Dread Central Podcast Dread Central is your one-stop for any and all news from the world of horror, from films to books to DVDs. Now you can bring the personality that makes Dread Central so unique with you anywhere; listen to our interviews, episodes of Dinner for Fiends, author readings and a lot more!
Missing Pages (amended version) Professor Tanokura builds a time machine, igniting a savage war. Running for his life, he tries to stop humanity from destroying itself while, at the same time, bring his son back from the dead. Made from animated photographs, Missing Pages is an award-winning short that has stunned audiences worldwide. Don't miss your chance to watch these high definition (HD) podcasts available for the first time ever.
Science Fiction & Horror Theater Taking you back to the early days of science fiction & Horror. Each week we journey into the world of the strange and terrifying.
British Radio Playhouse England's Radio programs have always been a towering presence, providing the British people with many genres of radio listening. During World War II, it provided encouragement and information. In the 1950s, it gave the public relief from WWII.
MidNine.com Entertainment: The best vlogs and vidcast on the net MidNine Enterainment Presents: The best vlogs and vidcast on the net Here you will find an assortment of videos from comedy to action, drama, to horror, news to reviews. The best vlogs and vidcast you can fine on the internet under one site. For a complete listing of videos please go to http://midnine.com
Supernatural Podcast Discussion of all things related to the CW series Supernatural.
Dark Gate Horror Podcast Discussion of all things from the horror, thriller and mystery genres, including films, books and literature.
Banjo Strings Banjo Strings is an epic and graphic tale of antebellum ghosts, ancient scandal, supernatural spies, and a den of iniquity amid the Red Maple and Magnolia trees.
Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery Dr. Xander Crowe was once a prominent psychologist until his growing obsession with the occult led him down the darkest of paths. Now, chasing the vision of a drowned woman, Crowe finds himself in the mysterious town of Wormwood, only to discover that there is no dead woman in Wormwood...yet.
Dark Music - Electro - Underground - Film Dark evil Electro to Underground Electronics. Horror film scores to Dark Ambient with regular dark downloads.
The Hell Hole Tavern A podcast novel. There is a Tavern with a hole in its floor that leads to Hell. Sometimes things crawl out. Scary things. Dangerous things. Sometimes people die. The Hell-gods laugh and plot. They are tired of Hell. It is almost time to leave. Heroes are needed, but there are no heroes...yet.
The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women Radio The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women is for Women, about Women, & supporting Women in all area's of the Para fields including investigators, authors, writers, artists, actresses, musicians etc Join us every Sunday night as we talk LIVE to Extraordinary Women in the Paranormal!
Kryptographik The Kryptographik podcast has news, reviews and interviews featuring Horror, S/F, Dark Fantasy and Crime fiction, in comics, books, movies and other media.
Drunken Zombie Drunken Zombie is a podcast dedicated to all things horror. Got something you want us to talk about? Drop us a line and let us know what it is.
Sculpting God Short stories of fantasy, mystery, horror, romance, and wonder. A Podcast Anthology by J. Daniel Sawyer
Better In The Dark Two Guys From Brooklyn Talking About Movies, with a focus on science fiction, fantasy and horror.
Films by Sean McMenemy A collection of short film and video projects I've directed.
Well Told Tales This pulp-fiction podcast brings you free horror, sci-fi and hardboiled audio stories, read by professional Hollywood actors.
The Retsej Many years ago they had tried to exorcise the demon. But it never had worked. Still they were possessed. Now he's back for another game. PARENTAL ADVISORY, ADULT CONTENT
Outside The Cinema A podcast for Fans Of Horror, indie, and all types of underground film.
Chin Stroker VS Punter Join Mike and Paul (aka Chin Stroker & Punter) as they discuss a film a week from their own differing point of view. Mike is an ex film student. Paul is a punter. Sit back in fascinated horror as they discuss filmic issues as varied as justifying an appreciation of David Lync, and the merits of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comedy acting chops. Along the way we will be covering; world cinema, art films, why we love the 1980’s even though they sucked, straight to video/DVD, and all manner of topics that show what happens when high and low brow collide. Also expect random cult movie, genre, and other pop cultural goodness.
Hall of Mirrors: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque A second helping of podcast fiction from 'One Among the Sleepless' author, Mike Bennett. 'Hall of Mirrors' is a short story collection featuring tales of horror, the grotesque and people in... 'unusual' circumstances. Delivered in a style that pays homage to Night Gallery, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and the old British horror anthology movies of the 1960s, this is a collection of modern gothic tales with a nail of dark humour hammered through its heart. So roll up, ladies and gentlemen, and enter the Hall of Mirrors – if you dare.
Night Three vampires challenge each other to create the perfect offspring. Beings from another realm attempt to orchestrate things to serve their purpose. Luckily a tough street chick named Jespa is there to kick some immortal butt.
Mercy B Visit Mercy B at The Hell Hole Tavern and listen to tales of the twisted, the strange, and the unreal. Mercy B, tales of science fiction and horror.
Astral Audio Experience A radio show styled drama set in a world of fantasy, scifi, and horror. The (fictional) host of the Astral Audio Experience is the leader of a secret society who defends this realm from entities within it and from other realms. The headquarters being the Astral Realm. "Just thought to contain a person's astral body when he or she astral projects, it has been discovered that the realm can contain physical matter as well and has its own assortment of beings; good and evil." As the tag line suggests, the Astral Audio Experience seeks to provide content from a wide array of possibilities ... audio drama being a main focus along with the music we play on a regular basis.
The Dark Verse A Collection of Strange Works by Sharkchild. These short stories tap into a unique world of horror and fantasy fiction that will follow you to the visions of your sleep. Some of the material on The Dark Verse may hold ideas and descriptions that may not be sui for all listeners. Although the content is clean of explicit language, it does contain dark themes and disturbing references. For more information, visit TheDarkVerse.com.
Mercy Bend Mercy Bend. The town. The Sanitarium, Home to the differently sane because of secret government experiments on the human mind. Come to Mercy Bend and hear the tales of those who are different, those who are strange, and those who are murderously insane.
CHAOS In The Beginning… Welcome!!! And thanx for coming. I hope this podcast becomes what i expect and what you will too.. So I can’t quite tell you where we will end up with this but i guarantee it will be awesome!! I will be sharing with you works of fiction some short some long and some weirdness in the middle I SWEAR you will LOVE it!!! This is CHAOS and you bet it’s coming!!!!! Stay Tuned….
AudioRealms Podcast Audio Realms award winning audio book podcasts feature both classic and modern science fiction, fantasy and horror audio books that are produced and directed by Fred Godsmark
Ecto Radio The only internet radio station made by ghost hunters for ghost hunters and paranormal and Horror enthusiasts. Playing only Metal, rock and paranormal oriented programs! Get your Ghost on" with Ecto Radio! The "Graveyard Shift" featuring the Hitman, Bob the Sane and Dead Bastard of the Southwest Ghost Hunter''s Association. With over 30 years of combined experience, their show has a focus on the scientific and logical study of paranormal with their warped sense of humor thrown in to produce an informative, yet entertaining program.
StoryTime StoryTime A world of New Fiction. Is all about new fiction reading and writing, we endeavour to encourage new fiction writing and reading as a multi-purpose means to improve professional writing ability, and receive vital feedback and exposure.
Horror Addicts h o r r o r . a d d i c t s: people who are physiologically or psychologically dependent on items depicting macabre events.
Paleo-Cinema Podcast Paleo-Cinema Podcast looks at lost, forgotten, half forgotten but memorable movies from 1895 to 1980. All genres (except religious movies and chick flicks) are spoken here.
The Chronic Rift A weekly talk show based on the popular New York cable access show of the 90's. We offer news, reviews, interviews, and discussion of the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comic art.
FETIDUS - The Foundation for the Ethical Treatment of the Innocently Damned, Undead and Supernatural FETIDUS is a sci-fi/horror/mystery podcast consisting of an original novel and music score set in the grim and fetid alleyways of a post-apocalyptic Washington, DC, circa 2034. A jaded Washington lobbyist who works for The Foundation for the Ethical Treatment of the Innocently Damned, Undead and Supernatural (FETIDUS) takes up the blackmail case of a mysterious woman, which leads him on a twisted adventure filled with noir-humor, suspense and horror.
The ABIS Film and Television, Music and Horror, to Theme Parks and Love Advice. The ABIS is the most random show on the internet. Listen to us Live every week on Blog Talk Radio as we randomize the most random subjects, the most random people and the most random...randomness. Always entertaining and always something to talk about when you Step Into The ABIS.
Roseblood - Conversations in filmmaking A journal of the filmmaking process - from idea to finished film - for Roseblood, the 4th Chris Broadstone short film - by award winning filmmakers Black CAB Productions
Reality Wasted REALITY WASTED is a podcast about everything and nothing all at once. We cover the very best - and the absolute worst - in movies, comic books, TV, animation, DVDs, video games, books, pop culture, and much, much more. This weekly hour-long podcast stars stand-up comedians DONNY SALVO, GREGORY B. DUBNO and DAVE SHEEHAN.
AWOL Authors WithOut Limits Barbara Bauer, a literary agent, presents a podcast from the Barbara Bauer Literary Agency featuring the agency's authors and their works, stories, interviews, readings and discussions of a variety of literary work and topics related to the publishing industry and the business of literary agents. A premiere podcast of the newest and best living literary talent from all over the world..
The Jennifer Caress Horror Podcast Actors and voice-over artists read the short stories of Jennifer Caress far better than she ever could including the Perverted Realities series.Hosted by Iliad Strange, a character straight out of Dragging Wings. Contents: horror, dark fantasy, and just plain odd material.
Genrefinity Podcast A weekly podcast for all things in the horror, science fiction and fantasy genre. News and commentary.
The Mystery Man Podcast A brand-new podcast, recorded monthly, dedicated to reviving deliciously rare yet neglected masterpieces of mystery, adventure, suspense, and horror ~ from centuries past. Devotees of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and the like will enjoy listening to these classic tales that, after years of obscurity, deserve to see the light of day. Hosted by the anonymous MYSTERY MAN. Who am I? For now ~ that must remain a mystery.
A Guide To Stealing Corpses A Guide To Stealing Corpses. Metal Radio and Video. A podcast and video podcast about death metal, black metal, thrash, grindcore, goregrind, horror, gore, breaking and entering, corpse removal, non-motorized getaway and much more. With your host corpsethief. http://aguidetostealingcorpses.blogspot.com http://aguidetostealingcorpses.blogspot.com
FearShop.com Horror Podcast The FearShop.com Horror Podcast is dedicated to reviewing horror movies without spoiling them so that you can make the decision on whether or not the horror movie, horror novel, horror comic series is worth wasting your time.
Goreboy Radio The UK's bloodiest one-man podcast, celebrating the glory of gory! Features plenty of film-related content, including news, reviews, interviews and exclusive features, plus competitions! Explores a wide range of film content, focusing on horror but covering many other genres too; all presented in a witty British style!
Movie Fan House Network The MovieFanHouse Network is home to the MovieFanCast, Right This Instant and The Talking Deadcast. All of these shows have individual feeds but this is your one stop shop for all of our show.
Escape Pod X Escape Pod X is a science fiction anthology series hosted by Robert Clarke, a captain drifting through space following the destruction of his starship. It features tales of suspense designed to leave you thrilled, chilled, and above all, entertained. Featuring new performances of both vintage and original audio dramas, Escape Pod X is the podcast for sci-fi fans, old time radio enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys quality audio drama.
The Whitechapel Project A man wakes up in a padded cell with a headache, no memories and the ability to with his mind. The only clue he has to his past is a plastic bracelet printed with the letters VI. From there, he enters a strange and twisted world. What happens next? The choice is yours. Whitechapel is an interactive horror novella in which you, the reader, can vote after each episode to direct the flow of the story. You can read the story so far, subscribe to the podcast, find places to talk to other fans and much more at whitechapelproject.com.
The dARk Hours Horror Podcast Welcome to the Dark Hours. Join Host Grey in an exploration of horror and cult cinema from yesterday and today.
Little Pod of Horrors Sharing my views on all aspects horror related
In The Gloaming Podcasts Creepy Tales of Now - monthly twisty horror-comedy plays, performed by some of Britain's best young comics.
After Midnight Horror show horror-devil,evil,original stories based on fact-and old time stories all scary. Make sure you have someone with you when you listen to these stories..
The Horror Movie Show The Horror Movie Show is a weekly podcast with a sense of hideous humour. Hosted by Jerry & Mark, the show features discussions & criticism of the newest horror flicks, as well as the best of the rest. Funny, informative & even controversial, The Horror Movie Show continues to gain popularity with every episode. More than 100 podcasts & counting!
The Nerd List Jon and Shawn discuss and rank all things nerdy. Tell us your top ten list.
WHO Get the skinny on everything that's hot in the world of horror flicks from two guys who have been ed by George Romero on more than one occasion.
The Gentlemen A podcast for the more laid back horror fan. Put on your smoking jacket, light your pipe and have our manservant pour you a large brandy, then come and take the seat we've reserved for you at The Gentlemen's Grindhouse (ladies welcome too!)...
We A small riot in LA has spread past its containment. Three reserve soldiers are called to their deserted duty station. Believed to be the last remaining armed servicemen in the area, Michael, Angel, and Saul witness the true cause of the riot; people are starting to change and attack each other. Armed with only what they can carry, they set out to secure an apartment building and rescue survivors scattered amongst the shattered remains of civilization. In a world turned upside down, every day is a struggle, as those who have taken refuge in “the tower” find out that their safe haven is under constant threat. In this place, however, the strengths of those who stand together, might just be enough to live long enough to see things start to change.
Vicis Interimo Vicis Interimo; 30 minutes to What lies in the spaces between and what invisible lines tie things together? If you have 30 minutes to let me help! A brief podcast review about a ‘horror’ movie, books and other and other junk. I only plan to ever have 5 podcast up at any given time so if you are new to the podcast be sure to download the old podcast FIRST before the are pulled down. If you love H.P Lovecraft, Stephen King, Dean Koonts and Clive Barker, download to my podcast. If you will watch any movie as long as it has a good story, download to my podcast. If you enjoy philosophy, magic, religion, myth, download to my podcast. Miskatonic Shirts www.bagend.biz/01cafepress.htm
Zombie Popcorn Netcasts The Zombie Popcorn Netcast features live broadcasts on topics that matter to you. Every Thurs at 8pm Eastern is ‘This Non-Religious Life‘ hosted by Ken, Bob and Jason. ‘This Non-Religious Life’ is a weekly one hour show with new episodes debuting every Thursday at 8 pm ET. The show, hosted by me, Ken, alongside my co-hosts Jason and Bob, seeks to highlight particular aspects of religious faith and the irreligious movement. The show will contain interviews with apologists/secularists, discussion
Game Scares Podcasts GameScares.com weekly podcast episodes with news, previews and reviews of the latest video games.
HG World: An Original Zombie Horror Serial 3015 North Studios brings you the audio horror serial "HG WORLD" telling the story of a small town riding out a global zombie uprising from inside the walls of a massive House and Garden warehouse in the rurals of north-central Pennsylvania. This is a full-cast audio drama presented by the HG WORLD COMPANY PLAYERS. TODD RAGE: THE REQUEST LINE is OPEN! (206) 350-3317 Tell us about your zombie experiences, share your thoughts on the show, flirt with Ayoub Khote, tell Jeb where to stick it....anything! Call now!
Dead Hunt Off the coast of Nova Scotia on a remote island, a lonely scientist, a powerful computer, a simple mistake, unleashes a new threat somewhere in the hills of Margaree. Dead Hunt is Kenn Crawford's chilling tale of a desperate father’s undying love, a daughter frozen in time, and the small group of teens trapped in the aftermath of walking dead.
Darkly Lit Darkly Lit - your home for readings and discussions of the dark fiction of the past.
GoF Radio The Girls on Film Radio podcast provides a female perspective on listener suggested movies. The majority of these movies would classify as "manflix" but we're to most genres. The only rule is that we don't watch Hollywood chickflix. Want to suggest a movie? Follow the link on the right of girlsonfilm.podomatic.com
Dark Hoard Selected stories from the new dark fiction anthology Dark Hoard. This compelling collection of macabre stories and poetry is unlike anything you''ve seen before and is very collectible. Visit www.darkhoard.com
Suspense Radio LIVE! Your insider source for everything that is suspense / thriller / mystery and horror. Bestselling author interviews live and much, much more await you in Suspense Radio LIVE. New shows every Tuesday and Friday at 6:00 pm pacific time.
19 Nocturne Boulevard Award-winning anthology audio drama series 19 Nocturne Boulevard presents roughly half hour stories of the "strange, speculative, and supernatural" every other Sunday night. Stories range from comedy to horror, from scifi to fantasy and from romance to dark social commentary.
Cast Macabre Cast Macabre is a weekly horror fiction podcast dedicated to bringing fear to your ears. We believe horror encompasses any genre with a dark element. We feature new stories from new authours, as well as timeless classics and flash fiction. Featuring guest narrators from around the podosphere.
The Blackfoot Lounge The Blackfoot Lounge is a weekly podcast that covers the love-hate relationship of the slasher explosion during the 1980s. Each episode currently covers 2 of the roughly 200 genre films released then with equal parts of insight, information, and humor. Join us each week as we'll be covering both popular slasher fare (like "Friday the 13th", "Prom Night", "Terror Train", etc), as well as more obscure films that have fallen to the wayside and are begging to be rediscovered.
Creepercast What began as a gathering of drunk film students discussing the finer points of old horror and criticizing the newer. College may be over but the fear creeps on in the form of the Creepercast with Jeff and Jason. Everything horror and horror genre themed is fair game for discussion.