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The Bob Narley Show The Bob Narley Show podcast was rated with 5 stars by FHM magazine for its unique blend of great music and bizaare content. Featuring excellent parody songs and comedy bits, The Bob Narley Show stands out as a top podcast.
The Chris Vaughn Show The web presence of Chris Vaughn's Comedy. Each 30 to 120 second show is here for your enjoyment. Chris draws upon the "life lessons" he has encountered as a speaker, writer, camp director, comedian, and talk-radio host, to impart principles that are easily remembered, and applied.
Tom Shillue Live Comedy Podcast "It's all about the story" Comedian Tom Shillue, (from Comedy Central Presents: Tom Shillue), lives up to his reputation as New York's best comic storyteller with these largely improvised monologues, performed in front of a live audience.
The Mr. Nice Guy Show! An irreverent, fun look at our world, pop-culture and news from a former radio personality turned reference librarian. Like radio used to be and still should be: 'make you think and make you smile,
Comedy Dhar Dhar is a British Asian comedian from Birmingham UK.
A Stand-up Guy Peter Prins Stand-up Comedy Podcast
The Laugh Riot with Josh Reynolds Comedian Josh Reynolds brings you the best stand up comics in the business with in depth interviews, performance clips and a musical guest.
The Front Porch Podcast Boston-based comedian, author and vigilante pundit Baratunde ( shares his comedic thoughts on everything and insightful interviews with cool people across the world from farmers to writers to political activists.
Boise Funny Bone: What You Missed at the Bone From the Funny Bone Comedy Club in Boise, Idaho, and hosted by Brian Harrison, What You Missed at the Bone features highlights of recent performances, local talent and the best of today's touring comics.
Live from the Crack Comedy Club Live stand up comedy featuring top British and International comedians from the Crack Comedy Club, Kingston, London
DDt Radio Comedy Podcast NEVER Penetrate a hampster, don't try to sexually molest a pineapple. Its not a good idea to spoon a Rottweiler. This and more lifesaving advice can be found on the ever so educational DDT. Warning: Most subjects on this podcast make no sense and are not for the sane of heart. If you are easily offended by foul language then this show is probably not for you. If however you get your kicks by swimming naked in a pool of jelly whilst topless nuns serve you lager around the poolside then we like you and will most probably have sex with you sometime in the near future.
The Pinklatex Evil Humor Show Collie and Rusty make you laugh until your soul turns black!
Pinklatex Show on Collie & Rusty make you cackle until you pee your pants or your soul turns black, maybe a little bit of both. Come join the gang and their stupid antics and sarcastic commentary.
Ben and Ollie Ben and Ollie's Pre-recorded Internet Not-Quite Radio Show is a weekly comedy podcast hosted by two guys who seem to know what they're talking about. Whether they do or not is another matter altogether. Always Funny, sometimes genius. Pseudo-philosophical, Pseudo-Scientific, Wholly awesome.
Fake Comedian Fake Comedian is a weekly comedy show featuring guests and improv comedy. Hosted by Fake Comedian and Mairead McCrakin. Recorded live in Portland, Maine. Explicit Content Advisory.
DDT Radio ComedyPodcast important issues, such as nipples, woman's girly bits and the dangers of fornicating with fruit. DDT Podcast is a weekly Comedy Podcast brought to you by - featuring Lee Greenfield, Craig Rumball, Jason Greenfield and special guest DJ American Rapper Sir Karl Nemetski. The show is sexier than mud wrestling naked with a swedish model....fact! Warning: If you are easily offended then this show is probably not for you. If however you get your kicks by swimming naked in a pool of jelly whilst topless nuns serve you lager around the poolside then we like you and will most probably have sex with you sometime in the near future.
Tom Rhodes Radio International comedian Tom Rhodes travels the world in search of love and laughter. Join him as he meets up with his favorite people around the world to reflect, share, and laugh about life and comedy.
Comedy Above The Pub Fantastic. Another comedian with a podcast? Not exactly! The History of the Comedy Above The Pub Podcast Comedy Above The Pub first started out as The TVA Podcast back in 2007. Host Todd Van Allen started the podcast at the behest of producer Darcy Fiander, and started releasing episodes featuring Todd’s weekly radio segments for BOB’s Breakfast on BOB-FM, and Mike Reid on 98.9-THE DRIVE. Over a series of episodes, the TVA Podcast also began to release interview episodes with various comedians. Nostalgia Note: You can still find all the classic TVA podcast episodes at his website and on iTunes. Highlights of the TVA podcast include not only Todd’s conversations with local and touring comedians, but also such personalities as “Iron Chef America” co-host Kevin Brauch and Paul F. Tompkins who talked to Todd when he came to Toronto in 2009 for the very first edition of the PFT 300. A separate (and less significant) milestone for the podcast came with episode #167 with guest Barry Taylor, where Ian Atlas first joined the show as third chair. He has since become a fixture on the show. Not unlike a cold water tap. That drips. All night. The TVA podcast completed it’s run with episode #201 and transitioned to Comedy Above The Pub. In so doing, it has never ceased its mandate of bringing on guests who, though may not be comedians, have a funny story to tell. Yes, a strong focus on Canadian talent does exist, but that does not stop tourning comics or other interesting people stopping in and spending some time on CATP. Already into its second season, the podcast has seen such acts as Henry Rollins, Michael Show, Steve Hofstetter, Anthony Jeselnik, the return of Kevin Brauch, and many many others. Come on in, subscribe, and listen. It’s a pint of funny every week.
Mabbs & Justice: The Podcast Mabbs & Justice: The Podcast is James Mabbett and Adam Justice in audio form. With a mix of stories, sketches, interviews and most importantly of all, fun. Come join if you like a bit of silly in your week.
Unsuccessful People What's better than media critics being everyday consumers? Media critics who are everyday consumers who are also pursing a career in media. Hosts Jon McCracken, Meline Pterodactyl, and Samantha Hanna sit and talk about the entertainment industry as people who want to be in it. With them will be a different guest each week. These guests will be musicians, comedians, actors, writers, photographers, artists, and dancers.
Creative Over Coffee Over a cup of coffee, creative professionals MATT WOHLFARTH and BUD ADAMS converse with other creatives — artists, comedians, musicians, inventors, marketing professionals, PR agents, designers and maybe even a zoo keeper. Chalk full of experts and guests with unique and hilarious points of view, this show is a refreshing look into the creative process throughout all walks of life. CREATIVE OVER COFFEE challenges the listener to THINK outside-of-the-box with hopes that someday they may WORK ou
NugLife Radio - Therapy Podcast Exploring the minds of Southern California's best stand up comedians through in depth conversation! Hosted by Erik martin & Tommy Lucero of NugLife Radio Show fame & 2 of San Diegos funniest stand up comedians.
podcheese Enjoy the awesomeness that is podcheese with hosts Josh Bennett and Benny Michaels as they broadcast from their underground headquarters and take on the world's problems armed only with their wit, charm, and beer. @BennyShow / @jbennett300
Commedia Dell Podcast The companion podcast of comedy room Commedia Dell Parte. CDP runs every Thursday, 8:30 at the George Lane Bar, 1 George Lane St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. The podcast features established stand up comedians along side Melbourne's best up and coming comedy stars.
Tell Your Friends! The Only Podcast That Matters! Liam McEneaney hosts Tell Your Friends! The Only Podcast That Matters!, an audio magazine that pulls from the best of New York City's comedy, music, performance, and writing worlds. Every week features interviews with people of interest, from comedians (Eddie Pepitone, W Kamau Bell, Todd Barry) to musicians (Mike Doughty, Catherine Popper), as well as readings, songs, and a lot more. Tell your friends about Tell Your Friends!
This Week In Zoltan This Week In Zoltan is a the weekly podcast belonging to Comedian Zoltan Kaszas. An audio diary where he chit-chats, rants, rambles and over all unloads whatever he has swirling around his head after another week on planet earth.
Gotta Be Honest Politics, Odd News, Popculture, & Comedy featuring Willie Barcena, Richard Villa & Liliana Cervantes.
Jack Of All Nerds Podcast Join me, the Jack Of All Nerds, and my fellow nerds on as we get together to discuss all things nerd related. Comics, gaming, movies, comedy, pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy, you name it!
The Seánpod The Seánpod, hosted by Comedian Seán Cullen, is a feast of rambling silliness punctuated by music, special guests and Seán's Impromptu Radio Theatre. Those who loved CBC's Simply Seán, or the Seán Schau will revel in this podcast.
The Altdot Comedy Lounge The Altdot Comedy Lounge is Toronto's premiere showcase venue for local talent and favourite spot for comedians visiting the city. The Altdot features a variety of comedians and continues to discover the best. With regular -in guests from across the country and around the world, the Altdot provides an native to the mainstream, in a comfortable, cabaret atmosphere at one of the most prestigious performance areas in the city - the world famous Rivoli.
Mark Forward Comedy Podcast Enter the mind of comedian Mark Forward as each episode delves into a different topic, ranging from space to superstitions to ghosts. Along with his little guy, Eric Andrews, they discuss their take on each topic in ways you might not have thought of. If you like stupid fun, then this is the podcast for you.
The Pointless Forest w/ Silas Courson I am Standup Comic and Roustabout Silas Courson, and this is a show about my travels through our world that I call The Pointless Forest. Join me as I podcast from under the bunk bed in The Treehouse where I tell funny stories about my journey through The Pointless Forest, and hear about my meetings with pointed people along the way.
Self Indulgent Podcast The guys get together every week with great guests, fun bits and call ins. Show includes interesting in depth interviews, pranks, arguments, stunts and disgusting behavior. New episode every week
Late Night In Hollywood Ari Mannis and Michael Lenoci interview artists late at night in the heart of Hollywood, CA
Seven2Ten Seven 2 Ten is a comedy podcast hosted by Christian Talbot. Each week we’ll be talking to Irish comedians, comedy writers, producers and promoters about the Irish comedy scene and whatever else comes into our heads at the time.
The KupMuff Show Nick, Chris and Joanne talk sh!t on everything they can fit into an hour or two...and there's no holding back. The KupMuff Show...minutes and minutes of entertainment.
Bob and Dave are terrible people Bob DeSantis and Dave Primiano are the only two people that have what it takes to give you everything terrible in life, with their comedic twist.
EricToddcast Each week, Eric Todd and Steve Rees take a break from stand-up comedy to shank an adrenalin syringe into podcasting's tired heart. Along with regulars, and fellow comics, John "Johhny the K" Kensil, Dan "Dr. Frielgood" Friel, and Darin "Midnight" Martinez. They present a show that's as funny as it is NSFW. It's the show that made Canadian football the world's most popular sport and "Old Fat Lady with a Fanny Pack..." a nation-sweeping dancfloor craze. After all, Eric is "the only comedian with
Danger-Radio Mezz and T.R. take to the Internet airwaves to bring you everything from comedy, wrestling, MMA, and porn industry discussions or guests, to actors and singing guests whenever possible. As you can see, Mezz and T.R. want to provide a great mix of topics that you can enjoy each week, only on
Down And Out Radio Comedians Eric Grassi and Brandon Gain get together live every first Saturday at 5 p.m. to discuss what's on their minds and bring you things that are funny, artistic and nostalgia.
Superbard Under the Sea Superbard Under the Sea allows you to listen to the best of UK's storytellers, comedians and poets, while the DJ contends with his twisted life under the ocean. Part of Superbard's multi-format adventure The Flood, the show is a light-hearted look at a community trapped and running out of air. The show features comedians, poets and storytellers, but anything with a greater than 50% music content was wiped from the ship's hard drive. Episodes will be monthly.
The Schmuck Buddha Experience I take one for the team so you don't have to... I'm the guy your parents & family, teachers, friends, and mentors always told you never to become... The misadventures and comedy stories of the Schmuck Buddha. WELCOME TO MY WORLD! New episodes out every Tuesday. I'm running a train on your earbuds and you'll have an eargasim once you have fully experienced the Schmuck Buddha Experience Podcast! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @Schmuckbuddha Instagram: Schm
Tony Borer Show A local comedy podcast focused on the ever growing comedy scene in Omaha, Nebraska. We dive into what makes comedians tick and comedy work.
From the 99 to the 2000 Comedians Mike Mulloy (@fakemikemulloy) and Sam Jay (@samjaycomic) welcome guests each week as they travel back in time and drink mimosas.
The Rogin Kimcast Join comedian/filmmaker Rogin Kim as he explores comedy, film, history, and current events with special guests who are up-and-comers in the NYC comedy scene.
Fixated | Comedians and their obsessions Direct from London, England, comedian Tom Goodliffe talks to his funny friends about their past and current obsessions. From collections that outgrow apartments to celebrity crushes that got kinda weird. Personal, confessional and funny.
Drinking From Human Skulls – A Professional Comedy Podcast Drinking from Human Skulls is a professional comedy podcast from pod-master and stand-up comedian Doni Cordoni. Thoughts, laughs, tingles, provocations, and web 2.0 tech talk. Hop to this dope podcast and start benefiting from increased medulla feelings today. For those of you who can't handle the intense sarcasm of this podcast description, I'll describe it more plainly: This is a comedy podcast. I am Doni Cordoni. I am a stand-up comedian and writer podcasting with artists, funny people, autho
Pipedream on the Comedypipe Radio Network Pipedream every Wednesday 7PM EST LIVE on the Comedypipe Radio Network is bringing you Local Albany, NY and surroundings Comedians Live in studio to find out - where the funny really lives?.