• podsmack
    A Pleasant Waste of Time

    A good option if you are looking for something oth...
  • The E Wilks Show
    Love it!

    Always great humor. Makes the day go by just a lit...
  • warrington carpet cleaners
    warrington carpet cleaners

    nice review...
  • Beautiful Failures
    this glass is half full

    Laid back, no-rush reviews of films that were box ...
  • The Megapods
    Good for all ears

    This show covers a vast amount of things. It was p...

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Discovering the Old Testament

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Discovering the Old Testament

A series of podcasts based on a Summer course, “Discovering the Old Testament” offered through the Stanford University Continuing Studies program. The podcast takes a closer look at the history, culture, language, archaeology, and impact of one of the West’s most influential books.


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