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Tech2Day Aaron Salome has returned to host an updated version of his 2005 podcast "Technology Today". The new show, "Tech2Day", closely follows the original show's format keeping you up to date with the latest tech news from industry insiders while continuing to keep it fresh & fun. Twitter:
CrankCasting This is where crank calling meets Podcasting! Submit your crank calls to us to win Prizes! Prizes such as MP3 Players, DVD Players, TV's, Phones etc etc. Visit for more information!
Giant Squid Nick Post comments on things which come into contact with him in his daily life, or irritate him, or he heard about and are cool. He can also write about himself in third person when he has to, like now.
Phone Losers of America Radio A podcast for the computer hacker and phone phreak in all of us. Tutorials, prank phone calls and more.
David Kodeski Found recordings and films and photos collected into a museum-like archive that is more slapdash than dry and papery. Enjoy the weirdness.
Teh Today On 3G Show A UK based 3G mobile phone website bringing you all the latest news in the 3G arena
The Ringtone Podcast Welcome to The Ringtone Podcast, a new podcast specialising in the fast and free delivery of ringtones via RSS. I like 'tone's that are a bit different, ringtones that other people won't have, so expect to hear things that are hopefully unique. All ringtones will be created by myself from various sources and cut down and made nice and small so they don't take up all your phones memory. Want something cool for your phone but not wanting to pay crazy money, then simply subscribe to the feed and every few days a new ringtone/message alert will be downloaded.
BRAN - a healthy dose of tech Join Australian journalists Roulla Yiacoumi, Angus Kidman and Nathan Taylor as they chat about the big tech news of the week.
The Paintchip Philosophy Hour Featuring your phone calls, comments, confessions, and a cast of thousands. Everything you need to know to live life. Call 503-715-8770 to add your comments! Posted every Sunday evening.
Prank Crank Phony Phone Calls Prank Crank Phony Phone Calls Podcast. Hilarious new prank calls each week. All of the calls are made by one person with no voice manipulation or computer effects. All of these characters come from one mouth. I used to hate when I got junk mail but now I look froward to getting this unsolicited junk. I do not like to call too many random people and bust balls. But when I get fucking junk mail it gives me a hall pass to call the companies a harass them back.…helps you make your iPod a lot smarter. Add attractions, hotels, airports, rental car companies, airlines from any chosen location to your iPod. Its free and no subscription is required. Find it out by visiting ... and you just made your iPod a lot smarter Add attractions, sights, hotels, airports, rental car companies, airlines from any chosen location to your iPod. Its free and no subscription is required. Find it out by visiting
AppleChat AppleChat has been the premiere place to get all of your Apple news since 2003. Craig Martin and Wes Birks started AC in April 2003 with the first episode covering the recently released 3rd Gen iPod. Over the years, AC has become known as the place to get the latest Apple news, rumors, and product reviews. These days both Craig and Wes have moved on to other projects and Aaron Salome is the new host/producer. Aaron is keeping the spirit of the original show alive by bringing you the latest on everything Apple does. Aaron's got some new things in store for everyone as he does live shows, live blogging at big Apple events, and much more. So don't miss a single rumor, announcement, or Stevenote... Subscribe to the Original Source for Everything Apple: AppleChat!
What the Tech? What the Tech? is a show that offers a mixed-bag of tech topics. For the most part, one topic is discussed per episode with topics ranging from product reviews, new websites & software of interest, and even going behind the scenes and under the hood of today’s technology.
Geek Week with Yoshi and Meeks Geek Week with Yoshi and Meeks is a podcast produced by Meeks Mixed Media that covers everything geek. From comics to TV to movies to the Internet we slave to satiate your desire for geeky information.
TechBacon A highly-caffeinated discussion on the latest in technology, media, pop-culture... and random foodstuffs.
The Free For All Join Andrew Zarian,Coco Butter and Spencer Kobren for a wild Friday Night Free for All. Watch as the guys from GFQ undercover the good, the bad and the ugly of music, television and movies of today and of the past. This show is devoted to the love of entertainment as seen through the eyes of AZ, Coco & Spencer.
The Phone Show We talk about phones, take live calls, make prank calls and cause general mayhem around the U.S.