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RanDumb Rambling with Mike 30 minutes of WTF, in a good way! Join Mike and his blunt observations, mixed with awkward comedy, and a dash of common sense... from an upside down perspective. Example of the oddity: What you just read... (:Pease excuse the low sound quality of the first few episodes, I'm working on it:)
Moshpod The three of us are long-time friends; we have an eclectic range of interests, anything meaty or controversial, anything that gives new insight into people and what makes us tick, or the world around us and how we relate to it. We completely dig podcasts. New web media can find an audience anywhere so it doesn’t need to stick to the lowest common denominator formula that traditional media... see website for full info
Unreliable Sauce Podcast Unreliable Sauce is your source for popular culture, brutally honest reviews & bizarre news findings from around the globe. Each week your lovable hosts delve into Geek culture, dissecting all the latest Comic book, movie, wrestling and video game news. Delivered with a twist of nostalgic longing and intoxication, expect swear filled rants and heated discussion on the matters that really matter. This is the greatest podcast disaster of the century!