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rockin The [DE] + [U.S.] album Charts as rockin BroadCharts. With rockin Broadcast, you find out the current trends and positionings of the German and US Albumcharts every week. Our Podcast, the rockin BroadCharts, informs about the German and the US Top 25 album Charts of this in particular form. We wish much fun when listening this ... rockin BroadCharts - [the weekly chart show]. Look around also on our web site and discover the widened program of rockin Broadcast -
Reminiscing With The Retro Addict From the sublime to the wretched, we dare to play what most oldies stations these days gave up on a long time ago. Listen every week as we look under the carpet and dig out those relics from the 50's through the 80's that will make you laugh, cry, dance, or run for the hills. Every show has a theme and/or concentrates on a specific genre.
DJColzz Ultimate Chart Podcast Retro charts from the UK and Billbaord charts including some specialist charts and tributes.