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June Lagoon One woman's breast cancer healing process, California 2005, working to grow beyond depression & stress with loving support of family, friends, topnotch medical team & poetry
New Life Live! Steve Arterburn, Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Jill Hubbard and Dr. John Townsend address your questions about mental health, emotional, relational and spiritual issues from a biblical perspective.
Be Your Own Shrink Interviews with leading mental health professionals on how to overcome challenges and be your own best friend.
Recover in christ Welcome to Recover in Christ,let us set out together on the journey toward healing and newfound strength- not strength found within ourself, but strength found through trusting God and allowing him to direct our decisions and plans. This journey will take us through the Twelve Steps and other materials designed to help us focus on the provisions our powerful God offers for Recovery. With out god there is no Recovery, only to be dissapointments and failures. We pray that the resources found on this web site along with the word of God will help us all better understand who God is and how He wants to heal our brokenness ans set us on the path toward wholeness. Amen and Praise God for being who he is. Jesus, Lord of Lord, King of Kings.
The Positive Mind with Armand DiMele (Psychology) Tri-weekly radio show broadcast on WBAI FM in NYC. Renowned psychotherapist, Armand DiMele, with over 30 years of professional experience looks at love, anger, addiction, birth order, depression and the human psyche. Join thousands of loyal listeners for this outstanding look into the human mind.
Mind and Body Cast Shayna and Aaron bring you a great podcast with a mix of physical and emotional health information with a splash of skin care and beauty tips and always.... humor.
Church on the North Coast Church on the North Coast (CNC) is a non-denominational church located in Lorain, Ohio USA where we connect with God and each other. We at CNC welcome your interest in our church and ministry, and pray that God''s loving arms would envelope you as you view this website.
Committed to Freedom Learn practical and effective spiritual tools to move beyond abuse. Learn what commonality with God can mean to your personal journey towards spiritual health.
Psychology and Self Help Books Interviews with authors of psychology and self help books.
Part 1 Feb 12, 2007 An introduction, helping me out, Elliot Offen messages, deep mix, and more.
Positive Thinking Radio A positive mind is not an accident. It's something you do on purpose. You can make your life as positive as you want. All you need to do is put positive things into your mind. If you really want to be positive, nobody can stop you.
Meditation - Overcoming Stress & Illness "Be Still and Know" is a special technique developed by Roy Masters for effortlessly overcoming root causes of stress and illness. In use for over fourty-five years, this simple technique has helped generations free themselves from: Abuse, Anger, Addiction, Bipolar, Depression, Smoking, Self-doubt and more. Visit to learn more.
Secrets of Depression Relief What you need to understand about depression treatment, stress relief, anxiety medication, and depression medication
Flipswitch: The Bipolar and Depression Connection Our show is a fast-paced information packed program on mood disorders in teens and young adults. This podcast is made FOR teens dealing with a mood disorder or friends and family of a teen that is dealing with a mood disorder. Each week, hosts Chris and Lindsey will pick one central topic or issue surrounding being a teen or young adult with a mood disorder and go over a whole slew of information. One week we might talk about medication. Another week, we might visit the issue of suicide. Sooner or later, we’re going to hit on virtually any angle you can think of about these disorders. We’re going to discuss a lot of important issues, cover a lot of information, talk to some very influential experts and we might even have some fun doing it!
Wisdom For Joyous Living These podcasts are resources of comfort specifically selected for those who are in the midst of growing through adversity, plagues and pain. II Corinthians 1:3-4 states "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God."
Be Unstoppable: The Extraordinary Path to Fearless Living There are immense secrets about this life most will never know. You were meant to find them. And you CAN find them. The day you do, your life will take on a radical new direction... and you'll look back and realize it was the turning point that changed everything. Subscribe to Guy Finley's free podcasts today and discover the secrets of truly successful, fearless living.
Recovery 101 Recovery Bytes! Recovery 101 ~ Recovery Bytes! is a program based loosely on 12 step recovery programs. The format is less like a meeting and more like going to coffee afterwards. The "Meeting AFTER the meeting" as it were.
psych1on1 A bi-weekly psychotherapy podcast by Hugh Simmons, LCSW. Interviews with a wide variety of mental health professionals and anyone else who can expand our understanding of psychotherapeutic practice.
its just that simple Our focus is no personal transfomation, empowerment of all women. It's just that simple is a learning and teaching show with special emphasis on health and social development. It's just that simple to live, learn, and overcome! ( men welcomed )
TBC Podcast (video) Listen to our weekly Sermon. We are an international church located in the heart of Tokyo. More than 50 different nationalities regularly atts our week worship services.
The Magnificent Mangosteen Every week, Andrew and Mrs. Mangosteen talk about reasons why this mangosteen beverage is something everyone should be drinking. The mangosteen fruit is a good source of antioxidants and has 43 xanthones in them. By comparison, Aloa Vera has 1 xanthone and St. Johns Wort has 2 xanthones. So as you can see the mangosteen is loaded with xanthones. Each xanthones have unique properties and are a great dietary supplement for everyone.
The Eclipse: A Memoir of Suicide Antonella Gambotto was awoken at seven one Saturday morning by a telephone call. She could never have anticipated the subsequent devastation. Australian novelist Antonella Gambotto talks about her very personal experiences with suicide from her book The Eclipse: A Memoir of Suicide (Audiobook). To find out how you can subscribe visit the website at
Depression in the Family The Depression in the Family Podcast is for family members or friends of someone with depression or bipolar disorder. In each episode, you’ll learn about common depression and bipolar symptoms. You’ll feel supported as the featured guests, an expert and family member with a personal perspective on the episode’s topic, examine the family member’s role as an advocate for getting help for loved ones. They share common struggles among caregivers such as finding clinicians, paying for treatment, and caregiver burnout.
The Sound Mind Systems Podcast A podcast about Hypnosis, NLP and personal development. Podcasts will feature information, hypnosis sessions, and interviews with a variety of trainers, coaches and therapists to give insights into the ways they work.
Optimistic Bear The Optimistic Bear talks about the economy, finance, and what it means to our lives. Hear discussions with experts and the broader community. The Optimistic Bear also hosts a weekly radio show (also streamed as a podcast) in which callers share their own ideas.
The Expert Interviews with expert's on mental health issues. An educational service of the Florida Psychiatric Society. Educational topics range from depression to anxiety, to medications and so on. All treatment decisions, however, must be based on a doctor-patient choice. Opinions may not be that of the Florida Psychiatric Society.
Power Without Pills with Psychiatrist, Dr. Frank Murphy If you suffer from an addiction or a chronic physical, mental, or emotional condition like back pain, depression, anxiety, etc. you are urged to listen to this show live, on demand, or via Podcast. Dr. Murphy and his co-host, Jonathan Tate, and their guests talk about an old but emerging paradigm which is showing great power and efficacy in health, healing, and personal growth. The ideas shared are simple, powerful, and easily and readily observable. They're obvious (once pointed out) and effective. NB: A regular on our show is Dr. John Sklar, Physiatrist, who trained with Dr. John E. Sarno, an NYUMC Physiatrist and New York Times bestselling author, world famous for curing most of his patients with a lecture.
Moving From Fear To Success Dynamic Breakthroughs is proud to present the latest bullet fast personal development techniques. With his background in Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguisitic Programming NLP, Conversational Hypnosis and more Ryan Camana MNLP. MHt, MTT, BA brings you the tips and techniques you need to move from fear to success in any area of your life.
Daily Meditations Positive and inspirational affirmations and meditations designed to help you overcome depression, stress, anxiety and over-eating. Narrated by Sonya Triggs-Wharton, Life Coach, and set to relaxing music, these meditations will help you find your balance, increase your self-esteem and accept yourself exactly the way you are. Find peace, contentment and increase the positive energy with these meditations.
Apoplecticast Exploring, spotlighting, and encouraging solutions based dialouge regarding the rediculous, the regressive, and the redundant activities of our society. This is my unique analysis and opinion in rant and commentary format on political and social events and trends.
Fat Guy in Spandex Radio A Satirical Roller-Coaster Ride That Examines "The Bullsh*t of Life" Through Catharsis: Purging Socially Unacceptable Cognitive & Emotive Tensions Through Artistic Expression. MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!
The One You Feed It takes Conscious, Constant and Creative effort to make a life worth living. Interviews with thought leaders, authors, musicians and artists on how they feed their good wolf. Based on the parable of the Two Wolves. Get more happiness, kindness, wisdom, optimism, insight and inspiration in your life.
Deprivatief Die Welt ist schlecht. Wieso genau und im speziellen soll hier zukünftig in einem Podcast festgehalten werden. Immer wieder denkt man sich “Ach, irgendwie bin ich viel zu gut gelaunt.” und genau dann wird es Zeit Deprimativ zu hören.