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Dawn and Drew Show Married bestest buddies, podcasting from their 1895 farmhouse living room in southeast wisconsin. delivered in mp3 format.
A Single Serving of Coke Hang out with the gang as friends from the University of Kentucky podcast about current events in their lives
The Nikki and Dave Show One boy. One girl. One show. Married, military couple goofing around, laughing at stupid people, insulting each other and just having fun.
One Man Revolution Home of the Revolution Network. Keep you ears and minds open, for this is the media of the revolution! Weekly to daily segment of up to 40 minutes. Mostly technoranting, questioning, uncommon insanity, stumping, about Politics, Technology, Food, Advocacy, Entertainment, daily news and events and of course the rest of the finer things of life!
Best Damn Tech Show, Period. The Best Damn Tech Show, Period infotechment podcast includes 3 techies talking about consumer technology, the internet and the blogosphere. Cast includes Drew Olanoff, Paul Fleming, and Adam Plante. For The Geek in Everyone
Nobody Likes Onions It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm!
PodcasterWorld.com PodcasterWorld is a centralized directory of podcasts and links to podcast feeds around the world and in your region. You can post your Podcast or upload your sound or video file. The site has a large variety of Podcasts and tools to easily create Podcasts.
Launcing 15 Minutes of Fame Andy Warhol said everyone has 15 Minutes of fame and I thought well why not do a Podcast with that in mind. My name is Chaz Rough and I am the Host of the Rocket15 Podcast "15 Minutes of Fame." The main focus of the show is to give everyone an opportunity to tell a great story that is unique and entertaining. If you'd like to be on the 15 Minutes of Fame Podcast send an email or mp3 file to [email protected]
Your Voice, by Encouraging Audiobooks Variety podcast, covering Business, Inspiration, Faith and Entertainment
The Basement Internet Show Eclectic internet talk show featuring interviews with interesting and unusual guests.
Ranting and Raving 13 year old Technology and More, very entertaining and getting better with each episode!
Pluri Media Group Contemporary coverage of news and the media with topical music.
Disgruntled Entertainment Your entertainment News, Review and Opinion show.
Creative Mythology David Tarleton is a filmmaker in Hollywood, a musician, a writer, a digital artist. This is his work.
SCTech: A World Where Anything is Possible Join Stephen and Cody (and guests) as we look at internet culture, video games, and other aspects of technology. Including detailed "how-tos", hacks, tech news, and other, various subjects! Highly appraised and entertaining!
Quality Control Radio Offering you a high-quality mix of eclectic music for those people whom like variation and exploration. Now a permanent show on KYCY AM in San Francisco.
Young Generation podcast Young Generation focuses on the interests of teens. It interests many types of teens. Some interests include Entertainment News, Movie Reviews, Tech-Tid-Bits, and Music.
A Fine Moment A short, multiweekly, family freindly, rollick through fine moments infused with the keenly inquiring, slightly cynical, always joyful observations of host Matthew Manna.
Digital Photography Tips From The Top Floor Award-winning, short and sweet - with non-techy tips that you can put to use immediately. Covers everything from image composition to post processing. With a good sense of humour, Chris Marquardt manages to convey tips for the beginner as well as the professional photographer.
KCSB Pop Life Radio Show Two UCSB sociology grad students discuss the world of pop culture and entertainment as viewed through a more critical lens weekly on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara. We like to think of it as a smarter, more critical version of Entertainment Tonight.
You Are The Guest "You Are The Guest", is a weekly show where everyday people can "be the guest" and tell people what their friends and neighbors think about news events and issues of the day. It’s part talk show, part opinion poll, part reality show. It is completely dependent upon the listeners participation as a guest. To be a guest is easy. Listeners just need to go to www.youaretheguest.com and submit their first name, the town where they live, and a short description on why they would make a good guest. There is no charge for being a guest, and listeners will have the opportunity to share their opinions on current events and issues of the day and how it effects their everyday life. And we have some fun too, with "Celebrity Square Root" and "Ask Bill 3", where we turn the tables and let the guest ask the host any 3 questions they want.
The Chris Seligmiller Show Hosted by filmmaker Chris Seligmiller, TCSS is a variety show with music, comedy, opinions and more.
Mark In The Morning with Mark Larsen The Morning Magazine has been replaced by Mark In The Morning, "America's Morning Podcast." http://www.markinthemorning.com The show is ready weekdays after 7:30AM
Daily Noise Uncensored entertainment talk show from Las Vegas featuring interviews with actors, actresses, musicians, etc. Hosted by Jimmy Diggs and Kaan Soler. New episodes daily Monday - Friday
EliteCastingNetwork.com Audition Notices Auditions & Casting Notices for Actors, Models, Singers, Dancers & all types of Talent. With Star Search Casting, get Casting Calls & Breakdowns with your FREE Online Portfolio!
Sam and Jim go to Hollywood Part comedy, part tragedy, it’s the life of a writing team trying to make it in Hollywood. We’ve sold movies, we’re in the Writer’s Guild, we’ve pitched TV shows to networks – but we’re still working on our big break. Our show is about writing, Hollywood and our experiences on the way to…we wish we knew what.
Max and Mike On the Movies Max and Mike on the Movies is a two hour weekend talk radio show about movies and the film industry. Max and Mike talk about new theatrical releases as well as old favorites, and they find out what their listeners think. Guests, celebrity smackdowns, trivia contests, sound clips, and Top 10 lists spice up the mix.
NeM Town Radio Northamptonshire Teens talk comedy and entertainment. This is a podcast for Locals and Worldwise Listeners alike!!!!. Very Entertaining...Check It Out!!!!!!!!
Music News Podcast Keep up to date with the new releases, and music business headlines (delivered with a hint of sarcasm) in this entertaining and informative podcast.
The DVD Rippers That additional audio comentary you have always wanted to hear but was never included on your "Criterion, Limited, Special, Collectors, Bonus, Infinifilm Edition" of your favorite DVD.
THE ENTIRE WORLD DOT NET PODCAST News and Entertainment Podcast. Focuses on Xbox and US News as well as some World News and other entertainment forms. Also includes worlds bests sites.
Maia Entertainment We are working on building a community of film people, music people, actors, and other artists who share in the desire to achieve their dreams and goals that they have set out for themselves. That is what Maia Entertainment is all about.
BITE Radio E-Jay and Hollywood take you into the world BITE Television with a sometimes cynical and constantly cricital look at the world of pop-culture and everything GEEK!
Nowhere in Mulberry Listen to the Jastrom and Stephen and friends chat about movies and television and pop culture while making fun of it at the same time.
WDW Today A three times a week podcast that highlights various news and events from around the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.
Rants Raves and Reviews Rantings, Kudos, Reviews and some product/lifestyle raves.
SodOff Radio SodOff Radio, is, in essence a show about nothing and everything. Dave and myself (Ben) voice our opinions on whatever happens to pop into our heads, with some regular appearances of stupid laws and podsafe music.
The Downs FM Listen to the children of The Downs FM, as they produce their own primary school podcast. Based in Kent, in the UK, they work hard to bring you the latest news, gossip, music, reviews, jokes and more!
Talking Favourites A new show about audience participation. We invite you to come on and talk about your site or a favourite site. We then invite others listeners to come on and give their opinion. Just launched
Cerealized You are invited to the table of an offbeat trio of roommates as they congregate every Monday morning to confront spurned lovers, questionable employment, homicidal cereal, and each other - all over a good nosh. Part character study, part social satire, and part poignant reflection on our own daily grind, this ambitious live-action comedy chronicles the weekly trials and tribulations of three average twentysomethings as they stumble through life wearing sensible footwear. Join Rocket Ace Moving Pictures every Monday morning for Cerealized, now part of your unbalanced breakfast.
They Shoot Werewolves, Don I plan this, at least, weekly podcast to share my progress in my second attempt at winning the NaNoWriMo. I won�t go into too much detail about what NaNoWriMo is, because if you have found this podcast it is a sure bet that you already know what NaNoWriMo is. If not, make sure to check my web site (http://theyshootwerewolvesdontthey.blogspot.com) for links pertinent to each week�s podcast.
Sunday Go To Meetin It's a 1 hour podcast with C7 & Garland T. Two poets find time on sundays for a rolling conversation about culture, society, and everything in between. We love to laugh, and we have opinions. Podsafe music, audio art, live guests, interviews, and good conversation is what we're looking to find here. Join us in the search, and let's see where it takes us...
The Hollywood Saloon The Hollywood Saloon is a FIlm/Movie/DVD discussion podcast wrapped in Classic Western Cinema Genre package. We discuss in detail all aspects of filmmaking, the business of show business, DVD and Film Reviews and unique disscussions about all things relating to the entertainment field. WE want to be MORE than just another movie review podcast. We want to be a place where film fans come visit to peek their interest in all things Movies.
VoteMeRich.com Podcast VoteMeRich.com's podcast will highlight candidates and winners of VoteMeRich.com's blog-based competition
Tech Talk With Craig Peterson Rated the #1 radio show in the Boston Market, Tech Talk With Craig Peterson helps you learn the secrets of everyday technology that you need to know. Craig interviews top industry insiders and explains tech in ways everyone understands.
miPOradio miPOradio POdcast, where poetry tunes in, is an audio presentation for MiPOesias Magazine. Our show features current and past contributors and a variety of live readings and interviews.
The Iron Rod We are The Iron Rod! We represent the LDS Church on the Boise State University Campus. We play great music, read church news, announcements, local activities, FHE ideas, dating ideas, specials segments, cd reviews, and other local events, and we have too much fun trying to do it!
Send2Press Newswire Entertainment talk show hosted by author, musician and PR pro Christopher Laird Simmons. Guests include book authors, TV actors, and recording artists, and other people of interest talking about pop culture.
Longtown Sound Uncleshag hosts the Longtown Sound, a radio style podcast from the shores of Lake Wateree. Featuring indie artists from MySpace, Ariel Publicity, Podsafe Music Network, GarageBand, CDs and mp3s from unc's email. Hear new ear picked independent music effortlessly. Only on WLSO.FM!
Digital Rights Management Dr. William Pence, CTO of Napster, is one of the nation's leading practitioners of DRM and presents an insider's view of Digital Rights Management.
Geek4x4 Comics & Entertainment Podcast Part Comics Commentary, a dash of Independent music, and the ranting of a wannabe writer and pop culture aficionado.
The Real Deadwood Podcast The Real Deadwood Podcast, hosted by Paul Dennis, is a variety show from the real Deadwood in the Black Hills of South Dakota for fans of the award-winning HBO Deadwood series combining news, interviews and entertainment from both Deadwoods.
The Slanderbox Show The Slanderbox Show is dedicated to bashing the hell out of morons and idiots whom are stinking up the planet with their stupidity.
ImaginAsian Radio Check out what’s sizzling on the Asian American music scene with our pan-Asian variety entertainment show featuring music from Asian American bands, interviews with landmark personalities, and live performances... The Sound of Asian America.
BIG BOI WITH CURLS ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS..... Known for her sharp tougued, unadulterated, and unorthodox method of consulting, SCYON will "pull the sheets" off the music industries' ass, and exposed the "UGLY TRUTHS." Giving you the foundation for a solid start on what to do, and what not to do in the music industry.
Ancestor by Scott Sigler On a remote island in Lake Superior, scientists struggle to solve the problem of xenotransplantation -- using animal tissue to replace failing human organs. Funded by the biotech firm Genada, Dr. Claus Rhumkorrf seeks to recreate the ancestor of all mammals. By getting back to the root of our creation, Rhumkorrf hopes to create an animal with human internal organs. Rhumkorrf discovers the ancestor, but it is not the small, harmless creature he envisions. His genius gives birth to a fast-growing evil that nature eradicated 250 million years ago -- an evil now on the loose, and very, very hungry.
NewHotMusic.com Urban Music Show #1 NewHotMusic.com presents the first in an ongoing series of music shows. This one features independent hip hop and R&B music from around the USA. Future shows will feature music from around the globe. These independent artists have their music distributed and marketed by NewHotMusic.com and the songs and albums are available at iTunes thru the NewHotMusic.com website which acts as a gateway to iTunes for these songs. There are magazine ads and articles there too! This is a great opportunity for unsigned artists/groups to get heard and make money while launching their career, it also gives listeners a chance to hear music from all over that is professionally recorded, mastered and available so you as the listener can see and help the independent upcoming artists emerge! Enjoy and spread the word... these are the future, so listen and enjoy the show!
Entertainment Direct Playing the hottest unsigned music worldwide! Come check us out!
The DJNewStyle Show When I'm not eating hot coal and bringing smiles to people's faces, I'm at work living the rockstar life of a Software Engineer. Yes, it is glamorous, but sometimes I yearn for more. That's why every Tuesday and Thursday night, 10PM-12AM ET, I am the host of The DJNewStyle Show. It is an internet radio show that strives for nothing more than making people sick, angry, disgusted, furious, mentally unstable, and occaisionally giddy. We do some social commentary, mock and insult people/places/thoughts/ideas, discuss the stock market and its current uncertainty, and make up songs about various topics the listeners want to hear songs about - on the spot, live, right then and there - with no concern as to how graphic, sick, disgusting, or cruel the topic is.
Talking Street- with Steven Tyler, Larry King, Jerry Stiller and Sigourney Weaver iAmplify: Discover Boston with Rock Star Steven Tyler, Lower Manhattan with Comedian Jerry Stiller, the Lower East Side of Manhattan with Sigourney Weaver, and Washington DC with Radio Personality Larry King Amplify Your Health, Business, Marriage, Spirit, & Family... Amplify Your Life with Advice From The World's Greatest Experts. We Specialize In Astrology, Beauty, Business, Cardio, Core Strength, Education, Workouts, Entertainment, Fitness, Fashion, Golf, Holiday, Cycling, Spin, Poker, Gaming, Airplane Flying, Massage, Pregnancy and Maternity, Meditation, Parenting, Om, Personal Growth, Self Help and Improvement, Pilates, Power Walking, Religion, Running, Relationships, Spirituality, Sports, Strength Training, Total Body Sculpting, Travel, Weight Loss, and Yoga. Some of our featured Amplifiers include DJ Dub, Steven Tyler, Larry King, Sigourney Weaver, Jerry Stiller, Marianne Williamson , Matthew Reyes, Phil Hellmuth, Barbara DeAngelis ,TJ Tomasi, Karen Salmansohn , & Mari Winsor Among Many Others
PlanIt Podcast-Event Industry News Show This podcast can help both the professional/private event and party planner find the best locations and the most unique services. If you would like to be on our show call us: 866-438-4800 ext. 88
The Half Show with Me-saj & Jason You Don't Know The Half !? Ever heard the old expression "a star is born every minute"? Well, in this case, it's every half an hour. The Half with Mesaj and Jason is a half hour podcast, variety entertainment talk show, broadcast through the Internet. Each show will feature an undiscovered star on the rise in genres such as music, comedy, acting, and literature. These individuals will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the world, while building up a fan base by demonstrating their talent to potential fans. So enough talk, for now. If you want a half hour of high-quality entertainment, you've come to the right place. Now you know The Half. And knowing is half the battle!
Aloha Films Presents A full service HD/Video production/post production facility specializing in dynamic live music documentaries and high-impact action sports biographies.
Mobile Media Now Wireless community content specialists featuring: Club Rubber, Full Force Fighting, My Beach Babes, 6degrees Action Sports, Next Car Now, and Celebrity Video Ringers.
Splitpersonalities with Adrian Join Adrian and his cast as they ramble about gay culture and much more!!!
Audible Justice A Refreshing and Enlightening View of Current News and Policy. We don't report the news, we pick the stories you want to hear, take them apart and present a unique point of view.
The Matt Largo Show Pop Culture, Society, Technology- Hosted by Matt Largo, the Pop Culture and Technology Savant. www.MattLargo.com
IGN Entertainment Podcasts IGN is the ultimate gaming and entertainment resource featuring award winning coverage of video games, cheats, movies, music, cars, sports, babes, comics and gear.
@udio Thunderdome an irregularly published audio magazine
The K-Man Show The K-Man Show is all about getting you in the know in an entertaining way. The K-Man tackles the week's news with avengence! And, K-Man's "News with a 'Tude" will get you scratching your head (and let's face it, stupid people are funny!) So tune into the K-Man Show! A half hour a week is all he asks!
En2go.com Video PodCast Entertainment to go, feed your hungry iPod cool video podcasts from En2go.com
AMN Podcasts Advanced Media Network is one of the leading video game / entertainment resources on the Internet.
The Sounds of L.A. The Sounds of L.A. features Interviews of Entertainment Professionals from the Los Angeles area and is conducted in a relaxed setting at a café or restaurant around Hollywood enabling the conversant to speak freely about their artistic desires, originations and current work with background sounds taken from Hollywood's environment. The Show is a refreshing breath of artistic knowledge bringing forth the perceptions of individuals who comprise the soul of theater, television and movies. See Pics of Interviewees at www.TheSoundsofLA.com
Mediocre Films Absolutely ridiculous short films for absolutely ridiculous people. Mediocre Films: They're Better Than They Sound!
The Willie Brown Podcast Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown Hosts a weekly Podcast with top name news makers, celebrity interviews, politics, and authors.
Thrifty Boutique online magazine Welcome to Thrifty Boutique. The loyal connection between you, emerging designers and neat finds. From unique concepts to artistic ideas, we have everyone's lifestyle covered.
TB Jewelry online magazine Daily review of emerging jewelry designers and other neat finds from already well-known fashionable brands. Think bold and beautiful. Think jewelry.
88SLIDE: The Daily One Minute Trivia Challenge 88SLIDE is a daily one minute info-challenge format, distributed via the Internet at 88slide.com, and through iTunes as a video podcast. ??Cell phone users can also download the 3GP formatted series at 88slide.com. ??Visit us Monday through Friday to watch new videos and submit your answers; stop by Saturday to view outtakes and bloopers. Our mission is to entertain, interact, and enlighten you, daily, in 60 seconds. Hit us up at [email protected]!
Dismay Dismay is a podcast story/musical about a man chosen by a mysterious Council to be a superhero and save the world. The problem is, Dismay fears the world, especially since he watched his girlfriend, Karen, killed by a gang of thugs. The first ten episode deal with Dismay's self-discovering journey. Currently, we are at episode six. During this journey, Dismay discovers a host of characters. Some good. Some are out to kill him. Listeners will learn a little bit about the Council and what Dismay needs to do and why he has been chosen.
Activator Podcast An entertaining Podcast that explores difficult social/cultural/political issues with humor and music. Born with a musician's ear for politics and tone, and a poet's soul for relating to humanity, Milton continues his passion for social politics and music with ActivatorPodcast. Milton's curiosity for unique audio including music and spoken word have led to the development of the show.
Schnauzer Logic A weekly comedy/news talk/entertainment program hosted by a straight, white, buddhist, vegetarian, lesbian fraternity boy trapped in the body of a recovering transsexual woman patent attorney with a bizarre sense of humor, and a masters degree in city planning, and a few of my stand-up comedian friends. Previously heard along the central coast of California on KSCO-AM1080, now reborn as a Podcast in an attempt to convince my mom that I'm not simply sitting in my bedroom talking to myself!
i On Truckee God’s country, that’s Truckee, Lake Tahoe and the northern high Sierra mountains in California. Our community is strong... independent... involved... and our area has become a true, four-season resort destination for visitors. In fact, many visitors decide to make Truckee their home. This podcast offers listeners community event information, outdoor activity schedules and concert and performance “happenings” for the time period starting Saturday, February 18, 2006. Listen and plan your time wisely to max out your enjoyment!
Gamer Andy Warning: Content may be explicit and is intended for adults only. Each week, writers and reporters for gaming news website GamerAndy.com discuss topical issues surrounding the gaming industry. Conversation, news alerts and always sharp, biting and sometimes over-the-top commentary ensues. Sometimes hilarious, but always well thought-out and informative. Gamer Andy is for gamers, by gamers.
Smalltown Girls Smalltown Girls is a show where 3 women who grew up in small communities get together to talk Hollywood. Everyone hears gossip from mainstream Hollywood shows, but how about the point of view of the average person from a place people heard of but don't know exactly where it's located.
GossipMomma GossipMomma.com is Your #1 Source for Celeb Gossip!! "Cause Momma Knows Everything!"
Indigo Blue A Video and Photographic Blog based in Hong Kong
Meandawg Movie Top 5 MeanDawg Movie Top 5 is a fun show with a group of friends discussing top 5 lists about a variety of Movie topics. It's super. Feels like a hip-cool t-shirt.
I Heart NZ A Crazy Canuck and a Kookie Kiwi husband and wife podcast from the beach in New Zealand. The show is about all things New Zealandand eveything else.
Spitbox The unenviable location of the characters from my undenying concience, HAHaha, ok, Theres some music and news among the rest.
Kusha Deep radio Kusha Deep Radio Show The sonic tonic that proves to build on the very successful KDL program which went out through Totally Radio for 18 months and created some fine moments in radio history. Not wanting to get caught in any one genre we’ve had guests from Visionary Underground, Gong, Banco Di Gaia, Richie Havens, Australian rock gods U AM I, French Iraqi Hip Hop crew Awai, to the mad acid tripper Arthur Brown whose career goes back to an age when Elvis was busting it. The KDR show will be playing some of the finest musical releases coming through the Kusha Deep label, the program will also feature independent artists, friends and family who are putting out tunes and would like to road test their gems with some airplay, All the tracks you hear will be available through Itunes or through Kusha Deep website, just pump in the artists name on the Itunes site and your away. The main idea is that you get the download vibe going so we can keep the ball rolling, its not rocket science. It is however vital to independent artists that we can get your support, so tell your friends and feel free to send us a message, if you want to send a request or have a tune played again that you dig. Tune in through http://indianelectronica.com/kushadeep And if you want to know more about the artists drop by www.kusha-deep-unlimited.com Big love to all of you and huge that’s thanks to IE for giving us a home again! Darragh Jye Brady
The Infested Sound A podcast dedicated to a love of all things scary. Your hosts Jeff and Phil take you on a wild ride through the minds of a couple of mildly retarded people. Their ideas about what is a good and bad horror movie, vary greatly. With differing opinions, and a dedication to horror films, The Infested Sound has set out to change the perception of what a podcast can give to the suscriber. Fan e-mail submissions are a must. If you need to e-mail the show, send it to [email protected] Listener e-mails are a very important part of the show. So, if you have any balls at all, check out The Infested Sound horror podcast!
The Lovechat with Honey and David Heart welcome to "the lovechat with honey and david heart" podcast. this is all about love, entertainment, music and all about everything. please give it a listen and don't hesitate to leave some comments. watch out for our upcoming episodes. thanks.
- This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Show - The kickass weekly science and technology radio show presenting a humorous and irreverent look at the week in science and tech. Each week TWIS discusses the latest in cutting edge science news on topics such as genetic engineering, cybernetics, space exploration, neuro science, and a show favorite Countdown to World Robot Domination. The show is hosted by Kirsten, a PhD candidate in neuro science, and Justin, a wisecracking professional washing machine salesman and armchair physicist. Consistently voted one of the top science radio shows on the web - check it out and hear a science news program like no other.
The J. Dennis SHOW ! Entertainment from the J.Dennis SHOW! Don't be a Pocrastinator! The J. Dennis SHOW is filled with J. Dennis and Tony's unique brand of humor. From politics to current news and entertainment events the guys will tend to spin it the way they like. With both of them being musicians they love the music they select for the SHOW. And to complete the SHOW "The Spice" Julia. She will have everyone wondering what she is all about. Check out The J. Dennis SHOW ! website at http://www.jdennisshow.com See Ya There !
Entertainment Report CBS Entertainment News Podcast - Entertainment Report
Heylisten Radio WHLR-Heylisten Radio presents the best talk radio programming through free podcasts. Listen to commercial free celebrity interviews, comedy, sports, news and entertainment talk radio commercial free. Based in the New York/New Jersey metro area, the podcasts are created by media professionals.
Brand-New Flava The Brand-New Flava's Show is a 30-minute weekly podcast that showcase's new music that you may or may not hear on your local radio station. The show also features entertainment news, sports updates, and interviews with recording artists from all over.
MondoMouth TV Anytown USA's favorite son, just got his own video blog...what were they thinking??? iTunes comedy pod caster MondoMouth announces a video channel for the iPod featuring all new material not available in his audio pod casts.
MondoMouth Hate your job? Jerk boss? Being replaced by a robot? Misery loves company. MondoMouth is just a guy...a guy with problems...a guy with problems and a shiny new blog...and he's not afraid to use it! Some PR guy we paid a lot of $$$ described MondoMouth as "Rye observational humor mixed in with irreverant storytelling." Better stop payment on that check fast!!!
Soundsgood Podcast Oscar-worthy movies based on award-worthy books! Listen to our Oscars wrap-up of the top 5 best-selling audio books for your PC, Car or Windows Media Device.
STREB - music for events STREB - music for events. Musicians and Bands for your event. Listen to our demo-mp3. Best, Willi Streb/Austria
Northwest Racing News Northwest Racer News is a comprehensive look at grass roots motorsports racing in the Pacific Northwest. We will be focusing on Drifting, Drags, Autocross, NASCAR circle track, Figure eight, Bus Racing and Tuner shops. From the comfort of my Seattle office you can come along with me on phone calls with racers, promoters and officials. We will explore the culture and passion that is short track racing in the last frontier of American Stock Car entertainment.
"The Lab" Radio The Hottest Hip Hop from the Streets
2000 Flushes 2000 Flushes sponsors a $20,000 Donation to Charity and a Hilarious Game of 'Musical Thrones'
Clef Palate Much more than just fine cuisine, the Fandangos take viewers on a journey that begins with their taste buds but ends with music to their ears. Let Clef Palate show you the way to good food, better dining and the best of entertainment.
My Way or the Highway Scifi & stuff from the dark heart of the midwest
Epic Savier This is the Official Epic Savier "Mixtape 2005" Feed. Please note this album contains explicit language and should only be listened to with parental consent.
Studio B Presents Studio B Internet Radio is a free Internet radio station with live DJ shows. Always fun and always free is our motto. Check us out today on the web at www.studiobradio.com
The Lady Raptastic Show I am a woman who, through no fault of her own, gets into trouble daily. Fights, thievery and drama follow me like a lost puppy behind a homeless man holding a chicken bone. My cohost and I cover a variety of funny segments.
Frenck Frenck does some podcasting in the Dutch language. Zo nu en dan doe ik een podcast waarin ik mensen ga bellen, leuke muziek draai en rare dingen aanhaal. Kortom een feest!
The Malex Minute Welcome to the Malex Minute, a hilarious weekly audio show hosted by the Markley Brothers! Following the life and times of an alien fuzzball, a disgruntled laptop, and the broken shell of a man they live with, the Malex Minute is one comedy you won't want to miss! We often poke fun at politics and the entertainment industry while simultaneously satirizing whatever happened to us at the grocery store last week. It's so exciting! We've even been known to bring in various people and interview them! (Failing that, we occasionally corner various people and interview them - an exhilarating, albeit frequently unsatisfactory solution.)
Koala Fighter Radio using a single hammer we kill kitten after kitten after kitten, each show we kill more than the last. After that we talk about BLOGGING AND BLOGCASTING and then we hang out and discard proper sound recording practice.
This Week at Tahoe The latest news and entertainment at South Lake Tahoe.
Alex Belfield in conversation Alex Belfield in conversation to some of the world's biggest celebrities.
CastRider Video Podcast Video Podcast Workshop ::: Technology : Design : Video : VJs : Board : Skydive :::
Rare Ben Harper Calling all Ben Harper fans! This is rare footage of his exposive new single Better Way.
The THINKfuture Radio Show Why Listen To The Past, When You Can Listen To The Future? Like Limbaugh, Savage or Franken? You'll LOVE Chris Future. Join our host, political commentator and rantmaster as he tackles current events, politics, work, life and play, all without the noose of the FCC around his neck. No topic is spared!
I Hello Everyone and Thank You for tuning into I'm Right You're Wrong! This is the Podcast where you can get all your sporting needs. Charlie and Brandon take the top stories in sports and talk until there is nothing left to talk about... We Love To Include The Listeners Into the Podcast.. we accept e-mails to [email protected]! Enjoy the show...
The Best Podcast You Have "The chocolate covered weekend of podcasts", "Promising!", "Stop. Promise?", "Only amuses itself!"
Just a Show Keith King hosts "Just a Show", a late-night entertainment and variety program. Sketch comedy, on-the-street segments, and cool guests round out each jam-packed episode.
Prairie Surfers Join us behind the scenes of Prairie Surfers the Adventure Series.
News from the Afterlife The AfterNet is a website where the dead can communicate with the living and each other. Since the discovery of the afterlife in 1997, the AfterNet is a home to disembodied, providing news, support and advice. You might as well join now, because you'll end up here eventually.
UC Radio Produced by a survivor of the Los Angeles 80's - 90's rock scene, UC Radio is a music/talk show broadcast in the spirit of the original Pirate Radio stations. UC Radio plays the best in Podsafe and Indie music with no limits.
A Revolution of the Mind The radio show and podcast that will revolutionize your life!
AmericanComedyNetwork.com Daily Podcast Short, sharp, funny topical bits delivered daily by the best audio comedy producers in the business.
AmericanComedyNetwork.com Daily Podcast Short, sharp, funny topical bits ripped from today''s headlines and delivered each weekday by the best audio comedy producers in the business.
John Laird Podcast John Laird is a former radio guy from Brisbane ,Australia (not the U.S. politician). John puts together a show that consists of news, views and great podsafe music.
PlanIt Podcast-The Party, Meeting and Event Show Our podcast show is dedicated to helping you find the best locations for your meetings events,weddings,parties,corporate events. We give you tips on how to plan the best event.
Omni Art Salon Jeffrey's Weekly Art and Consciousness Communications. Ever wonder what happened after the Pop Art movement died along with the "Pope of Pop" Andy Warhol as a living art style in 1987? Created by The "Oracle of Omni" Jeffrey Milburn, the Omni Art movement emerged in 1988 and was made public in a ground breaking New York museum installation in 1991. Since then, 21st century consciousness has continued to expand at a quantum rate encompassing all dimensions of universal awareness, visible and invisible. The history is here . . .
Diggers Story For the young at heart. Digger is a hyper driven sock monkey who has not yet discovered his true identity. Pootz is a kitten who wears so many masks its hard to know who Pootz is. A wild ride for anyone to experience and maybe *gasp* learn a thing or two. Each episode reveals a little more of the absurdity lying within each of us. Come join the fun
AmericanComedyNetwork.com Video Podcast AmericanComedyNetwork.com Video Podcast from Jones American Comedy Network. Topical comedy animations and funny film shorts delivered every week or so.
PlanIt Podcast-Event Industry Podcast Show Our podcast show is dedicated to helping you find the best locations for your meetings events,weddings,parties,corporate events. We give you tips on how to plan the best event.
THE ASCENDENTS (Ultimate Punk Rock Music) Free mp3 downloads and music video from The Ascendents, We are continually updating our site with new material. We record our practice sessions and throw songs on the website, often... And we kick ass too! So comon, check us out!
The Wrong Bros. Radio Show LIVE (featuring Mr Akbad) YOU THINK IT. THEY TALK ABOUT IT! We're the new informative and entertaining urban talk radio show touching on subjects and situations relevant to us black folks. GET READY TO LAUGH!
WANTED HERO Radio Network Learn how to create digital comics from Jaime Buckley, creator of WANTED:HERO, the fastest growing digital comic book on the web.
Acoustic Cafe Podcast This Podcast will give a glimpse of Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Belinda Subraman Presents Belinda Subraman Presents is a series of several podcasts: Gypsy Art Show (interviews with musiciians,authors and artists) Life on Earth (interviews with fasciintating or extraordinary people) and Music of the Universe (ambient, acoustic, beatiful indie music)
Pod-Star Music Radio DAILY SHOW: The best mix of new rock, pop and acoustic podsafe music with no interruptions, download and go! We give you the freshest hits first. Weekend Specials with extra themed shows and artist interviews.
Just My Show "Just My Show" is your number one source for pop culture on the web! Each show is filled with interviews about your favorite classic TV, movies, sports and more. You just never know which pop culture celebs are going to stop by!
Sweet and Sassy Summer of Girls Fiction Podcast from HarperCollins Publishers Get the inside scoop on 15 fabulous writers of Girls Fiction all summer long. Hear exclusive content from bestselling authors like Meg Cabot, Louise Rennison, Rachel Vail, Melissa De la Cruz, Jodi Lynn Anderson, and more! All content and audio copyright HarperCollins Publishers.
Lumacast: Guest Podcast Be it a Pilot episode, a short film, or a viewers video from around the world, the key word here is variety. Whatever it be each week, we give it the Lumacast stamp of approval. To submit a Guest Podcast, email [email protected]
Lumacast: Sydney Underground Comedy Australia's underground comedy scene is exploding and Sydney is Ground Zero. For the first time on DVD. 'Sydney Underground Comedy' takes you inside Sydney's hippest comedy venue, showcasing some of Australia's funniest comedians at their hilarious best! "These guys are piss-funny. See them now, before they sell out like I did!" - Wil Anderson
Crucial News How would you define Matt’s Crucial News? MOSTLY sports news, however also a lot of life news… also, a ton of COMEDY news… not so much news, but telling about comedy. What is a comedic setting? I don’t know. Ask dictionary.com. he will know..or she. The purpose of my show is to inform you of things going on in the sports world, and then make you laugh about it. Why? Cause if you don’t laugh enough, you will die 10 years earlier. And that’s never fun. So sit back and enjoy…
Big Brother Uncouth (Video) Video review show of the Australian Big Brother with Lea Riley and Hiredgoon. Sometimes insightful, sometimes controversial but always silly.
Live And Unplanned Podcast An extra 20 minutes of the show as a podcast, with random chat, funny features and more Presenters Martin and Rachel, two 16 year old's from London.
In A Nutshell An all inclusive show that talks sports, videogames, pro wrestling, news and entertainment.
Allbe News Allbe News: State & Community, Economics & Finance, Incidents, Technologies, Science & Education, Software, Health & Beauty, Culture & Arts, Recreation & Entertainment, Automotives, Sports, Tourism, Blogs, Dating
Up All Night Humor and Commentary on the News, Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Sports
BREAKING THE da-MAN-ci CODE We are unlocking the secrets and mysteries of men in relationships...EVERYWHERE!!! Based on the critically acclaimed one man show, "The Female's Guide to Every Man," William Hale & Big Harb take a humorous exploration through relationships
La Kura Creado y producido en la ciudad de New York, y conducido por el Publicista/musicologo Lorenzo Fenix y el musico/productor Canadiense El Rubio, La Kura es un podcast dedicado a crear conocimiento y conciencia acerca de la musica Merengue hecha por Dominicanos. Comentamos acerca de eventos corrientes, hacemos comentarios expertos y servimos un menu de Merengues clasicos de los 80s, la epoca dorada de el Merengue.
radioeinszueins - free cultural radio from Berlin unique recorded djsets and concerts of newest talents from Berlin from multiple genres (Grime, Hiphop, Electronic Music, Indie-Rock) mixed with original recordings of lectures and discussions from various cultural places.
69 magazine 69 Magazine present's a montly take on all that's hot in entertainment and culture. Includes celeb interviews, music, games, movies and more.
Speaking Total Shit 2 Guys + Their friends speaking total shit about anything that pops into their head - usually about technology and entertainment
The M Show The M Show is 10 minutes of news, talk and entertainment coming to you from Boston.
I Beg To Differ A Canadian husband and wife discuss a random range of topics some of which they beg to differ on.
Vidocity Daily video stories about entertainment in New York.
Dissident Vox News and views from the north of England. Dissident Vox cuts through the smokescreen, digs deep into the political and cultural underbelly of our times, and plays some shiny podsafe audio. This is a show designed to make you think!
Nicky Nacky Noo Music Chat Show Host Vince the Prince Tracy is accused by a colleague of playing Nicky Nacky Noo music. He feels the need to discuss this with his listeners.
RadioTimeZone.com Ch.1 A Big Fat Welcome! Escape Seekers. RadioTimeZoneDotCom, the home of the re-broadcast podcast. Each and every thrilling Monday evening of the week, we shall endeavor to come up with an exhilarating display of audio distraction. RadioTimeZoneDotCom is proud to present, for your listening pleasure, our collection of free Old Time Radio shows. RTZ :)
RadioTimeZone.com Ch.2 A Big Fat Welcome! Escape Seekers. RadioTimeZoneDotCom, the home of the re-broadcast podcast. Each and every thrilling Monday evening of the week, we shall endeavor to come up with an exhilarating display of audio distraction. RadioTimeZoneDotCom is proud to present, for your listening pleasure, our collection of free Old Time Radio shows. RTZ
24dash - News Keep right up-to-date with 24dash audio news throughout the day. Our bulletins bring you the very best coverage from across the UK's public sector which you can listen to at any time, or download to your mp3 player.
The Marconi Experiment with Beardo Broadcast radio abandoned free form radio years ago. Beardo returns you to the pioneer days of the early FM stations that had no playlist or corporate agenda. Their only motive was to turn their faithful audience on to great music. That is the sole purpose of The Marconi Experiment. Tune in to get an earful of music that started his obsession and the artists that continue it. Always interesting genre spanning tunes that you've probably forgotten or never heard in the first place. Most are out-of-print or LIVE performances culled from Beardo's dungeon of LPs and reel-to-reel tapes.
The Blueroom with Sandy Taint Find out what news or cultural event is grinding Sandy's nether regions every week by subscribing now.
24dash - 60 Second Dash At home - or in the office - and you're in a hurry? Can't wait till the top of the hour? Then why not catch the UK's headline news as quick as a flash with 60 Second Dash from the 24dash audio news desk.
podCop At podCop, we're striving to bring you the best in law enforcement podcasting. podCop is made by a real police officer that has all the inside info and gives you the real answers! The podCop weekly show is aimed at all aspects of law enforcement. The great thing about podCop is you don't have to be an officer to enjoy, or benefit from, the show. Each week, podCop will cover current news events, training issues and upcoming courses, a chance for you to have your questions answered during the Ask-A-Cop segment, weekly dumb criminals, contests and more!
The Burton Report The Burton Report broadcasts from Corporate Headquarters, Inc. in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada with your host, Ari Burton, President of Corporate Headquarters, Inc. Each month, The Burton Report features interviews with C.E.O's, marketing executives, personalities, and a few surprises too!
It Strangest Christian rock Vodcast on the web. A Christian worldview that deconstructs the former backsliding life of Slopdellica.coms Pastor Curfew. The Shows are alternative medicine for Christians and non-Jesus freaks alike but be prepared to hear the Gospel in a fresh new way. These new shows have been unveiled from the pre-9-11 DV vault. Two week rotation. Slop it up!
Jeff and Aaron Jeff and Aaron review the lastest DVD''s and some hits from the past. In future shows we''ll take a look at hollywood classics, family features, the newest tech news, and tidbits from the world of entertainment, plus every once in a while, Wiley our DVD Wonder Dog will stop by and give us the dog of the week. So tune in and listen to our podcast and when your done, give us your opinion by emailing us at [email protected]
Gratuitous T&A Indie filmmaker, radio pundit and broadcaster Amy Pickard and entertainment journalist and broadcaster Tony Horkins dish on music, TV, movies and the web. Musical extracts and exclusive celeb interviews with Samual Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, Kevin Smith and more...
katiaandkyliemac Katia and Kyliemac, an Australian and an American living in Paris, France, podcast about the expat life and how they eat Oreos.
Mobile Soul Podcast Show The Global Soul Radio Show is now mobile. Mobile Soul is the reason you bought that portable music storage device. It's a weekly free-form mix show featuring new music, classics, and good stuff in between.
Warum Fliegen auf Kühe fliegen Der Podcast, der ein Gedicht ist: Jeden Sonntag erscheint eine neue Episode, in deren Mittelpunkt ein Gedicht der beiden Autoren Alida Pisu & Georg Schnitzler steht, eingebettet in einen spritzig-witzigen Dialog.