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The Specialist and AKG Show Exploring the worlds of Red Sox baseball, poker, movies, music, tv, and workplace bowel movements, all while examining the finer points of ass-wiping techniques and the subtle nuances of stool consistency.
BastardCast Random nonsense and intense drinking for your listening pleasure!!!
I Love Ben Harris (Video + Audio Podcast) Ben Harris destroys all media formats in this fucked up video and audio podcast. Bi-Weekly audio programs and random video content throughout the week. It's stupid and hilarious, enjoy!
Ben Harris Has Done Everything Ben Harris answers viewer questions about his celebrity friends, exotic places he's been, and amazing things he's done in this video podcast. Email your questions to [email protected] now!
Fishlip Entertainment This podcast involves two crew members from Fishlip Entertainment.
Everything Actioncast Join the writers of Everything Action as they recap the week in action movie news and releases.
Dr. Rock Show Putting the FUN back into dysfunction with Kick Ass Therapy, Dr. Rock and his crew answer listener questions and prove that laughter truly is the best medicine.
The Risk Radio Show ~ Indie Rock Discovery The Risk Radio Show Airs weekly on 90.7 WVUA-FM Tuscaloosa, AL. We find the best indie rock bands that fit our format and share them with the world.
Brick City House *No bullsh*t. No commercials. No drunk people bumping into the decks. Just some damn good music comin' atcha' - weekly - from a Brick City House. * If you're a lover of house music, then this is the show that'll get you movin'. I'll be diggin' in the crates for the classics, all while showing you what and who's new on the dance music scene. With 15 yrs experience as a DJ and producer, over 6 cities of influence (Chicago and Houston to name a few), and enough arsenal in my own collection to easily play a 4-day weekend, I truly feel that you'll get an urge on this Hump Day to get down and get your weekend started! And it doesn't end there ... from time to time I'll be steppin' aside to give other's their time to shine. On BCH you'll be able to catch special guests DJ's that have been staples of the dance scene, AND also the up n' coming New Jacks. Brick City House is all about the funk, the sweat, the tracks that make you put your fist in the air and jump up and down, the love of music - new and old - the bounce in your step, and the smile on your face as you take it all in. Thank you for supporting my effort. Freak Freely, Sista Stroke
Music To Swear By Tony invites people from his neighborhood to come over & listen to music containing profanity. They do, and it kicks ass.
SFH Live Andy, Steven, & Roman talk about anything and everything. Play good music, funny prank calls, and try to bust each-others balls. WARNING: This podcast contains strong language, adult situations, and immature tom-foolery. Not sui for anyone under the age of 18.
The chico & pimphand Show Andy & Steven, better known as chico & pimphand, talk about all things, bash everything, and have a laugh doing it. You never know what you may here, and can almost always promise you may kinda laugh! No filter, and uncensored! WARNING: This podcast contains strong language, adult situations, and immature tom-foolery. Not sui for anyone under the age of 18
Michael Jordan A weekly discussion between two friends, of spiritual beliefs, independant video games, recent events and people. DISCLAIMER: Not affiliated with Michael Jordan.
American Fatass Podcast American Fatass Podcast talks news, sports, and personal lives through the eyes of 2 fat guys. American Fatass, a podcast ning in 2014, is hosted by Nick McKelvey and Jim Bennett from Boca Raton, Florida and Raleigh, North Carolina. On the show, Nick and Jim talk about various topics, from news to sports, to their personal lives, all with a humorous slant in an unapologetic fashion.
Broken Filter Live Hilarious view into the twisted minds of Joe rockstar and jonesy. The BFL team discusses news, current events, and has scripted comedy segments for your listening pleasure. Sometimes inappropriate, sometimes unfiltered, and ALWAYS funny.