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Hometown Tales A Podcast supporting the popular underground TV show about local legends, folklore, ghost stories and more. Hear the latest strange news, tales and stories from around the world.
Strange But True Radio Strange But True Radio bringing you the latest "strange news from around the world" with a feature on subjects like UFO's Ghosts and other paranomal subjects!
Skepticality Bringing truth to podcasting, and all who choose to listen. Derek and Swoopy are your hosts, filling your pod and your brain with skeptical insight and conversation, sometimes heated, on a plethora of topics that are ripe for critical examination. We're tired of pertinent social and science news being buried by clap trap. Our podcast is here to bring you relevant, under reported current events, as well as in-depth discussions from a scientific, critical, skeptical, and humorous 0point of view. In our travels we will tackle the beasts of pseudoscience; the paranormal, supernatural, ufo / alien encounters, mis-understood history, and overwrought legends - urban or otherwise. People will believe anything. Why is that? Here at Skepticality, we're calling out the crap, debunking the bunks and taking a serious look at the plethora of flim flam that is clogging our history books and drowning the mainstream media in a tidal wave of hornswoggle. Anything but orthodox, occasionally silly but always topical, Derek Colanduno is your podcasting guide to the truth. Cohort and cohost Swoopy is the resident misanthrope, questioning Derek to the limits of his patience, and sometimes his sanity.
Paranormal Podcast Paranormal Podcast is the program where authors and experts are interviewed weekly concerning ghosts, UFOs and everything paranormal. Explore the unknown with your host Jim Harold.
NEW WORLD EXPOSURE NEW WORLD EXPOSURE: The world's changing in ways we can't quite comprehend: join me as I try to piece togather the puzzle that is reality.
Haunted New Jersey Podcast Haunted New Jersey is a group of New Jersey-based paranormal investigators specializing in Electroinc Voice Phenomena research. Together, we have personally researched or consulted on over 1400 haunting cases throughout the world. However, most of these cases are concentrated right here in New Jersey!
Out There Out There is a weekly journey into the world of the Occult, Conspiracy Theory, the Paranormal, and other bizarre undercurrents of the human psyche. Hosted by Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall from the studios of WUOG in Athens, Georgia, Out There is a weekly source of lectures, interviews and discussions of all things out there. For more information, visit or email [email protected]
The Laura Moon Show From Stanton Friedman to Marvin Meyer, these guests are very knowledgeable and superbly interesting. This show has incorporated many topics ranging from health to ancient mysteries. It has a strong following, with nearly 10,000 downloads every month.
Mysterious Universe A weekly program dedicated to bringing you the latest news from beyond the mainstream.
Ground Zero Quicktakes Ground Zero Quicktakes is a shortened themed news program hosted by the syndicated talk show host of Ground Zero Radio, Clyde Lewis, which can be heard on the Omnisound Radio One Network. Covering some of the most important issues of the times which are generally glossed-over by mainstream media, topics range from politics to the parnanormal and are presented in a media -rich, entertaining format. Ground Zero Quicktakes is News for the 21st Century.
The Deadline Meet The Deadline, podcast of the NJ Ghost Hunters Society. A Paranormal show for the ghost hunting & X-Files enthusiast.
Anything Ghost Anything Ghost is a podcast which was created to be a listener based paranormal forum. In each podcast, the host Lex will read the personal paranormal experiences (related to ghosts /EVPs /OBEs, et al) that have been emailed to [email protected] No story is too insignificant—ANYTHING "ghoes!"
Invisible Instinct Welcome to Invisible Instinct, the fist show of its kind to introduce you to your own clairvoyance, in a fun, down to earth, enlightening way. Share the empowerment every episode as Ambur Rose host guest interviews, enlightening conversation, and insightful know-how, to better hone your intuitive awareness.
The Enigmatic Welcome to The Enigmatic. A show where we cover anything, from the paranormal, to the just plain weird. We cover many different topics and learn to view things in a different perspective. This is "The Enigmatic!"
The Richard Syrett Show Friday nights, 10p-1a on AM 640 Toronto Radio, hosted by Richard Syrett. From conspiracy theories to the paranormal, Richard seeks to uncover the often-elusive truths of our world utilizing experts from around the globe.
The Book Of THoTH The Book of THoTH Podcast for news and views relating to the world of the paranormal and uncommon knowledge. UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts, ESP, Conspiracies. In addition author Philip Gardiner shares his research regarding the Holy Grail and other forbidden knowledge.
Cryptic Universe Cryptic Universe, a show where we cover anything not usually covered in the mainstream media. From the paranormal, and the unexplainable, to the just plain weird. We cover many different topics and learn to view things in a different perspective. This is Cryptic Universe!
The Paracast — The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio The Paracast, the gold standard of paranormal radio, explores UFOs, ghosts, strange creatures, conspiracies and other amazing mysteries.
The Paranormalists The Paranormalists A brand new comedy drama. Featuring a crack team of amateur paranormal investigators facing an unprecedented wave of unexplained activity in the English West Country during the early 1990's.
Paranormal Gravy We bring you the leftovers of reality
Dark Matter Dark Matter with Michael Parker is your guide to the paranormal, the metaphysical, the extraterrestrial, the conspiratorial, and sometimes the utterly absurd.
The Big Finale The show that delves into paranormal, UFOs, Bible Prophecy. Great guests, stimulating subjects- looking behind the veil!
The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society Podcast The Official Podcast from The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society
TAPS PARA-RADIO Paranormal radio show with hosts Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson from SciFi Channel's Ghost Hunters series.
Jon Rappoport - MANIFESTATION: IMAGINATION CREATES THE UNIVERSE Jon Rappoport is a widely published investigative reporter, and the author of six books, including THE SECRET BEHIND SECRET SOCIETIES. In 1982, LA Weekly placed his name in nomination for a Pulitzer Prize, for his interview with the president of El Salvador University, where the military had staged a takeover of the campus. Jon is a regular contributor to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, the largest late-night radio program in the world. Jon’s website is For the last 45 years, Jon has also worked as a painter, and has researched the radical power and scope of the imagination. For the past two years, he has been conducting seminars in the paranormal use of imagination to create personal futures---futures that jump beyond the limiting corridors of conventional cause-and-effect outcomes. Listen to these excerpts from Jon’s audio seminars and programs, and visit his
Ghostly Talk Ghostly Talk is the world’s premier weekly independent talk show about the paranormal. The focus is the scientific and logical study of paranormal activities. Ghostly Talk tries to use common sense with uncommon topics. Ghostly Talk is currently broadcast live on Sunday nights from 6:00pm to 9:00pm EST. A large number of affiliates support the show through live broadcasting and re-broadcasting throughout the week over the Internet, and AM and FM broadcasts. Archives of all past shows are available at the Ghostly Talk web site at and also in podcast format at
Audio Assault Podcast “Hey, uh… this is like, my podcast… its uh, july the 27th…... 11:26pm… so uh… thanks for listening…” - Want your podcasts to have a little content? Myself and whoever i happen to have with me when i shove my dictaphone in their face over the coming months will be travelling to new and exciting places and doing new and exciting things and documenting the whole thing along the way. There’ll also be a healthy mix of presenting thrown in to hold it all together, and general talking bollocks.
Darker Side of the Moon Now Full Moon Radio, along with Cinema Nocturna, introduces “The Darker Side of the Moon”, a listener’s guide to the creepy, the spooky and the unexplained. Launched on August 17th, 2006, Full Moon listeners now have the opportunity to delve deep into the shadowy secrets of the occult, science fiction, and dark comedy. From ghosts to horror films, this show proves to be a hit with fans of the paranormal.
The Book of THoTH Podcast The Book of THoTH podcast features the paranormal, but touches on just about everything. Check in regularly for interviews with authors such as Philip Gardiner.
Al Filo de la Realidad Podcast de la Revista AFR (gratuita por email) sobre Ovnis, Parapsicología y Ciencias Ocultas. Micros, entrevistas y programas de frecuencia semanal. En detalle: Revista y Podcast íntegramente dedicados a la difusión e investigación del Fenómeno Ovni, la Parapsicología y el Ocultismo. Ofrecemos no solamente casuística e investigaciones originales (muchas veces inéditas) sino también –y fundamentalmente– reflexiones epistemológicas y, si se quiere, filosóficas, destinadas a fortalecer nuestra convicción de que, más allá de improvisados y vendedores de ilusiones que pululen por ahí, estos temas conforman un ámbito del conocimiento humano donde es lícito pensar en serio.
Borderlands Supernatural news and reports of UFOs, hauntings, and psychic phemonena.
NurseHealer Podcast for Healing, Spirituality, Preparedness NurseHealer Podcast is a monthly program dedicated to healing of body, mind, and spirit with emphasis on holistic healing, spirituality, and preparedness. NurseHealer Podcast touches on topics including spiritual guidance, natural healing, emergency preparedness, and the paranormal.
Spooky Southcoast Two hours of paranormal talk radio eminating from the SouthCoast of Massachusetts
Clyde Paranormal talk radio, pop culture, nostalgia, music, adult humor, old time radio. Anything that Clyde finds weird. Well maybe not so weird, give it a listen and you decide!
21st Century Radio with Dr. Bob Hieronimus Planting the seeds for the transformational age since 1966. 21st Century Radio with Dr. Bob Hieronimus is a radio program focused on Consciousness, Paranormal, UFO's, Conspiracies, Cryptozoology, Energy News, Magic, Environment, Food Safety, Health, History Rewritten, Mystic and Occult, Planetary Research, Religious Studies, Science News, and so much more!
Caryn Caryn's hard work and talent had paid off until 2012 when a horrendous event destroyed everything except her will to survive. War, with man's most powerful weapons, incinerated their city and society itself. She and her two young daughters hid, scavanged, snuck away from the debris and traveled through the burnt barren wilderness hoping to find refuge in some unscathed place. Their journey takes them to "The Valley" but, it's unlike any other; surprising, etherial, mystical and magical. What kind of place is this... a paranormal reality or just a strange dream? Are they still alive or is this life after death?
_PSIence Shows how new discoveries in quantum physics and New Science may explain the existence of paranormal phenomena—UFOs, ghosts, poltergeists, apparitions, time anomalies, the Bermuda Triangle, energy vortices—and psychic abilities such as ESP, telekinesis, remote viewing, and recalling past lives.
The Skeptics The Skeptics Guide to the Universe is a weekly Podcast talkshow produced by the New England Skeptical Society (NESS) in association with the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) : discussing the latest news and topics from the world of the paranormal, fringe science, and controversial claims from a scientific point of view.
Intriguing Realms Welcome to intriguing realms where you can go back to an age of romance and mystery with old time radio programming. Each week a different show will be featured.
Tuning in With Betsy Toronto Psychic Betsy Balega, interviews authors, Healers, discusses Power of Prayer, Angels, Healing, Supernatural, Predictions
Mystic Pathways A weekly paranormal show where the hosts talk about everything from hauntings to UFOs to anything else out of the norm.
Crossroads Paranormal Radio Crossroads Paranormal Radio airs live Sunday nights at 9:30 EST on Para-X. Join husband and wife team, Kris and Mike as they discuss anything and everything paranormal with various members of the paranormal community. Even though they have a lot in common and are both paranormal investigators, Kris believes that ghosts exist and that we have just not yet been able to provide concrete evidence and not sure if we ever will, Mike on the other hand has never had a paranormal experience and thinks that they could exist but he has never seen anything to convince him that they do. Join at to listen to the live show and to chat with other listeners. We take questions from our listeners via the chat room for our guests. Cya at the Crossroads!
Audiomartini...Curious Paranormal Radio Are there ghosts rattling around in your attic? Is Saquatch camped out in your backyard? Is there a Chuparacabra swinging from your candelabra? Let's talk it out together. Join Rick Wood for one hour of paranormal radio with a skeptical eye wide open.
The 13 Skulls.... The 13 Skulls is a journey into the world that lies just beyond our comprehension, the world of the paranormal....
Popular Crackpot Adam and Jason research the wide world of crackpots in order to bring their audience the startling truth about people who believe in the must bizarre things you could ever imagine. Tune in to hear about reptoids, aliens, paranormal conspiracies, Illuminati, ghosts, chemtrails, and so much more.
PNN - Paranormal News Network PNN - Paranormal News Network. With Host, D. Eldon Bailey. Listen and learn of the Paranormal World. Paranormal Talk Radio. Fridays @ 8:30p.m. Pacific Time. Callers Always Welcome!
Denbigh Paranormal News UFOs , Haunting , and the Weird. Interviews , field trips , live events & blogcasts. 110 percent bizarre!
Nowhere to Run with Chris White Nowhere To Run with Chris White concentrates on the theoretical aspects of the New World Orders agenda, it covers a wide range of topics such as mind control, pharmaceutical and food cartels, Govt. sponsored terror, and ancient history, but focuses mainly on debunking various types of NWO deception. Nowhere to run is not a news based show necessarily, so the archives aren't dated and can be enjoyed anytime.
Supernatural Podcast Discussion of all things related to the CW series Supernatural.
Supernatural Existence The paranormal talk show that delivers the latest news from beyond the ordinary. Beyond the familiar. We investigate science, ancient history, future technology, and the supernatural for the mysterious phenomena in the universe.
Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery Dr. Xander Crowe was once a prominent psychologist until his growing obsession with the occult led him down the darkest of paths. Now, chasing the vision of a drowned woman, Crowe finds himself in the mysterious town of Wormwood, only to discover that there is no dead woman in Wormwood...yet.
The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women Radio The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women is for Women, about Women, & supporting Women in all area's of the Para fields including investigators, authors, writers, artists, actresses, musicians etc Join us every Sunday night as we talk LIVE to Extraordinary Women in the Paranormal!
Get Resmerized Psychic Resmyrranda takes you into the paranormal world from the perspective of a resident, not a visitor.
Ghost Hunter Podcast My name is Jeff Barnes and I am a ghost hunter. Actually I am many things. I am a Master of Xiao Zhang Kung Fu, Jew Gar Tang Quan, and operate two martial arts schools( I am a husband and father (three wonderful children). I am also a software engineer. I spend my time in my passions. I am so interested in learning more about the paranormal world. I have a life long pursuit of the martial arts and to teach others. I am also dedicated to help raise my children in a loving and caring environment. I am one of the founding members of Posey County Ghost Hunters. You can learn more about my group and its members by going to There you can participate in the review of our findings and read about our current and up-coming investigations.
PodCast Predictions PodCast Predictions made use the Psychic Theories explained in this Audio Broadcast from News Articles that surface on and News, Religion (Prediction 5), Sports (Lesson 3), TV Shows (Prediction 4), Celebrities (Prediction 5), Music (Prophecy 2), and Movies (Prediction 2). This PodCast is geared toward people who think they are Psychic, about to seek counsel from a Psychic, or would like to learn more about the Psychic and Spiritual Field (Lesson 1). The content covers the Fundamentals of Psychic Theory explaining how Psychic Abilities work from a Scientific Perspective and the basics for developing one’s abilities (Episode 1.2). It explains how Psychics are able to make Predictions (Prediction 6), Prophecies (Prophecy 1), and forecasts (Episode 1.2). This PodCast shows a scientific explanation for Psychic Phenomenon that is rarely explained clearly (Episode 1.2) regarding PSYCHIC RSS FEEDS (Lesson 1). This Psychic Training is especially geared toward Computer Programmers and Left-Brained or Logical Thinking people (Episode 2). It also shows how real Cryptanalysis is done by Robert Langdon in DA VINCI CODE (Episode 2). We will also cover TV Shows like CHUCK (Prediction 2), STAR TREK (Prophecy 2), SMALLVILLE (Prediction 1), and REAPER (Prediction 5). Advanced Level Training is offered to people who want a more thorough explanation of THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne (Lesson 3). Having a basic understanding of Algebra is helpful, but not necessary.
Kentucky Area Paranormal Society Welcome to the radio show guaranteed to have you looking over your shoulder! Explore the unknown with your hosts Dave and Tom, Co-Founders of KAPS and experienced paranormal investigators. We will discuss paranormal topics and issues with personalities from the paranormal field. KAPS Paranormal Radio does a live broadcast each week with exciting guests and subjects on the Para X Radio Network. Podcasts derived from the live shows will be aired each Monday for those who missed the regular broadcast. You won't want to miss a single episode!! Listen live at and drop by our website at
The Unexplained World Hosts Edward Shanahan, a Spiritual Observer & Psychic Reader and Annette, a High Priestess and reader. A broadcast of the Supernatural to every day life discussions with the The Unexplained World co-hosts, guests and callers.
Culture of Contact The world's only serious paranormal podcast with a comedic twist hosted by an alien abductee. Show mainly focuses on all aspects of ufology.
Dark Matter with Michael Parker Dark Matter with Michael Parker is your guide to the information that can make you change the way you see and think about the world. We cover everything from the paranormal, the metaphysical, the extraterrestrial, the conspiratorial, the political and sometimes the utterly absurd. It''''s the stuff the Mainstream Media doesn''''t want you to see.
EERIE Radio EERIE Radio is a paranormal podcast that stands for 'Endeavor for Esoteric Research and Investigation into the Enigmatic'. DK & Fizz interview top researchers in the paranormal field and also get their hands dirty in the field. EERIE Radio, opening the door to the unknown.
The Forest at Night Pagan potpourri for the planetary Pagan peoples... from the Rocky Mountains to your neck of the woods. Stories, (attempts at) humor, philosophy, psychology, Dion Fortune, spiritualism, the paranormal, and the kitchen sink too.
UFO Paranormal Radio Network We broadcast a wide range of programing from news to current events to aliens and the paranormal we are truly the new learning channel
Psychic Connection Hosted by Heather Woodward - clairvoyant, psychometrist and author - The Psychic Connection is a radio show exploring such topics as psychic development, witchcraft, spirituality, and all things supernatural.
THE AARF SHOW (BIGFOOT RADIO) Become a true seeker! Join renown Bigfoot expert Robert W. Morgan every Thursday night at 10pm as we discover the mysteries of our world
The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show The Ghostman—Shaun Burris, a blue collar ghost hunter for over 10 years and Nathan Schoonover—AKA the Demon Hunter, a paranormal investigator and counselor for almost 15 years, wanted to bring you two things: the big names in the paranormal community the way they got to see them behind the scenes, and the groups and investigators out there in the paranormal trenches. Thus the Shock Jocks of the supernatural were born.
The Cosmic Pirate Podcast Show Regular hosts Drew, Roger, and Cindy drink beer, overdose on wasabi peas, and talk about weird, completely ridiculous news, share comments on current events, and in general enjoy humorous banter. Topics run the gamut and have included science, nature, weather, beer, bigfoot, birds, amazing animals, music and movies. Tune in, you never know what we'll be talking about next. Like us on Facebook and suggest topics, or share stories in our discussions section!
ShatteredPlanet Welcome to ShatteredPlanet. The show committed to disseminating information outside conventional media coverage. Topics that have been intentionally sequestered, conveniently forgotten, or dismissed as absurd will be our focus. Accompany us now on a journey of enlightenment into the vast unknown------destination ShatteredPlanet
The Paranomalists The Paranomalists are three guys from New Jersey that have a fascination with all things paranormal, including ghosts, ufos, cryptids, fringe science, anomalous events and the weird in general. We take our subject matter seriously, but there's plenty of humor and we have fun with our guests. Tune in for a show that's interesting and entertaining.
Misterios y Secretos Podcast de sobre el mundo paranormal, la ciencia, la historia, los enigmas y las sociedades secretas. Con lista de correos y actualizado a diario.
Curs-ed Net Breakthrough Radio The UFO & ALIEN ABDUCTION PHENOMENON is THE FAÇADE used by "THE BEAST" (symbolized as a poisonous scorpion,) reflected in the holy writings of both St. Jude & Enoch. The "wandering stars" ARE the Fallen Angels angling for their prey - US! Curs-ed Net Breakthrough Radio will be your source for truth within the UFO phenomenon glorifying Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God the Father.
Paranormal Divide Podcast of the hit show Paranormal Divide on the para-x radio network.
P.I.S.A. PARANORMAL RADIO The Paranormal Investigators of Southern Arizona talk about investigations and the latest in the paranormal field.
ISIS Paranormal Radio ISIS Paranormal Investigations has now established the all new ISIS Paranormal Radio Show! Dayna Winters and Patricia Gardner are now your co-hosts as we journey into the world of magick, into the realm of the unexplained, into paranormal dimensions!
Whispers Paranormal Radio Whispers Radio is a paranormal themed talk show focusing on interviewing the biggest names in the world of the paranormal and unexplained. Past guests have included Stanton Friedman, Mark Nesbitt, Frank Feschino Jr., Kathleen Marden and many others. Topics have included ghosts, ufos, cryptozoology and all things in between. The show is hosted by Nick Queen and Jordan Cline and is broadcast live in Wheeling, WV on AM 1600 WKKX before being uploaded to the world.
The Paranormal Cafe This is the ORIGINAL Paranormal Cafe, hosted by Rob Simcox. The Paranormal Cafe has been broadcasting live since September 2005. Rob founded Black Horse Paranormal Reseach in 1993 and has done numerous investigations into paranormal activity and psychic phenomenon. Rob has appeared on Television shows such as Philly After Midnight, It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle, and has been profiled in print media as well. In addition to free-wheeling forum shows, The Paranormal Cafe features guests who's studies include: Paranormal Investigations, UFO's, Cryptozoology, Reverse Speech, Dream Therapy, Ancient Manuscripts, Space Travel, Hauntings, and more. With a mixture of intellectual discourse and humorous interactions, we're sure that you'll enjoy every episode! We welcome your questions and comments. Email us at: [email protected]
Ecto Radio The only internet radio station made by ghost hunters for ghost hunters and paranormal and Horror enthusiasts. Playing only Metal, rock and paranormal oriented programs! Get your Ghost on" with Ecto Radio! The "Graveyard Shift" featuring the Hitman, Bob the Sane and Dead Bastard of the Southwest Ghost Hunter''s Association. With over 30 years of combined experience, their show has a focus on the scientific and logical study of paranormal with their warped sense of humor thrown in to produce an informative, yet entertaining program.
The Christian A Biblical Perspective on Apparitions, Haunted Dwellings, and Ghostly Activity
Sorcerers, Saints and Bewitching Christians If yo dislike Halloween because of your Christian beliefs, then you may be surprised to find a monster lurking in your pulpit or nearby pew...
El Galeón del Misterio Archivos de audio sobre misterio, historia, ciencia, ovni, paranormal, etc. Los mejores archivos de audio de la Radio y la Red al alcance de un Click Tu Podcast del Misterio
The Experience with Steve Fox The Experience is a weekly internet talk show where the paranormal, supernatural, and unexplained meet.
Para-Investigators Radio Show Podcast of the hit show Para-Investigators Radio on the Para-X radio network
Beyond The Edge Radio Weekly 2 hour Paranormal Internet Talk show hosted by Eric Altman and Sean Forker bringing you a variety of paranormal topcs and the biggesnt names in paranormal research
Skyline Podcast A podcast that presents news stories which you won't find in your local paper. Be it the paranormal, conspiracy, or the just plain weird, Skyline Podcast covers it.
Hollow Hill Podcasts Real ghost stories and tips for real ghost hunters. Join podcast host Fiona Broome, one of the Internet's most famous and respected ghost hunters, for unique insights into the paranormal world.
The Lone Conspirators This show is dedicated to the mysterious and intriguing: governmental conspiracies, the paranormal, UFOs, and anything and everything unexplainable!
Ghost Lab Join host Beth Brown and Nick, her robotic assistant, as they deliver a dose of radical thinking and explore the scientific theories related to all things supernatural. Ghost Lab will help you conduct your own experiments, build and customize equipment, and push the limits of your paranormal research every week.
The Infinite and the Beyond "The Infinite and the Beyond" is an esoteric podcast for the introspective pagan mind where we explore and discuss a variety of topics which relate to life and one''s unique spiritual journey. Show topics center around paganism, the occult, parapsychology, science, society, and culture in the 21st century.
Spirited History We aspire to bring attention to historic sites with a spirited past from around the United States. Each featured site podcast will include: · Guest interviews · The history of the featured site · Paranormal evidence · Links to the featured sites. Some podcasts will also include the following segments: · Batgirls Cave of Paranormal Delights · The Skeptics Corner · Tidbits from Lodemas Lair Please join us as we journey through Spirited History.
Spiritual Exploration I am Christine Schiavone and Welcome to “Spiritual Exploration”. I have been producing and hosting this show in the facilities of my local TV station since 1999. My purpose for producing and hosting “Spiritual Exploration” is to bring all types of spiritual topics and information to as many people as I can reach. From chakras to crystals, clairvoyance to meditation and holistic healing, etc... It is not a show about religion but spirituality, metaphysical and esoteric topics although I did some shows about unconventional religion like Paganism and Buddhism. I hope that it will quench your thirst for spiritual knowledge and will help you in your quest. Have a good trip on the journey of spiritual discovery!
Paranormal Underground Presents Explore the Unexplained with the editors of Paranormal Underground e-Magazine as they interview top paranormal researchers and para-celebrities.
Grand Dark Conspiracy Paranormal Podcast featuring the Paranormal News with Brian Parsons, Campfire Tales and interviews with paranormal experts like Loyd Auerbach, John Kachuba, Stanton Friedman and Dave Considine.
ParaChallenged Radio Join Hosts PC & Gregg for insight into all things Paranormal!!
Bad moon rising Weekly paranormal podcast with some swearing.
STRANGE FREQUENCIES RADIO Strange Frequencies Radio is an independently produced internet radio show and podcast, broadcasting live on Sunday afternoons from 3-5pm Eastern. We aim to to bring fun and facts back to the paranormal, progressive thinking to political and social issues, as well as provide an entertaining look at the world of pop culture. We walk among the weird, fascinated but skeptical.
The Shadow Hour Paranormalist, Chris Walden, takes you on journeys into the strange, the odd an the unusual in The Shadow Hour. Live broadcasts are Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM Central time with downloads of every show available. Our guests are from all walks of the weird. Every episode includes Shadow News and your phone calls. Join us.
Now and Beyond Paranormal podcast. Discussing latest current metaphysical and paranormal topics
Ghost Radio ghost, life beyond the grave, paranormal
Vertigo Radio Live expanded from just a discussion forum to also a music request show that took place on a college campus once a week in conjunction with the discussion show. Currently it is back to being purely a discussion and news show, focusing on technology, cybernetics, health and humanity, psychology, philosophy and the basic rights of individuals. The show itself is very loose but tackles some big issues. The latest show was posted on JUNE 22, 2009 and can be found here at Mevio and also at the official Vertigo Media Network website! As it stands, the shows with range from anywhere to 50-90 minutes, with a range of hosts from its past sitting alongside Devin on a bi-weekly basis to do what made the show so enjoyable in the first place: Talk about news that is not covered in the mainstream, discuss technology as it evolves around us, and discussed the things in this world that are "unknown" to so many. A strong focus on spirituality, the supernatural, and the paranormal will also be a large part of the current incarnation of Vertigo Radio
Universe of Mystery Take a journey through the realm of the supernatural & bizarre, with this audio podcast featuring stories about the alien conspiracy, lochness, Bigfoot & and all the other weird things that make up this Universe of Mystery...
Wings of Love Show Allie''s Passion has always been about helping, healing and empowering people with the tools and the knowledge they need to be successful in any area of their lives. Allie does this through her show along with her amazingly talented and gifted friends and guests. Wings of Love strives to serve you in a way that makes you feel uplifted, empowered and that you contain the power and the keys to a healthier spiritual and physical life. This show will cover topics in Spirituality, Health and Wellness, Religion, Psychics, Mediums, Reiki, Essential Oils and Healing energy, Angels, Candles, Law of attraction, Prosperity and Abundance on all levels and Manifesting just to name a few.
SEPIA RVP Radio on Para-x SEPIA RVP Radio is a show featured on Para-x Radio Network on Monday Nights from 10pm to Midnight after the Rev. Tim Shaw's Black Cat Lounge. We also have an interesting twist on the paranormal world and you'll never know what to expect so be sure to tune in when you can and if not just download one of the shows we have here for you....
Insight Paranormal Agency Insight Paranormal Agency talks about ghost and to fellow ghost hunters. we're not afraid to debate.
Ghost Chatter Radio Ghost Chatter Radio is hosted by Jimmy Morris and covers the paranormal in relations to ghosts and hauntings.
Voices in the NYGHT Paranormal Talk with the New York Ghost Hunting Team.
Strigoi Vampyre : Father Sebastiaan The Bewitching Hour airs Thursday nights LIVE on the All Souls Paranormal Radio Network. ... Dealing in mainly in Holistic Metaphysics and Subcultures, with all things paranormal thrown in time to time.
Clear Air Turbulence Clear Air Turbulence, the podcast that is seared on the reality grill, and trust me, we taste good. Our mission as always is to discuss anomalous phenomena that include the subjects of the paranormal, UFO, pseudoscience, extrasensory perception, and everything in between. We also intend to have some fun while doing it. (This show contains sarcasm, skepticism and objective reasoning. If you don't like it - don't listen to it)
The Chat People Radio Podcast - TCP Paranormal Radio The Chat People Radio is a Internet-based paranormal talk show on the Para-X Radio network. Join your host Lauire Hull weekly as she will discuss topics relating to the paranormal, Tri-County Paranormal Research team, will bring you the paranormal world in all aspects including investigations, equipment, evidence and some of the interesting people they have met along the way. Our guests will provide an interesting and real connection to the discussion topic. interview those involved with and affected by the paranormal, and much
Token Skeptic Token Skeptic - a weekly look at superstition, paranormal belief and the science behind it all.
Just Energy Radio w/ Dr. Rita Louise We have learned from Einstein's theories that matter and energy are one. Physicists believe that all tems in nature have their own particular way of vibrating. From the swing of a pendulum to the waves in the ocean to the light that brightens the sky each day, each of these oscillates at its own unique rate. The same holds true for every thought, feeling, event or word we speak - each has its own frequency or rate of vibration. What many of us don't realize is if we take everything in our universe down to its simplest form - it is all - Just Energy. Join Dr. Rita Louise on a journey through time and space where past, present and future collide. As you listen, what you believe may be called into question. Be brave and step outside the box. We are about to turn our world upside down as we venture into the unknown. We are departing our old beliefs and entering native realms. Enjoy the possibilities! Just Energy Radio airs live every Friday afternoon from 2-4pm CST.
ParaTrinity Radio ParaTrinity Radio is a paranormal talk radio show that delves into the controversial subject of religion vs the paranormal. Hosts Mike and LE hope to share some opinions and views and hear those of others experienced in the many fields of both religion and the paranormal. They will spend 90 minutes debating and discussing religion vs the paranormal on ParaTrinity Radio - where nothing is sacred!
Medium Laura Evans Teaching psychic and spiritual development, one podcast at a time.
Mysterious Realm Radio Join us as we discuss our investigations into the paranormal, supernatural, and the unexplained. Mysterious Realm Radio is an ongoing series to talk about reality, possibilities, and misconceptions in the paranormal realm. Tune in for a broad range of topics including experiences from our paranormal investigations, urban legends, and guest interviews in an effort to shed light on extraordinary phenomena.
D Your Host, Deborah Simpson, is an author and psychic adviser. Join us for untamed talk on subjects ranging from hot news topics, metaphysics, inspiration, writing and the paranormal. Co-Host, Dr. Fran Orenstein, is a respected author, poet and editor, with extensive experience in women's issues, education, counseling, and community organizing.
Psychic Paranormal A place to explore the paranormal world of psychic phenomena. Come listen and visit to get free online psychic readings and much more. Visit for complete video guides and how to articles for the developing psychic. Much luck to you and many thanks. Paranormal Podcast Di Welcome to Our objective is to provide you the listener the best paranormal talk radio on the web. We continue to search the web for the best paranormal radio content ranging from ghost hunting ,UFO’s, psychic/mediums and let’s not to forget the skeptics. We always welcome you’re your comments and remember keep it Paranormal. Paranormal Podcasts Welcome to Our objective is to provide you the listener the best paranormal talk radio on the web. We continue to search the web for the best paranormal radio content ranging from ghost hunting, UFO’s, psychic/mediums and let’s not to forget the skeptics.
Maine Ghost Hunters - Mini-Documentaries - Video Podcasts Maine Ghost Hunters' mini-documentaries are about places we've been, or local areas of interest in our home state of Maine. Many of our Maine-based mini-documentaries are designed to bring the viewer's attention to locations of local lore, legend, and intrigue. If you know of an area or location of paranormal interest you'd like to see us do a mini-documentary on, please e-mail us at [email protected]
Maine Ghost Hunters - Team Training - Video Podcasts Maine Ghost Hunters conducts training investigations with members who are new to our team and new to our investigative processes. After making their way through a non-investigative training period new members are brought into real-time investigative environments and challenged to put their newly learned ss to the test. These videos are a glimpse into some of those first-time experiences.
Maine Ghost Hunters - Travel Locations - Video Podcasts Maine Ghost Hunters conducts investigations at locations that are out of our normal range of travel. These investigations have taken place, generally speaking, at locations that require an overnight stay, or which were long term trips away from our home state of Maine.
Maine Ghost Hunters - Tutorials - Video Podcasts Maine Ghost Hunters training tutorials are helpful tips we've put into video form, with the goal of assisting people who would like to know how we go about completing certain tasks. Everyone has their way of doing things, these videos show the viewer how we go about doing what we do.
Maine Ghost Hunters - Cooperative Investigations - Video Podcasts Videos of Maine Ghost Hunters featuring investigations, team documentaries and instructional information sessions.
Maine Ghost Hunters - Henryton Sanitarium Mini-Documentary - Video Podcasts Maine Ghost Hunters investigates the Henryton Sanitarium in Marriotsville, Maryland with paranormal investigation teams from across the country in a combined effort to capture, and document, evidence of paranormal activity on the grounds.
Maine Ghost Hunters - Private and Client Investigations - Video Podcasts Videos of Maine Ghost Hunters featuring investigations, team documentaries and instructional information sessions.
Rumerz Radio Rumerz radio the best in free wrestling and paranormal podcasts , Blog of the Number 1 ranked free Professional Wrestling and paranormal Podcast- Zombies, Wrestlers, Dragonfly Drones, Jean Shepherd, Sasquatch, Mobsters, Former Pop Stars, Aliens and Giants OH MY. The POTCAST will make your mind HIGH. with a call in show format , crazy guests and holes in woods you
Florida UFO Radio Florida UFOs is a show where we bring you truth from the best guests around,not just in Florida,but the world.We fight towards our main goal of full Disclosure,and the recognition of Ufology as a true subject of study. We have been on air for a year, and have done 75 interviews. Our shows are Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 10pm EST
The Psychic View On each of our weekly two hour Internet radio shows, the hosts (Miss Peg, Maureen, Anthon and Allaure) discuss a different psycic related topic and interview a special guest relevant to the topic. During the last half hour of the show, call ins are accepted for a free psychic reading from the hosts. This is a great time for anyone interested in the realm of psychics.
The 13 Skulls The 13 Skulls is a podcast that brings to light the unheard stories and news of the paranormal that are not talked about in mainstream media....
The Gut And Bone Show This is a talk show that airs every Monday at 7 PM EST on I share with you guests and topics that are a little obscured from everyday people like me and you.
The Pacific Paranormal Podcast Pacific Pararnoaml Investigations(r) is a diverse and experienced group of professionals who bring individual expertise and challenging perspectives to an unorthodox field. Our podcasts cover a wide variety of topics in a fun and casual manner.
Bigfoot Live A FULL HOUR OF REAL PEOPLE ENCOUNTERS!" So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a Fast Ride in the World of "Bigfoot." The Most Exciting Hour Of In Your Face Radio You Will Ever Experience !!! Interesting Discussions About Real People With Real Encounters. Live From the Field Expedition Broadcasts. Enjoy The Podcast or Tune In Live at Every Wednesday Evening 7-8PM Pacific Time Marco Bill
NurseHealer NurseHealer classes and workshops on healing, spirituality, preparedness and the paranormal
Take The Red Pill Exploring the realities within our reality. We discuss topics such as metaphysics, paranormal, psychic, nature of reality, nature of time, alien/UFO, afterlife, spirit, divination, past lives, conspiracies, and many other topics that reside on the fringes of everyday conversation.
Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole Ever wonder just how far the rabbit hole really goes? Join hosts Andrieh Vitimus, Al Anderson and Jason Colwell every Monday evening at 8pm EST as they discuss their experiences and adventures. From foundational cornerstones such as banishing to why one shouldn’t invoke demons- the guys discuss a wide variety of metaphysical topics and techniques that lead you- Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole. With an expansive experience base founded in cognitive science, NLP, hypnosis, psychology, Vodou and more!
Venus In Velvet Radio Spiritual counselor,psychic/medium gives insight to the mystical, metaphysical and spiritual and paranormal world. Guests of similar backgrounds and stories. or email me your question at [email protected] I also book private and phone sessions or by Skype
Savannah Paranormal Tobias McGriff and Jenny Wright are broadcasting from America's Most Haunted City- Savannah, Ga. every Saturday at 11 p.m. Savannah Paranormal brings you a featured haunted Savannah location every week, interviews with inn keepers, tour operators and local paranormal investigators and discussion topics from the world of parapsychology. Savannah Paranormal is brought to you by Blue Orb Ghost Tours and is Savannah's voice for all things strange.
The Moonlit Road Podcast Ghost stories, folktales, myths, legends and flat out whoppers – they’re all here on The Moonlit The South is our home, but many of our folktales have been passed down between generations, states and countries. We just add our own spices. And if you’d like, you can also learn more about the unique places where these folktales come from. So light a lantern and come sit a spell with our storytellers!
The Unknown Radio Show The Unknown show is a revolutionary new experience in radio entertainment that has already hit the heart of fans of the unexplained and paranormal worldwide. Each week the program’s host,UK synthesiser exponent, multi-instrumentalist and composer Janus focuses on a particular aspect from the realms of the paranormal and exclusively produces unique musical environments for the listener whilst exploring the programs subject matter. .
You Never Know Until You Try We live in a world in which there's plenty weird and wonderful events occurring. Depending on who you talk to, they tend to be either easily explained or not so easily explained. What kind of events am I talking about? I'm talking about events and topics that we widely term 'new age'. I'm sure those two little words are instantly conjuring up all sorts of naff stereotypical images in your head. I want to throw the new age stereotypes out the windows and offer everyone the chance to find out
Nightwatch Nightwatch is one of the longest running shows of it’s kind and considered the number one independent radio show in the world for things that go bump in the night, now syndicated on 381 stations worldwide! But Nightwatch is NOT just for Things That Go Bump In The Night, the show also has featured some of the most heart-touching human interest stories ever, from Mike Kim and his incredible life as he helped refugees on the Chinese border who overcame tremendous adversity to escape the repressive regime of North Korea, to the efforts of Outback Zack as he travels the globe saving endangered animals and helping those in need. Nightwatch is about all things exciting, adventurous and beyond the realm of normal… it is about extraordinary people, incredible situations and uncovering the amazing secrets on our wonderful planet! And we don’t stop there - Nightwatch also includes guests from all walks of the entertainment field from movies to cartoons to TV and comics – Nightwatch covers it. Nightwatch is also the number one overnight independent weekend show in both Sidney and Melbourne Australia on 1610 AM, 86.7 FM and several web stations Down Under.
Canary Cry Radio Canary Cry Radio is a podcast broadcasted to apprise the Christian community of the impending push for a global lock down as prophesied in the ancient scriptures. It also aims for the general public to explore what the Christian worldview has to offer regarding the topics of a global governmental, economic, and spiritual conspiracy.
Lighten Up Talk Radio Join Michael Lott & Lee Snider as they delve into the full spectrum of spiritual topics from spiritual counseling & coaching to energy healing, paranormal, mediumhsip, angels etc..
Lyceum Of The Wolfe Lyceum Of The Wolfe is here to provide the listening audience with Paranormal and UFO and Extraterrestrial Accounts. And it will also serve the purpose of providing the listeners with true life confessions and with true life revelations in addition to providing accounts of certain mysterious occurrences that are happening in California as well as in other places. The accounts that will be provided fall under the category of local news since the host routinely conducts investigations that are of a paranormal nature, and since he became a teenage paranormal investigator after his biology teacher played some tape recordings that he made at a cemetery one evening while conducting an investigation into the unknown. The reel to reel tape recordings captured the voices of the dead. Other subjects will be discussed as well including certain conspiracy theories and real life horror stories. And since the host is a writer he will occasionally talk about certain stories that he's either completed or that he's working on and they won't always be about the Paranormal or UFOs or Extraterrestrials since the host writes Urban/Gangster Themes, Extraterrestrial Thrillers, Horror Epics, and Supernatural Sagas. And since he also mixes in a little Western here and there in addition to writing reports about non fictional events. **************** Important Announcement ************ Since the podcast link isn't working click the link that's listed right next to (website) at the top of the page. See below There's a link at the bottom of my website that's right before the pictures and right before the contact form that will allow you to listen to my podcast and there's another link inside Carmichael Wolfe's Conversation Room under the blog post called Lyceum Of The Wolfe Radio. Enjoy!
The Following the Nerd Podcast The Following the Nerd Podcast is your one and only source for all that's new in movies, TV, games, comics, books and collectibles. With weekly news, reviews and interviews you needn't look any further... remember, you Nerd it here first
Newbe Paranormal Podcast Newbe Paranormal Podcast is hosted and directed by TJ, a self-proclaimed new-be. He brings forth a huge variety of subjects in which new-be''''s, laypeople, even seasoned investigators will find something fresh. Topics are basic and vast. For example, "Demons and the Paranormal Investigator: Everything you need to know," to "Sleep Paralysis theories" demonstrate the diversity found in the program. Special guests will occasionally be presented, but NPP is generally a one-man show.
Investigations of the Unexplained Hunter Joe and Sarge bring you the sightings and writings in the world wide quest for Bigfoot, Aliens and the Paranormal. Join us each week as we open your mind to the world around us. Keep Your Wonder Eye Open.
The Higherside Chats Interviews with authors and researchers on conspiracy, psychedelic drugs, aliens, ufos, paranormal, economics, new age ideas, native news, etc. It's like a less Christian Coast to Coast AM hosted by a more mellow Alex Jones. Boom. You're Welcome.
The Malliard Report From the far beyond to the close to home, Jim Malliard, the host of “The Malliard Report,” entertains his audience with insightful interviews with a variety of interesting guests from all walks of life, including celebrities like Loyd Auerbach or New York Times Best Selling Author Jim Defelice. Jim explores the back story, the hidden story, the things others hosts’s are afraid to touch.
Sceptre Radio Network Variety of Alternative-Talk radio shows uncensored, unconstrained and unleashed while exemplifying the best in liberty, truth, and programming excellence. Bringing you the unfiltered truth without the constraints of main-stream media. That is what sets us apart from other outlets. We're not media, we're truth. We discuss UFOs, Conspiracies, Paranormal, Politics and World Events.
Transmundane Radio Broadcasting from Beyond. All that is anomalous, and more.
Skeptic Check A paranormal podcast covering everything from UFO's to scientific breakthroughs and everything in between.
The SEPS Paranormal Podcast The SEPS Paranormal Podcast: Join paranormal investigators Paul Cagle, Gaz Davies and Sushi twice a month, as they discuss their investigations, share interviews and debate theories behind hauntings. You can join them via iTunes or listen directly from the webpage! And if you have any questions or comments, send them to [email protected]
Primitive Intelligence Podcast Welcome to the Primitive Intelligence Podcast! Join hosts Kurt and Rocco as they bring you their unique perspective of the world, life and the universe. Now in the second season, the guys continue to grow and learn as both podcasters and people, while they refine the show and themselves.
Haunted Britain Investigations We are posting the audio of our investigations to give people the opportunity to see how we do things and to be a part of our investigations. The audio is completely unedited.
Truth Be Told with Pamela Beaty and Danielle Egnew Truth Be Told with Pamela Beaty and Danielle Egnew encompasses the very ideology of discovering the truth behind the illusion. From in-depth intuitive analysis of today’s most pressing news stories to world mysteries, UFO’s, the paranormal, even cryptozoological creatures, nothing in this world — or beyond — is off limits. Empathic Intuitive and Spirit Medium Pamela Beaty, along with Psychic and Medium Danielle Egnew, delve deeply into the spiritual crevices of current news and mysteries.
Out There Radio A weekly journey into the world of the occult, conspiracy, counterculture, and the bizarre undercurrents of the human psyche.
It Just Is Exploring the mysteries of life, consciousness, spirituality, cultures, religions, and how to get through daily life with a vulgar spin. Mature but awesome content!
Dale Richardson Investigates Produced by Join Dale as he explores the vortex between the natural and supernatural as he explores phenomena past and present. What he uncovers will change the way you see the world forever. Twitter: @daleerichardson
Contrarian Reverse Dialectics A voice in the wilderness screaming nonsense to nobody in the hopes that the wind will carry the message! News and analysis with a paranoid conspiratorial bent. We also discuss weird things and the paranormal.
iHuntGhosts Between Science and Ignorance there is FILLER. Join host, Wes Forsythe, as he explores the realms of the paranormal and tries to find the balance between skeptic and believer.
The Grave Plot Podcast The Grave Plot is a horror podcast hosted by SkeleTony and Taylor of Terror. They dig up fresh horror news, rumors, reviews, special guests and more.
More Questions Than Answers More Questions than Answers is the ONLY weekly paranormal news quiz show on the planet.
The Invisible World THE INVISIBLE WORLD. Each week we feature current news stories on topics such as ghosts, UFOs and their occupants, cryptozoology, bizarre discoveries, science and sub-science breakthroughs, the space program, and more. Past guests include stars of TV and radio, authors, physicists, metaphysicists, biochemists, psychics, scientists, etc. We do this to provide you, the listener with new information and new insight into subjects you may not have been exposed to through other outlets.
Paralina Radio Join Cari, The Paranormal Sass for an unedited look into the world and culture of the paranormal. Listen to the latest news, lore, and names in the paranormal field. If it rocks, Or goes bump in the night, We are there!
MN GhostBox MN GhostBox is a podcast made up of recordings from a P-SB7 spirit box or EVPs I have recorded in my investigations. Let me introduce myself. My name is Greg Bakun and I believe in the existence of ghosts. My favorite way of obtaining evidence is through the spirit box also known as a ghost box. Each episode of MN GhostBox is about presenting the communications I receive via the spirit box or EVPs.
After Hours AM After Hours AM is a "native" talk radio show with edge. We cover all things interesting and cool. Paranormal to the abnormal, yep it's covered here!
Open Eyes We focus on the truth in this show. We seek out the truth, no matter where it may be found, and no matter the subject. No subject is taboo here. We cover everything that you can think of. Whether it is paranormal in nature or more mundane, aliens and cryptozoology, governmental conspiracies and their lies, as well as the lies that the dark masters that seek to rule us all tell us.
Radio B88 Nightcast Paranormal, Bigfoot, UFO's, Aliens, Ghosts and more. Nightcast is hosted by Ian Morris. The show explores everything from Bigfoot, UFO's, Trolls, Ghost, NDE's and more.
Mysteries of Michigan A weekly podcast that searches for the supernatural surrounding the state of Michigan and beyond. Listen to our host detail paranormal encounters, conspiracies and current events.