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The Zurich Physics Colloquium The Zurich Physics Colloquium is jointly organized by the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich. Its mission is to bring both students and faculty with diverse interests (astrophysics, condensed matter physics, high energy physics, quantum electronics/optics) into contact with newest scientific developments in natural sciences, predominantly physics but also biology, chemistry, and topics from environmental sciences. Leading experts explain the basic questions in their field of research and communicate the fascination for their work.
You Weekly radio show (Wednesday 7-8 AM ET) on 91.3 WVKR FM Poughkeepsie, NY that goes over the latest Astronomy news, views, and discoveries, interviews professional astronomers, and present a calendar of Astronomy events in the NYC area. Listener feedback is encouraged.
LoudMouse Radio LoudMouse Radio is often funny, sometimes deep, and usually just the right amount of vulgar. Their hosts include a Military Veteran and Mixed Martial Artist, with a background in stand up comedy and psychology and a Muay Thai Kickboxer and Las Vegas Bartender/Self-Improvement junkie.