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Post Modern Rock Show - KPSU, Portland The best new indie along with classic alternative. Occasional interviews. Recorded in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Airs in Portland, Oregon on KPSU, 1450 AM, and worldwide at kpsu.org, podcast available at postmodernrock.com
The Timely Beaver Rock out to the independent musicians (podsafe) and roll on the ground laughing to all the improv skits. Recorded, rolled and smoked in Portland, Oregon. Now go recycle.
PDXBands.com What Portland Sounds Like. Music from Portland, Oregon and beyond.
Tables Turned Tables Turned is a music activism group dedicated to helping the independent record industry legally clear their music for use on college radio podcasts, as well as any other non-commercial podcast. If you'd like help asking an artist or label's permission to play their music, we can help. (And oh yeah, we have a podcast too;)
Ridertech.com Skiing and snowboarding video blog (vlog) from the Pacific Northwest.
PDXBluescast PDXBluescast is a weekly music podcast showcasing great blues music originating from Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas. Portland boasts a vibrant blues scene - check it out here! Licensed with ASCAP and BMI; most music used with specific permission.
Northwest Noise An Excellent Independent Music Podcast Featuring Northwest Bands and Musicians! (Portland, Oregon)
It In Marta's world, it's all about her. Fortunately for the rest of us, that place is tucked away safely inside her own mind. We take a look at Marta and her sidekick/producer Ken (the 'and me' part of the show) as she explores Portland, Oregon.
Miz Kitty A showcase for vaudeville-style entertainment and live music in the spirit of true Americana. Audio and video.
SnB Show Singles Showcasing Seattle and Pacific Northwest bands and artists of almost all genre's. Featuring the absolute best unsigned and under the radar bands from the Pacific Northwest in Single Song Format.
Social Grounds Seeing people and talking to people. Those are 2 different things. Meeting someone new and deciding you like them. Meeting someone you haven’t seen in a long time and realizing how sucky they are and possibly have been all this time. Realizing how amazing your life is, over and over again. Being positive when EVERYONE seems to be negative. Ducking for cover. Rolling with the punches. Making mistakes. Saying the most appropriate things at inopportune times, right now. Being taken advantage of and knowing. Being social. Going places you’d never think you’d go with your parents, your girlfriend and a bunch of insane musicians.
The MastanMusic Hour MastanMusic is the audio/video production studio of singer-songwriter and artist Jeremy Wilson (Dharma Bums/Pilot). Online it is a Blog and Webcasting Portal. The MastanMusic Hour is Jeremy's Podcast that he produces with Musician/Engineer Sam Densmore (Silverhawk/Frequency db/Slow Children). The show is put out every other Monday and each episode is delivered in two Parts. Part One is dedicated to spinning cool tunes of bands from all over and giving contact and bio info about them. Part Two is the Live segment where artists and bands play live from MastanMusic Studio. IT'S GREAT! The RSS feed is: http://www.mastanmusic.com/podcast/rss/
Pampelmoose PDX Ripped Dave Allen, bass player for Gang of Four and Portland resident, interviews artists, posts podcasts of his DJ sets and generally covers the arts and culture scene in PDX.
Banana Stand Music Music recorded in front of a live audience at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. Banana Stand Media holds intimate live shows and records them, posting the results to this netcast feed. Read more at bananastandmedia.com.
Concert Co-Op, Portland Oregon | Weekly Weekly podcast featuring music from bands with upcoming shows in Portland, Oregon.
Scott & Randy - the podcast Every other week, new interviews and in-studio exclusive performances by Portland Oregon's hottest musicians
This Week in PPS This Week in PPS is a weekly podcast featuring news, events and interviews of interest to the greater Portland Public Schools community.
Northwest Convergence Zone We’re bringing you our take on the news, sports, music and anything else we find interesting. All brought to you with our unique Northwest take on things. Take a listen and join us for our weekly trip into this wacky world in which we live.
Funemployment Radio These times are tough and strange, and we’ve learned that even the most exceptional and talented among us can get the boot at any time, in any industry. Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan have embraced their recent unemployment (they were both formerly of the Rick Emerson Show on KUFO) and turned themselves into the spokespeople of a new era of podcasting and “funemployment”. Funemployment Radio is a daily podcast/online radio show, based out of Portland, Oregon.
Off The Air Live Off The Air Live is a comedy talk radio show/podcast where host Cody O'Connor takes explicit to a new level. This is radio the way it's supposed to be: crazy, uncensored and completely offensive. Sit back as we tear apart your favorite pop icons and tackle every topic under the sun with a jaded yet biting edge every Thursday night from 6-8 PM ET
The Sprocket Podcast Brock Dittus & Brandon Rhodes host a conversational show about bicycles and simple living, featuring unique guests and entertaining, engaging stories.
Neither Here Nor There Podcast We are a group of friends who get together and talk about whatever crosses our minds which ranges everywhere from the oldest to the newest Comics, Super Heroes, to Sex and sexuality, Parenting and much more. We are an eclectic group of people with and equally unusual taste in conversation. We tell stories from our lives, ask “what the fuck is up with that?” and generally trudge, tromp and sometimes even skip gaily through the murky waters of conversation.
The Sarcast The only show hosted by a 24 year old virgin and a real-life hermit. The hosts focus on two discussion topics per episode and try their best to not take them seriously.
The Dennis Williams Show with co-host Cody McCullar Portland comedians Dennis Williams and Cody McCullar waste an hour of your time their bullshit uneducated opinions and fart noises.
ToadCast ToadCast is a weekly podcast about web development, programming, and technology culture sponsored by Metal Toad Media.
Cosmophilia Cosmophilia explores both spirituality themed topics with a strong connection to the Pacific Northwest, used as the back. Shows are typically named for the Main Topic, which topics range from evolved journal entries of personal spiritual development, to ecology issues, social issues, spiritual or philosophical discussions, astrology, seasonal holidays and observations, western herbalism or other informational topics.
milktone A platform for local artists to contribute pieces of music that correlate with our monthly theme. The artists are then given a few minutes to talk about their tracks and give us a little more insight into their approach and process.
Huge Quickly Podcast Come hang out with Danny and Anna as we discuss the topics of the day and the news here in Portland, OR. We''ll be joined by local comedians and some of our good friends. Huge. Quickly.
86 The Chicken A Portland, Oregon based podcast profiling restaurants and the people that make them go Mmmm.
toiletresin.tv My name is Ruji C. I make silly, experimental videos. A few of the running themes are: glitches - uncomfortable silences - embarrassingly desperate expressions of unrequited love - mixed/morphed/mutilated pop songs - the Linux command line - fungus Related links: http://rujic.net http://podcast.rujic.net http://dondepresso.rujic.net http://toiletresin.blip.tv http://youtube.com/toiletresin
Right at the Fork Think Portland, OR is all VooDoo Doughnuts and "put an egg on it?" One of Portland's most prominent "food sherpas," Chris Angelus, invites the region’s most prominent and up-and-coming tastemakers to pull up a chair and talk about the craft of food & beverage in their own words. This is “Right at the Fork.”
Fifty-four forty or fight radio! Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! is a podcast hosted by dj eldouchebagel from outside of Seattle, WA. Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio! plays garage rock, power pop, rock n' roll, surf, soul, rockabilly and trash from the NW, across the country and around the world. Submit comments, recommendations, requests, you name it!