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Shelley the Republican Shelley the Republican is one of a kind. She's a conservative in Texas with a lot on her mind regarding the national political scene. Professionally produced by Pod Shack. Sit back and enjoy the highlight of your day.
The Neil Whiteside Show Described as Rush Limbaugh with hi-lites Neil Whiteside discusses politics, conservatism, cigars and current events with candor and humor. Be you socialist, liberal or conservative this is the place to be for no-holds-barred discussion based on logic and reason. Fans of Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly will love him while fans of Obama and the left will at least be entertained and invited to think for themselves.
The DeepScope Show - Unfiltered News Unfiltered Truth Warning: The DeepScope Show is not bipartisan. It is not moderate. The DeepScope Show is all out biased to what is right in America. Joey Ricciardo is a full blown, all out capitalist and knows he has nothing to hide. Catch the very latest, most current episodes of The DeepScope Show. Visit
Your Boy This is the radio show to end all radio shows. Start with a hint of comedy, sprinkle in a touch of drama, add a dash of superstar guests, dump in a heaping helping of insanity...mix thoroughly...bury it waaaaay underground for a week or two, and... PRESTO! You get Your Boy's Boys. Tune in every week for a new episode. This is THE best comedy podcast in the WORLD that no one listens to Guaranteed, or your money back!!! Email: [email protected] Phone: 707 Your Boy