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Earth & Sky radio show Earth & Sky is an award-winning, 90-second science radio program that covers all areas of science including space, the environment, astronomy, Earth science, oceans and sustainability. Science Podcast Learn science through exciting interviews with scientists. Topics range from physics, astronomy, chemisty, biology to earth and space sciences. Find out answers to questions like these: Why is the sky blue? What is DNA? How do lasers work? What is the difference between viruses and bacteria? Why do vulcanoes erupt? etc. Each show is 15-20 mins long and we record a brand new one each month. Shows are available for download here or via iTunes.
Brain Food Einstein said, "Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it". At the Brain Food Podcast, our goal is the pursuit of that wisdom. Each week we will explore fascinating topics from everyday life and use science and mathematics to better understand the wonders all around us.
A Geordie Boffin Science Podcast The Geordie Boffin Science Podcast is an irregular and irreverent tour of science news from the website hosted by ex-pat Geordie David Bradley
Mike Breed Mr. Breed and his students create review and lab experiment podcasts in preparation for the New York State Regents exams in Earth science and chemistry.
ACS Chemical Biology ACS Chemical Biology publishes free Podcasts highlighting articles and news pieces published in the journal and discussing the latest activities on its community web site. These include interviews with our authors, editorial board members, editors and science writers.
Science and the Sea Our regular Science and the Sea radio program presents marine science topics in an engaging two-minute story format.
Chemistry World The free monthly podcast from the RSC’s award-winning magazine Chemistry World includes interviews and discussions on the latest topics in science: all in one bite sized chunk.
Brains Matter Science, Curiosities and Knowledge
Science Made Fun C’mon in! Welcome to the brand new Science Made Fun podcast. This is your one stop shop for science fun. Whatever you love about science you’ll find it here; from magnetism to molecules, Saturn to seismology, photons to photosynthesis, we cover everything you want to know and more!!
Sorting out Science Science for people who hadn't realized science could be interesting. Science & technology explained in a conversational way, with a minimum of jargon. Hard science explained, simple science put in context, bad reporting of science responded to -- all in handy blog / podcast form!
The Sounds of Science The Sounds of Science is a podcast from the National Academies highlighting our findings in report briefs, executive summaries, and other materials. Derived from our reports, these podcasts relate to subjects in all areas of science, engineering, medicine, and technology. The National Academies consists of four organizations: the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council. The National Academies perform an unparalleled public service by bringing together committees of experts in all areas of scientific and technological endeavors. Our nation’s preeminent experts volunteer their time on committees addressing critical national issues and offering unbiased advice to the public and federal government The National Academies brings together committees of experts in all areas of science, engineering, and medicine, offering unbiased counsel to the public and federal government.
60-Second Science Tune in every weekday for quick reports and commentaries on the world of science-- it'll just take a minute.
Science Talk Join host Steve Mirsky each week as he explores the latest developments in science and technology through interviews with leading scientists and journalists.
Bytesize Science Perfect for science teachers, parents and kids with big curiosities, Bytesize Science is an educational, entertaining podcast for young listeners from the ACS. Available every Wednesday morning, it translates scientific discoveries from ACS’ 36 journals into intriguing stories for kids of all ages about science, medicine, energy, food and much more.
Distillations Distillations is a weekly science podcast that brings you extracts from the past, present, and future of chemistry. Join host Robert D. Hicks for a new episode every Friday with interviews, monologues, reviews, features, and more, to gain historical perspective on current scientific issues.
Slightly-Mad Science Home of Dangerously-Stupid Science Demonstrations and Makers of Things Splodey! And the occasional silly parody thing sneaks in.
REALscience From nature to high technology, REALscience brings science to life.
The Main Ingredient Through the use of immersive audio techniques, creative field research and offbeat humor, we explore the history and chemistry behind the foods we take for granted, the cultivation and love that goes into producing them, and the various culinary techniques that allow them to sing on your plate. So much more than your average cooking show, we concentrate less on recipes and more on, well, ingredients! Much like the farm to movement, each episode will take you on the journey of one no edible, from inception to ingestion!
Geek Pop Geek Pop is a virtual science and music festival. Each year we bring together the geekiest bands from around the world in a celebration of geek culture. We also make a montly Playlist podcast featuring our listener's picks of the sci-pop genre. Send your requests to [email protected] or tweet them at @geekpop
Innovation Now Innovation Now™ is a radio series and podcast that gives listeners a front row seat to hear compelling stories of revolutionary ideas, emerging technologies and the people behind the concepts that are shaping our future. Produced by the National Institute of Aerospace in collaboration with NASA and WHRV 89.5 Norfolk, VA, each new 90-second episode explores how these innovations benefit our lives and impact our world.
It A weekly snippet of science to expand your brain, brought to you by Chris Stewart and Tilly Boleyn, from Tilly's Thursday Overdrive show on radio 2SER 107.7FM in Sydney, Australia.
Regret Labs Did you study hard in science class? Neither did comics Aric and Levi. Regret Labs is their attempt to make up for lost time. In each episode they attempt to explain a scientific concept and then invite a guest expert to join them and tell them how very wrong they are. There’s learning, laughing, science, and redemption. You may get a better understanding of the world or you may just get entertained. But you wont regret listening.
It Hosted by Thom Bee and Matt Simpson, "It's Science, Bitch!" is a comedy podcast that both mocks science whilst educating. Science isn't the only thing on the agenda, healthy dustings of sci-fi, pop culture and impromptu improv are used to make any science story even more hilarious. It's Science, Bitch! is a part of "Binary Womb for Digital Babies".