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Radio Uncensored Radio Uncensored with Fatback and DeNiro is an edgy morning-radio style program available exclusively on the web. The program features an irreverent look at news, sports and current events. Recent guests include Patton Oswalt(King of Queens), Jim Florentine (Special Ed, Revenge on the Telemarketers), Alonzo Bodden (winner, last comic standing), Roy Wood Jr. (Premium Blend, Comic View) and many other authors, working comedians, and sports celebrities. Radio Uncensored has over 10,000 daily listeners in streaming audio, but has only recently become available as a podcast. The daily show runs 2 hours. Enjoy!
Guarro Super new filthy rock group Guarro from London are on the verge of taking over the world with their unique brand of flamenco led rock! Watch, listen, be amazed, love it then download to share amongst your friends! Don't be shy now!
Smalltown Girls Smalltown Girls is a show where 3 women who grew up in small communities get together to talk Hollywood. Everyone hears gossip from mainstream Hollywood shows, but how about the point of view of the average person from a place people heard of but don't know exactly where it's located.
Escape From Noise The longest running live vocal electronica radio show on the Internet, Escape From Noise has brought you the best music since 2002 in electropop, darkwave, EBM, industrial, and experimental electronic music -- anywhere the music is synthetic and the voice is real! The live program is Saturday nights at 10 PM Eastern US time on Cygnus Radio at http://www.cygnusradio.com, and then the podcast is prepared from the live show later in the week. Four hours. Distributed as four (4) 64kbps files.
iDisturb - VideoCast iDisturb is a video Podcast that will show you a mix of home grown videos from around the world. Watch people hurt themselves, pull pranks, skits and do some amazing stunts all from the comfort of your video MP3 player or PodCast software. Have fun
Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Going On Again This new music-intensive one-hour special features the Dirty Dozen Brass Band’s unique tribute to their New Orleans home - an uplifting, emotionally-charged reinterpretation of Marvin Gaye's classic protest album, "What's Going On." Includes live and studio takes of songs from their new album, also titled,"What's Going On," and other performances. Band members discuss both the enduring resonance of Gaye's message, and the significance of music for New Orleans and its residents today in Katrina’s wake. Hosted by New Orleans resident Harry Shearer, host of the nationally-syndicated public radio program "Le Show" and star of "The Simpsons", "This is Spinal Tap" and "A Mighty Wind."
DJ Adam Ash - Dirty Funky House A new podcast for 2007 by DJ Adam Ash - Bringing fresh and funky house music out from Brighton, UK to the world. Inclusive of some of the good old classics too. Subscribe today so you never miss a mix! All the best! Thanks for your support! Adam
DJ Just Dizle aka Le Champion (Paris - FRANCE) Atlantic waters can’t keep his sound from crossing international barriers. It can’t even keep him from extending beyond cultural, economic and racial barriers. DJ Just Dizle is a force that breaks barriers of all sorts, and once his sound is condensed, Dizle’s precipitation can’t be stopped. The Paris born Just Dizzle uses music as an instrument itself and the turntables are the apparatus of his choice. Just Dizle understands that his turntables are his passport and that hip hop has its own universal language that has allowed him to communicate with people from all walks of life. When he gets in front of a crowd, leaving the crown hanging is not even an option. The mission is to grab them, hold them, and not let them go for the rest of the night. Since birth, Just Dizle was surrounded by musicians. He grew up exposed to all forms of music, from jazz and Doo Wop, to funk, soul and afro beats – but then came hip hop, and that was the genre that stuck. Listening to the likes of Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier, his love for hip hop was solidified. Considering himself a student of multiple genres and the art of mixing, his goal was to become “Le Champion,” the most requested DJ in Eastern Europe, and one day, the most requested DJ in the world. While Just Dizle’s goals continue to broaden, he has his set his sights on establishing a global presence. In France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, the UK, Canada and the good ole U.S. of A., Dizle has reached a peak never seen before. He is requested everywhere, because no one can get enough of his sound. He is the first DJ from Europe to hit the set of BET’s Rap City alongside Snoop Dogg and DJ Enuff. He knows he’s ready, but he’s not sure if the world is. If not, you’d better look out. Cause he’s taking no prisoners. Once the beat gets you, you’ll become a slave to it. visit: http://www.myspace.com/justdizle
Absolute Khaos Absolute Khaos.. where gossip is dissected then let loose
Prizo The Best House Music Mixed Uninterrupted – Commercial Free Are you looking for those dirty electro beats fused with that classic house sound? Are you tired of looking all over for the perfect house mixx only to come up short listening to commercial dance tracks or trance music. Prizo's House contains the best in new and old House music from all over the world. All types of House music welcome mixed to perfection by yours truly. Have a track for submission? Send high quality mp3/wav files along with any info about the track to: news at prizmatik dot com Make sure you come to www.prizmatik.com and subscribe to mailing list and blog as well. Thanks and enjoy the music!
Stunna Boy Radio 3 producers from Atlanta joined forces to create a radio show. We drop the hits first, inform you of current events, and keep it raw and uncut
Dislectric Radio with Dj Justin Rayn I'll be posting weekly from my internet radio show where I drop live electro-house mixes of my own as well as other Socal djs and producers. Hit me at www.myspace.com/djrez with any questions or comments!
...Sticky Nicky Podcast... A mix of the very latest house, electro and tech house tracks from Dj Sticky.
Shake It On The Dancefloor Electro, electroclash, electro house, tech, dirty , indie electro Nu disco.
FadeEm Mixtape Series Street Music! Breaking New,Street Music(Promo's & Exclusives).Mixes 40-1Hr./3-4 Days A Week,Early! Mixes presented in 3 Different Segments "Avenue Ultra" Series(Hip Hop with more of a Lyrical content)/ "Southern Comfort" Series(Southern Hip Hop,So. Cali,Slower paced)/ "Dancehall Dangerous" Series(Hardcore Dancehall-Reggae). No Talking-No Interviews-Just Bombs
Catsuit Lover Dj Duo catsuit,lover,dj,duo,dirty larry,mo love,kiki toao,rombout,party,club,dirty,sound,joy,forever,techno,minimal
Dirty Tackle Dirty Tackle is your laugh-filled, viciously light-hearted take on the hilarious world of football. Every week is a 10-15 minute joke-fest of topical football humour......Go on! Listen in! You'll love it!
DJ Velso Mixes with all the freshest tracks from DJ Velso
Grape Apes Radio 2 djs, 2 turns and crates upon crates of records..
Dirty Dowdy Podcast If you like dark humor, alcohol, musicians or weird news, then you will love this podcast. Our show has segments, comedy bits, musicians and is not just a bunch of drunk idiots on microphones. To sum everything up, we have been described as "What Radio Should Be!".
Dirty Rap Scholars We are a few friends that host a radio program in Jönköping, Sweden, and we are hip-hop addicts. Especially East Coast and Swedish Hip-Hop. We strive to play 'non-commercial' music, and generally try and play songs that won't usually be aired on radio. We are the only program where people in Jönköping can hear hip-hop on the radio. Our show consists of music, music, and talk about music, such as spotlights on artists, albums you need to download etc etc.
Digital Noise DJ Electro & Breaks Podcast. Bang up-to-date mixes of the latest tracks. Fresh Electro & Breaks mixes from Digital Noise DJ. Regular updates to keep you entertained. The only Electro & Breaks Podcast you need for your electronic house music fix.
Clean Christian Jokes and testimonies - Chistes Cristianos y testimonios - English and Spanish Clean Christian Jokes number one, here you can hear and watch very funny christian jokes, testimonies and more. Super funnies like Joel Bush, John Gray, Anthony Osteen, Rich Praytor, Steve Bocaranda. Beautiful Spanish and English Christian Music. God Bless You. Edited by Bocaranda.net brbr Edited by Bocaranda.net Jokes in Englisg and Spanish. Escucharas chistes cristianos y alguno que otro infiltrado, asi que adivertirse sanamente. Tambien lindas canciones cristianas en espanol e ingles donde va a sanetir la presencia del nuestro Jesus. Chistes en Espanol e Ingles
CALVONET RADIO - The Pocket Wave Hosted by Sergio Calvo in Edinburgh (Scotland). Silly, dirty and phenomenal. © Calvonet Entertainment SCL/ Join the Facebook Group and get exclusive access to special features. More at www.footingfilms.es.vg / Special coverage of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. European Podcast Award Nominee 2010.
SFH Live Andy, Steven, & Roman talk about anything and everything. Play good music, funny prank calls, and try to bust each-others balls. WARNING: This podcast contains strong language, adult situations, and immature tom-foolery. Not sui for anyone under the age of 18.
Battletit Galactigate A podcast where we play the Battletit Galactigate sci-fi parody roleplaying game.
Alex Takes Over London Electro House All the music in London was boring the ever-loving crap right out of me, so I decided to start DJing myself. Do I have all the tech sz at the wheelz of steelz? Hell no, but I know dancy, clever-yet-floorfilling electro when I hear it and I know you will too. I also throw in a bit of indie and hip hop to keep your toes on their toes
THE MOVIE WAVE Dive in the dirty waters of film criticism. Surf the movie wave with Sergio Calvo, George Sully and Suzanna Marchant podcasting from Scotland to the World. TRISICKLE RADIO / © Calvonet Entertainment.
ThunderBone A Podcast Where Morals And Shame Are A Thing Of The Past.
Rico Sanchez A collection of mixes put together by DJ Rico Sanchez aka The Politician for Great People like YOU who look for the native to mainstream radio. :)
HouseWreckers Podcast Tag-team mixes of house music by the HouseWreckers duo from Chicago. FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY Artists and producers retain all rights to their music. This recording is for the sole purpose of promoting HouseWreckers. Any and all feedback is appreciated.
Dirty Dubs Join me, dJb aka Brandon Tabor, in jamming and dancing to some of the best ELECTRO and DUBSTEP tracks out today!
Straight Riffin Comedians Mitcz Marzoni and Teddy Tutson riff with fellow comics (and random crazy people) on the news, media, pop-culture and more. Every week is a new guest, and new debauchery and drunken discussion.
The Best of the Gross Misconduct Podcast Vol I The Gross Misconduct Podcast is hosted by two old Flint, Michigan natives who got bored and creative at the same time. Each podcast, they'll be discussing a wide variety of daily topics, while sharing an un-PC perspective for an overly politically correct, sensitive world. Be ready for opinionated views that don't necessarily intend to offend, but quite possibly will.