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Lets Talk Relationships with Sandee and Clint Listen in to hear us discuss, argue and laugh about every relationship related issue that we can think of!
Talk About Films The film discussion group talkaboutfilms talks about independent and foreign films. There are plenty of film review resources on television, the radio, in print and on the web, but their focus tends to be on mainstream films and the content is aimed at audiences that have not already seen the film. The discussions available on this site are of independent and foreign films exclusively and they are geared to people who have already seen the film. This discussion group was formed in June 2001. We meet every three or four weeks to discuss two independent and foreign films which we selected at the previous meeting. In the summer of 2003 we began recording our discussions for posting on the web.
I Hello Everyone and Thank You for tuning into I'm Right You're Wrong! This is the Podcast where you can get all your sporting needs. Charlie and Brandon take the top stories in sports and talk until there is nothing left to talk about... We Love To Include The Listeners Into the Podcast.. we accept e-mails to [email protected]! Enjoy the show...
The Movie Hour Join Greg, James, and Jeff in a heated discussion about movies. Each Wednesday they spend an hour pointing out exactly how bias they can be. No film, actor, or saga is safe from their sarcasm. Files are about 20MB each in mp3 form.
Geek Tech Live GeekTechLive.com will showcase new games , technology, reviews, opinions, rants and news of new Consumer goods coming out or already out...Pretty much Stuff that Looks pretty cool and things that are uber fun gadgets and of course helpful tips and tricks for people needing a boost into the world of the Gadget Freak. We will also be discussing Emerging Tech and any news surrounding it as well as this is the Road All Gadget heads like to know about.
Watch This Instead A hilarious new movie review podcast. Listen as the hosts guide you through the world of seldom seen, seldom critiqued, and poorly rated films that have one intrinsic value - They are damn hilarious (even if humor is not their intention).
The Punsters Raul Zambrano, Jake Disharoon, and Britney Herzbrun discuss anything and everything while making terrible jokes.