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Beyond Organic The Beyond Organic radio show is an unique environmental radio and multimedia program, addressing issues of organic food and farming, social and environmental sustainability.
MicrobeWorld Radio A 90 second podcast from the American Society for Microbiology. Composed of over 42,000 scientists and health professionals, ASM's mission is to advance the microbial sciences as a vehicle for the improvement of health, economical and environmental well-being worldwide. Produced by Finger Lakes Productions International, MicrobeWorld Radio is also heard daily around the world on radio networks and stations. For more information, visit us on the web.
Emerging Sea Technology, ecology, wisdom and smut. Covering many topics from our weblog
Araund Directory Araund Directory: Advertising, Automotive, Aviation, Boating, Cash, Crafts, Credit Cards, Dating, Debt Consolidation, Education, Electronics, Employment, Entertainment, Fantasy Sports, Fashion, Finance, Fitness, Furniture, Games, Gardening, Gifts, Health, History, Hobbies, Home Improvement, Insurance, Jewelry, Legal, Loans, Mortgages, Movies, Music, Online Shopping, Pets, Real Estate, Science, Shopping, Small Business, Sports, Taxes, Technology, Travel, Weddings, Wellness
Horti-Talk Horticultural Podcast A Horticultural podcast geared to sub-tropical climates etc. for All people interested in growing plants and gardening
Healthy Home Decorating Healthy Home Decorating your resource for creating beautiful interiors using Holistic Redesign principals. I'm Penny Crabtree and on these pages we will discuss your own interior decorating needs, while we learn the principles of a healthy home. Some of the topics we will cover are: decorating healthy rooms, like the: master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room to name a few. We will cover alternative, interior design principals of: the use of color and how to choose it, remodeling, green design, feng shui, wabe saube and other earth sciences. Emphasis on fabrics, window treatments, area rugs, paint, flooring, furniture, lighting and accessories will be addressed in great length. We will discuss those that are Eco friendly and those that are not and what you can do to make them friendlier. But the most exciting part is that you get to participate, unlike other sites where you only get to read the information you can ask questions and comment and we will answer as many as we can on future shows. On our program we will also review trends, books, interview special guests and professionals, give tips that you can use right away on your own holistic home. And if that wasn't enough, we will tell you on future shows how you can have a career with Holistic Redesign or just study it for your own home. Did I mention how much fun you are going to have? It always fun to work on your home with like-minded people.
Home Wizards Home Wizards is a Los Angeles based home improvement radio show airing Saturdays 8-9AM PST on KRLA870 with host/producer Cindy Dole. Join Cindy as she provides the tips and trs for your home!
Life On The Creek The adventures of an ex-BIG city girl and her post-corporate American Life. Tune in and turn on to getting in touch with what matters most to you. Even if you’re not planning to “head for the hills” you can still bring a deeper sense of peace and joy into your life right now and you can do it right where you are.
The Vege Gardening Minute Vege gardening tips and ideas. Each episode details a specific topic to improve your vege garden yields.
BubbaCast The Bubbatanicals Podcast is about hobby farming, soap and candle making, horses, chickens, goats, beekeeping, worms and everything in between.
Garden Guys Talk Radio Green Revolution Radio! The Garden Guys talk about the latest products, tools, methods and topics, for "green" living along with great music and lots of laughs.
The Self-Sufficient Gardener Helping People Garden Efficiently, Responsibly and Sustainably
Z Goddess Chronicles Journey into the WU-DOME, with Goddesses Wonder WU, and WU-Storm. Transport yourself into the humor filled metaphysical realm of the Goddess. Awaken your healing potential, creative expression,self-love, and Inner peace.Receive information on Community and Cultural Creatives,Astrology,Numerology,Cosmic Energy, Chakras, Angels,Healthy Eating, Meditation, Gardening, Self-cultivation and Refinement.
Nest In Style Hosts Jayme Jenkins, of, and Teresa O'Connor, of, bring you the latest in home and garden trends for seasonal living.
RadioGarden RadioGarden is a podcast about stories at the intersection of people and plants, hosted by writer, designer, and gardener Andrew Keys. RadioGarden is a production of Horticulture Radio, from Horticulture Magazine.
The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann If you've heard the word Permaculture and wanted to know more about it, or are a practicing Permaculturist who wants a different perspective, this is the show to listen to. Whatever your background, if you grow your own food or have never planted a garden, on the grid or off it, in the countryside or suburbs or city, this show can help you live a more sustainable resilient life through Permaculture design. It covers Permaculture from the early history, core principles, and concepts, up through the latest books, video, news, and education opportunities,
Nature is Nurture Interesting, educational and philosophical information about nature. Most episodes relate to plants and gardening. Some episodes revolve around birds, animals, insects, terrain and weather - with a few having a humorous twist. The goal of the podcast is to open up the world of nature to those that live in urban areas and to those that may have their eyes temporarily closed to the wonders around us.
the potting shed podcast A lively and fun mix of all things gardening, with seasonal reminders, perfect plants and garden design ideas in every show. Adrenaline Radio provides one hour family friendly specialty radio shows. Tune in every week for the most up to date information on Health, Investing, Relationships, and More. We have a program for everyone in the family; you can call in the station and leave a message for your favorite host at 1-800-405-6425. Adrenaline Radio shows are syndicated on over 250 traditional radio station nationwide and include; Nick Federoff, Judd McIlvain, and Authors of New York Times Best Sellers.
Chicken Thistle Farm CoopCast Our topics free range around broiler chickens and pastured eggs, heritage breed turkeys, pastured heritage pigs, an heirloom vegetable CSA, high tunnel / hoop house / green houses, gardens, projects in the barn, permaculture, food preservation and even fence mending. So come along for a visit to our chicken coop and join us as we share our livestock, gardening and homesteading stories from our small farm as we live - pasture to plate.
Rose Chat Radio Show Rose Chat began on Twitter as a method to communicate information to a growing segment of rose growers. This monthly Twitter chat was the springboard to our BlogTalkRadio presence. The need to communicate solid information on growing roses to the next generation is essential and Rose Chat Radio fills that need by providing solid rose advice, interesting guests and the latest news from the world of roses!
Still Growing... A Weekly Gardening Podcast Podcast Title: Still Growing…A Weekly Gardening Podcast “Still Growing…” is a weekly gardening podcast dedicated to helping you and your garden grow. You can like this podcast on Jennifer Ebeling's website:
The Bonsaicast The only weekly bonsai podcast. Tune in each week as we go over all aspects of the art of bonsai. Light hearted and entertaining yet informative as well.
Urban Farm and Garden Show The Urban Farm & Garden Show is your source for growing sustainable organic produce and meats in the Western United States. Let’s face it, most gardening and farming shows originate somewhere on the East Coast or Midwest where you get ample amounts of rain and a climate that is conducive to growing darn near anything. Those growing methods just don’t work here in the Wild West!