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Mami Recipes from my kitchen to yours vanakkam Welcome to my kitchen. In this podcast, I will be presenting Indian recipes that have been passed down by word-of-mouth for generations, and adapted to the conveniences and constraints of the modern kitchen.
Michael Madana Common Rajan A Tamil talk show about everything: How often have you heard "naalu peru enna solvaanga" ? and wondered why ! We dont ! .. yenna naanga thaan ANDHA naalu peru. We have three valuable assets which we would like to offer: OPINIONS .. OPINIONS .. AND OPINIONS !! Do you like stories about everything under the sun, above and beyond ...... then, come and "kadha kelu with michael madan common & rajan "
Radio NRI Indian Music Update Beyond Bollywood - We broadcast direct from India to give you the latest music, news, and gossip from across the entire desi music scene. Indian music goes way beyond Bollywood and we will take you there.
Tamil Podcast - Vaaram Oru Alayam This tamil podcast will have a comprehensive brief about a temple,it's architecture,festivities etc.Ancient scholars have made outstanding contributions to the growth of these monuments of great artistic value . To make the podcast little bit more interesting I'll try to narrate the stories related to the place ,temple itself ,the beliefs and rituals being practised in there.This will be narrated in easy tamil.
Nyani - Philosophical Stories in Tamil Interesting conversation between a common man and a Nyani (Learned Man). மனிதனுக்கும் ஞானிக்கும் இடையில் நடக்கும் சுவராஸ்யமான உரையாடல்கள்
Brother Sue Bothers You GO ON! ASK THEM ANY QUESTION/PROBLEM AND THEY GIVE THE WORLD'S BEST ANSWER/SOLUTION! Two enlightened indian souls who will answer any questions you might have. Their previous credits include time travel, levitation, out-of-body experiences, alien intelligence contact (they even abducted aliens for their experiments), telepathy, kaleidoscopy, mind-reading, mysteries solving and lazing about in the indian paddy fields! Grass never grows beneath their feet! And yet they gather no moss!
Vijay Set of tamil podcast talking about the basic things which we have forgotten in our modern and busy life...
Tamil Podcast Children Stories Children Stories collections from Aesop in Tamil I would like to thank the learning Goddess Saraswathi, My Mother, Wife Padhu, Children, Vishvashri, Rakshan, Harshini who follow me to listen to stories, , Mentor by heart Solvendar Suki Sivam, Dr.Eric Miller, Founder World Story Telling Institute Chennai, Friends who have encouraged me on my ventures, Herr Seralathan, Goethe Institute Chennai, Project Gutenberg Team members, Illustrator Mr. Milo Winter for priceless contribution to the world of culture and education. I wish this journey ends up reaching to the kids and do the stories touch them by heart. Devaski Uncle!