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Lo-Fi Confessional Lo-Fi Confessional is a quarterly audio-zine dedicated to fringe electronica, electro-acoustic experimentation, noise, IDM, found sounds, and sonic strangeness of all frequencies: including but not limited to glitch, break-core, illbient/drone, post rock, musique-contrete, sound collage, turntablism, and analogue improvisation... a kind of twisted sonic Reader's Digest.
rotfest podcast free.open.experimental.music.video.whatever;public access
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Indie Street Radio Indie Street is a radio show. We have a great time doing it. Sometimes there will be a common theme running through the show. Sometimes it'll just be a random collection of songs, interviews and banter. Other times there will be guests in-studio. It's a weekly romp through the indepent music world and creative edge of the entertainment industry. The best aural and visual stimulus you've yet to experience.