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Toronto Chris CaugheyMachine and Erin (and whoever else) discuss local goings-on, people, music, film, comic books, etc. in Toronto, Canada.
Podcasting Against Poverty This podcast focuses upon the importance of civil rights within the academic arena; it highlights the importance of establishing an atmosphere free of discrimination, regardless of an individual’s race, color, national origin, age, sex and disability. In addition to providing active and applicable definitions to many of terms associated with civil rights, the podcast also confronts various scenarios that might hinder future civil rights compliance.
The Tacony Offensive The Tacony Offensive is a bunch of Philly guys talking about a range of topics from welfare reform to the homeless. We're the outlet for hard working people that are fed up with lazy pieces of sh!t on welfare who can't get a G.E.D. but can figure out how to scam the tem.
Yellow Bicycle Radio Hour A podcast full of rambling talk on strange topics such as kale shakes, AIDS, fupas, overcoming adversity, handjobs, the homeless and anything else that I might encounter throughout life, also there's a guest about once a week.