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TechnoPodcast La nueva era de la radio. Escucha y Descarga las ultimas sesiones de DJS automaticamente suscribiendote a nuestra emisora de PODCAST. Y si quieres, tu tambien podras emitir tus sesiones desde aqui facilmente. TechnoPodcast esta con los DJS AMATEUR. Colabora con nosotros a hacer la mejor emisora de Techno en Podcast del mundo en internet.
wang inc. podcast Live shows recorded by wang inc. and performed by him self. Also a regular radio show with great megamix from the best dj from italy, history of the electronic music and more
Cuttlefish AV A weekly video podcast of short films by multimedia artist Sean Clark with music by assorted electronic musicians. Visit www.cuttlefish.tv for more information.
Gotham City Radio The weekly Gotham City Radio show broadcast on Livesets.com every Saturday. Hosted by NYC's #1 Female Techno DJ Becka, the show features international guests dj's each week along with Becka's tune selections.
The 16th - Guy David The 16th - published every month on the 16th. This podcast features an experimental mix of Techno, IDM, Drum'n'Bass, Illbient and Ambient, created by Guy David.
Lo-Fi Confessional Lo-Fi Confessional is a quarterly audio-zine dedicated to fringe electronica, electro-acoustic experimentation, noise, IDM, found sounds, and sonic strangeness of all frequencies: including but not limited to glitch, break-core, illbient/drone, post rock, musique-contrete, sound collage, turntablism, and analogue improvisation... a kind of twisted sonic Reader's Digest.
Emptyfree.com A noisy voyage into the relatively new genre of dubstep. 40 minutes total: minimal speaking.
Idyllic Music A Weekly Podcast featuring Trip Hop, Ambient, Jazz, Dub and Downtempo songs by outstanding bands from around the World.
rotfest podcast free.open.experimental.music.video.whatever;public access
Electronica Monthly Monthly podcast featuring the very best of new and unsigned electronica artists from around the world.
Klangarchies Electronic Music Podcast Listen to my electronica music whicjh i produce in my homestudio.
Music From A Polio Ward Showcasing released and unreleased compostions from the avant-garde industrial and experimental artist Music From A Polio Ward. Think noise and ambient. Just think.
Electronic Groove Podcast he Electronic Groove Podcast is the best source of quality house music. We bring to you a new episode every two weeks. Many surprises to come so stay tuned!!
Mixotic - weekly free DJ sets Mixotic is a netlabel focused on netaudio DJ mixes. The range of styles is quite open but it's all about electronic music in the broadest sense. All mixes are free to download under the terms of a Creative Commons License, that means you can download, burn, play and share them for free. Please visit www.mixotic.net for linked playlists, a feedback form and more info about the artists.
Revolve Giving you the best of Electronic Music from Southern California DJs
Ambiient Electronica Sanctuary Take sanctuary in an oasis of soothing relaxing rhythmic melodic ambient new age electronica music featuring ambient artists Paul Schwartz, Enigma, Stuart Mill & more from RadioFreeTunes.com
Jacksindicated Music Close the blinds and open your mind while each issue of Jacksindicated Music lifts your spirits with down-beat goodness.
The Smiths In our occasional podcast - so named for the lively discussions of special occasions that theme each episode - regular segments include eclectic indie and electronic music spotlights, "Depeche Mode News," the adorable piano-playing eight-year-old, "What's the Best Show on Television" - namely Battlestar Galactica, "Guys Neil Finds Attractive" and other seemingly disconnected pop culture nuggets.
Martino Music: DJ Martino podcast With 'A Spark Of Splendor' you can listen to the best of Techno and Electro in a nonstop mix, mixed by DJ Martino.
The Scarlet BLONDE podcast world of Scarlet BLONDE and beyond. The Scarlet BLONDE podcast has 2 simple rules. IT's GOTTA HAVE ATTITUDE! IT'S GOTTA HAVE SYNTH! Welcome to the Scarlet BLONDE podcast! If you would like your music played on the podcast please email a link to where we can hear it (not mp3's) to [email protected] www.scarletblonde.com www.myspace.com/scarletblonde
A-Manual A DJing Podcast Featuring Sets of Breaks, Trance and House Music... All Mixed For You By A-Manual.
DJ Gui Pimentel House Podcast This is a 1-hour House mix Podcast. I publish a mix every month featuring an eclectic choice of today's house music. Bookings & Contact : [email protected]
Electronicast Electronicast is a monthly 55 minute show aimed at showcasing unsigned and independent electronic music.
raulsworldofsynths we’re talking about synths the kind with lots of knobs to twiddle..its a hobby of mine to make strange noises, no wait that didnt sound right....also audio principles and audio synthesis, hardware keyboards, midi, and other neato stuff!!
Indie Street Radio Indie Street is a radio show. We have a great time doing it. Sometimes there will be a common theme running through the show. Sometimes it'll just be a random collection of songs, interviews and banter. Other times there will be guests in-studio. It's a weekly romp through the indepent music world and creative edge of the entertainment industry. The best aural and visual stimulus you've yet to experience.
The Ascension Selection A monthly podcast with dj ru in the mix spinning a variety of dance music styles.
Spencer Thomas: Club Casualties The hottest disco/electro house from one of the United States biggest up and coming djs.
LoopTV Welcome to LoopTV music videocasts in association with Loopmasters. Introducing our new videocast series which looks at the current DJ and club industry from the producers viewpoint. We take you behind the scenes of some of the best club, dance and electronic music makers on the planet. The series includes interviews with some of the Artists and producers who are shaping the sonic landscape, talking about their inspiration, a sneak peak at some of their production know how and also featuring some exclusive performances for LoopTV. In addition to this we'll be covering the world of sampling and looking at some of the industries most prolific labels, and the people behind them.
MACMUSIC 1 New vibrant rhythms and entrancing tunes are presented weekly on the podcast, Macmusic. These pieces are mainly composed by contemporary Australian composer, John Macdonald. Each podcast will last for 20 to 30 minutes.
E-Music Beginning in January of 2010, this will be a biweekly podcast dedicated to bring you the very best in Electronic music. Dru West is your conductor on the wheels of steel. We will also be featuring special quest DJ's from around the world.
Electro LA LA Land Mix Underground Electro and Tech House music from Los Angeles. Mixed by Aaron Polyester.
DJ Sharky - The Trance and Electro Podcast Free monthly Trance, Electro and house podcasts to download brought to you by DJ Sharky. Some of the freshest and best tracks back to back in the mix.
Mellow J Podcast The Mellow J Podcast by Mellow Jeremy.
mix001 Vermilion Mourning Tracklisting: 1/ Noizzzbreed - Intro 2/ Nekromar - You Are Welcome To Wrong Music 3/ ADREIM999 - Scarheart 4/ Arrhythmia - Away 5/ Darkwil Breakmasher - Farsh v Golove 6/ Full Negative - Lewory eLsone 7/ Gabbenni Amenassi - Gangsta Shit 8/ Goroe - Die Young 9/ Ruby My Dear - If I Give My Heart 10/ The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience - Yes Sir I Can DanceCore 11/ Noizzzbreed - Open Face Surgery 12/ ErotiCore SteNch - Wonderful World Of Colours 13/ Genus Inkasso - Ablation Howler Mixed by bedawang
zero Official and weekly updated podcast from zero'', a digital record store from Berlin and Vienna. Contains free DJ-Mixes, City Reports, Interviews and features new music from artists like Radio Slave, Minilogue, Mike Dehnert and labels like Warp Records, Honest Jon's Records, Ostgut. Mostly covering Techno, House, Dubstep, Experimental, Electronica, Minimal, Modern Jazz, Alternative, Downbeat and Disco. Find all tracklistings on http://zero-inch.com/blog/Podcasts
inductive mixes, videos and other experiences from the Inductive crew (Tokyo/Japan) www.inductivejp.com
EMP - Electronic Music Production Ever wonder how Electronic Music is made? Each week on EMP see a live recorded studio session with Electronic Dance Music producer Marshal Arnold. Marshal will go from start to finish of an Electronic Dance Music track. Feel free to send in your questions or comments to [email protected]
nugen.fm podcast - electronic music Monthly dose od electronic music from the shows of nugen.fm
Nibiru Strata Movement Podcast Collaborating with international artists across various genres to promote the growth of an innovative and progressive music scene. Nibiru Strata Movement Podcast features the top up and coming electronic music production artists from around the globe.
Bleep Podcast Featuring shows by Sonic Router, Allez Allez and Bleep.com's expert staff.
The Monthly Dyne Drum and Bass Podcast Free monthly Drum ad Bass mixes, from big new releases to unsigned producers and unreleased tunes from the man himself.