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Bob Enyart Live A daily call-in talk show discussing current events/issues from a Christian perspective. Hosted by Bob Enyart, pastor of Denver Bible Church.
Let Daily Christian call in counseling radio show WFIL 560am Philadelphia
Hermit in the City A reflection on Scripture given by the Lectionary of the Catholic Church for the upcomng Sunday. The reflections are set upon a rich sound palette.
Rational Thought Rational Thought is dedicated to looking at issues like religion, ethics, politics with a logical and rational mind. We plan to use use interviews, college lectures, and debate as formats
The Infidel Guy Show :: Critical Thought Provocative and controversial call-in radio show with live webcasts discussing philosophy, atheism, theology, paranormal, science and evolution with great guests @ 8PM ET: every Wednesday & Friday.
Bible Podcast To teach and preach Jesus Christ
Words For The Week, by Encouraging Audiobooks Christian Devotion podcast with scriptures, devotional readings, teaching, music.
podGott Wieso, Weshalb, Warum? Stories, Interviews, Reportagen, Lievemitschnitte, Hintergrundinformation.
Good News Radio The Good News program is presented by the publishers of the Good News magazine. The Good News doesn't try to cover-up today's problems. This is a program that dares to look at today's dilemmas and ask the questions that must be asked. It seeks the answers that must be found--answers that can only be discovered from the pages of your Bible. Please join Gary Petty for a discussion of today's Good News subject.
Pastor Dan Pastor Dan's Blog contains messages from a new contemporary church in St Louis called Full Life Community Church. The messages are intensely practical applications of the timeless truths of the Bible to 21st century living. I believe that God's truth is powerful enough to change lives, families and cities. I trust that this blog will give you a glimpse of the truth about what's important in life.
Faith To Believe Podcast Teaching the Word of God without compromise...
The Whole Truth The whole New Testament in a year, as read daily by Random from the King James Version.
Grace Community Church - Arlington, VA Grace Community Church is a church for people who don’t go to church. Our mission is connecting people with God and others. We are a contemporary Christian church, open to all faiths and religious beliefs.
Longitude - World News & Prophecy Darris McNeely, managing editor of World News & Prophecy, publishes Longitude—an online blog and audio podcast commentary—covering world events as they happen. The purpose of World News & Prophecy is to help readers discern the times and increase their awareness and understanding of current events in the light of Bible prophecy.
Walking With The Lord The radio outreach of is a listener supported ministry. The podcasts deal with the daily walk of believer's and explore issues about life's meaning, giving insights on how to live a victorious walk with Christ.Walking with the Lord is based on our submission and obedience to the Lord
God in Tech GMPodcasting. Your source for God and Tech
St George Sermons, talks and other downloads from St George's Church, an Anglican church based in the city centre of Leeds, UK.
Sermons from Babylon A young minister in New York City talks about life, faith, and God.
Doug Brendel Some of the most entertaining Christian teaching on the Web!
Touchstone Christian Fellowship Recordings of the teaching from the Sunday morning worship service at Touchstone Christian Fellowship. Tune in each week as we move through the Bible in a way that is both relevant and challenging. Touchstone Christian Fellowship is a community of followers of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to live out, in our time and culture, the teachings and examples he gave us, and to share his message of hope with others. We welcome everyone, regardless of their place along life's path. Touchstone Christian Fellowship is a nondenominational, Calvary Chapel affiliated church serving the Sacramento, California area.
Covenant Church Sermon Podcast Challenging weekly audio messages from Covenant Church in Charlottesville, Virginia. Covenant is a bible-believing, evangelical, and transcultural church in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hear messages that you can really apply to your life.
Preach The Word - Sermons from N. Ireland Weekly Bible study sermon podcast from the Christian ministry Preach The Word - sharing the preaching and teaching ministry of Pastor David Legge from the historic Iron Hall Assembly, Belfast, N. Ireland. The site also contains archives of previous Podcasts in WMA and MP3 formats, as well as word-for-word transcripts.
First Baptist Church Norris Weekly Sermon Weekly Sermon from First Baptist Church Norris, South Carolina
EWTN - Global Catholic Network EWTN is the largest religious media network in the world. This podcast is a sample of it's Catholic programs including the daily Mass, live programs, and Catholic prayers and devotions.
The BreadCast Reflections on the Daily Scriptures of the Catholic Liturgical calendar. Based on the writing of James Kurt's book 'Our Daily Bread'
Daily Bible Chapter with Music Daily Bible Chapter from the UPDV Updated Bible Version with background music.
PodBible: daily audio Bible Audio Bible a chapter a day, read by ordinary people... CEV translation by Bible Society was made to be read aloud. Just right for an audio version of the Bible.
Alive Today with Shavar Past and present sermons and powerful biblical preaching and teachings from former actor-turned pastor Shavar Ross. Shavar is best remembered as a child actor. He played "Dudley", Gary Coleman's best friend on the hit 1980's television show "Diff'rent Strokes". Shavar, now 34, has been an actor for well over 20 years and has starred in over 100 film and episodic television productions such as Magnum P. I., MacGyver, Friday The 13th Part 5, Chicago Hope, Designing Women, The Bold and the Beautiful, What's Love Got To Do With It?, Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Family Matters, and many more. After completing 4 years of biblical studies at The Ministry Training Institute, an auxiliary of one of the largest churches in Los Angeles, Shavar founded The Alive Church in which he pastored for 4 years. Currently Shavar is a film director, writer and producer and still enjoys inspiring others through his fiery preaching sermons.
The Gathering Place of Northbrook Church The podcast messages of Northbrook Church, Three Way, TN.
First Baptist Church The podcast messages of First Baptist Church, Marshalltown, IA.
The Hellbound Alleee Show Listen to Alleee & Franc as they discuss atheism, religion, christianity, science, skepticism, philosophy, ethics, libertarian politics and more!
Covenant People Covenant People''s Ministry is led by Pastor Jeromy John Visser and is the web presence of Covenant People''s Church. Our site features audio sermons, topical studies, forums, Biblical discussion and numerous Christian links. Swing by today!
Heavenwards Walk It takes little steps to make a long journey and ours can be very long. Heavenwards Walk has been created to inspire you to move Heavenwards.
NBC Audio Chapel Services This is an audio podcast of the Nazarene Bible College weekly Chapel services which often feature special guest speakers primarily from throughout the denomination. A video version is available as a seperate podcast subscription. Copyrighted music has been omitted.
NBC Video Chapel Services This is a video podcast of the Nazarene Bible College weekly Chapel services which often feature special guest speakers primarily from throughout the denomination. An audio only version is available as a seperate podcast subscription. Copyrighted music has been omitted.
The Iron Rod We are The Iron Rod! We represent the LDS Church on the Boise State University Campus. We play great music, read church news, announcements, local activities, FHE ideas, dating ideas, specials segments, cd reviews, and other local events, and we have too much fun trying to do it!
Cross and Throne Bible Studies In-depth Bible studies for the new and old Christian alike. Join us as we move through studies through God's Word, rightly dividing the Word of truth. Studies presented by pastor Dan Sheridan.
Hope Church Sermons Sunday morning sermons by Pastor Peter Holloway of Hope Church, Southport, UK
Chilepodcast First Educational Podcast from Chile is in San Fernando – Sexta Región Dear friends: As and old time dxer or short wave listener, that I have changed the SWL hobby Of International Radios on Short wave, (Dxing) by the Internet, I have the pleasure to let you know that as May 17, 2005, International Day of Communication, you can download and listen the First Podcasting produced and poscasted from San Fernando Chile, to all Internet surfers of the world. If you have time and are interested in listening these programs from San Fernando, you can visit my website, where you can download the MP3 file for a later listening on your PC or MP3 player. This is my site: This is my blog: I remain for your questions, comments and suggestions about these programs. At the same time, I’ll be very thankful if you could send this mail to your Contacts, and distribute this news on your web site, in order to promote this new technology of communication. Also I would like to receive some mp3 files with your greetings so that I could publish it on my podcast. If you want to know more about me, search on for: Carlos Toledo Verdugo or chilepodcast Program contents: Both my wife and I are Christian Teachers and we would like to podcast poetry, Chilean music, the history of Dxing in Chile, Bible reading and greetings from listener. My podcast are in Special Spanish because I want reach all the people on the internet that are interested in learning my mother tongue Spanish. Also we would like to be in touch through this technology with fellow Spanish Teachers as a Second Language and their students of Spanish language. Sincerely, and God Bless you all. [email protected] Carlos Toledo Verdugo Primary School Teacher Profesor de Educación General Básica San Fernando - Sexta Región Chile
The Word of Faith Netcast Dr. Bill Bailey teaches the Word of Faith Message from Word of Faith Ministries in High Point, NC.
Faith & Victory Church Messages from Faith & Victory Church in Greensboro, NC. FVC is a friendly, family church teaching the Word of Faith Message.
Grace Bible Church Hutchinson, KS Preaching the bible verse by verse. Pastor Rick Goertzen, Hutchinson, KS
Christianity For Today Christianity For Today offers a weekly inspirational study of books of the Bible. Pastor Art carefully analyzes particular passages with great insight into the interpreted meaning. An online archive is available for 24-hour listening to previous publications. Also available are several unpublished, or yet-to-be published messages for your listening pleasure.
Sisters Katie and Sue from Sisters'' Weblog: It Bloggles the Mind! hope to glorify God by podcasting all He is doing in their sometimes crazy and very humorous lives.
Antioch International Church We know that every person has enormous potential. We know that a regular person under the power of God can be happy, have a great marriage, great kids and friends, prosper, be fulfilled in life... and, also change a community...... effect a nation.... make history.
Recover in christ Welcome to Recover in Christ,let us set out together on the journey toward healing and newfound strength- not strength found within ourself, but strength found through trusting God and allowing him to direct our decisions and plans. This journey will take us through the Twelve Steps and other materials designed to help us focus on the provisions our powerful God offers for Recovery. With out god there is no Recovery, only to be dissapointments and failures. We pray that the resources found on this web site along with the word of God will help us all better understand who God is and how He wants to heal our brokenness ans set us on the path toward wholeness. Amen and Praise God for being who he is. Jesus, Lord of Lord, King of Kings. - Online Events Audio Podcast Insightful online events about practical spirituality.
Life on Fire Chris and Tanya discuss faith and family while having a drink.
The T.N.T. LifeCast Truth and Testimonies of Life! This podcast is designed to edify the body of Christ thru testimonies of believers from around the world. Produced by two Canadians living in Japan.
Central Baptist of Hobart Indiana Our congregation of family and friends extends to you a warm greeting and a sincere"Thank you!" for visiting us today. We hope you will enjoy using our site to get to know us better.
In Christian Love IN Christian Love taking the Living Word of God to a dieing world.
Grace Lutheran Church Bible based sermons featuring Pastor Daniel Lazicki. The "Message" is recorded from the Sunday Morning Worship Services at Grace Lutheran Church in Lynnwood, WA. The Grace Lutheran Podcast is usually updated on the afternoons of the service.
Courthouse Church of Christ Welcome to Courthouse Church of Christ. We take this opportunity to personally invite you to meet with us to worship the Lord and study His revealed Word.
Grace Church of Downingtown, PA A feed of all the messages preached at Grace Church of Downingtown, PA.
God on the Go Louis Lapides is senior pastor of Beth Ariel Fellowship, an evangelical congregation located in Sherman Oaks, Ca. In his teaching ministry, Louis applies the Word of God to today's issues, seeking to bring about eternal change in people.
Mission: Artist As performers, musicians, actors, artists, or writers; God has wired us to really love the spotlight. Because of that wiring; we typically gravitate quickly into areas of ministry leadership. But the Bible clearly calls us to decrease so that God might increase. Quite the paradox if you stop to think about it. My podcast is for all of us creative types who are seeking to really understand who we are and who God is calling us to be. Maybe a good way to describe the Podcast is to tell you what it is not. This is not a Podcast on "How to build a more effective (name your talent here) ministry". There are already some excellent Podcasts that are focusing there. Certainly the principals we'll learn will overflow into our ministries. But this Podcast will really focus on God's heart, our hearts, and how to bring them closer together via the gifts He has blessed us with.
Mission: Artist Enhanced As performers, musicians, actors, artists, or writers; God has wired us to really love the spotlight. Because of that wiring; we typically gravitate quickly into areas of ministry leadership. But the Bible clearly calls us to decrease so that God might increase. Quite the paradox if you stop to think about it. My podcast is for all of us creative types who are seeking to really understand who we are and who God is calling us to be. Maybe a good way to describe the Podcast is to tell you what it is not. This is not a Podcast on "How to build a more effective (name your talent here) ministry". There are already some excellent Podcasts that are focusing there. Certainly the principals we'll learn will overflow into our ministries. But this Podcast will really focus on God's heart, our hearts, and how to bring them closer together via the gifts He has blessed us with.
Israel Seen Israel Seen through the eyes of two quirky guys that share their love and commitment to Israel.
God Old and New Testaments read. Nothing more nothing less.
Living Waters Podcast Sermon Audio from Living Waters Baptist Church, LaGrange, GA
Willingheart Willingheart Ministries - "Helping People to Think Like Jesus" Join us for excellent Christian expositional teaching through the Bible (NASB) by Rick Booye, Senior Pastor of Trail Christian Fellowship in Eagle Point, Oregon & President of Pacific Bible College in Southern Oregon.
The Virtual Bible Study The Virtual Bible Study is a live 1-hour, internet-only, call-in broadcast in which listener participation is encouraged via the phone and email. The program is dedicated to an honest and open study and discussion of God’s word. The program airs live on Thursday evenings at 8:00 pm, CT. A podcast of the program is available after 10:00 PM CT each Thursday.
JBC Sermons Sermons from the pulpit of Jackson Bible Church in Jackson, SC.
Kingdom Commentaries Theological discussions, not sermons on various Bible based, Christian topics.
Penn State Cru Penn State Cru is a community where the gospel captures hearts, transforms lives, and launches men and women into a lifelong adventure with Jesus Christ. Cru meets every Thursday night at 8:30PM in the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center at Penn State University. The podcast is updated every week during fall and spring semester with the latest talk from the weekly meeting. For more info, check out
Daily Reflections A daily lectionary based Bible teaching.
Flight to Eden - Free Audiobook Enjoy this free audiobook novel! In Flight to Eden, author Doug Hirt explores what the world might have been like before the Great Flood—a world where giants and dragons roam, people live for hundreds of years, and a dark power seeks to destroy mankind. If you like fantasy, science fiction, or historical fiction, you will enjoy the literary magic of the Cradleland Chronicles. Visit to explore the pre-Flood world.
Soul Fish - Your Time Has Come Our audio and videocast are designed to meet people where they are in life. We deliver simple to understand, yet powerful messages that have the potential to change you life today. Be encouraged and experience unprecedented growth and freedom in all areas of your life as you move forward with the basic principles given in each message.
Once Upon A World – Bible stories for children ‘On the first day the world had ever known God had a busy week ahead of Him …’ So begins Once Upon A World, a delightful collection of Bible stories for children. The fresh clear style of author Robert Duncan combines superbly with the wry and gentle humor of the late, comedy great, British actor John Le Mesurier, whose rich English voice brings these timeless stories to life.
Encounter Messages Encounter Christian Centre, Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand. "Bringing people into a dynamic encounter with Jesus Christ."
A Revolution of the Mind The radio show and podcast that will revolutionize your life!
Santa Suburbia Cristianos dialogando . . . algo rara vez escuchado.
myGodPod myGodPod offers daily “Devotions on the Go.” A unique subscription-based service, it allows Christians to download original devotional content to enrich the practice of their faith. Each day, subscribers receive up to 40 minutes of Bible and other readings, contemplative prayer and Christian music, allowing them to “dock and walk.” They also enjoy full access to the myGodPod archives. For more information:
The Big Finale The show that delves into paranormal, UFOs, Bible Prophecy. Great guests, stimulating subjects- looking behind the veil!
British-Israel Radio USA and the British in Bible Prophecy
Miracles Of Jesus In The Gospels Bible Study Of Miracles Of Jesus Recorded In The 4 Gospels
Sound Teaching Weekly Bible Study from a conservative Christian perspective. Topics will vary, but all subjects will be dealt with from a biblical perspective.
Full of Grace and Truth Lance Lawton's sermons. Anglican minister, engaged in Intentional Interim Ministries across denominations.
Life Lessons From The Bible Inspirational, devotional, faith building, and encouraging sermons by Kenneth Morvant Minister
Pastor Randy Delves into the Word Pastor Randy discusses biblical topics several times each week.
Miracles Of Jesus In The Gospels. Bible Study Of Miracles Of Jesus Recorded In The 4 Gospels
The Word Will Stand The Word Will Stand features the weekly Bible teaching of Pastor Bruce Baker, Senior Pastor of the Jenison Bible Church located in Hudsonville, Michigan. Pastor Baker teaches exegetically with a flair for applying the timeless Truths of God''s Word to your heart and life.
PZ Radio The #1 Podcast Dealing With Bible Prophecy and World Events with your host Ray Gano, Executive Director of Prophezine. Prophezine deals with Bible Prophecy and World Events from a Pre-trib, pre-millennial, dispensationalist stand point. We currently serve close to 55,000 (and growing) people world wide with a newsletter, news updates, website and podcast.
Christian Songs And Blessings Christian Songs And Blessings Audioblog/ Podcast features great worship songs and hymns sung by contemporary artists and also a selected blessing from the Bible expounded by Bible Teacher Dr. Johnson Cherian MD,PhD.
Wayne Geiger The preaching ministry of Wayne Geiger
The VSU Wesley Podcast The official podcast of the Valdosta State University Wesley Foundation in Valdosta, Georgia. Features dynamic messages from campus minister David Scott and guests.
Bible Study .net Globally available messages featuring the systematic teaching of the Bible, which is the word of God. Our purpose is to bring faith to the lost, and strengthen the faith of Christians, helping them to enjoy the Scriptures.
Revealing Word A weekly MP3 recording of a live bible study with audience interaction. Studies center on deeper biblical truths that challenge the listeners tradition, theology and faith. You'll never be the same again!
The Best Of provides over 100 hours of life changing sermons from various preachers over the past 100 years in streaming audio and video content.
Elmwood Baptist Church Sermons Podcast Fundamental and Independent Baptist sermons and services podcast from Elmwood Baptist Church in Brighton, Colorado.
Sermons by Rev. Jonathan Twitchell Pastor Jon Twitchell delivers weekly sermons at the Cape Elizabeth Church of the Nazarene. Sermons are from a Wesleyan/Holiness perspective, and loosely follow the Revised Common Lectionary.
1 Minute Video Bible Messages 1 Minute Video Bible Messages By Dr.Johnson Cherian MD, PhD
Vision y Cosecha Audiorevista del Ministerio Mundial Maranatha
Bible Belt Tennessee Preaching Podcasts The podcasts presented are the weekly sermons of Reidtown Community Church. If you want old time Tennessee Bible Belt preaching then this podcast is for you! Check us out and may God Bless You! Sermons are given by various Pastors residing in the church.
Grace Heritage Church The Weekly Podcast from Grace Heritage Church
Grace Heritage Church Sermon Archive A Collection of Sermons from Grace Heritage Church
Beauty for Ashes women Ladies, this free, weekly email devotional will encourage you with insights from the Bible especially for women. Let "Beauty for Ashes" help you discover the treasure that God sees in you! " bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." (Isaiah 61:3) If you would rather receive this weekly devotional via email, simply go to and sign up. It only takes a minute and is free!
Daily Encouragement A daily message of hope and encouragement from the Bible.
Faith To Believe Podcast Phillip and Robin Williams have a mandate to teach the uncompromised Word of God with boldness and simplicity. Learn to live by faith, walk in love and become a doer of the living Word of God!
Reaching Oakland Be released in the spirit of God - live messages from Tree of Life Open Bible Church in Pittsburgh (Oakland).
JCSM JCSM broadcasts a weekly devotional message each week. We have hundreds in our archives. These devotions are topical and encouraging. They come from the scriptures and include insight, application, and a prayer. There is also a text version online.
St Andrew Sermons on MP3, preached at St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, Australia, mostly by Dean Phillip Jensen. We are evangelical Christians, seeking to know God through His Word, the Bible. Phillip's talks are usually between 30 and 40 minutes in length.
Daily Devotions by Delivered Monday through Friday, our devotions are the perfect companion to your time in the Word. Biblical, consistent, and with over three years of back content, is a great resource for everyone. Check us out on the web at
FreshStreams Daily Prayer Live podcast of daily prayer, recording and broadcast by an Anglican priest in Derbyshire, England
Faith To Believe Podcast Phillip Williams has a mandate to teach the uncompromising Word of Faith with simplicity and understanding. Listen to the Word of God and learn to live by faith, walk in love and become a do-er of the Word. One Word from God will change your life...forever!
Father Presence Driven Church for Todays Christian... exclusive content from the some of the most profound authors, speakers, and thinkers in the church. we bring you coffeehouse conversations with the best and the brightest. visit us at for access to over 20 'casts a week for just pennies a day. tune in. turn on. get wired.
A Ware Bible Baptist Church Podcast Old Time Religion preaching and teaching from God's Word. Provided by a Bible Believing, Soul Winning, Repentance Preaching, Old Fashioned Baptist Church.
Covenant People Covenant People's Ministry is led by Pastor Jeromy John Visser and is the web presence of Covenant People's Church. Our site features audio sermons, topical studies, forums, Biblical discussion and numerous Christian links.
Covenant People Covenant People''s Ministry is led by Pastor Jeromy John Visser and is the web presence of Covenant People''s Church. Our site features audio sermons, topical studies, forums, Biblical discussion and numerous Christian links.
Father Pastor Greg and Michelle Stephens invite you to experience Father''s House Church, a Presence Driven church for Today''s Christian... 8691 Echo Dr., San Diego, CA, 91941 (619) 741-0630
Mustard Seed Podcast Short, daily devotional read by author
Committed to Freedom Learn practical and effective spiritual tools to move beyond abuse. Learn what commonality with God can mean to your personal journey towards spiritual health.
Tsiyon Heights Messianic Radio Enjoy Messianic Radio from Tsiyon (Zion) Heights hosted by Eliyahu ben David. Known for its unique Hebraic / Hebrew Roots, and more specifically, Davidic perspective, this program is heard by satellite in Israel, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Now available to you as a podcast! p/pThe weekly programs each stand alone, but are best enjoyed as a series that will lead you step by step in the Way of Yeshua the Nazarean. Get to know Him as He really is with fresh and insightful information of a depth that will inform and challenge the most spiritually experienced listener. All are welcome, but this program is especially for those talmidim/disciples who aspire to ascend to the heights of Tsiyon with their King!
The Bible Says Each week The Bible Says podcast seeks to answer a Bible Question submitted by our Podcast Audience.
Love Jesus, Hate Church A podcast for those who have taken an honest look at the church, scratched their head, and said, "You know, this ain't the way church is suppose to be. Something must be wrong. Bad wrong."
AltarCast AltarCast provides you with different biblical teachings from different speakers and churches every episode. Listen to a wide variety of speakers and messages and when you find one you like, you can subscribe to their podcast directly. For an ENHANCED version of this podcast with slides and hyperlinks, search for AltarCast Enhanced on iTunes.
The Soul Seeker We reach teach and preach to your Soul
The Soul Seeker We reach teach and preach to souls We care for your soul and want to share the Bible truth.We teach what most are afraid to teach.
Living Word The Living Word podcast features sermons by Joe Comer, pastor of Calvary Temple Assembly of God in Birmingham AL.
St Margaret Sermons from the Reverend Neal Brown at St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Woodbridge, VA
bible dumpers the bible has a lot of crazy crap in it, so i decided to point some of it out.
ALM CyberChurch Services Services from the virtual world. Cutting edge worship experience with singing and Biblical preaching.
The Bible Says Have your Bible questions answered.
Sermons From Wilmington Selected sermons preached from the Pulpit of the Wilmington Church of Christ. Watch for our Gospel Meeting Sermons.
Allan Rich - Sharing Center It is a bimonthly show hosted by Allan Rich where christians from all over the world share their testimonies. (15-25 min). Also in French
Allan Rich - Centre Partage Show bimensuel presente par Allan Rich ou des chretiens du monde entier partagent leurs temoignages. (15-25 min) Aussi en Anglais
TruthMill Podcasts TruthMill is the teaching and preaching ministry of C.S. Countryman. Although a software developer and all around geek by trade, he was called by the Lord in May of 2005 to proclaim the clear and concise message of the Bible to a generation awash in relativism and confusion. Sometimes sappy, sometimes funny, and even sometimes geeky, this is a Christian podcast like no other. As we like to say, what we lack in slick and polish, we make up with honest. No additions or redactions from scripture, just the main and plain message of God's Word to anyone who will hear. Listen and be changed. Listen and gain life.
Teens in Christ Welcome to Teens in Christ. This site is dedicated to the development of Podcasts for Christian Teens. Each Podcast will be a weekly program that will cover the many challenges that face the modern Christian Teen. The Podcast will cover a variety of topics and concerns to help ground the Christian Teen in their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.
Hope Baptist Church Audio Podcast The weekly audio podcasts of Hope Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV. Solid Biblical teaching of the truth that transforms lives.
1-2-3 Jewish Kids and Me A daughter and her dad talk about everything Jewish: Holidays, Shabbat, Stories, Songs, Jokes and much more.
Hope Baptist Church of Las Vegas Video Podcast In response to the greatness of God, Hope Baptist Church unites together to change lives by leading people into an authentic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, impacting Las Vegas, the West and the World in the power of the Holy Spirit.
theology, philosophy, Christian, truthTheology Rocks - truths to stand on Simple, clear talk about theological truths for Christians. A conversation between two Christian brothers about all kinds of theological issues, daily issues with theological implications, and how Christianity should permeate every aspect of the Christian's life.
Prophecies with a Divine Answer!!! Homey 3 and other prominent people such as Victor Baines and Jill Dahne appear on various internet radio shows discussing many prophecies what we can do to help our future in bringing peace to all and hopefully bring a better understanding of what our future might be. Also discuss visitations of spirits/ghosts and what we should do when confronted by such actions. The book Homey 3 has authored/channeled: Prophecies with a Divine Answer!!! Covers many prophetic writings from the Bible Code to Nostradamus and gives some very important vaildation points of life on prophecies. The podcasts that Homey 3 has done also gives items of validation to confirm what the book explains and claims, for those of religious and governemnt leaders would require and also those in the New Age movement and the many that believe and not believe in God. For those that would like a free eBook version (1st release) can acquire it from following the quidelines on the book website. The audio book version of the first release will be available to all podcast networks very soon. When I say first release, the book is under revision and being updated with new information and more vaildation items.
Theology Rocks - truths to stand on Simple, clear talk about theological truths for Christians. A conversation between two Christian brothers about all kinds of theological issues, daily issues with theological implications, and how Christianity should permeate every aspect of the Christian's life.
PodBible: whole Bible in a year Hear the whole Bible in a year. Audio Bible read by ordinary people (hundreds of volunteers). The version used is Bible Society's Contemporary English Version straightforward contemporary English written to be read aloud.
Daily Readings Podcast Start your day with the Gospel. Get the readings from the daily mass, every day on your iPod. The audio files of today's readings are from the Lectionary approved for use in Australia. The recordings complement the audio of our Daily Gospel Reflection. - for all you daily Catholic News needs
Spirit of Hosea Audio Archive Sermons and Radio Broadcasts from A Christian Website concerning marriage, divorce and remarriage. We believe that God hates divorce; that marriage is an unbreakable covenant, bonding a husband and wife as one flesh as long as they both live. We encourage the restoration of Biblical marriages through unconditional forgiveness.
Dr Biblical Insights. Short Sermons from the Word Of God. Dear Visitor,Hear or Download my messages, submit your comments, join my mailing list and keep visiting frequently. I will, God willing,be adding short audio messages every day. May my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless you abundantly
Missionary Talks Interviews with missionaries from around the world. If you are interested in missionaries or missionary work, this show will give you some personal time with them.
Preaching the Word Messages delivered at Grace Free Lutheran Church in DeKalb, Illinois and at Redeemer Free Lutheran Church in Ashton, Illinois
The dreams that I dream Welcome to my website. Nice of you to drop by. Here is a collection of the dreams that I have seen. All of them have been interpreted and each has a small Christian message. Hope you visit often for updates. God bless you.
Secrets of the Christmas Star What was the Christmas Star? Was it a planetary conjunction, a supernova outburst, a comet, or a hallucination of mythical proportions? In this short and fascinating audio series, Astronomer Bill will take you on a scientific adventure of Biblical Proportions.
In His Presence In His Presence is an inspirational, scriptural based weekly devotional program from None Like Him Anywhere
CatholicBoard CatholicBoard is a non-profit 501(c)(3) apostolate with the aim to provide multimedia Catholic education for adults - young and old alike - over the medium of the Internet. It is also a resource for those parish staff and volunteers who wish to implement adult faith formation on the parish level.
Preacher in Blue Jeans Catholic lay preacher Bo Sanchez's Audio version of his Daily Reality TV Show on the Internet (Flash Version) Podcasting from the Philippines and elsewhere.
The Productive Christian - Christian Time Management How can we get the most from ourselves and from life? How can we become all that God intends for us to become? How does God want us to use our gifts, talents, skills, abilities, finances and experiences to serve others.
The Chaotic Christians Podcast The Chaotic Christians Podcast exists to bring the christian life to the web in a way that is fun, informative, and relevant. And did we say fun?
The Bible Study Podcast A podcast that studies what bible says and how to understand it. No politics. A Christian podcast.
Redlands Christian Reformed Church Sermons Listen to some audio sermons from the Redlands Christian Reformed Church - a Church that meets in Brisbane, Australia.
Authorized KJV The official weekly KJV BIBLE-BELIEVING blog of whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of a good report.
The Truth in Love The Truth in Love features weekly sermons from Northside Baptist Church and Senior Pastor Bruce Aubrey. Also featured periodically are associate pastors and guest speakers.
Sandgate Baptist Church Podcasting The weekly web cast of the Sandgate Baptist Church including the full text of all sermons. The sandgate Baptist Church is an evangelical renewal christain church.
Handle The Truth A different viewpoint of life and eternity.
Dr. Todd Linn The preaching ministry of Dr. Todd Linn, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Henderson, KY PhD (2002), MDiv (1999), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Faithful Word Baptist Church Are you tired of boring, liberal preaching? Faithful Word Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, soul-winning, King James Bible-only Baptist church in Phoenix, Arizona.
Let Are you where you want to be in your career, finances, relationships, health, education, relationship with God? If not, you're not alone. But, the good news is that God wants you to be more productive this year than you were last year. Our mission here at TPC Ministries is the encourage and equip you to discover and do more of what God is calling you to do this year. These series of podcasts are designed to help you establish a balanced, clear, relevant christian foundation for making this year your best year yet.
Life Clear, Practical, Relevant and Biblically-based for Day-to-day Living. Life is a journey full of wonderful surprises and great disappointments. No matter what we do, those two statements will always be true. But there are ways we can maximize or get the most from all of our experiences. . .and that is to get in step with God. Walking with God in life's journey makes a tremendous difference in how we experience and come out of life's dissappointments and wonderful surprises. This series will help you understand more clearly how to accomplish this.
The Numbers in the Bible in the Bible. The numbers help us gain more insight into the Bible. Through the numbers, a Divine pattern emerges and allows us to connect the information found in the Old Testament and the New Testaments.
Search The Scriptures Daily Radio A four-part hourly excursion with Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon, Search the Scriptures Daily Radio will inform, challenge, and encourage. The Cover Article, Religion in the News, Contending for the Faith, and Understanding the Scriptures are often controversial, always thoughtful, and indispensable for serious students of God’s Word.
Agility sermons and bible studies and topics of interest to me. Some of the content comes from the blog on the Agility site. Some of it comes from conversations I have with various folks I meet along the path.
Will Somebody Listen? Podcast The Will Somebody Listen? Podcast Explores the views of the everyday person. We talk about the News, Politics, Religion and anything else thats on your mind.
Bible Truth Podcasts We discuss many issues that relate to the Christian faith! These podcasts are meant to serve as a learning aid to those who profess Jesus as the Creator...the first manifestation of God who is everything...
Christian Bible podcast Get the Christian bible as a podcast and listen to the word of God from - sign up for free daily bible verse emails and texts
For God Sermons from Pastor Dale Meador of Bear Creek Church and Coram Deo Church in Southern Oregon.
Curbside Catastrophe What does it mean to be a Christian? Join me as we discuss some of the basics of modern Christian thought and become better equipped to carry out his will.
McLane Church-Erie County PA Weekly Sermon Podcast This is the weekly sermon of McLane Church, a non-denominational multi-site Christian church located in Erie County Pennsylvania, and a member of the Willow Creek Association. Our three locations include Edinboro, Erie, and Union City, PA. Our congregation of 1300 invite you to join us as we hear God's Word in a relevant, life-changing way.
Insights from God Contemporary Insights into God's Word from Phil Stevens pastor of West Meade Fellowship in Nashville, TN.
Catholic Classes Liturgy of the Hours “ From ancient times the Church has had the custom of celebrating each day the liturgy of the hours. In this way the Church fulfills the Lord’s precept to pray without ceasing, at once offering praise to God the Father and interceding for the salvation of the world. For this expressed purpose, the recordings of the Hours presented here are intended to expand awareness of this Liturgy, introduce and practice the structure of this prayer, and to assist in the recitation of the Liturgy in small groups, domestic prayer and where common celebration is not possible.
Catholic Classes PACE This podcast is an accessible dialogue of sound Catholic theologyfor adult Catholics who seek a vigorous faith life. Here, on-going conversion is nourished, challenged and matures. This podcast, and it’s series of podcasts, link to a virtual on-line parish program which parishioners register for and receive print materials focused on each module. Other listeners, may contact us and order the materials as well. The dialogue here intends to stimulate real world behavior towards the peace of the Lord (in Italian, the word is pace)–the peace of God’s will done on earth as it is in heaven. Please, won’t you join us in listening responsively to this good news of peace?!
Mormon Miscellaneous Worldwide Talk Show This is the longest running Mormon Talk Show (26 years). LDS host discusses Mormon history, doctrine, scripture and controversy with guests and participants by phone and email. All points of view are welcome.
Living God Living God has amazing English and Korean sermons from the bible in MP3 format. The sermons are very deep. From a church in Seoul.
The BFC Podcast This podcast is a weekly show containing upcoming music, information about Boarders For Christ related events and interviews with pro riders and industry buffs, topped off with a bible study to feed your soul.