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Michael Thurmond Welcome to Michael Thurmond’s Six Week Body Makeover Podcast. You may recognize Michael as the body coach on ABC’s hit television show Extreme Makeover. The 6 Week Body Makeover Podcast will take listeners through a variety of health eating and healthy lifestyle topics, from the latest in healthy living news, motivational tips for weight loss, healthy recipes, success stories and interviews, tips and suggestions from Michael Thurmond himself. So, download or stream the show today and don’t forget to subscribe. If you would like to find out more about Michael Thurmond and the 6 Week Body Makeover weight loss program please visit us online at
[harrcast]: The Official Podcast of CBS Fitness Expert and Best-Selling Author Eric Harr 'Exercise and healthy eating should be passion-driven, not guilt-induced. Unfortunately, for most, it's the other way around. If you strive for a better balance by enjoying the process of getting fit and eating foods you love (yes, that includes Ben & Jerry's, people!), the destination of a fitter you will come, and the journey will have been enjoyed.' CBS fitness expert, radio host and best-selling author Eric Harr offers clear insight and presents scientifically-grounded, action-oriented strategies to help you live your best life. Harr keeps you up-to-the-minute with the latest research and topics from his TV segments on CBS’s 'Weekend Early Edition' and from material in his books. Harr brings a fresh perspective, an authoritative journalistic integrity -- and a rapier wit! -- to the otherwise staid and sales-driven world of health and fitness. Harrcast topics include: fitness, healthy eating, wellness, awareness, motivation and tips on sports from running, swimming and biking to yoga, Pilates and strength training. Regular segments include: THE SCOOP (nutrition news), THE SKINNY (credible weight loss news), LIFESTYLES OF THE FIT AND FAMOUS (interviews with Hollywood’s authentically fit), WORKIN IT (in-workout guidance), FITNESS FACT OR FICTION? (dispelling myths), ASK ERIC (your Q&A), POWERMINUTES (in-show action items), I AM POWERFUL MOMENTS (product giveaways) and more. Harrcast is geared towards two groups of people: DEDICATED BEGINNERS who are committed to getting back into shape, and FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS who work out between 1-5 times per week but want to get more enjoyment and results from their exercise. Harrcast is also ideal for runners, bicyclists, swimmers and multisport athletes. Eric Harr has helped millions to live their best lives. Listen to this podcast, and you will live yours. Harrcast. Health and fitness have never been this inspiring, informative and entertaining.
Healthy Eating - Penny Steward Full of food facts that could save your life, this eye-ing, fast and fun program will show you how to lose weight, have more energy and have more health just by...
Z Goddess Chronicles Journey into the WU-DOME, with Goddesses Wonder WU, and WU-Storm. Transport yourself into the humor filled metaphysical realm of the Goddess. Awaken your healing potential, creative expression,self-love, and Inner peace.Receive information on Community and Cultural Creatives,Astrology,Numerology,Cosmic Energy, Chakras, Angels,Healthy Eating, Meditation, Gardening, Self-cultivation and Refinement.
Killer Food with Ryan K. Parker Everything you need to get on the path of making Killer Food for yourself! Tips, tricks and techniques for everyday life with er food. For more information visit
Cancer Uncensored Your step-by-step guide to cancer prevention, early detection and cancer survival. Did you know… - 1 in 3 of us will be diagnosed with cancer. - 85% of cancer is preventable. Find out How!