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Wahnzeit Wie Zeitwahn - nur andersrum! Kein Sport und keine Politik! In der Wahnzeit kommt zu Gehör, was die Radiosender verschweigen - Abgefahrnes, Irrwitziges und Wahres.
Kilians Podkost German Podcast about living and working in Japan. Kilian also gives insights into Japanese culture and language.
shralp! snowboard video podcast Wöchentlich: 3,5 Minuten aktuelle Snowboard-Infos als Video-Podcast (MOV) auf Deutsch. Auch für iTunes und als WMV oder MP4.
Doors to a world of adventures... This series of podcasts consists of two sets: the first set (podcasts 1 through 10) highlights the opportunities made available by the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Iowa State University (ISU); the second set (podcasts 11 through 20) gives listeners an opportunity to experience the languages taught at ISU.
Stimmung Stunde Podcast In Southeastern Wisconsin, tune in every Saturday morning from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. to WJYI, 1340 AM for the best in German music and German-American community news. We're Milwaukee's best source of German music and we're proud of it! We're the home of Milwaukee's German community--and we like our schlager like our lager; light and frothy and never bitter!
Journal Interview | Video Podcast | Deutsche Welle Willkommen beim Video Podcasting Angebot von der DW-TV Sendung Journal. Hier finden Sie jede Woche Interviews zu aktuellen Themen.
Deutsche im Alltag - Alltagsdeutsch | Deutsch Lernen | Deutsche Welle | Deutsche Version Müllabfuhr und Maibäume, Klöster, Skat und Schimpfwörter. Hier finden Sie Radioreportagen zu bunten Themen aus dem deutschen Alltag. Hören Sie die Audiodateien und lesen Sie die Manuskripte.
Radio JARDIN Podcast Central Radio JARDIN trasmitt from VIENNA AUSTRIA in GERMAN and SPANISH. The best latinamerican music and the funniest moderators... you have to try it!!
Sven Gedanken aus dem Kopf eines kindischen Mittdreiszigers Komm' und steck' Deine Ohren in mein Leben. Aber Vorsicht! Das sind alles nur durchschnittliche Geschichten, Gedanken und Gefuehle aus einem mittelklassigen Leben. Doch es ist mein Leben und wenn schon kein anderer darueber berichtet, mach' ich es halt selbst. - webradioshow - webradioshow hosted by Alex Benesch is a german version of by Alex Jones
Kiwi On Air Lustige Episoden aus dem Leben von Andreas Kwiatkowski – garniert mit informellen Statements, kurzweiligen Unterhaltungselementen und herrlicher Musik.
Der Infotainment Podcast - Große Entdeckungen und Erfindungen der Menschheit German Podcast - Bildung - Wissenschaft - Kultur - Technologie - Gesellschaft - Hier erfahrt Ihr wöchentlich allerlei interessantes, kurioses, lustiges und spannendes über die kleinen und großen Erfindungen, Entdeckungen und technischen Errungenschaften, die uns täglich in unserem Leben begegnen.
Living in Germany Ever wonder what it's like to live overseas? Want tips on traveling in Europe? Find out by following the adventures of two crazy Americans who packed up their five kids and moved to Dusseldorf, G : Add a Podcast : Podcast directory, podcast reviews and podcasting resourceermany.
Climate Tales Climate tales provide snapshot stories as a literary examination of sustainability. The grasp of sustainability goes beyond economical, social and ecological conditions. Climate tales even incorporate development partnership and climate change. In a first step, the global dimension of sustainability is faced by providing the tales in multi language format.
Alan Palmer I love learning languages and sharing my ideas and opionions of language learning. I also leave some musical interludes sometimes. I hope you enjoy my podcasts. Alan
Pukka German: learn the real German lingo! Learn to speak "cool" and more fluent German with the free Pukka German language podcast. We teach the social German that's spoken by real German natives. We're especially keen on idioms, proverbs, colloquialisms and slang! In our weekly lessons you will learn vocabulary and expressions related to a new theme. Our goal: to make language learning fun and get you talking! We also provide online activities, transcripts and extras so visit our website at The show focuses more on spoken German than grammar and is best suited for intermediate to more advanced learners (though ners are also very welcome to tune in!). Pukka German will also be useful for Germans wanting to improve their English! Your hosts Tyler Duncan and Lisa Ernst are based in Freiburg, Germany.
Krimikiosk German Detective Story, Audiobook, Radio Play in several Parts
GermanLingQ Join Steve Kaufmann, founder of LingQ, Hannelore and guests on the GermanLingQ podcast. Sign up for a free account at and study the full transcript using LingQ's revolutionary learning tools.
LinguaGuide Language learning tips LinguaGuide is now making a weekly series of fun podcast episodes with language learning tips.
German Reichs Free Church A comedy humour podcast of the sermons of German Reichs Free Church for christians. A nonsens religion with a great philosophy of theology. A silly Prayer talks in their church service about bibel and religion, philosophy, spiritualism, the third reich, world war II and 3th reich. Almost nonsens. A religious podcast for your soul. Mass and mess of a denomination from Germany in America. Exhibition of protestantism and calvinism, but also catholicism. Listen the holy lord, the word of Jesus christ. Podcast for the true christian. God loves this sermonpodcast of Christianity and religiouspodcast of the american freechurch.
Steueroasen Das deutschsprachige Podcast Steueroasen richtet sich an alle Menschen und Unternehmen, die nicht gerne hohe Steuern zahlen. Wir helfen durch Tipps und Informationen über Steueroasen die Steueroptimierung in die Wege zu leiten.
Azalea - A Fantasy Drama Audiobook After death Melissa for the first time has the chance to reflect on her chaotic life and realize what life really is about. But how did she die? And what awaits her in life after death? Melissa tries to restart her life and do everything right. But again life slips from her hands and menaces to wreak a tragic end. Azalea is an atmospheric german fantasy drama audiobook. Talented author Kevin Winterberg encourages the listener to think about his own life, the community we live in and the big questions in life. An affecting wonderful story with dramatic moments. The complete audiobook will be available for download in summer 2009. Until then, several episodes will be published as a podcast. ++ Narrated by Dörte Becher, Swen Mai ++ Produced by Jan-Soeren Haas ++
First German Reader for ners bilingual for speakers of English There are simple and funny German texts for easy reading. The book consists of Elementary and Pre-intermediate courses with parallel German-English texts. The author maintains learners' motivation by funny stories about real life situations such as meeting people, studying, job searches, working etc. Method ALARM (Approved Learning Automatic Remembering Method) utilize natural human ability to remember words used in texts repeatedly and tematically. The author had to compose each sentence using only words explained in previous chapters. The second and the following chapters of the Elementary course have only 29 new words each.
German House Mafia Podcast Series German House Mafia Podcast Series More info @ Facebook Fan Site search for German House Mafia
Mission Europe - Mission Berlin | Learning German | Deutsche Welle | English Version Mission Europe is a language course for ners that consists of three mystery adventures: Mission Berlin, Misja Kraków and Mission Paris. Challenge yourself and learn German with Mission Berlin! [English Version]
Mission Europe - Misja Kraków | Learning Polish | Deutsche Welle | English Version Mission Europe is a language course for ners that consists of three mystery adventures: Mission Berlin, Misja Kraków and Mission Paris. Challenge yourself and learn Polish with Misja Kraków! [English Version]
Mission Europe - Mission Paris | Learning French | Deutsche Welle | English Version Mission Europe is a language course for ners that consists of three mystery adventures: Mission Berlin, Misja Kraków and Mission Paris. Challenge yourself and learn French with Mission Paris! [English Version]
Marktplatz - Deutsch in der Wirtschaft | Learning German | Deutsche Welle | English Version Business German for advanced learners: The "Marktplatz" language course provides an introduction to topics related to work, career and economics. [English Version]
Wieso nicht? | Learning German | Deutsche Welle The monolingual language course Wieso nicht? is a colorful collection of scenes from everyday life in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Radio D Series 2 | Learning German | Deutsche WelleDeutsche Welle New cases for the reporters: episodes 27 to 52 take Paula and Philipp all around Germany. Their investigations include laser attacks in Jena and changes on the trail of the Berlin Wall [English version]
Jojo sucht das Glück | Deutsch lernen | Deutsche Welle Die erste Websoap für Deutschlerner: Begleitet die brasilianische Studentin Jojo 33 Folgen lang auf ihrer Suche nach dem Glück in ihrer neuen Heimatstadt Köln.
Jojo sucht das Glück (mit Untertiteln) | Deutsch lernen | Deutsche Welle Die erste Websoap für Deutschlerner: Begleitet die brasilianische Studentin Jojo 33 Folgen lang auf ihrer Suche nach dem Glück in ihrer neuen Heimatstadt Köln. Abonnieren Sie hier die Videos mit deutschen Untertiteln.
Video-Thema | Deutsch lernen | Deutsche Welle Trainieren Sie Ihr Hörverstehen mit dem Video-Thema: Regelmäßig finden Sie hier authentisches Videomaterial aus dem Angebot von DW-TV.
Audiotrainer | Deutsch lernen | Deutsche Welle Lernt für den Alltag nützliche Vokabeln und verbessert eure Aussprache. [englische Version]
Talking Germany | Deutsche Welle "Talking Germany - The German Way of Life." The show takes an entertaining and informative look at what makes Germans tick, what they think and how they feel.
Dreierpack Podcast Dreierpack Podcast is an amateur German football (soccer) podcast run by Twitter users @GladbachUK, @DortmundUK and @dieBreisgauer. They discuss the weekly goings-on in the Bundesliga and German football as a whole.