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Big Foamy Head Good Brews and Barbecue! We cook barbecue, drink good beer, and discuss both, along with some original blues music - All the way from Memphis, Barbecue capital of the world.
The Brewing Network An informative and entertaining podcast dedicated to homebrewing. We combine craftbrew proffessionals with homebrew experts to bring you the very best brewing information on the net. Great info., giveaways, and tons of fun.
PSP Hacking 101 How to Make the most of your PlayStaion Portable how to run Homebrew Apps, Emualtors and Hardware Hacks
Barbecue Bob Hi all, If you like to BBQ then I'd like to invite you to our podcast, Barbecue Bob's BBQ and Beer Bash! We have just gained our 2000 subscriber! http://barbecuebob.podomatic.com We are so honored to have Mr. Paul McIlhenny, CEO and President of Tabasco, as our featured guest on this Monday's (July 10th) podcast. Please make sure to subscribe to the show so you don't miss it. We want our audience to learn about the incredible history of this great American company. Who hasn't seen Tabasco in every restaurant in the good ol' USA and even overseas? This is more than just talking about a great product - this is about a family owned company who have played, and continue to play, a major role in American Culinary History! Tune in! In the meantime, stop by and listen to some of our other shows - we're all about BBQ and Home Brew Some of our past shows include how to make a unique: "Beer Can Up the Butt Chicken" "Meet Shad Rockstad, Founder of America's Best BBQ" "Ol' Granny Hawkins' Rebel Pot Roast" "Black and Bleud" Ribeye Learn to Corn and Hickory Smoke a Beef Tongue BBQ Bob goes to O'Shea's Brewery and takes Miss Claudia. http://barbecuebob.podomatic.com http://www.bobsbeerandbbq.com
Brew Bubbas Video The world of beer (brewing beer and homebrewing) is expansive. Our agenda includes testing beer from homebrewers and homebrew clubs around the country (perhaps the world) and posting the recipes of our favorite brews (feel free to visit our recipe page). In an effort to make all of us better homebrewers, we will also be visiting micro-breweries and interviewing brewmasters from around the world. And, from time to time, we’ll interview fellow homebrewers and Brewcasters. If you like good beer, while you’re at it, check out our Brewcast Radio! Thanks for coming along for the ride!
Brew Bubbas Radio Do you love good beer? Do you love homebrewing and have a home brew that you find exceptional? Would you like to share your beer with the world? Would you like the opportunity of talking about it with us on Brewcast Radio and have it posted to our Recipes Page? Here’s what we’re asking: Please send two bottles of the same beer to: Brew Bubbas 32381 Howard Madison Heights, MI 48071 Please include your name and e-mail address, along with your recipe. Also, please wrap your bottles so it won’t break during shipping. To ship the samples safely, please package them well. It is recommended to put on the shipping box: “Yeast samples.” That keeps things legal. Thank you!
Two Beer Queers: Hawaiian Style Beer Review A Weekly Hawaii Based Beer Review Show Hosted by Russel Kealoha & Bully O'Sullivan
You Can Dogleg Brewery is a craft brewing operation in Fort Worth, Texas that's bridging the gap between beer snobs and frat boys. Your Brewmeisters Kyle LaPointe and Ryan "Bano" Hague broadcast a new episode each week with community news and tips for the homebrewer and beer connoisseur alike. Watch LIVE each week at 7p (central), and join the on- and off-air conversations in CHAT - all at FrontierTelevision.com.
Beer Busters A podcast dedicated to bringing you news and reviews about some wonderful brews. We're aware there are many choices when it comes to beer, so we find some to recommend. Who knows, you may learn something too!