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Recourse Underground Recourse Underground is a podcast that promotes underground bands that don’t have much prominence outside of the state that they live in. However, there are exceptions. For example, a band that goes on small tours will essentially gain prominence outside of the state they live in but it still won’t give the band national (or even worldwide) recognition. Hopefully Recourse Underground will help bands get the recognition they deserve.
Pop That Trunk Pop That Trunk: we gets hyphy on this podcast. Pop That Trunk is a weekly mix podcast hosted by DJ Audio1, showcasing the latest in cutting-edge unadulterated Rap, Hyphy, Crunk and Underground joints. Podcast may include explicit lyrics.
The Podfodder a variety of great music, tune in each week. You never know whats gonna be playing next. I quite honestly sit down and paint a musical portrait based on my mood, and available music. An impromptu mixtape, if you will, each week. if you can't handle variety, then keep moving, this isn't for you, but if you have the cajones to handle it, come get some
DJ K-SLY DJ, Music, Culture, Life I post music, remixes, mixes, and whatever I like. Hopefully, you like them too!
Crank That Mixtape Download the free Crank That Mixtape, featuring Soulja Boy, Duffle Bag Boiz, P.O.B. & Crank Squad here! FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
Stunna Boy Radio 3 producers from Atlanta joined forces to create a radio show. We drop the hits first, inform you of current events, and keep it raw and uncut
Lydell Lucky Music The new era of Dallas Hip Hop is producing a movement of jig-gin' and boogying artist but Lydell Lucky adamantly stands outside the box. Lydell describe his music as being universal, mixing R&B with Hip Hop and Rock. While expressing his music without cursing or promoting violence or drug dealing. Lydell has gained fans and made his on lane selling music worldwide. He has been in the music business for 6 years now. He started off his career in the mixtape circuit in 2004, recording over major artist beats and remaking there songs. This trend boosted Lydell Lucky's career making him a fan favorite, while selling mixtapes in stores throughout southern markets. Lydell started his own label called CORNER POCKET RECORDS, which boosted careers for alot of Dallas artist. Lydell has made his name using the Internet, while jumping on the digital boom in 2006. He now has over 12 Cd's on mp3 sites like iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. Lydell has laid the blueprint for being a independent artist, doing mixtapes which such peoplelike KIA SHINE, Shadyville Djs and DJ Southern Belle. While sticking to his roots Lydell Lucky speaks out on artist who rap about drug Dealing and Violence, which he feels is hurting the youth in our community's. Listening to Lydell's music its obvious he isn't riding the coat tail of the Dallas novelty Dance wave. After being underground for awhile Lydell jumped on the airwaves in 2009 with his hit "HERE WE GO". Which was heavily played in states like California, Florida and Texas. With 15,000 records and 100,000 downloads sold over his short career, Lydell isn't letting anything stop him. While beating a prison trial, facing 20 years in 2006 and surviving a 18 wheeler collision in 2010. Lydell is destine to keep pursuing his career in the music industry. He just released his first album called "ROCK AND SOUL" which was featured on iTunes and the single "What It Cost"is booming through radio stations. Lydell is just telling his story of a regular guy who decided to pursue music. His story is telling about the way life is in Texas and also telling how the criminal tem works for a convicted felon. Lydell is one of the few who cares about his rhymes and at the end of the day just wants respect.
Danse Danse Revolution House, electro, bmore, hip hop, crunk. Mixtapes to make your booty bounce. It's the revolution, y'all.
dj def-k mix & Beat (Def&Styl) This is a podcast of the show Welcome to da south mixed by dj def-k and hosted by icekoko. If you want to listen some south hiphop brand new, download this podcast.