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Crazy Joe Original surf lounge music, art, entertainment and information from Crazy Joe's
The Jeff and Steve Show The Jeff & Steve Show is a masterpiece of the filmmaker’s art. The show is now expanding into the new generation of podcast radio media.
Crazy Rob and Naked Jay A cocktail of a little fun, fascinating stories, with just the right amount of idiocy. Hosted by those two guys that everyone has come to love Crazy Rob and Naked Jay.
the AUDIO PANDEMIC show a Daily audio show thats causing a PANDEMIC. Join TWiG & Tasha for the Mixed Drink and Toast of the day, awesome new Music, Whacked out News, Cool Websites, Crazy Guests and enough talk from two crazy people to cause a Pandemic.
30 Watt Bulb Video Podcast Taking stupid videos to a whole new level, the guys at 30 Watt Bulb will amaze you with how much work they're willing to put into every single podcast just to get a laugh.
Wacky Tunes Wacky Tunes is a podcast of humorous offbeat wacky songs from crazed irreverent musicians. All seriousness aside… it’s outrageous comedy, satire, and zany goofy silliness. It stars Papa Joe Grappa, lead writer to the NBC Tonight show, who will tweak your funny bone with laugh provoking blues. Wacky Tunes is brought to you – Your Gateway to Great New Music. Free Video Podcast brings you the best in Viral Video and Internet Clips.. Funny, Extreme, Shocking, Cute, Sexy we have it all! Our Live Presenters show you only the best! Kitsch and Modern content sure to keep you entertained! For more videos, check out
Crazy Old World Join us for a weekly talk radio show about the strange goings on in the world. You can subscribe to our show with your favorite podcatcher, download it, or listen to it right on this blog. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, we sure have fun doing it.
the Freak Forum! Comedy talk radio with offensive topics and randomness abound. Hosted by filmmaker/writer/nut Henrique Couto, you get to delve into his mind once a week, and its not always pretty... it's almost never pretty.... ever...
Snowmen Hunters Somewhere... In the dark, mysterious mountains of Oregon there lurks an evil. A cold, white, spherical villain. With soulless black eyes and ice in his veins the Snowman is watching, plotting...fucking. Waiting for you to let your guard down. Perhaps you let one of the cute snowy bastards into your front thing you know he's pounding guts with your girlfriend, your sister...or even your own mother. They're a true horror. Those icy bastards must die. Or at least that's what Sherman and his idiot friend Everett think. That's the premise of's new show SNOWMEN HUNTERS. It's a ridiculous comedy in the vein of ANCHOR MAN, DODGEBALL, DUMB AND DUMBER or ANIMAL HOUSE. SNOWMEN HUNTERS is the story of a man, Sherman Rance. A man armed only with a child molester's haircut and a shotgun...and an endless supply of booze and cigarettes. A man hell bent on revenge. A man who's focus is the total and entire annihilation of all snowmen...and installing waterbeds. Sherman is joined by his sidekick, Everett Van der Sloot, a mindless shell of a man, worthless as tits on a snake. What horrid secret hides behind his dull, moron eyes? But why does Sheman hate snowmen so? Has Everett always been a stick-fucking moron? So, coming soon, join us at every Wednesday to find out. That's right, is putting out a new sick and twisted episode of SNOWMEN HUNTERS every week. So click over to where you'll also find lots of Snowmen extras like deleted scenes, trailers for upcoming episodes and me...masturbating feverishly into a gym sock. Zanzibar It's not TV. It's good.
Oh La Radio ! French humoristics episodes in podcast! Nonsense! Fantastic! Crazy Sci-Fi!
Kayakman Media Documenting the random situations that happen my way!
The Newz with Steve Strange, weird, bizarre, wacky news stories that I just completely make fun of ... 'cuz I can!
The Takeover w/ Silent D and ZeaLouS1 A College Radio Show of Random Chaos! We talk about anything and everything we want and sometimes cross certain lines of decency mixed in with interviews every once in a while. Hosted by Silent D. and ZeaLouS1.
CRAZYworld PodCast the CRAZY world podcast is all about bringing together those news stories from around the world we love to hear, but often hate to know about. It’s about the weird, the wonderful and the truly unbelievable. Each week we will produce a show bringing together stories sourced from around the world, some fresh, some classic but always CRAZY.
Tights and Fights Captain Euchre was a mild mannered World Euchre Champion, until his partner was killed by mobsters looking to fix the 1997 World Series of Euchre. Captain Euchre was saved only after his Euchre card deck was accidentally hit by cosmic rays from space, giving the deck incredible powers. Now, Captain Euchre fights injustice using his cosmic Euchre deck alongside his teammates on Ronin Force, of which Captain Euchre was a founding member.
Rascal Show Join Weird-Edsel and The Milkman as they spew their gift of gab about a new topic of discussion every week! Broadcasted LIVE every Friday. All shows archived as podcasts!
The Gentlemans Closet - Comedy Podcast The Brand new improvised comedy talk podcast, Starring Scottish Stand Up Billy Kirkwood and Graeme McCormack - Who put aside a whole 10 mintues aside to talk about exclusively pointless banter about everything that comes to mind deep from the sancity of wit - The Gentlemans closet!
The Brink of Sanity The Brink of Sanity show started waaaaaayyyyy back in 2008 with Jay and Bri as the show’s co-hosts and Jay’s dad as the sole listener. The audio was poor as was the content. It was dark times for the podcast. Then in 2009 something magical happened. The Brink of Sanity got its first non family member listener. This was mainly due to the fact that Jay finally figured out how to put the show up online. Fueled by doubling its listenership, Jay bought some real audio equipment and brought in a bunch of new co-hosts into the mix. Now it’s 2010 and the show finally kinda sorta resembles a real podcast. Jay, along with regulars Bri, Marc, Leon and Peter, as well as many other guest hosts, now bring their unique brand of incoherent babble to tens of people every week. Personal stories, rants, half-truths, current events, pop culture, game shows episodes, and messing with Internet scammers are some of the things you can expect to hear from Jay and company every week. Check out The Brink Of Sanity Online:
Pink Rifle TV - Video Podcast Crazy real videos. Robberies, Bikini Gun Girls, everything related to guns in America. I have a gun rights audio podcasts, this is a new companion, Pink Rifle. com
Hats Off to Mrs Tipsy HOTMT is a half-hour comedy show, featuring satirical skits and original music. Each episode follows different bizarre characters through weird worlds and surreal circumstances.
The New Hampshire After Hours Show Come join Andy, Bill, and Brent as they give you their views and opinions on anything that catches their attention. ****Warning this show may contain explicit language and is intended for mature audiences**** Comments or feed back? Contact us at [email protected] Subscribe to our podcast by inserting this link into your favorite pod catcher: Visit us on the web Visit our MySpace page at
DDt Radio Comedy Podcast NEVER Penetrate a hampster, don't try to sexually molest a pineapple. Its not a good idea to spoon a Rottweiler. This and more lifesaving advice can be found on the ever so educational DDT. Warning: Most subjects on this podcast make no sense and are not for the sane of heart. If you are easily offended by foul language then this show is probably not for you. If however you get your kicks by swimming naked in a pool of jelly whilst topless nuns serve you lager around the poolside then we like you and will most probably have sex with you sometime in the near future.
Staggering Stories Podcast A twice monthly podcast, featuring random thoughts from the Staggering Stories team. Mainly featuring discussion on television Science Fiction such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5 and so many more. Also general randomness on MMOs and all manner of other geek topics! Come and join in on the insanity!
Wizzardx TV WizzardX tv is your action sports channel. The most extreme events from the best podcasts on the web are brought together in one place. We also shoot our own footage at competitions around the country. Every week we¹ll tell you what shows in our channel have the best extreme footage, and what to check out next week as we grow to include over 20 different shows. Go to to get more shows!
Wizzardx TV Dirt DIRT is real entertainment for all BMX and freestyle motocross fans. The episodes include HD footage from the hottest pro and amateur events, of the hottest fans, biggest stars in the industry and of course plenty of in your face dirt action.
Wizzardx TV Snow SNOW is all about getting crazy in the snow and on the ice. Snowboarding competitions, Snowmobiling, Free Skiing, and Ice Climbing are only a few of the action sports featured in this podcast. SNOW is adrenaline infused content cut for its die-hard fans and athletes.
Wizzardx TV Street STREET includes any action sport that originated from the streets and some that remain there. From inline and skate competitions on South Beach, to the biggest extreme indoor competitions, STREET covers them all.
Wizzardx TV Water WATER is all about bikinis, boards and sun. The HD format of the content brings the beauty of the locations to life and puts the audience front stage at the events. WATER is the spring break you wish you had.
Insanity A weekly podcast with odd news stories, crazy topics and tons of laughs. For mature listeners only.
Spreadinthelove Inc. Spreadinthelove Inc is comprised of a tightly woven group of friends. This profile represents all of us, what we do, and what we believe. The group of friends consist of (not in any particular order): Joel Faatz, Matt Herda, Bryan Sweet, William Fletcher, Dean Turnbloom, Andrew LaPierre, Tim Bill, John Kimball, and MANY more. We at Spreadinthelove Inc. love to hang out, keep it real, film crazy videos, and SPREAD THE LOVE!! We want nothing more in this world than for everyone to spread their love with each other like they spread peanut butter on their toast!! We are currently filming a new movie - Sassafras Men II, which is super crazy, funny, and wild. This is the sequel to the first hit movie, Sassafras Men - The Bullcocka Experience, and it went underway in July 2008. We are currently still working on the movie, and we still have lots to film. We hope you enjoy our podcast!! Love, Spreadinthelove Inc.
What The Hell Podcast Strange News with Commentary and sound. Yummy!
The Green Room with Sean Green The Green Room with Sean Green is uncensored talk show hosted by comedian Sean Green
ALLOY Podcast ALLOY Podcast is an Oregon based podcast playing mostly Oregon based metal bands, but we are quickly expanding to larger markets! Check our site to see upcoming concerts we are promoting and links to bands pages!
custerstuff Custerstuff is a comedy podcast brought to you by two Aussie chicks Roobi and Poxy. Each week we have a specific theme to our show, which our hysteria revoles around along with pranks, jokes weird and wondeful news and of course our song parodies. Check us out and enjoy thew hysteria
Laugh or Go CRAZY! Spiritual Comedy...A collection of stories, half of which you will be glad didn't happen to you!
Idiot Sports Talk Who ate my Ice Cream" & friends are just a bunch of Idiot''s talking sports (MLB, NBA, UFC, NFL) come be an Idiot with us at with live chat.. Please remember, we''re IDIOT''S! (Explicit, Very strong language 18 & over)
How To Kill An Hour A group of intelligent people humorously discussing topical non-sense in effort to pass time while keeping those listening amused.
Mental Overload Show The Mental Overload Show is a free, adult content, internet radio show! The show where the hosts pose the following challenge to all listeners, "Can your brain handle the twisting and pulling that this show puts it through?". Your hosts Jay, Figz, and Ace discuss random topics and put our ridiculous views and/or opinions out there for you to enjoy. Our goal is to bring fresh random topics, that you will never hear on any other show, and run your brain into Mental Overload. So sit back, relax, put your pet giraffe to bed, and enjoy all the interesting nonsense we provide.
DDT Radio ComedyPodcast important issues, such as nipples, woman's girly bits and the dangers of fornicating with fruit. DDT Podcast is a weekly Comedy Podcast brought to you by - featuring Lee Greenfield, Craig Rumball, Jason Greenfield and special guest DJ American Rapper Sir Karl Nemetski. The show is sexier than mud wrestling naked with a swedish model....fact! Warning: If you are easily offended then this show is probably not for you. If however you get your kicks by swimming naked in a pool of jelly whilst topless nuns serve you lager around the poolside then we like you and will most probably have sex with you sometime in the near future.
The Bupkis Show The Bupkis Show is completely random, offensive and makes fun of people who don't have the opportunity to defend themselves. Why someone would ever want to listen to such filth is beyond me. So whatever you do, don't listen to this show!!! Someone please think of the children!!! However if you do listen you will laugh your ass off!
Dispatches from the Underground We take a shot gun to the face of your culture, our culture, and that other asshole's culture. We get in there to find anything redeeming and sincerely shit on the rest. We are not here to just be another bullshit cynical show with empty tirades. We want to live life, question it, make it better, and rip apart the rest. We get down under what is going on, and try to flip it inside out. Dig in, and get down with us. Join us. Spread the word.
Quit Your Day Job Radio Quit Your Day Job Radio is an edgy, weekly comedy podcast based out of Las Vegas. Danny, Jered, and Josh take a break each week from the jobs that they hate to make each other laugh and goof on whats happening around the world. Content may be unsui for mature audiences. Tune in each week for new episodes, the show features comics and friends from around the country.
Neither Here Nor There Podcast We are a group of friends who get together and talk about whatever crosses our minds which ranges everywhere from the oldest to the newest Comics, Super Heroes, to Sex and sexuality, Parenting and much more. We are an eclectic group of people with and equally unusual taste in conversation. We tell stories from our lives, ask “what the fuck is up with that?” and generally trudge, tromp and sometimes even skip gaily through the murky waters of conversation.
Friday Funkbox Every Friday at work I did this thing called “Friday Jukebox”. The purpose of this is to get people talking about my favourite love, music. What happened was every Friday we put 4 or 5 songs in a shared music folder and play the tracks in our headphones as we worked. I’ll set up a theme and everyone contributes songs which fit that theme. Now it’s called Friday Funkbox and is available online!
The Danger Hour Oddcast The Danger Hour Oddcast is a different kind of podcast, and that's the way we like it. Host James Danger Enriquez and boy wonder sidekick, Miguel Lido Ramirez, are joined by a wide variety of different guests as they sit in front of a microphone discussing anything and everything....all while having a few drinks. The "Rapid 5", "Danger Movie Mystery," "I Fancy That," and the legendary "Fuck You Moment" are all great and popular segments that add to the normal controlled chaos, so take a walk on the Dangerous side as the ramblings of madmen come to you from the illustrious Studio505 in Hacienda Heights, CA.
Podd Socks Three Australian twenty something's join forces to a fun filled pod cast, featuring important things that matter in the universe and potentially beyond. These individuals ask the big philosophical questions, discuss current events, review aspects of pop culture, geek out on content, talk about their personal lives and analyse conspiracy theories.
WayTooManyApps I have way too many apps. So do you. Or do you? WayTooManyApps is here with the latest and greatest app info for your iPad, iPhone, and Android devices - without the techy tech jargon from techtown. Inspired by other podcasters like Joe Rogan, NPR, Adam Carolla, and Marc Maron, WayTooManyApps is here for info, and fun! So grab a triple grande non-fat latte and chug it with me, because we're about to get ZESTY!
Half Sandwich This is my introduction into the podcast world. Please give it a listen and feel free to follow for future episodes.
The Pointless Forest w/ Silas Courson I am Standup Comic and Roustabout Silas Courson, and this is a show about my travels through our world that I call The Pointless Forest. Join me as I podcast from under the bunk bed in The Treehouse where I tell funny stories about my journey through The Pointless Forest, and hear about my meetings with pointed people along the way.
Crazy-Tv Crazy is as Crazy does. Just me and my crazy antics and video game play.